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How to use Sensibull for Options Trading - Demo Video

115 843 views | 24 Jan. 2020

Education by Sensibull:

Education by Sensibull: https://learn-trading.sensibull.com/s/store

Sensibull features:

1. EasyOptions by Sensibull: https://bit.ly/36Q7dKY

2. Get Options Strategies for your prediction: https://bit.ly/2MjGbSK

3. Trade without real money (Virtual Trade) : https://bit.ly/2TYDnyE

4. Build your own Options Strategies: https://bit.ly/3eHBWNi

5. Option Chain by Sensibull: https://bit.ly/2yYFdsi

6. Get Options Trading Advice: https://bit.ly/36Seeel

Belvendran ranjan

Amazing software i really use it. Without i can't learn option. You need to do next automation using black & scholes model

Sanjay Gupta

In positions if I have sq off one leg it’s profit or loss not reflected in the positions


this is a waste product for novice and small traders. you predict the direction of the market and sensibull will give instruction which strike price to buy or sell the chances of profit and loss in ddifferent scenarios. prediction of stock and indices is the difficult and important part. if sensibull dont predict direction what is the use

nikhil shetty

Nice features but this features should be provided by all brokers. In America almost all brokers provide this for free with the brokerage account.

Subodh Kumar

It is useless as compared to other. With less data

RaviPrakash Vijay

You calculate max profit, max loss, how can one see the probability of a trade going his way?

Sunil Kumar

How can i build strategies for USDINR options using sensibull?

Amit Chaudhari

A lot of thanks sir, great platform for beginners in option

Anurag Joga

chocolate covering to the bitter pill.

Karpakarajan v.chettiar

is the presentation not a bit fast!

RaviPrakash Vijay

How can we see the previous trades which u shown in your video?

Priyank Bhatt

If there is a restriction on Deep OTM trades, then why does your SW show them in trade prediction screen. It's a hassle for the trader when the order gets rejected owing to OI thing. Please fix this bug. I've Zerodha account which pose this restriction and that should be accounted for while building strategies.

Trending Mallu

Great video very much helpfull

Suresh Babu

Sir cld u pl.tell me price. Also is it available through mobile app?


sensibul is god for option sellers who can pay margin in several lakhs

Ramsharan Kumar

First of all, Zerodha needs to improve their services as their customer care no. is always showing engage. I am in great need of squaring my position to minimize the loss. There is no execution in the trade. Prices are different. LTP and 20 Market Depth are different. Market order they have stoped. What we can do under this situation if there is an Order open. There were many times we got the opportunity to close the order but due to the rubbish system of Zerodha, I was unable to execute counter order. The limit order is also not working properly. SL/SLM is also not working properly. Only God will save from a huge loss today. Zerodha is still sleeping. Who cares? The only customer has to suffer. I heartily wish the company sink soon.

shalender sharma

Can we see greeks of option contracts in Sensibull ?

DIMPLE gupta



is this free for existing zerodha users ?


sir please give me your whatsapp no. I will talk to you

karthick subramanian

lovely presentation..crisp and upto the point required

Jayadev Rana

what i the price of sensibul ?


Great use of technology. Futuristic Approach

Dr Anup Patki

Nice video. Eager to try ur software

Arjun Singh Bisht

if we use this, and as its fixed that max profit is X and max loss is Y, can we exit manually if we want to exit at break-even ..??
also is there any chance to our Profit can go beyond this limit or this is defined fixed alredy.


is sensibull both android and web app ? or only web

Ravishankar K

Hello I have a doubt, Sensibull seems to have missed out on very important aspect of keeping a SL or Target for the whole strategy, we buy / sell multiple strikes of CE / PE but there is no option to keep SL or PROFIT for the overall strategy, if Profit is shown at 8000 that is the maximum profit which is impossible to achieve, so if we want to set our strategy profit at 3000/- there is no option for us to place a market exit order for all the positions in that strategy if overall profit crossess 3000. This feature be provided at earliest so that we dont need to see the screen at all times and exit manually.

Sakil Khan

Can we put Trailing Stop loss for options??

Ejaz Akhter

If you provide training in Hindi more people will join in option rading with Sensibull and me too

suhail t

you are awsome. Thankyou


What's Senaibull Pro? Seems like you forgot to brief about the same.

Sunny Dsouza

Paper trading on option should be atleast free for 7 days to try it out before paying.

Dhananjay Javalkar

The presentaor is way to casual. pl get professional help in presentation making. Also the software should suggest what is the move (up/down) for the advise sensibull is advising with logic. Else it is all gambling.

amar babu

I need demo .

90Daytrading challenge

Sensibull is a great platform if we add a trade in the virtual platform it takes the LTP of the day not the opening price of the next day can this be added in the virtual trading platform so we can analyse our trades correctly

Jawed Akhtar

Sir I have demat account with angel broking so I can do Virtual trading or not please rply sir

Kam Muscat

Is this service free?

Ismail Khan

Hindi language

chiju melveettil

Malayali ano

Bhalchandra Lugade

What are the subscription charges.

Video Pedia

If we have to predict direction of market UP DOWN or NEUTRAL then why we will come to you ??????? 5:54

Tarun Ahuja

I love how casually the speaker says your max loss in the easy option category (which btw is a binary option incognito) is 2K, so you can simply try it if you are just bored..WTF MAN!!

He makes it sound as if this app will make all the money for you, and all that you need to do is master the app.. that's just grade A Bulls***!

I agree that option trading can result in larger profits, but only if you know what you are doing... this is not for folks who are just entering the markets for the 1st time...if you have never traded options before, pls learn and master options trading.. do some paper trades for a month and if and only if you are comfortable and confident do it slowly with your broker..once you are in the thick of things then only choose algo apps like sensibull... otherwise stay as far away...the speaker in the video is highly irresponsible for making it all look like a video game!!

govind sudhakar

Sir, If Im selling an call option and hedged with a wider strike Buy call option, Should I still worry about the MTM margin if the trade goes against me.

Sukalyan Ray

Does you profit/loss factor in the brokerage component?


I don't know about the success rate of your prediction but I am pretty sure that If all the features provided in your application works well, then no other broker in the market can complete you

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