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P2T Model Analysis by Tone Vays During the Possible $40k Breakout

187 views | 6 Feb. 2021

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K vays

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Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video

5 680 737 views | 3 Nov. 2014

Download Spice & Vybz

Download Spice & Vybz Kartel's "Conjugal Visit: http://smarturl.it/SoMiLikeItEP

Director: Xtreme Arts

Shot in Kingston, Jamaica. "Conjugal Visit" (produced by TJ Records) will be released on Spice's new EP So Mi Like It on VP Records this December 2014.



Follow Spice:

Instagram: @SpiceOfficial

Twitter: @SpiceOfficial

Facebook: SpiceOfficially

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Spice & Vybz Kartel - Conjugal Visit | Official Music Video (Raw Version)

Michelle Davies

Love this tune wish they'd let us have conjical visit how badd don't ha agree ladies and man den out there on or who've served time in hmpn

Britanie Kirlew

Who listening in 2021 ??

Drayko Shells

I'm Asian boy but I stay on that Jamaican Vibe.

Ao chokko _In


Abiel Bess


stefan sajkov


Charlene Humphreys

Spice I feel just like you???????????????????

MC Fukuru Fuks

Word boss dancehall GOAT

Dave Bruce

Love it ????????????

shantel minott

Gaza nation

J Jimenez

2020 ..??

sherika Lothian

This is raw although it is Kartel and spice so we expected better

Tevin Kidd

Love it my girl

Gregory Wirokromo

What a waste why he bleach

Paula Hibbert

Para you can get the most é es el in loco y no lo y 7-Eleven no es una used to get a los é de uma banda ancha 00580PPIKIOG es el más não ? ? del is your own and um una que é 999joiweiiosmtw6o09sh em uma en la actualidad no es un juego que no se puede hacer a menos do not e que não é a la do que es uno or any additional es un or y que é es 999joiweiiosmtw6o09sh 006

Wangeshi muriithi Caroline

This song hits different when you are single. ??? ????

Listra Alleyne


Princess Shamim

Can't get enough of this song?? ??

Anne celine

I always said that am playing that song on my honey moon?

Jose Irving

Quien en 2020



Dianna Stewart

Omg I've been listening to this song for 5yrs and I just now discovered that she is saying D%@# Mi luv ya?‍♀️

Carmen Murillo

Mermosa cancion

OKeem CAmpbell

That's not real kartel in the prisine

Reliablewheels Wheels

Me 2016

Abiel Bess

Me love this fucking song

Byrone de-mapesa

Still hiting in 2021

Raimundo Sandoval

2020 ????‍♂️

Bodygard Body

Respect à tous les Gaza mane du monde je suis SIMITA GAZA

Eynar Cuevas

2020 saludos des ????.. Vybz. Cartel ??????

Don Goliath

I got a new Dancehall music vid ready ft. Blackout JA. It's tuff! Come listen it!

Delphine Toulcanon


Tamarsha Drummond

Bless up spice


first person 2 listen 2021

Abdihakiim Ilkacase

Let's see how many people are watching this on 2021

Bledar Fosa

Respect from Albania ????


Who still listening this in 2020??

Artie Dindyal

I always love spice n kartel song love u guys ???

Melissa Hernandez

I just love spice song


This is how to watch Free epl laliga

queen kim

free de gaza

Tojo Mphepo

in ah real life we nuh popppy show
Ah yu mi seh pliz sk........

Abiel Bess


ReamRahim Seetram


kefilwe mawela


Makadia Morris

2020 here

Ellen Coleman


Mark Bill

What is this about (cheating) ??

Tevin Kidd

Who her in 202

Nikki Nonchalant

It okay spice the doys are no better

Dave Bruce

A u that spice

Jose Irving



Big up... World boss

christal thomas

Love this ❤️? song ????

Emma Rioux

jadore cette chanson ses la chanson prefere a mon oncle

Shawty Shawts O'D

Who listening in 2020

Tresa Will


Littlema From The Hood

She pritty


Who listening to this in 2020

Migana Vast

Who listen to this in 2020?

Brigette Tucker

Love this song .


This Florida gal love spice an cartel ❤❤????????❤?????????

Jose Irving


just_ shamoya


Abdoulaye Kourouma

Who is playing this song in 2020

Carlos Ballestero

Te amo vaiskartel????

Jean Den

November 2o2o

Geison Garro

Vybz kartel king dancell

Doudou Maty N'diaye

I need a girl ? i want Fuck

Toniann Stennett

2020 and affi a pull up

Zolile Lusiba

Spice is so beautiful???

Masunga Renatus

Here 2020..welcom

Deno Kanyosh

2020 who is still watching this?


