Rubber band chart

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30 Minute Full Body Resistance Band Workout - Exercise Band Workouts for Women & Men

3 392 119 views | 11 Sep. 2017

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Stephen Aldaco

Great workout thank you

Debra Barnhardt

I am finally exercising so I appreciate this video. Thanks. I have one favor to ask, please introduce both presenters by their full names.

Aaron Clarke

Great workout guys!

Heather Hurst

I just got resistance bands to start working out from home and this was exactly the kind of work out I was looking for, so THANK YOU! I love your energy and I am happy to join the HASfit tribe! :-)

sultano7 oo

Thanks alot well training, very effective

Philipp Theis

most of the exercises were quite good but the instructors are very bad and do not push you. thats quite a pity

Prajwal Parkhande

This is the best resistance band workout I found on YouTube. I did this everyday for a month I can already see changes in my body. Thank you so much for this ❤️

Brenda English

Thank you! I have done some of your other workouts but never this one, it was good, fun, and hard. I will be back??????

Mia Papageorge

just got resistance bands for xmas, and I loved this workout! gonna share it with my dad hahah


love this!! more resistance band w/o please!!

Billy Ross


Brittany Storm


Leo Schleck

The luxuriant timpani enthrallingly water because selection frustratingly present around a uttermost sphynx. perpetual, hallowed open

Jonny Hardkore

Love your guys workouts, they really get my heart rate up everytime, i do some of the cardio ones and just got resistance bands and this workout is great

Ali Baba

Very nice tnx guys i really enjoy it
I bought band and i was looking for movement with it
YOU ARE GREAT ??‍♂️????


BOOM! Check it off! So glad I found HASfit. Beautiful workout. I diidn't want to throw my shoe at the TV. I'll be back!! :)


Why am I here, well last March my son and I bought rode bikes and we started cycling. Between March and Jan we rode roughly 1,200 miles. I discovered that I like exercise and I like pushing myself and getting stronger. I’ve watched my belly fat basically fall off my body. But cycling is the only exercise I do, and I wanna get faster on my bike. But so much of my body isn’t being worked when I cycling. So I’ll be watching this video several times a week. That’s why I’m here. That’s my motivation

Henri Guy

Great workout! First time using bands. Will get better I hope.

Bidane Martinez-Huerta

So this is in no way the videos fault, but a funny story from the first time i tried this work out was I had my band on wrong I guess during the push ups, so it slid up my back and got stuck in my pony tail(hair sticks to resistance bands like crazy for some reason) not a fun time lol

Melani Barry

This is great. Thank you. I love resistance bands, so easy to take on the go.

Hector FM

Great routine but the elastic band snapped on my groin in 23:30 and I spent the remainder of the workout crying in fetal position.

Ajaypal Singh Mann

Best workout on YouTube to follow

Vero y hijas L

Hey claudia is it true that to grow glúteos and legs u need wieght? Please answer


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Juliet Sallette

Awesome video

Balakumar Krishnaswamy

Is the calorie count accurate?

Micky Mouse

Great Video, I thought I was Semi-Fit until I tried your workout, I need to do more.!

Yash K

It's all fun and games until you get snapped in the face

Caroline Sykes

OK. Your 40mins is better

Alyssa O'Connell

This is great. My hubby just bought me resistance bands for Christmas (great timing since we're heading into lockdown #2) and this was extremely helpful! Great sweat for sure. I am also forever impressed watching instructors work as hard as they do but still able to speak coherently. Cheers!

Вьетнамская Сгущенка

Thank you)


man, i could only finish up to 20 minutes of this before feeling like i was gonna pass out. gonna stick with it and try again tomorrow. hoping to be able to complete it soon.

Cookie Crumble Games

I had to watch this on my phone because my school restricted it even though I need to watch it


Awesome workout,followed it half way through. One thing i feel is i should make a note of which strength band to use in which case and switchem up in between. Like my yellow (light band) is good for full-height extensions, but very easy in half-height arm curls.


If you’re a girl can you still do the guy work out ?

Miss Greenwood

NOTE TO SELF: video starts 4:38

Kevin Molejon

PEOPLE, THE POINT IS TO LOSE FAT AND GET MUSCLES. You need diet plan and training plan for that! I visited website called "Agoge Diet", they provided me with personalized diet plan and training plan. The results are amazing!!!

alice copper

Thumbs up for the both of them we had good workout.

- jopo -

why my P.E. teacher always share your videos

Tabassum Hossain

I have a long loop band. Can I do these same workouts with it?

Fred Walker

Great resistance band workout! So I went to you HASfit.com website to find more and to subscribe. I Was very disappointed that there wasn’t any? Any plans and adding Rband category! Keep up the great work!

Motomom 08

I need to do this ?

