Miami shooting video

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Video captures crazy police shootout in Miami-Dade

19 201 views | 21 Sep. 2018

A fugitive was killed by

A fugitive was killed by police after he used an assault rifle to open fire at officers near Miami International Airport, authorities said.


Remember, “No Russian”

Christopher Meisner

Oh well. Are the Officers ok?

Jayson Rosaa

He was FBI wanted they called in giving heads up to the police departments they caught up to him at that intersection and they had a shootout

Miami shooting video

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Video shows shooting during barbershop robbery

731 101 views | 2 May. 2018

Eyewitness News has

Eyewitness News has obtained exclusive video showing a police shooting in Newark during an attempted robbery.

More: https://7ny.tv/2I6HGn6

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It doesn't make sense to carry a gun if it doesn't fire when you need it.

Slighty Stoopid

That's no robbery its a hit gone bad

robert boyle

Barber waved robber in then pushed customer cop away so his buddy could escape watch it twice barber was in on it i wonder why he took a paper towel and waived it in the air barber was in on it

Esuma Derob

thats what a i call a hair trigger.

Laurel Cuningham

Is this in Jamaica


Always carry with one in the pipe.


THats what he get


I bet that guy invested in some gun lube after that one.

Walter Bank

I have never seen someone protect their own murderer...This is one for history book!!!!

Uncle Ebenezer

joggers will jog

kieza sosa

0:58 Customer stepped on to help but tripped over the trimmer wire hahaha


The customer tripped on the cords...Clumsy could've cost em his life instead of a Free Hair-cut??


Places to NEVER rob:
1. Black barber shop


I know that barber shop

A Home

I don't think he had one in the chamber

Rolando juchuna

How much can have the barbershop now have the face on camera

Right-Wing Atheist

Why the f*** would you want to rob a barber shop
if you're going to rob a place why wouldent you sure it's a highly lucrative business that deals with a lot of cash

Not a f**** place that cut somebody hair for $15

Jack Lance

BLM....its no fair for a black guy to not rob a hard working brotha...poor him...lets cry for the robber

Anna Barclay watt

1:34 sorry forgot the the hairspray

Mathematics 19 SELF

What he thought he was gonna get ?bucks??‍♀️

Peter Warawa

If only he didnt get caught up on the cord...


That’s the barber shop I got to to this day and that’s Richmond hill where I live


This remind me of The Barber Shop-The Next Cut

field nigga

Robbery? Looks like attempted murder he don't look like he came there for money.

R. Platnum

My man getting cleaned up is way move reliable than his piece! Stone cold G"OOO"GANGSTER

Aspect Gaming

The person who was getting their haircut has all my respect. He immediately jumped in and stopped him. Respect


Both me and my barber carry but not much happening in the Nevada desert.... lol

Andrew N smith

You tell me know how much money into a Barbershop that can make u go live maximum luxury life what this world come to if u want money go into bank are if u gonna thieve thieve so u won’t thieve again cause u get millions not petty cash

Daniel Sanders

I don’t understand why anyone would come thru waving a burner but you gonna let people get fidgety let alone rush you ?‍♂️ learn to control the situation nobody move nobody get shot simple

Claudine Goffee

I love my little island of Paradise that God has blessed us with, but why are we so VILE and greedy towards each others??. There are some many people, including myself, that are yearning to come home and retired, but we don't now feel safe. Imagine the money that the country would profit from returning residents.

an bo

Calling this a robbery? How stupid can you be lol.

Senior Freddy

Guy getting a haircut is a real G...
Made me cheer for him! what a legend

Jace Hoops

imagine robbing a barber shop and risking jail time ?

Mike Reamer

Why he keep racking the slide he must have a hi-point


Later that day the barber was so impressed he gave the man free haircuts the rest of his life

Mate Rockk

End of times Jesus coming soon !

