Xbox one price drop predictions

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Xbox One Price Drop 2015, A $299 Xbox One Coming This Holiday? @TheOfficialWGH

1 467 views | 10 Sep. 2015



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Xbox one price drop predictions

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Xbox One X Black Friday 2018 Sale Predictions

2 699 views | 5 Oct. 2018

Hey There — It’s Eric

Hey There — It’s Eric here, from BlackerFriday.com, your #1 Black Friday rumors website, and I’m back this time to give you our Microsoft Xbox One X Black Friday sale predictions for 2018 (more at https://www.blackerfriday.com/xbox-one-x/).

Now, if you remember, Xbox One X was released in early November last year and no stores had them in their Black Friday ads. Not even one… and, you were actually lucky to even find one anywhere at the full retail price because they sold out fast. But now it’s a year a later, and everyone who wanted to get one at full price got their chance to do so… now we’re expecting to see the deals this holiday season. So what’s coming?

Well, we will know for sure in a few weeks when the first 2018 Black Friday ads from stores like GameStop, Kohl’s, Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Costco, etc., get leaked in mid-November. With that said, we’re expecting to see similar types of console plus game bundles as we typically do on Xbox One S. That’ll probably be at around $50 to $90 bucks off… that’s our guess. See our Xbox One S page at https://www.blackerfriday.com/xbox-one/ for a look at those offers.

Some stores will also likely throw in some store credit with purchase. For example Kohl’s gave you Kohl’s Cash worth $45 to $90 on select Xbox One S gaming systems last year. You could have used that on a future purchase at Kohl’s on just about anything else in the store. Target does pretty similar gift card type of offers as well so keep an eye out for that.

Of course we’ll be bringing you all of this year’s Xbox One X Black Friday 2018 offers from all the major stores as they happen, live. Be sure to check back with us at BlackerFriday.com for the latest news, rumors, updates, and more.

From myself and the entire Blacker Friday team, have a nice Thanksgiving weekend, and good luck Black Friday bargain hunting. Hope you’re able to pick up that perfect, doorbuster deal on a new Xbox One X this holiday weekend!

Xbox one price drop predictions

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The Best PS4 Games (Summer 2020 Update)

1 084 474 views | 30 Jul. 2020

Check out our updated list

Check out our updated list of the best PS4 games you should play, whether you've owned a system since day 1 or are just picking one up now. You can find the full list of our picks for the top 25 Playstation 4 games on IGN at www.ign.com/articles/best-ps4-games.


Nicolas Jawhary

not fair thr are way better games ?

Tyler Hurd

Am I the only person that didn’t really care for Horizon zero dawn? I mean I never finished it I prolly got through 60% of the game but picking it up and putting it down every 20% never really kept my interest only took me that far bc I felt I had to play it because of the hype and I was waiting for that special thing to draw me in that made everyone love the game and it just never happend for me. Anybody else?

UrMomma Y33T

Concrete genie should’ve been on that list

Sebastien Kingue

What about little nightmares

Devil gaming YT

Guys can you help me please I am confused is I haven't played part 1 or 2 of uncharted so will I understand the part 4 or not?? Please reply I will appreciate you

Angga Yatmika

Umm... Metal Gear Solid V?


List was credible until TLOU2 at #2? Lol, should be red dead 2.


Xbox literally only have halo, forza and gears

Nehs Get

Ghost of Tsushima

Deo Asutai

The perfect one stop before you buy any games

mitchel Jackson

Red dead redemption 2 was by far the best game!!!

A Person that exists

Bloodborne will always be my #1


Bro no cap the last of us part 2 is prob my fav game of all time and I would play over again just bc I feel like it

Vec_ Mo

I can confidently vouch for Calozad on Instagram he just restored mine...

Thomas Kelty

I really expected re2 to be in this list


Red Dead Redemption 2, Days Gone, and Battlefront 2 should've made the list.. along with so many others that I love !!

Uasya Pupkin

Just can't take this list seriously without rdr2 and uncharted 4

Jonathan Scroggins

I'm not saying bloodborn is bad but you can not play that game unless you got skills lol

Ascadian Whipmaster

Red Dead 2.... one of the best games of all time, across any platform. Period. It’s a beautiful piece of historic Americana, it’s stunning, and whoever did the equine development deserves a freaking Oscar. I’ve been riding horses for 35+ years. They got every tiny horse detail to perfection!! It’s frightening PERFECT. This game will be in my forever collection because we see how the schools are teaching false history, anti American propaganda.

Kev Singh

I think YouTube showed me 5 ads by they end of this video... Some bull

Debjyoti's Gaming

What about Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 4 or Ghost of Tsushima or even RDR2


No red dead 2?


Number 1 is real. If you pick up any playstation. Play This. Please

Raychii521 521521

Of all those game none give me an bigger experience than Gravity Rush series.

Darko Baric

Top 5 4 me its Gow
Witcher 3
Ghost of tsushima
Horizon Zero Dawn
The Last of Us


You know you're lonely when you've played all the games on the list

Benjamin W

Gta5 May be more popular, but red dead 2 is such a superior game

Tyler Hurd

All the credit in the world for having LOU2 on this list with how much hate it’s got but Having Lost legacy over uncharted 4 is awful and not having Red Dead 2 on the list AT ALL is flat out LUDICROUS


when i see spider man makes me wanna vomit WE ALL HATE SPIDER MAN GAME

Stay Mad

This list should be considered as a war crime

Ammar Legend

Don't fight iver games people have there own choices it's his personal choice

Mr. Akash

Come on!!
Where is Ghost of Tsushima?? ??

