Rothschild bitcoin

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Bitcoin vs. banks

8 720 views | 24 Jul. 2015

Will bits replace banks?

Will bits replace banks? "Banks are classic intermediaries," says Chicago Booth's Randall Kroszner, but Bitcoin makes it possible to exchange money, securely, without them. Moreover, he says, Bitcoin is a great alternative currency for when your country's central bank is "behaving badly."

henny yulita

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Jose Nascimento

Who is going to be landing money (bitcoins) for housing and business finance ? what the guarantee ? is bitcoin  insured? how that will work, if someone is landing bitcoin for a profit what  make them different from a banker or lander ?

Doug Smith

time of fiat currency is over ...
people are afraid to use fiat due to corona virus ..the only solution left is crypto ...
2020 has come with many new hardware wallets... including keep key and WALAHALA Hardware wallets ...
but i will prefer WALAHALA Hardware wallet ...
they have their hardware wallet .. exchange and coin ...
their hardware wallet is decentralized connected to their own live exchange ...
means your money will be in your hardware wallet only ..not even in exchange ....
time has come that we dont have to be slaves to exchanges anymore..keep your assets with you only
i think you should make video on their wallet and technology

Steven Bourgeois

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Fly'n Brian

Very well done and thought provoking. A+

biswajit mondal

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I was here before 6 figure Bitcoin!

Charlotte Peters

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Xiao Mei Tan

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Mark Loder

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Rothschild bitcoin

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February Bull Run, New Ripple Partners, Buying Altcoins, Rothschild Buys Bitcoin & Buying The Dip?

29 385 views | 27 Jan. 2021





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Indira Rodgers

I like bitcoin but I don’t think it’s stable enough to be used on people retirement accounts. It’s too finicky and utterly unstable. It’s real turn off for me. There’s been more red than Green Day’s.

Douglas Adams

BIG DUMP 28TH/29TH????


Croissants. Algorithm

Atte Nieminen

Thanks man ! I like your style. And really like the sound from your system. . . Seems its not only SM7B that can produce a nice sound. . .


Draw the bow back...

Jan Rooi

BABB and Dent 1000x return in 2021

Malibu 340

Watching as price goes below 30k next stop 18k ??? Most likely IMO

CKJ's Cellmate

i love losing money and profit opportunities so I buy and hold xrp

Digital Asset Grandma

Thankyou great show, you sure are funny you made me LOL! Today was oatmeal and WALNUTS, and a 2.5 hour cross country ski- an introverts dream!


You know, a doozy can be a hoopty


Never lose your air quotes

Doug Mullen

get a button when you cough.

Ashley Swager

Lovely ??

Ban the CCP

Dude slow down, You're trippin on your words and its annoying

Marc McRae

So in Sef Efrika today the govt are a bunch or retards. What's happening though, is because of 2 ponzi schemes and billions of dollars scammed by MTI & FinalMente Global, the SFCA is involved here.

John Smith

LOL, national regulation of Bitcoin. These dumbies don't have the intelligence to understand, A) what it is, and B) how it works. People with low intellects shouldn't pass regulations on things that can't understand. Do they not understand that lots of wallets use a BIP44 standard? Good luck tracking that!

Dan V

Bro, when will you learn. Jesus.


another for the youtube points, keep crushin it

Nicholas Lauren

Investing in Bitcoin is a lucrative and a big chance to make money online


It is the same family, it's all connected to them don't be fooled.

The Crypto Tengu

Here for advice on Tendies

Thomas Borghus

I’ve never seen you look so tired as right after that Soulja Boy Doge-quote ???


I'm having a high-fibre breakfast so I can do huge nards later. Gonna destroy that toilet!!

Victor .M. Vargas

He actually said "dodge coin"

Crypto Kiwi

Fasting, no breakfast.

chris daugherty


Ngozi Ihenacho

Hi, I follow your Money Rules and TMI channels, and your content has really been enriching me these past few weeks. With immigrant parents, I had to teach myself about personal finance and money. Thank you for offering your expertise and feedback. I look forward to watching more of your content!


Ripple = google of finance

Apostolis Tzinis

Fasting today, new research shows jadabada.

Twitch Clips

Maybe ppl expect Davos regs?