8d Music

This guy thinks he’s playing gta 5 in real life

Tony Davis

Right after that gun jammed he would have left that shop in a body bag

Francesco Favino

Il barbiere è complice. Alza la mano in modo anomalo con la tovaglietta per dare il segnale, poi quando vede che il killer punta l'arma verso di lui reagisce e poi nella colluttazione allontana il braccio del cliente (che presumibilmente era la vittima iniziale) per fare scappare il killer.

Muhammad Naeem

Thats called real hero

Tee Growl

He trips over the cord

mohsin zaman

Am I the only laughing at 0.58 seconds....

Aesthetic_ Benji


jerone wolf

As Bob Marley said jamming, jamming yeah ?

Taylor Hood

That’s why u lock the door

Justin C

he had the strap on him while getting a cut...LEGENDARY.. godzilla could never

Javon Campbell


Ballad of Malcom X

The dude in the black shirt is actually carl from family matters wow dude bbn in white shirt is producer zaytoven


Who tf robs a barber shop like bruh people just want to look fresh let them be

Know No Good Silva

Homeboy pulled the trigger and nothing happened. He tried to kill him

crazy bob

that black man saves his life

x x

Free cut

david valenzuela

Legend says his hair cut still remains unfinished till this day?


Nice shooting

Jordan Weese

Mans said give me yo gun imma use your bullets

Yellow Smegma

Oh lord! Wtf!


This looks like a set up tbh. You see the barber pushed away the guy that was getting a hair cut? I mean idk


Why Rob a barbors of all things

Vaske Andrew

If you would want to rob something why would it be a small local barbershop

Like why for the money or the hair clippings


This is pure failed assassination

Your Great Uncle

Black guy?

King Moon

1:06 Why did the barber push the guys hand with the gun trying to help him ??

/u!s hd

That guy took a pose from movie shootut scenes

mike wood

America is f**ked up

Carlos Prada

the door glass didn't break or fall apart!!!!

teddy t.v

That was a hit god jam his gun it wasn't his time yet hopefully his doing god work since god gave him another chance to live

Fernanda Gomes

c ccc.

kabelo ngoasheng

What’s even more crazy is that the barber forced his customer not to point the pistol to the robber . Guys got a lot of heart.

Uncle Kyle

How many times your gun gonna jam before you think to clean it? It almost cost you your life man.


Ok after he left, lock the door. Don't go running after him. Never know if he has an accomplice in the get away car or something.

dutch doofus

This dude... I love this customer so much he pulls out his own gun and later fires off the whole mag

Leonid P

Barbershop robbery???0 Maybe jewerly store is better?


So lucky the dude was a cop

Anthony Perez

Be ready at all times even better when you carry concealed.



Contrell Yarbrough

Yea he most definitely had a high point a very bad choice of guns id never own another 1

Tee Growl

O ok

Mr. Clayton

Why this happened when haircut over an it was time to pay lol sorry that's what I noticed lol

Shamara Edwards

Serive him right?

Typical expert


Kris Jutras

Omg... I just had a panic attack watching this.

The Expert

Maybe just trying to get their cut


The babar in it look him left hand


The dude in the white shirt is the real one... more power to you brother,, if you not scared of a gun then you not afraid of nothing..

Go2Girl Productions

I had to rewatch and it does seem like the employee did not want to get shot so he swatted his hand away. The way they were hunched together it would have went through the robber to the employee. Quick thinking and reflects.

Who’s Next

Americas is so dangerous wtf.. im so glad I live in Europe


Remember black lives matter ?

Walter Bank

He was not trying to knock the gun away from himself...That was his cousin trying to kill him and he had to protect the family from that cop who was trying to save him...."I know he tried to kill me, but we family!!!

Shantrall Robinson

Wtf? The guy that was going to get shot actually pushed away his customer from reaching for his gun to protect him, that’s crazy, I would of let him shoot that boi until he caught on fire

Jue1z1 1

who robs a barber shop ?