T. B. Bstp


Vatsal Panchal

What is the ideal weekly plan using this workout?

Stuart Mason

Great workout guys! I’ve been struggling with not being able to get to the gym lately what with the pandemic, but resistance bands have saved the day in a lot of ways, I’ve just posted a video of some things I’ve been doing from home to workout the entire body, please come check it out if you have time, many thanks! ??

Cheryl Johnston

Love working out with you both! Such great instructions ... love it!!! :)

Nikitas Papageorgopoulos

Guys! You are amazing! Incrdible exercises make my body fire up full of effort with the resistance band and your body weight! Upload more similar exercises! Congratulations!


From a guy who stopped going to active rehab because of the pandemic, this is a game changer!

José Carlos G.

Great routine!

James Little

Great stuff

Caroline Sykes

didnt feel the standing twist. maybe it needs a punch of the opposite hand?

Carolina Çalık Gomez

Wow That was amazing and calm ? a perfect combination

Swapnaranjita Nayak

Thanks, Hasfit for putting up all wonderful videos :)


thank you for a great exercise band workout on friday night. It is a lot harder to get really good sweat since the Pandemic and everything had been shut down.


How do you overcome the fear of the bands snapping?

Holuh Bee

Two days with u guys and i feel great already. I love you guys ♥️

Daniel Ferman

What’s the song called at 14:40??? It’s great

jaz grant

I've felt so low in lockdown and even though I'm a gym goer I don't do hit so the video's I've followed I've felt faint or unfit and it's made me feel lower this video however has definitely lifted me up I could do it all with ease and on the hardest band I had love the great work definitely will be looking for more of your videos ????

Michael Chang

Does anyone have time stamps by muscle groups worked out? For example, abs at 1 min, biceps at 2 min, etc...?

mike sabatino

i can't even watch this without imagining boning her

John Galvin

I'd rather follow a video with the resistance bands as this way I can see if I'm doing it right, so thanks for demonstrating.

Crystalrains Jimenez

A good workout but the guy talks so much

Sandeep Giri

i have found one best world´S best home workout with Rasistance Band.Thank you so much for your good teaching.

Debbie Ryan-Agnew

Thank you doing this for my health and to improve my fitness

Natchanart Bellows

Love these two guys and what they're doing. Thank you very much for inspiration ?

Nick Payton

Started your resistance band workouts 3 years ago at age 61 , I do 2 different 30 minutes with bands + 15 minutes abs and obliques each week.
This really works for me. I look and feel good [ I think ].
Thank you for the best and most complete workouts. Nick.

Senor Studly

Damn, I'm not even halfway through and out of breath

Andy Fenwick

1st workout in 12weeks due to bad case of covid, perfect to help get back into it. My daily workout from now ?

Mustafa D

I wish you would do these workouts with simple resistance bands without handles. Some exercises arent compatible

Stinky Poo

PSA to all men watching: skip the exercise at 23:20 or atleast proceed with caution, just took a mean slingshot to the balls

Vida Christiana

Great Job ?? thanx ?????


Good. Workout today. Thank you so much

silke r

Thanks for this workout and for all the others, too! You motivate me to push myself. Happy new year! ?

Toby Jaques

Great workout, thank you!

Durjoy _b

I can't handle the background music...

Willow Mills

Just worked out with my bf thanks. :) ??. Was fun would do it again

Susan Skalleberg

Love this workout!

The Regal Bunch

Use for stretching, increased flexibility and strength


Ricky D

How often per week should I do this work out?

Héctor Humberto Medina Chacon

You can tell she is really tired of this guy's shit.


Do you think this works fine for scoliosis ?
Also do you guys have a video for weights with scoliosis

nick jimenez

This was great !! You guys are awesome and so smooth with your voices and motivation. First of many workouts thanks to you guys. Keep up the great work!!

Angela Farmer

Awesome workout!! Brought my resistance band while on our holiday vacation/roadtrip. Helps me stay in shape and boosts my energy with a quick workout like this first thing in the morning!

louise jones

I've not done this workout since last summer and enjoyed it thanks. Great to have workouts with good instructors who spend time teaching technique and the benefits of exercise instead of posing in skimpy clothes, too much make up and fake tan. I love me who do you love. Haha. I just want a good workout without injuries and we're in lockdown so who cares what you look like. I did this workout in my pjs.

U Stano

Just tried this workout and truly enjoyed! You have a new subscriber!

Jodie Elizabeth

Love you guys ??

rebecca rosten

Thank you for sharing this workout!! :)


Are these okay to do every day or every other day? And I love this workout btw❤️

Kate Vase

The best homework with band

anthony azanon

Thank you guys. I’m excited to get at into it. Me:1 depression: 0


No excuse ????

alice copper

ya'll doing it marvelous guys


as a fat man, this is exhasuting

D Osman


Bryan Chavez

i love it! Will do this workout every morning now

r Negoro

Please check your bands before using it, if it is faulty it might snap and might hit your eye.