Shawn Carter

[email protected] boy's investment expertise.

Barry Craig

Just hodling, the short term drop is just to try and get people to sale Bitcoin. We are still in the bull market phase!

Back to The Futures

Chalupa Coin

Jason Klaffer

Have a fisherman’s friend before you start ?

Ahmad Nazari

Good job... M. I. keep it up ??


The celebrities are CRASHING THE Market by buying certain “coins”
And getting ppl to buy said (coins) THEN THEY DUUUUUUUMMPPP THEM SAME SHIIITTT COINS. Smh ??‍♂️ ppl ppl ppl ?

Kirsti Rõuk

great time to be in crypto


I really enjoy your content. I look forward to it every day. I will say this, it sucks that people troll you for your speaking style or for clearing your throat. Forget the haters, keep doing what you do!

Billy Dykes

I am so glad crypto_candor on Telegram didn’t disappoint me after I explained my order and situation I was facing ,glad they raised me 5.7BTC For just the little I had to invest

James Daniel

Probably going to 28k and then 20k no fud. Big corps do it to rake out noob invester's. Hopefully some of the nocoin folks who make a killing on the stock short squeeze will put a few shillings into bitcoin when it dips. Then moon.


Thanks again papa Elon!

W Matt

Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em Algorithm-gang !!!


The slurring of the words is getting a bit much.


The Reddit clan pumped the crap out of some stocks and there was a lot of liquidations in the billions from banks shorting $GME. They prob needed to sell BTC to cover losses

Doug Mullen

Any time the US government tries to ban something to help the American people. the people lose out.

Samuel Smart


Loon Goon

Eggs rice with leftover chili and cheese on top!!!

terri mccoyy

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The traditional market(stocks) has been in the red ?....

George Kidd

Thanks bud ?

Dan Ouellette

Another solid episode. Don't ever change what you do. The info brought me here and the quirkiness keeps me here. Thank you.

Craig Perry

I've registered for that microstrategy thing, I'm pretty sure it's free. Might deem my company too small though...

Blockchain Game

in btc we trust :)


Suggestion: have a big drink of water before broadcasting - and have a glass to hand. No problem if you need to take a drink for a dry throat. You work that voice, man! ?

Rikkity Rakk

Price, price, price... We had an amazing run from $15k to $40k in TWO FREAKING MONTHS. It's perfectly reasonable to expect some consolidation and sideways movement around that $32k level for a while. A new accumulation period, perhaps?

fxdb mgtow

I unsubscribed so I could re-subscribe.


Regulations will simply push BITCOIN and other cryptos back to their original task. To transact in PEER to PEER only.

Glenna-Jo Gelnett

Just buy the dips!!! Cheers!!!

Aaron Buchhop

Let’s be real. Ripple is in serious trouble. Unless Ripple emerges unscathed from this ordeal, the long term prospects of XRP aren’t looking good.


February bull run ? Are you joking ? We are in the bear market now. 42k was a top. Maybe some small alt season - especially defi... but it's over for btc now. No new ath at least to next post halving run - so maybe 2024 - we will break 42k.

Evelyn Murphy

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lee herfel

When decentralized twitter?




Yeah but Ripple won't be successful w/o a US customer base. The only choice is to play ball with the sec. If you move you lose.

es suv

Wish it is februari.


ZIl ??????


Nothing fucks you harder than time: Davos Seaworth

Gabrielle Anderson

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Khalid Hussain

Apparently, a XRP pump happening on 1st February

Hassan Nawrozzadeh

“...that’s the Soulja Boy news for the day”- never thought I’d hear TMI say that ?

Alex Smotritsky

I had steel cut oats with blue berries and raw honey with the honey comb.

John Mutter

Hey algorithm even though I’m late please include me in the late breakfast count

Regina Alexander

Investing in crypto currency is the best option now especially with Mrs Jennifer Robert. Her method works like magic, and I keep on earning every single week with her new strategies.