Joe Momma

Really gonna rob the neighborhood barbershop? Ice Cube would be hella mad

robert boyle

Barber waved his accomplis in barber should be in prison


Something was up in this video because at one point the barber started trying to stop his customer from shooting the robber 1:07......js


“Bro can u finish my cut real quick”

Vrex YT

Am scared to go get a hair cut now

Adeel Dar

@ 0:59 how client fell. he tangled his food with clipper cable

Michael O'Briain

Thank GOD for that off-duty officer, but remember folks, it is "racist cops" who are the problem. Beto asked, "why does ANYONE need to carry a gun all the time," I would like to enter this video as exhibit 1, Mr. O'Rourke.


This why my dad always keep his fire on em cant trust nobody these days

Chris M

Thank God for the guy getting a haircut!

Abeba Tefera

He set him up

Miami shooting video

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Video shows shooting of Miami Gardens man Lavall Hall (graphic language)

197 290 views | 9 Apr. 2015

(Warning: Graphic

(Warning: Graphic language.) The family of Lavall Hall, the 25-year-old mentally ill man shot to death by a Miami Gardens police officer in February, released on Wednesday an edited and slow-motion version of the encounter taken from a patrol car dashcam that shows the officer firing five times at Hall in a slightly downward motion. The story: http://hrld.us/1Cq2d7F

ramen_ editz_

The cop is a relative of mine


Nice use of Max Payne slow-mo action, there!
I had no idea they taught that shit at fuzz school...


I love how cops think bullets don't kill people, Put your hands behind your back, after he unloads a fucking clip into his soul vessel..

Nelson Burgos

Not commenting on the shooting, but why if this person had such mental instabilities was he released from the hospital? Our county as a whole does a piss poor job of dealing with mental illness. We need a mental illness response team that are on call 24/7 to handle these types of problems. They then can call on police if they feel the situation is needed. 

Its extremely difficult dealing with persons that suffer from those types of disorders. Police are not doctors and should not be called out. We need to have better hospital treatment instead of just prescribing medication and sending people on there way.

Belia Luedke

Truly enjoyed this. :D

T Hayes

The level of police stress, anger, and frustration when they feel they are being disobeyed has never been figured into their split decision to shoot. The decision to shoot is to reduce the tension they feel as a result of being disobeyed or their lack of ability to control an otherwise controllable situation.


Cops cant difuse a situation,always escalating


When did cops become such pansies... he thought he would be killed by a guy in his underwear with a broomstick?  This guy is not fit to be a cop.  He needs to be in prison.

Kartez Drake

Fucking hate the Police. They're a gang the most violent, murderous, hateful kind that is legally allowed to exist. The Police force's actions are not that of law enforcement its of a gang.


I'm a Norwegian psychiatric doctor, and must say it seems more dangerous to suffer from psychosis in the USA. In Norway the police never fire their guns, they did not even shoot at Breivik (spree killer killing 79, and bombing priministers office on the same day). Yet they manage to maintain order in my homecountry, and the last time a cop got killed here is about 15 years ago, during an armed robbery by a bunch of organized hardcore criminals. That particular cop killer has now paid his time soon, and is pardonned by the dead cops' son. ...In USA you seem to have a different mindset. You seem more habituated too a situation where people kill or get killed in more or less affect.


There is a pause between the 4th and 5th round the gun is also angled at a downward trajectory during the 5th shot. This may indicate a last shot while suspect was down.


Policeman shoots victim five times and then asks him to put his hands behind his back. Really?

"Get on the ground or you're fucking dead" ... Really?

aldo ruiz

that y there is no respect for the law any more

Frank Hardie

Murder by cop is now an everyday occurrence in America. I believe when mossad was contracted to train American police forces, by homeland security, they were trained to treat Americans as Palestinians.


25 years old, killed on February 15, 2015, on 5:00 AM with 5 seconds into the minute. 5 shots fired.
The number "5" is a crucial piece of evidence here. It's our job to figure out what it means.


It appears that many American police members are state sanctioned psychopaths. Lock them up with hardened criminals.


This pos cop just wanted his tattoo.


apparently you can't be too smart to be a cop. 