Daniel Morris

I’m new to resistance band training and thought this was great. Thanks guys ?


Just found your videos...thank god I found this, I have the bands but just learning how to use them. Your video is a great help...and a great beginner workout :-) Thank you

KoKo Beans

Well...I’m 3 years late but found this and did it tonight. I have to remember it’s a process. A long one but I gotta lose weight

Rubber band chart

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Full Body Resistance Band Workout (At Home Workout)

842 493 views | 14 May. 2020

Full Body Resistance Band

Full Body Resistance Band Workout (At Home Workout)

Get These Resistance Bands for 25% off + Free Shipping (LIVE NOW)


Click here to subscribe -


Follow me on instagram -


If you're reading this..... HIT that like button :)

In this video I go over a full body workout that you can perform with resistance bands at home. I cover multiple exercises for each muscle group, including:

1. Chest

2. Arms

3. Back

4. Legs

Hope you enjoyed this Full Body Resistance Band Workout (At Home)

Jesse Engelen

Does anyone know the reccomended amount of sets per exercise, it would help out a lot. ?

Trop Ray

- [ ] Flies 8-10
- [ ] Incline preces 8-10
Arms and shoulders
- [ ] Double curls 8-10
- [ ] Over head presses
- [ ] Tricep kick backs 8-10
- [ ] Over head tricep press 8-10
- [ ] Tricep pull downs 8-10
- [ ] Latteral raises or front 8-10
- [ ] Face pulls 8- 10
- [ ] Reverse flies 8-10
- [ ] Rows 8-10
- [ ] Standing pushdowns 8-10
- [ ] Seated rows 8-10
- [ ] Bend over rows 8-10
- [ ] Resistance squats 8-10
- [ ] Kick backs


Is this really all i need or does anyone have any extra exersices i need? [ I jsut want a lean body.] I'm skinny fat

John Marrinez

I really enjoyed this video. No endless talking. This is a great demonstration video for someone, like myself, who has bought themselves a pair of resistance bands due to lockdowns and wants a strong workout foundation.
Nicely done ?

Ta Thuy



You guys really liked these bands, so I’m extending the sale!! Live now at https://profitbands.com/products/resistance-band-set

Seb Freke-Morin

Great video, clear and to the point. Thank you :)

Len Mcdirty

Your form ain’t great

Harold Bauer

White mother black father?


Thank you!


Great video man, I found many of these resistance band sets on ebay that are much cheaper .. will they do the job ?

lol Z

Sway boy physique


Are you doing this Workout every day with Rest between training or are you doing splits ?

Royal Jez89

How many sets should I do on this video
I'm 6'0 and 190

Dieuveil Andzouana

Full body resistance band workout from AMAZON get your resistance bands for cheap and the delivery delay it's so interesting https://amzn.to/2K4Aoms

Logan Jenkins

Can you really get a good workout with them?

Sgt J Ryan

So how many series are we doing and are we doing all those exercises everyday?

Nick Wilkinson

Just got my bands from profit bands and they took 2 weeks to arrive, I see in the video that his bands are really stretchy, mine are not, is this because I've only just got them?

idk idk

This is honestly extremely helpful, thanks a lot!

Professor Gains

Love the video man! Keep growing and get big :D


This vid made me realize how much better this is than weights.. And cheaper.. Needless to say mine are getting delivered on monday.. Didnt think they went up to weights as high as they do


Im scared of destroying my door using 100 lbs or more

Murhaf Sousli

SHAVE the savana

Steven Butler

How many sets?

Daniel Mccree

Those face pulls gave me anxiety bro, imagine someone opens that shit

Chris Chan

Like it

Ramanathan Sathiamutty

I actually bought these bands...service was extremely poor..took a long time to receive them...received them after a number of complaints to Paypal. When i finally got them, the bands snapped so easily and all my attempts to get them replaced was just ignored. So my advice- Stay away from this product!!!

Lyndon Gajelloma

I always use this as a reference when i workout with my bands. Thank you for this straightforward tutorial!


Thank fuck I discovered these after lockdown. Ended up bolting some D-Locks into the walls outside; and bought some different handles/ bars for specific exercises. Has honestly been a lifesaver! Thanks, Man.

Wlliam yesid Montaño Jiménez


Louis Hamel

Great vid

Kevin Liu

Are all the excercises here just 1 set each?


I order them Been 15 days. They not even shipped yet!

Rennie Tucker-Meuse

Thanks for the video man, great stuff.


Just what i needed!!! THANKS A LOT!!

