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MCAP Cisco 8811 IP Phone Training Module Final YouTube

29 170 views | 18 Jan. 2017

Camilo Nilo


1,000 SUBSCRIBERS For No Reason Challenge

How do i turn it on

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Cisco 8800 8861 Phone Overview

58 880 views | 26 Jan. 2015

Overview of the 8861 Cisco

Overview of the 8861 Cisco Phone.

Laura W Lewis

How can I set up my redial to always add the outside line number (in our case, 7) to the returned call?

enrique lagunay

how do you provision that thing?

Aayush Patel

Smartphone has a new meaning now

True Vang

Our staff is concern about the ringer volume not being loud enough. Is there a way to increase the volume beyond the plus and minus button that is on the phone?


Anyone can help me on how to provision Cisco 8861 for Ring Central? Im stuck with this, and don't want to change my CP8861 for other one of the Ring Central antiquity.

Joseph Shamama

Is there a follow-me function on this phone ?

Darin Walker

Really nice walkthrough, thanks for sharing 

Amelia Baird

Hi, I'm curious if I have to have sip server settings ready before I can connect my cisco ip phone 8861 to a wireless network?


I’m blind and use an 8851 because it uses a synthetic voice to help me perform different functions and speaks what is on the screen. Can you do a tutorial on this phone and kind of talk about how someone like myself would use out. I just got the phone and don’t know how to use it.

Faz Karim


Francisco Cardoso

como faço para saber o meu login?

Walter R.H.

Hi, thanks for your explanation, I have a question, currently I have one 8861 and have 4 screens, how can I remove 2 of them, I would personalize these 2 to have the DND, pick up, etc buttons. Thanks

Theo Botha

Using Cisco 8861 phones. Need to change display names on phones as new persons moved in offices? Have to bear new user's name.

Pradeep Kotkar

Just a quick question once mobile phone is paired using Bluetooth how can we search the contacts from 8851 directly instead of looking at it from mobile phone. Your video was informative , thank for that.

julia smith

when you pair your cell phone can you make calls from the desk phone, through your cell phone?

julia smith

Can this phone turn your iphone into a desk phone by plug in or bluetooth pairing like the zigee?

Tony Lozano

hey Sal. I just purchased a new 8861 and am trying to set it up with RingCentral but have been unable to do so. spent all day today with rc and even purchased a Cisco support agreement and they couldn't figure it out. any suggestions? thanks in advance. I'd love for you to prove these engineers wrong.

john jackson

can i set this phone up with my cell phone over bluetooth without setting up a voip service? my setup i want it to be this phone connected via POE and have my cell phone connected via bluetooth but i dont want to pay for a voip service cause i already have 2 cell phone.

Theo Fassoulas

can I use the telephone also for skype if I connect the phone with my pc?

David J Ornelas

How can I take a call from a phone in my office and transfer it to the phone that's on my desk? No one in our office knows how to do this yet.


Sal can you make a video of all of the ringtones please


Do you know how to set up a voicemail on these phones?

Karen Clark

how do you forward all calls to voice mail?

James Clarke

Sal, anyway to provision the 8800 series phones to use RingCentral or a small office pbx like SNOM or Asterisk? Love the new phones - great walkthrough!

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Cisco 7841 -- How do I blind transfer a call?

1 861 views | 27 Apr. 2017

Jive is now GoTo

Jive is now GoTo Connect!

This video demonstrates how to perform a blind transfer on a Cisco 7841 phone. A blind transfer routes a call to a third party. The original call is then ended, and no confirmation is made to determine whether the transferred call is answered or if the number is busy.