It doesn't show the encounter at all! The officer is barely even on camera. However, what can be seen is that the officer is aiming the gun at a distinctly downward angle. Cops are trained to shoot at center mass. So either this cop decided to shoot a suspect who wasn't complying with orders to get on the ground, to shoot him in the legs, against his training, or the suspect did comply with the orders and this officer shot him anyway. The only other possibility I can think of is that the suspect was charging the officer like a football player, squat and low to the ground, and the shots were fired in self-defense, which would explain why the officer was backing away as he took the shots. I admit the latter scenario seems unlikely, but it still must be maintained as a distinct possibility. The autopsy should provide more clues as to what exactly transpired. Regardless, this video does not show cold-blooded murder, yet neither does it exonerate the officer.

Brian Belger

Mother calls for medical assistance for her son, and gets killing assistance instead. They need to re-right the laws. Cops feel threatened from broomsticks, hands, pinkies, and soon will apply force if you breath on them incorrectly. With sincerity and honesty I can say I hope the shooter gets sodomized for the sake of future generations.

Reality Check

Murderer. And where are all the so called proponents of the 2nd amendment who say they need their boom sticks to stop tyranny?

Sir Pants

Tragic ending, but appropriate use of force. Four verbal warnings before shots were fired, the cop was moving backwards while firing, and this short clip doesn't show the part where the guy was shot with tasers or struck the officers. Nothing like your typical cop murder story, there might be some deficiency in training the cops to deal with the mentally ill, but the cop did nothing wrong.

secondson2002 2ndson2002

Do You Know How To Read between The Lines? Your police are cheating and lying to get the job as a police officer. A thorough Psych screening is a must for each and every officer from the top to the foot officer and it is needed now, not tomorrow (in a year or so when the money is found) but, now today! Take monies from the pension fund. It's okay to gamble it (pension fund) on the stock-market but not to help keep us all safe. How much money in a year do they lost in the stock-market anyway?

Derek Benoit

Another unjustified shooting
"Get on the ground or your dead"
Not drop the weapon nothing this shit is amazing FUCK THE POLICE


the collection of coffe haters is f**** amazing,the video shows absolutely nothing beyond the fact that the officer had his gun levled and was giving a clear order and warning. the rest of the video shows nothing, however from the story the man was swinging A club, that elevates it to a lethal force encounter. if there is significant evidence that is contrary to the police reports Then there might be an issue.

Spud O'Doom

Fucking PIGS. Seriously America, your police are fucked up.

randev nasty

pfft an America fights terrorism? More like breeds terrorism, this cop is no different to Osama Bin Laden, still killing innocent people.

T Hayes

"Officer feared for his life" is the common refrain so often offered up as an explanation for murder. It's outdated and must not be accepted as an reason to kill an innocent person. Moreover, the officers action doesn't support the video evidence. But leave it up to police union and their lawyers, they will try several underhanded tactics such as slowing down the video to show an officer's reaction that is so different from the actual footage to paint a picture of fear. This tactic has been used in two other videos shooting where the audio was actually turned off. This is unacceptable and I agree, this is not about race, but about how police handle a mentally ill man. The same way he could've shot the guy, he could've actually walked away and call for help to deal with the allegedly erratic mentally ill man.

Radioactive Snake



Did he have to shoot that many times? if your going to carry a gun know how to fucking use it




So now cops are killing people with broomsticks? are you freaking kidding me.

Syreeda Portis

This guy was mentally ill. I worked at a mentally ill facility and one thing they trained us to do was to not have anything sharp on. They will use it. The police should not have had there fire arm weapons. They should have only had their stun guns and handcuffs. Next, you talk them down. There were other options. They just chose to kill him.

vr jr

Well Europe is a MUCH better place to have kids.

Red pill living


Tobias Beer

the moment you see a supremacist asswipe shoot someone dead and then shout "put your hands behind your back"... you know the inmates are running the asylum

say, mum or dad were to put a bullet into this officers head ...how would you feel about it?

Bran Done

The police are the WORST PEOPLE IN AMERICA.