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The $9M cryptocurrency scam | EOCoin

125 views | 1 Jun. 2018

Disclaimer: Even though

Disclaimer: Even though it's pretty obvious to me that this is fishy, this video is my opinion. There's a lot better coins to spend your money on so just looking out for you guys ?

Watch my last video here, How I structure my altcoin portfolio:


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Laercio S

Thanks for the video. I thought eo.trade would have something to do with EOS and its confusing updates. I put a considerable amount of money into "buying" through other currencies. Is it possible to recover part of the value? ...

Lucas Abreu

Ok first of all, here is my like and subscribe, second god damn it dude!! I wished I watched your video before I bought some of their tokens, I was just getting started into the crypto game and saw their video I had just learned what an ICO was, well the video they made was amazing really good marketing, it had me like whoa this might be something big... Two books and a bunch videos I learned what to watch out for, so ever since I’ve been searching for something to confirm what I was thinking which was that this is a motherfuckin scam and I felt for it, at least I only put in 10% of what I bought in ether. If it ever comes to a time where I can sell it, that will be my first thing to do!

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Bitcoin Rebounds... BTC Miners Signal Segwit2x! Good Time To Buy BTC?

33 views | 17 Jul. 2017

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16 217 views | 16 Dec. 2017

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Michelle Williams

Tring to take my mind off of my dog rewatching many videos yours and other. I made a mistake in my buy I said that I bought ADA at $3 but now it is $9 but what I meant to say was Eos. but since then yesterday at yesterdays high before Bitcoin dropped I sold all of my Bitcoin to rebuy back into some of the alts that I sold. I did buy ADA this time and I am up 3 cents on ADA in one day .
Sorry for the mistake.

Sylvain Gagné

what about   EOS ??????   HABLAS ESPANOL SUPPO ??

xNiFokke- cae

do safex


What you think of CRPT ico?

Leo Hokkanen

Thanks Suppo. You don't have to be blind Freddie to know that Bitcoin Cash will take the mantle in 2017, and watch out for ADA! Merry Christmas!

sociopasta 23

That kids gonna be rich AF when you pass. I'm already mourning your death but I'm happy for him lol


Suppoman, check out DragonChain. Originally developed by Disney and an Ethereum competitor. You might have covered this one, but I don't recall. ??

Michelle Williams

You talked the other day about the golden goose well I am not looking for that in a man. I am not that shallow,However I have found my golden goose in Ethos thanks to you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is 10-15 yrs Ethos at $8000 Once again so many thanks. I need to come up with another $100 to do a bit of day trading to turn it into $1000 so that I can split it equally between Bitcoin , Ethos, and EOS thank you so much for that call by the way I 3X in 3 days still have my eye and Cardano although it has more coins than I like . It is climbing percent wise at a crazy rate and it is hype driven which you said is good. so . Merry Christmas you you and your adorable son. and I am blessed to have you as a mentor. Truly you are a Godsend to me. You have no idea.


You guys look great yes that boy is your mini me Smart 2 Hey i wouldnt worry about indoctrinating him you have a lot to give

Christina Torres

Awesome personal video. But.... look at RAIBLOCKS!: new IOTA at 15 cents comparable; fast, feeless, DPOS, etc. I agree Ethos and Clearpoll are good picks. QASH too. Investfeed (Suppoman pushes it) and Metaverse ETP are decent choices too.

Justin C

That’s the Oracle! :)

Vas Onica

Hey suppoman, i've enrolled on one of your crypto trading courses on Udemy, and i wanted to know how can i join your mastermind group as well?

Peter Kostic

Looks like that is opposite The Oracle in Reading....and indeed you confirmed it! ;-)

Cole King

Wassup Supoman,
Look at Enjin, Power ledger, BLUE, and DENT creeping up like mother suckers. Ooooooohhhhh Yeah!!!

Todor Slavchev

Is that Reding man??
Lovely town, use to live there.