OG Cat

Had kuskus for lunch ? with Afghani rice ?,
Oh yes - and I’ll be sure to pay my dues by passing the “used food” to Davos

MaddMaxxNL ps4

dogecoin just went 1000% , sooo what have you ?? ;)

J Leo

THAT family, is evil

Ronin Molano

"eenie meenie minee mo solja boy is a hoe” it's a stupid ripped off song and everyone was dancing to that stupid song that I really hate LoL. You can tell how original he is because after that one hit wonder ripped off song he went extinct you'd imagine he'd be a Soulja man by now but nope. Dogecoin is as much as a joke as Soulja boy and just for that I'm really not buying a Soulja boy coin LOL what a joke.

Ben Satterwhite

US dollar rising in value? I wouldn't get too excited by that. Hodl.


Easy on the throat clearing bruh. Good video.

Brian Schreech

V8! Good work!

Gage Grim

3 day prolonged fast .. keeps me sharp

Skye Lincoln

lol, "Be an adult!"


LoL for smart people getting into xrp at low 20c is a better entry for all who wants to partner or use XRP.

Steve Crypto

Thanks TMI! ??

Simon I bank freely

Dog shit sandwich for lunch

bodoy doybo


Crypto engineer

Banks didn't need to go to Davos to discuss the state of economies. I can tell them its dier/shocking/horrendous/fatal/grim. Pick one of them.

Mike Hamann

Words with meaning

Flex Mode

G30 called XRP a currency. No other country is waiting for SEC to approve. https://group30.org/images/uploads/publications/G30_Digital_Currencies.pdf

Caleb Jack

bitstonk lets go

Dino Le Bron

Don't worry bro, you can still continue with a sore throat, this is not entertainment, we here for the news, cryptonews


Smoothie: blueberry, banana, peanut butter, kale

Mark Olphert

pringles & 7up.

RektLife Hodl

control systems algorithms,power corupts.power to the people of ripple.

John. C Mark

Despite receiving significant attention in the financial and investment world, Many people do not know how to buy cryptocurrency


The Soulja Boy portion was EXAAAAACTLY AS I PREDICTED.
It was a got damn monstrosity hearing about that BS. ?
I can’t believe ppl follow that BOY

Courtney G's Spot


The Adventures of Brenn and Bonna

Eight eggs, scrambled in butter.

Neville Hicks

Like ?

Cory Nardis

soulja boy is the ultimate shitcoin bag holder lmao

Rothschild bitcoin

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Rothschild'in Bitcoin Alımı Ne İfade Ediyor? | Selçuk GEÇER & Gökalp İÇER Değerlendiriyor

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Samet Yavuz

Avaxı nereden alabilriiz?

Emirhan Adıgüzel

İkinci dalga, marttaki gibi bı dusuş yapabilirmi acaba ,bu ihtimal olabilir mi efendim

Tuğçe Karaer

Bitcoin veya ethereum u da avax gibi dolar ile alabiliyormuyuz? Yoksa sadece TL ile mi alınabiliyor?

arif tonoğlu

icrypex ile iyi bir başlangıç yapamamıştım ama bu ikiliyi çok sevdim tekrar dönebilirim yakında. benim yapmak istediğim sepette btc, eth, link, avax ve algo. Umarım en kısa zamanda algo da eklenir.

caspian parts

sizlere cok tesekkurler, bizim gibi bu devrimi gormeye calisanlar icin yorumlarinizi ve bilgi paylasimlarinizi daha cok bekliyoruz lutfen.

Gulder Girgin

Bitcoin alma zamanı İçin uygunmudur?

Fatma Filizoğlu

Dolar olarakmi tl olarak mı almalı

Satoshi Tokokoko

Nice thanks

emir bedi

muhabbet cok kral olmus :) gercekten temel analiz baglaminda harika program oluyor. Selcuk ve Gokalp Bey emeklerinize saglik.


Teşekkürler üstadlar ????

Oguzcan Akbeyik

Gökalp bey merhabalar ben Almanyadayım sitenizde Euro ile ödeme yapabiliyor muyuz? Ben de Avax almayı düşünüyorum. Şimdiden teşekkürler...


Gökalp bey'e teşekkürler ??


2030 yılında video paylaşımı için "10 yıl önce" yazarken; bitcoin fiyatı için telaffuz edilen tahmine "ya o zaman bile gülmüşler" diye tebessüm edilecek ya da "O zaman gülmüşler ama anlık fiyatına bak" diye bu sefer gülmelerine tebessüm edilecek... :)