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MetroCard's demise gets closer as MTA expands OMNY tap-and-go fare system

36 607 views | 13 Nov. 2019

Josh Einiger has details

Josh Einiger has details on the expansion of the MTA's OMNY fare system.

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America is so outdated. our country china have this since 2015.

LEagle Eye's

Cashless Society!!PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!

James Gomez

Just charge us of the taxes wtf but no they want 3 dollars a ride then creat that and charge us 5 mightest well just freaking it so much ways the government thinking slick and ya liking this dumb f**


One problem: Transfers to buses.

Prince Echo

Thank god they’re doing this. Because I’m tired of paying that $1 fee for losing my metro card

Jay Jay

MTA love wasting money which is why our system is so behind and also simply greed.

Dix Xx

Korea had this more than 10 years ago


How does this Affect the people with Half fare cards and the elderly? What if you have to take the train? And the Bus? Do they have this on the bus? Will you still need a metro card if they don't have it on the bus?

Strayed away

Just do no swipe metrocards



siempre regia nunca camu

Get ready for a driver license

QBL Otaku

This is great but what about the people who don't have bank account

keith wilson

So ..... instead of paying for a pass like the Japanese been doing ... that’ll allow u to be safe without showing off your devices in a NYC train station ..... we’ve come to this lol prolly didn’t want to give New Yorkers a deal on buying ONE pass for the month/year which is more convenient in my eyes you don’t have to worry being mugged over a pass like u would your smart devices

Nate perry

Why not just have a virtual metro card so we can select the plans

William Penn jr.

metro card- pull out card and swipe.
Omni- pullout cell phone, enter password, look for app, wait for connection and tap.
How is this an improvement?

Ben Dunn

I love how they ignore every bus in Staten Island has it as well ...

white lite

Black mirror episode goes wrong

Nirmal In New York ਸਿਕੰਦਰ ਨਿਰਮਲ ਸਿੰਘ

Wtf if ur phone dies ur screwed.

Le Taureau

Next smart chip in our foreheads sounds scary .

James Gomez

I dont want no credit card now what??? Ya gonna make me have one?? No you pay for it


So is there unlimited metro card version on omny?


Is it still $2.75 or are they going to raise it again

Marie W

This will be nice for when I actually pay ? I moved to the bronx 2yrs ago and can still count on my hands how many times I've really had to pay paid

Silver Fox

you're fckd if anything goes wrong with your phone....



Leo Ramirez

Ok what happen if ur cellphone dies



Adonai Victor

So are we getting a digital Metrocard soon?

Jason Menjivar

i hate! but this is way of future.

Winter S.

I get issued a Transit debit card through my job which is NOT contactless. What am I supposed to do? I kinda hate that we are forced to put more and more of our information on more and more platforms in order to live. I try to reduce as much as possible putting my card info everywhere. I try to make online purchases with prepaid gift cards and I don’t store card info in online wallets. But it doesn’t matter because it becomes mandatory to put your info everywhere in order to live. Then when our information is stolen, we get an email and an offer for free credit monitoring for a year while hackers wait out the uproar and try to steal your identity at a later date.

I actually make it a habit of NOT taking out my devices in the subway, so now I have to. The only time I take out my card is when I have to refill (because in the decades of metrocard, they never thought of an online refill system), and I turn around and watch my surroundings as I put it away quickly to ensure no one is watching/following me. Now, I must walk around with it in my hand and be fiddling with my wallet while I move away from the turnstile, distracted. Yeah...I’m paranoid, but people are insane and it’s one thing when it’s busy and there are many people around, it’s another thing when you take the subway late at night or very early in the morning and must have your valuables out-which again, I never do.


Absolutely do not like omni .... At all

Cynthia Z

This is an easy way to hack into peoples phones. Scary actually


What do you do if you're just a visitor to NYC and hardly ever use the MTA?

Jay Jay

I use unlimited metrocards, how would this work?

Randy Styles

I can already see so many phones being stolen in the Bronx ??‍♂️


OMG, China and HK has been using this non-touch subway system for more than 20 years. I feel pity for the US government use up their money to build weapons.

Lalita Faroli

They need to bring back the one day unlimited. I miss that soooooo much!!!

Levi ___

What a cute reporter.