Divine Dibyata

Hey both Suppo i knew that was in reading i used to go every 4 days in the week .good place to shopping

Rodney Rosario

lol thanks for the laugh someone asking about vice and SuppoKid gets curious


Lol, fancy you being in Reading! Go to uni there


You're so much quieter whilst in public Suppoman haha

Ken Anderson

REDDCOIN rocket incoming

jeff anderson

like the kid he is awesome I love your videos I love your charisma

Sylvain Gagné

great video suppo, father and son.....  just like it.......great moments

Crypto Eng

haha I love how your kid is on crypto as well. Merry Christmas mate and happy new years! bitcoin just hit 20k ;)

Jatin Gautam

Please for God sake do on cappasity (CAPP) limited supply and very great project with vr technology in blockchain 3d

J stubbs

i think verge is on the verge of doing sod-all.

Crypto Charlie

Verge up 220 % love it suppo


merry xmas suppo

phil elswick

What about Verge ?

Rouble Choudhary

Hi Suppoman, is your all in crypto course updated as these markets change in a days time

Master Vibration22

Xrp is decentralized do your research British boys ?? not rascist eigther but we live in a racist world ??. Eh suppoy you got ego so high on your face your gonna hit the floor hard one day :(

Caneloni Master

suppoman i purchased all your udemy courses how do i get on fb grouop?

skylander dad and skylander boy show skylanders

Suppo he looks like a mini me,is he yours???????.

Crypto Signlas

xvg: 400% profit today


review QASH, they seem to have big things coming

Ashley Williams

What do you think about DATA ?

Unknown Error

Binance has only 0.05% fees, you can withdraw 2 BTC a day without verification, trading competitions, airdrops, hard fork coins straight to your wallet etc. Sign up with my ref: https://www.binance.com/?ref=11086668

s c

Great kid. Speaks volumes , chucking money around is easy , being a good parent is the best investment you will ever make. Well done.... london uk

Pongsasit Thongpramoon

Thank you Mr.Suppo and Suppokid

crypto paleo

such a handsome suppokid. he's probably right on the money with bitcoin price prediction.

Always Overcoming Bear

Great info Suppokid!!

phil elswick

Usa, Ohio

Crypto Signlas

Crypto Live signals on telegram: https://t.me/CryptoLiveSignals

Ashley Taylor

What you doing in Reading?

Moscow Mule

Supoman and MiniSupo!!! Awesome!!


basically banks just give you a tiny bit of money to keep your mouth shut, while the banks makes all the money

Anthony Seddon

Jesus suppoman cardano is at 0.43 already!

Tom H

Ha ha - i'm watching from SIngapore and I see Reading Oracle !!!! :)

Do I Feel Lucky

Smart kid! Nice vid Suppo!

Bart Corijn

Great videooo

Follow me on steemit @Bartcardi always follow back!


Mini Me... lol Mini Suppoman!


Reminds me of my kidd

Greg Pifer

I think thats one lucky young man, I wish my dad taught me how to be an investor instead of busting my ass making other people rich.

Bitcoin Alb

How to exchange digital asset privatly :
Supose I want to sell some Etn with someone fm this chanel. Exemple I want to sell 10000 etn ~ 50 $. For bitcoin or litecon or ether. The problem is I have to trust some one. That does nt work for 50 $.
But , ( and here is my Big Idea ! ) we can do this way :
1) We agree first on the price for 10000 Etn/Ltc.
2) You give me your Etn address.
3) I give you my Ltc adress.
4) I send to you 1$ of Etn (this is not a big deal if you run with 1 $ !!! so I risk 1 $)
5) You send me 2 $ in Ltc.
6) I send you 3 $ in Etn
7) and so on. Every time we risk each other only 1 $. (But we can do this with 5 $ or 10$ )
8) This will take some time but in the end we can exchange every crypto privately between us.
If someone want to get a try just send a message. !

Scott Buszard

Dogecoin is going to moon now... LOL!

Michelle Williams

I am so happy for you both that you have taught him the way of the crypto force .


Suppoman & Suppokid are the most entertaining Crypto vids, hope you both have a great Christmas!

Tech Hunt

copy paste of suppoman.

Glen Fish Bachelor

one of your best videos ever. I've been watching since the early daze. Cryptokid is going to be a star

Bluewren Reilly

Your walk around the Christmas shopping area would have been more impressive if you showed someone is actually accepting Bitcoin.


