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#MGMSpringfield #MGMResorts #NewTraditions MGM Springfield – This Is A First :60

687 236 views | 23 Jul. 2018


#MGMSpringfield #MGMResorts #NewTraditions #Springfield #Casino

MGM Springfield is here and it’s brought all the thrills of Vegas with it. That means that all of the entertainment, dining, and gaming you expect from MGM is closer than ever.


in Budapest?

Cat Rodriguez Torres

Welcome to the best City in the USA!!




Can't wait til it opens! The best thing to happen to Western Mass in a long time.


Amazing !! Great promo video wow!

Diane DePhillips

I love the lion walking down the Memorial Bridge

R-Z Productionz

When Yall get here if yall need Music Videos Or anything to do with Videography/Photography Contact Us! The Best Around #413. Also, check out this channel filled with Local 413 Talented Artist!

Rambling Rose

This is a really good commercial , if you look closely you will see someone is pushing a dumpster fire .It needs better music but all the characters are really something .The older lady all glitzy playing a one armed bandit .MGM has a sense of humor .

Peter Owen

Springfield the city of many good things: https://youtu.be/ZS8KrFSEJiY

Paulo Pacheco

does anyone know who did this commercial?


SONG!? Shazam doesn't pick anything up

donald trump

Springfield Massachusetts is known to be violent don't walk the streets at night and if you win a jackpot at the casino watch for any cars following you home to jack you I'm from Springfield oh I know

Julio Velasquez

Ward & spanishmexican pena ....Are not the gov neither is jennifergov wolfpack private sector they wasnt soppose to kick him out of memphis jennifer lopez needs to give him the usa flag to go to the airfoce milatry this is the last 1 games over 25yrs ect

donald trump

where's the casino so the casino was on the truck?

Ron G El Duro593

Im a artist from Springfield mass ready to open your shows thank you ...


Totally would not make me want to go...looks frightful!

R-Z Productionz

Aye shit is boutta be litt . When yall get here if anybody need music videos hit us up


And in 5 years time, you will look back on this comment and see how the LV mafia brought meth to the crack/heroin wrecked Western Mass...

Kurt Geryk

I like how the ball on the roulette wheel lands on 24--the grand opening is on the 24th. Clever little detail.

Randi McCray



Great Ad!! Really when done all the way around! Welcome MGM!

Miguel Roman

The guy with the big afro on the left on 0:10 looks like Colin Kaepernick

Evan Graham

Song name?


The Purge meets Burning Man meets The Cabin in the Woods


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MGM Resorts Stock Analysis 2020

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I briefly go over MGM and

I briefly go over MGM and give my opinion on the company and the outlook for the industry in the future. I have a ton of brief stock analysis videos on my channel similar to this one on my channel so if you enjoyed this one come and check it out! I also regularly go over my Robinhood Portfolio so subscribe to keep up to date with the latest!

Bill Richardson

I sell vacations for a living and Las Vegas was mounting for a massive comeback.... unfortunately this second wave is starting to slow things. I’ll keep you posted for and on the ground look from a Las Vegas Vacations salesman’s perspective

Lucy Yang

Thank you for your sharing!


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#MGMMinute | November 2, 2020 | MGM Resorts

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