Alvin Murphy Johnson

People who can afford to pay omny good luck with that and this will make it harder for middle class people to get access to the subway and bus well you won't get my money goodbye MTA a lot of people will be robbed crime will go up so everyone who wants this change will force the less fortunate to have no other choice but to drive that means more cars will be on the road and that will cause traffic congestion but the MTA doesn't care and what about the disabled people I will not be using the MTA anymore by then I feel sorry for the people who approve of this but change is coming and all of you better be careful and pray nobody snatch you're phone , credit card, or watch more police will be needed in train stations all over the City by 2023 because all of them will need security I will rather drive a car instead because I can go further than a train or bus that can't go out of the city by the way it's not safe in train stations anymore and buses too many people are getting attacked already good luck with omny I will miss riding the bus and trains I am not putting my life at risk for the MTA


The one advantage of being the last major city on the planet to implement this technology is that most of the kinks and issues have already been worked out in other cities, so while the MTA does deserve some credit for not messing up the rollout of OMNY, all the lessons regarding this technology have already been learned elsewhere.

J. C

so another 50 years for the bullet train?


MTA's MetroCards are DA BOMB! Their fare structure is pretty similar to ours here in Chicago. Here, we have the Ventra tap-and-go fare payment system and it's really cool. We have full fare, reduced fare (for senior citizens & people with disabilities) & student fare. In addition, we also have Ride Free permits, which are also for senior citizens & people with disabilities, and they ride any local or express bus, as well as metro trains, for free.


. i'm not giving them more access to my device than they already have.. it's bad enough that the nypd uses imsi stingrays to mimic cell towers and steal your phones info. i don't put apps or do ANY financial transactions at all on my phone. you cant protect your info on a phone in the same way you can on a wired to the net no wifi using computer.

Cherry Blossom

Next video how to scam mta new card machine

R143 J Train

2014 cta: adds ventra 2019: MTA adds omny cta: YOUR 5 YEARS LATE!

Truth Told

NYC is years late..china been had this..

James Gomez

Bozos everyone just hop it they already made the trains what they gonna do take them back lol

PoCarol's Stuff and Thangs

It would be amazing if you would have gotten more diverse perspectives

Chris Campbell

This is a terrible idea

Falcon Adam

Progress! PLEASE I beg them to put it at the JFK entrance


Watch, there's gonna be a story eventually saying "the MTA was hacked and millions of people credit card information was stolen via OMNY"

James Gomez

I started to think the more technology the more dumber we are cause we basically turning into robots

Taga Cale

this is ready made for woke millennials.

Nixk Gzz

Bad idea just terrible


MTA rolls out new system but still haven't solved the transit system problems that have been plaguing NYC for oh DECADES.

To be honest when the Metrocard rolled out I considered it to be a sort of a decent replacement but over the years after living in NJ and using the PATH's system trip cards, I felt that the Metrocard was the worse invention that should've been improved a LOOONG time ago. Countless cards are constantly being strewn everywhere. On the ground, on train floors, spilling from a useless receptacle for used cards. In the hands of "swiping fair evaders looking for a quick buck". Even when they expire and you have to replace them, the machine will transfer whatever funds are left to a new card, then gives you back both the new AND EXPIRED ONE. WHY? What is the purpose of handing back a card that YOU have to expose of? Which only ends up as litter on the ground?

In live in NJ, I travel on the PATH. They use a contactless card system and the old trip ticket system. The thing with the old trip card system is, sure you see some get tossed around on the ground but the turnstile "traps" the card when it's finished. It is not refillable like a Metrocard. It's just a one shot trip card. Whether you buy a round trip card for the day or a 30-trip card (which will only give you 15 days of roundtrips) once it gets low the turnstile traps it. Not give it back making litter. I always find that there some ideas that are good but sometimes there is some backwards thinking or they people in charge just don't think far ahead on the development. But then again who does?

Hack Attack

Another way for govt to track us.

Edwin Melendez

It will take 10 years to get this in the Bronx

Driving in New York City, NYC

Closing in to be Full China. NYPD policing and soon face recognition.


What about people's who have no bank account?

woken broken

You people who accept this are accepting a cashless contactless new world order pushed by communist dictators known as freemasons who control government

harold alexis

This idea stinks! Are you kidding me? What's the matter with this City?! I dont care about todays technology advances its the poor and low income & many people who depend on the Metro card from many of business appointments and I can't always depend on the cell phones, what if my battery goes dead and can't get on the subway? The MTA should use that money to put elevators in all the stations exempting ground leveled platforms. And your phones personal information willbe hacked! I have spoken to a few people and i say nay no freakin way? This is unacceptable! This gets a thumbs down?P-U this is the Boo of the year! Shame on you MTA no where to go!?????

Drippy Da Lizard

So, when your phone dies?

Spencer Cameron

I love the continuous disbelief in the reporter's voice. I'm gonna way wait for the prepaid card/time value thing to come first before I use it.

Fire 100

Don't trust it

Charles Nowik

Microchip close and closer
They sharpening and sharpening guillotines!!!!!!!!!!!