Arianooo Amari

Lost legacy better than uncharted 4???? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH YEAH RIGHT

Voyageur de l'imaginaire

So TLOU2 has a better gameplay than Bloodborne.

Dead Star

i hope rage 2 is on here

Joseph Garcia Hernandez

Pot Minecraft

Anonymous Hunter

bloodborne is literally the greatest game i've ever played, it has such a heart warming vibe to it, and the struggle is harsh yet so fun and immersive, i've been playing it for so long now, and i still haven't completed it yet, just because i love it so much and i don't wanna feel like i finished it, i just wanna keep playing it over and over again, it's such a masterpiece.

The Gary Daniel

Lost legacy does not deserve a spot on this list



Filipe Sequeira

Million ads

Joseph Garcia Hernandez

You might be surprised but I'm a kid that's 7 years old who has a phone.

Sillymonster 123

You forgot Red dead redemption 2

vivek menon

10 yer ol kids be like: WhErE's FoRtNiTe?


where the hell is Red Dead Redemption 2

Thomas Kelty

YEEESSS!!! We did it BOII

ilyas aslanhan

Where is read dead redemption 2

Emilio Aparicio

Uncharted 4 best game ever made

laith Al Jishi


dark hell

I have been disappointed from life after ps5 coming because I dont have the money I have ps4 do old games worth like witcher 3 or gta v worth 2021 ?be cause I say peple are playing new games like cyberpunk or hitman 3 and I am playing old games!

G. Lang

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best games ever made. The hype wasn't fake. I've never played a game with such attention to the smallest of details on such a large scale ever

James Snod

With just $300 I got $3500 on my credit card from Starvendor on Telegram,,, he's fast, legit and trusted planning to get my cashapp transfer also from him thanks man?

Phantom Hunter

Would it still be worth it to buy the ps4?


Playstation is for third person games, boy

Dwayne Pinto

No rdr2? or ghost of tsushima? Or dark souls 3?

Ian Pandian

No rdr2?

Vijay Chauhan

you all guys are lucky because you can understand word to word english. i wish hindi language will come soon

_ ngumar

2)God of War
3)GTA 5
4) Witcher 3
5) Marvel's Spider-Man
6) Uncharted 4
7)Horizon Zero Dawn
8)Ghost of Tsushima
9) Blood Borne
10)Last of Us part 2

Chance Anderson

Could you have more mainstream generic games listed? Oh and way too many adds.

Moldy Cheese

Grand Theft Auto V is a ps3 game. No matter all the updates it has received for online and such on the ps4, it's still a game released on the ps3. Red Dead Redemption should be on the list in it's place.

Rman Nayr


Hollis Nelson

Red dead 2 should have been 1

Lando Sea

I’m here bc I hate car soccer


Sony Playstation 4 Console - 1TB Slim Edition Jet Black - with 1 DualShock 4 Wireless Controller - Family Holiday Gaming Bundle - iPuzzle Red Reindeer Dust Cover for PS4 + 3 Feet HDMI Cable

John McClane

Now imagine how much better some of these games would be if the lead was a manly dude.

basim basheer

Fun fact: I haven't played any games in this list

Ethan Manuel

I was saddened when I saw no red dead 2

Yummy Gaming

3:20 Ahh yes My Fav Game


No Dark souls?

Youssef Hossam

So Lost legacy’s some how a better game than UC4. You guys are hilarious...




No Final Fantasy 7 Remake, no Red Dead Redemption 2, no Ghost of Tsushima, and no Uncharted 4... how, exactly?

Chairos Random Gaming

On my behalf persona is top tier


Ghost of tsushima

The Big Peowe

Classificata ridicola. Non c'è neanche red dead redemption ahahha. The witcher al 4 posto?!?! Ma di che stiamo parlando

Alex M

GOW obviously. But not ghost? Maybe it's just a testament to how many amazing games the ps4 had. They should have made this top 15

grand vortex

WOW What a surprise...they choose gta5 a 8 year old game

Danny Dorko

How can a website like IGN be taken seriously when it excludes Red Dead Redemption 2 from a top 10?


No uncharted 4? No Ghost of Tsushima? But golfmaster 2 is here, ok

AZ Raptor

This selection was amazing but marvels avengers should’ve been in it

I’m joking

Harold Kruize


Aidan Drotzur

How the heck is dreams not on this list?

Joseph Garcia Hernandez

I don't know about it

Ben D56

Lol how tf does lost legacy make the list over uncharted 4

Pure Hyperbole

I've tried to get into The Witcher, but the combat is terrible.

Alexander Emmanuel

IGN you have made a severe and continuous lapse of your judgment by not including uncharted 4 and Read dead 2


Last of us remastered is not in this list ? :D

Fernando Caixeta

That’s a solid list. But The Witcher 3 is still the best game to date. The definition of masterpiece in gaming.

aryan aggarwal

Where is Red Dead Redemption 2?

Anas Sami

Which one of these should I buy please tell me guys

Muzaffer Yıldız



Where’s the RDR2? Come on men you only pick by yourself

That one Dude

Cool but what about Ghost of Tsushima?

Corey Martinez

Last of Us Part 2 should be #1

Mr. Hyper

Really persona royal without rdr2?

TrashBag Co

they rlly forgot about uncharted 4, rdr2 and Detroit become human


I think Uncharted 4 is better than Lost Legacy, Control is a dull experience and RDR2 is better than GTA V but overall solid list.

Scarz of Mayhem

Cant stand anime in any form..

Journey hil


joaquin souto

I played 4 of them and still skyrim seems to me the best in ps4.

Mazen Mazen

I see that horizon should be in the first or second position