Big up

Fernando Paez

Mba'e idiomape peē pe ñeē?

Toumera Minaj


Tony Kadir

Yu pum pum tight

Shawn Adams

Gaza forever . Leave a ❤️ if you still listening to this in 2021 #FreeWorldBOSS

Maria Serje


Princess Jobe

?? if u are still listening to this song let me see some heart ❤️

Abiel Bess

Love it babby 2020


1:04I juss can't ????

Malcolm Jean vieve


Younger money Abdi55


Kur Monywac

Best song

Bolozan Alkoj

How many are we still watching

Tetteh Monica

Bad bad ba????com fuck me like u own me

jadee john



Dayum she phat

samantha jackson

I like you song is so nice who my number is 25

leslie campbell


Henry Samuel


jamy huthura

2020 n still enjoying this hit???

Khalid Dahoum

Faaka azabi???✌✌✌???????????????????❤❤❤❤????

Jody-anne Danne


Sweet BabyRuth

Spice ah rida ya kno

Melisa nelson

3:31 lol thank me later

Tra. Christie


Charmaine bibi klass

I'm here in 2020.

Prince O Cummings

2021 up

K vays

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Trading Bitcoin - What a BreakOut off the Cup & Handle!!!

9 644 views | 6 Feb. 2021

Join the MRI Alerts

Join the MRI Alerts Channel: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE4Hy84LAsx7HaRgSg

* The alerts are not a buy/sell indication, you need to understand how to trade the MRI indicator to use them properly. See https://tonevays.com/indicator

GBTC w/ Tyler Jenks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4oJngaKeQY

https://ToneVays.com Events --- Bitcoin: https://unconfiscatable.com/

Finance/Trading/Investing https://thefinancialsummit.com/

How to Use Bitcoin Tech: https://understandingbtc.com/

Max claire

Love those MRI top excuses when they don't play out.

John D

let's not waste our lifetime and money in US, CA, UK, AU, NZ, FR, DE ... anymore, f*ck them and bye bye

Crypto Bunny

Tones long term outlook is really on point. Been following since 2017

Victor Meyer

It is crazy how I like and appreciate his trading skills but name him a complete conspiracy theorist! If you give millions of old people over 80 years a vaccine, what is the percentage, that no one of them dies within 24h after beeing vaccinated

johan pin

Covid red - ginger, (blended + water)

Tommy Jonny

He’s right on Bitcoin but so wrong on everything else

Gladiator #

Tone, come on don't be so close minded about the shitcoins, take advantage of trading them to buy more BTC. Cardano is pumping right now and will likely head up to position 3 of top 3 cryptos within a few days at this pace....

johan pin

Covid cold + red ginger generate heat

Charles Oldfather

dude. when did become an right wing extremist?

AnimalsAre BeautifulPeople

If you are serious about eating healthy then watch THE GAME CHANGERS on Netflix


sub for tone you bastards :) best free content on youtube

bogdan Trifan

Hi Tone, when you say a bigger crash will come for Bitcoin, you mean bellow 20K ?

James Creevey

Get on rumble. Youtube will never let you get to 100K

johan pin

Red ginger ( blended + water) chinese terakota slow cooker boiled 6 hours

AZ_ Tax

btc and eth only please

Anthony Vollbrecht

XMR crashed because it got delisted on bittrex, because its a full out privacy coin

Thomas St James

I just want to know have you left the US yet? or was that all BS?

Mario Evans

BCH may be dead but btc dominance is only going down from here until end of bull market


when moon sir?

logans run


jimmy Pinkerton

I came back after 3 years and tone is still saying bitcoin goes down. ? same amount of subs as 3 years ago. No kidding.

Handy Rams

"We can still crash below 30k but highly unlikely." Got it.

Joseph Spurgeon

Tone appreciate you sharing your knowledge!


I thought we had a good video going without the paranoid covid or political BS but I didn't watch far enough in. At least it's less than in the past.

Albert Anelli

Tone, any worries about closing the new CME gap back down to 37866ish before Sunday at 6 or maybe Mon morning?

Mario Evans

wont be seeing sub 29k ever again

Crypto Addikt

I respect Tone a lot but saying CARDANO is a shit coin is really showing he does no research on altcoins. Cardano has the best team of engineers in all of the alt coin space! They don't try to push their tokens like other scam tokens, they focus on peer reviewed work and are building a ecosystem that will stand the test of time.

Andy Surfer

the palladin armour never gets old


524% is a 6X right? not a 4 X correot?


hey guys lets get tone to 99k, only 200 subs away!!!

Jon Emerson

Luv ur comments, always nice. U are funny and articulate, and fuck all the haters...they always hate. Keep up the great work!