Gonzalo Militar

How do you get it with the discounted unlimited price

nj transit fan New Jersey transit

Actually those are working

sandy moonstone

If elected president , I will give free rides to everyone

Adam M

Hello. Eyewitness news I am a New Yorker from Brooklyn. I think this Omny thing does not make any difference than to just swipe a card. Omny is a good way to pay and I know millions of people who forget their cards but all you have to do is swipe. MTA please be aware of this.

GP Boogie bang bang

What's wrong with the metro card ???

Technology is good, but this is too much.

People just accept everything thrown in.their faces.

Why are they getting rid of the card's ??

This means LESS PRIVACY for the customer.

Don't believe ? Think again

When you use your phone, they get your
INFORMATION. Name,...etc
Another way to TRACK you

?. ✅. ? ??

I don't trust this.

William Penn jr.

why not just use facial recognition? or something like EasyPass that you wear on your shirt or jacket.


So I will have to pay every time I tap? No more monthly unlimited pass?

OtakuMan hakdre55

Japan has this all over the train stations. Should of been here already. God were behind.


I wish they called it MetroCard tap or something. I don’t like OMNY

N Labib

What about the people who don't have credit/debit cards !!?


Meanwhile, you Battery Died and your train is delayed because of Signal problems

Aviation Videos & More!

0:51 Did you notice Apple Card?

MEETdaWOO 2021

I'm still jumping over and going through the door?????

Yuki Endo

Will there be prepaid OMY Cards for people who don't use credit card or mobiles?

Jessica creates

But how do you use your free transfer to the bus after using your phone?


Unlimited fares did we forget

Affixton Jetton

0:58 You're holding the card backwards...

Ian Carisi

I will still buy a card in cash. All these sheep just lining up to let big brother know every move they make.

jonhalo9117 lopez

I wonder does this works for Samsung Pay cuz I don't have Apple Pay

John Russell

What about people don’t got no phone or no debit or credit cards it very bad for them

Lorri Rivera

can you do this while the case is on?

Andre Skeete

Would be get to see new Jersey buses get upgrades. Long time overdue.

BFG 10,000

I'm not giving the government my credit card information so that it can be hacked by nefarious actors. Miss me with that b.s. Plus, because it is cashless, people will be less apprehensive about fare hikes. Rubbish.


Japan and Hong Kong had this for years.


Yes it's much better cuz now they know who u are.


They are getting us ready for RFID chip implanting. Another 10 years itll be normalized to be implanted with a chip in your hand. Scary but I assure you this is about right. Just think about it. You wont be able to ride the subway w/o using the chip. So imagine not being able to do anything with out it.

Mta tokens

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My Old NYC Subway Tokens (50s To 70s)

339 views | 3 Sep. 2018

Technically Now Metro

Technically Now Metro cards

BMT Eastern


BMT Eastern


BMT Eastern


BMT Eastern

No, the are not Metro Cards that's not how names work.

BMT Eastern

Howd u get those.

Kal Morrison

My dad has a whole bunch of those tokens
There some old tokens you have there

BMT Eastern


BMT Eastern

Oh are those your stuffed cats.

BMT Eastern


BMT Eastern

I just checked this and a minute after my comments get ♡. Also you missed hwmst.

BMT Eastern


Mta tokens

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A public transit system that still uses metal tokens and paper transfers is finally moving into the

8 186 views | 3 Aug. 2015

A public transit system

A public transit system that still uses metal tokens and paper transfers is finally moving into the era of debit cards and pay-by-cellphone technology.

After years of promises, passengers in Philadelphia can see evidence of a new smart card system.

Computerized kiosks, turnstiles and fare boxes have popped up at stations and on vehicles operated by the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority.

Officials will start field testing the SEPTA Key payment system later this month. They hope bus, trolley and subway riders will be using it in 2015.

Philadelphia is among the last major transit systems in North America to still use metal tokens. Chicago stopped selling them in 1999, followed by New York in 2003 and Boston in 2006.

Toronto also uses tokens.

You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/89ec74defa659809969f16597cc0f7e3

Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork


I have had a key since day one. I love it. the convenience factor is excellent and the ability to immediately reload it online is excellent.

Janette McClelland

That freaked me out when I visited Philly for the first time in late 2015. I got confused trying to figure out how to use the tokens at the stations. And the fare boxes on the buses and trolleys that take credit cards really freaked me out. Definitely different from what I'm used to doing in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Everett Todd

new head aches to replace old ones...

Kito Lam

They're not the last, they still have TTC

Mr. Fahrenheit

Tokens are cooler

Kendrick Douglass

Key cards are a glorified trans pass that you can use as a debit card I don’t get it