BitDegree teams up with ethos... bright future

Satish Shrestha

Awesome family time guys, such a huge blessing you teaching him all this saving and investing tip at such an early age. !!!!

Nico Schot

Suppoman your and mine favourite crypto ETHOS is a little bit going down due to lack of good promotion while this product is one of the best products that will come out in 2018 solving a lot of problems for the whole crypto community so couold you do a video again about ETHOS and explaining the benefits about this amazing universal wallet ?

Janaida Clemente

I love to see this! You are such a great Dad! I am smashing the like button all the way from TAMPA, Florida :-) Happy Holidays guys!


Can you speak on some upcoming ICO's. and Kucoin, qurito, eigen coin. I know youve mentioned them but a little more info would be great thank you. 17vMFggwSdWi7MBFPQ2wphCEXD9dRL4aB2


What did you think of my walkabout interview with Suppokid?! Let me know in the comments peeps! ❤️

nathan king

Haha proper mini me, love it dude :D LIKES SMASHED!!!!

Jason Reviews TECH

Another great video by suppoman

Allandale Technologies

PIVX is a great Privacy coin with a fantastic team

The Rocket Radio Show

God bless.

Scott Bischoff

Ven is the best currency in the world, and still hasn't exploded yet!!!

Hassanein Altememy

You should host your own TV show suppoman !!!

Yahawah's Tents of Judah

Peercoin will be launching it's 1st ICO Indicium soon. Peercoin will be included in an index/triad of coins which will include bitcoin, peercoin and ripple. Peercoin is highly undervalued right now. Please look into this Suppo!


Hi, I would appreciated a video from Jeff on this topic. GAME CHANGER PLEASE ANSWER https://youtu.be/Zw9lsLVJO5M

Osiris -

Merry Xmas and best wishes for awesome New Year to you and your family. Thanks for a great year with helping navigate the cryptoworld. Big things for Verge peeps.


lol good to see a father raising his kid right.. no lies only truth

Chris Carmichael

ADA Cardano!!!! Everyone should have a little in their bag. LONG TERM HOLD!!!!! Massive Potential!!!

Walk with Sean!

Great show guys, Litecoin, Litecoin, Litecoin.
Sweet year ahead!!!!!


Suppoman, Can you please make a SAVAGE CASH for LOYALCOIN ICO :D


Loved the walkabout with you and your son. Priceless! Great video, and a great son and dad. Merry Christmas from Nashville.

Santiago Ponte

No. I always watch your videos here in Argentina

Qadeer Assan

Bitcomo the future of ad revenue


Does Suppo kind knows about WaBi ? I think he would like the logo and name...

Saqib Sohail

Yes! We are here for you all :)
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Cole King

Check out INTERNXT mate. Since your last review i hope you invested bigtime on it. Thanks again mate.
Waiting on your review for BLUE, ENJIN, DENT and heres a new one "VERIFY" Suppoman. Poice

Angela B

My God...he is gorgeous! !!


Also a very nice exchange platform, KuCoin: use this link for the bonus https://www.kucoin.com/#/?r=E4mDoG

Anthony Gaglione

Suppo I used to afree with you about max supply, but I think now with more people coming in, max supply will matter less and cheap "prices" will matter more. Newbies love owning lots of lower priced coins. Look what happened to LTC on Coinbase. If XRP gets added it will 10x easily

Tech Hunt

What about Tokenpay ICO??????


In the UK, a Dad and his son can have fun talking about ICOs, but we are "protected" in the "land of the free" UrNanny States of America. :(
Britain's Financial Conduct Authority warns the public about ICOs as Unregulated Space, but investing is the choice of free citizens.

Guitar Mike

Showing Supokid the ropes. Look into Agrello

Robert Gray

That "fork" though, like a clone.

Damir Amonov

Suppodad and supposon haha love the team

Said Mohammadi

Smart kid , your dad help lots of people do make good decision


So wheres supo mom?

Oscar Quintero

Suppoman kid is already mooning!

we made the fox yin

After seeing what 11yearold boy think about crypot, time really changed

Frantz’s workshop

That’s awesome. I’ve been teaching my kids too. ??