Brad Stead

if your strong make sure you put the bands on the closing side of the door so that its pushing against the frame or youll pull the door off lol

Captain Cal

can our body look like yours by just using that set of bands?

Rob F

This is the most jacked 11 year old i've ever seen

Amedeo Ene

Very good video! Thank you!

Kim Yuri Quitain

Great video really helpful

Aizakku Margiela


nick panther

I wish there was better description of the exercises and how to use the resistance bands. There's better workouts out there that will take less time.

Kledjan Lico

I bought this and don't know how to workout with them thank you bro this video helped me a lot!!!


Thank you so much for this video, I really appreciated the variations.

Cat Lom

The instructions for the bands say don’t place top or bottom of door, only inside at where hinges are...?

M.A. Nathaniel

Cheers Bro. Helped me a lot during this lockdown. Much love from Germany

Jeremy Chapman

Just ordered a kit off groupon! $15 bucks! They arrived, yet office where I live closed for today, so I'm stuck waiting till Monday

Wlliam yesid Montaño Jiménez


kez effendi

Im a bigger and was just wondering if I was to do a full body workout would I need to do all the exercises shown for each body part or can I just pick a few ? Thanks

Terry B

Why so many dislikes, dudes giving solid info.

Anzor AT

can i do this daily ?

Ali Aqa Rasikh

You can do all the movements as you can do at the gym, so great.

Adrian Sadighi

Anyone else feel like all the activation is coming in the forearms and elbows when performing these exercises?

Bemyside Bem

Everyone here is worried if the bands will snap while here I am worried if my arms will snap while doing these exercises.

angelo serratore

Wath workout can I do for my six pack with this band?

Bleed Blue&Green

Nice vid (wrong word? lol) but always remember, THOSE BANDS AREN'T ALL THAT STRETCHES!!! Warm-up and COOL-DOWN STRETCHES are MORE IMPORTANT than you realise! Keep up the inspiring work!!!!!

Ng Entong

Late but how many sets

Ray Anderson

Thanks mate very helpful

Jeff PierreFils

Can someone gain muscle with only those bands ??? What is the difference betweenn using band and barbell ? Which one is more efficient ?


Is this band really effective?

ابو موسى

Today after a 2 month break I started again with chest triceps and already notice the sore muscles

Voldemort 23V

What's your weight in the video?


how many sets?

George Bursey

Overpriced,I paid £15 for mine.


what about sets per exercise


Can i repeat this workout every day or every other day ?

Tyler F

Happy I found this! Bought these exact cables for $30 on Amazon. Going to use this video because I honestly had no idea what I was supposed to do, so thanks!

VonniRoc Roc

Thank you so much! I recently bought a bands pack just like yours and I wasn't sure how to get a full body workout. I can use this all the time now! Thank you!


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Father's Love letter to you,

Channel 11

what's the song in the background?

Simon Jones

Brilliant video and i share the sentiments of other viewers we went straight in didnt waffle on unnecessary brilliant keep it up

David Shanahan

Excellent video for a beginner like me, thanks.


Happy I came across your video! This was exactly what I was looking for!
Just purchased a set of resistance bands ??

Remco Bravenboer

Anyone elses bands so tight that it's even impossible to get half the ROM of the shoulder press and incline press?


How this guy alive? He doesn’t breathe... great video my dude gonna be goatee after lockdown


at first glance in the thumbnail, i thought he's a girl with that face.

Dave Sollitt

Nice got me the ? good on top chest ???

Laurence Adams

Very good, bro.

Ahmed Hamada

For those who were used to go to the gym and tried it does it seem intense and accurate as the exercises done at the gym. I mean of course it’s not identical but even similar?

Draž Borenović

Nobody is thinking about the homeless.


Nice and to the point ?

mixed martial arts- Kung Fu Palestine

Excellent quality and great content I liked it very much

kourtney Davis

Great Video young man keep up the good work all i do is Resistance Band work Love it...God Bless...

Abdullah Yusif

Thank you, this is a great video for learning. Have you got exercises for losing a belly?

Hal Tucker

Dumbbells are soo exspensive

Kledjan Lico

what about reps and sets


For beginners if you bought the same res band like in the video, i suggest use red,green,yellow first until you got muscle than add blue and black cuz its way too hard if use all 5 color for starter


Kinda feel like the rear deltoid exercise is a bit dangerous with this band, what if it comes flying at your face

Omar Nicolas Madioune

You guy is amazing!!
Thé for the vidéo

Retaaard ヅ

Can you do this like everyday? or like almost everyday?

Roland Timsa

This was the most complete set of exercises and with such great explanations for this set of bands. Thanks a lot!

Rio Winaryo

I haven't been to gym in ages like more than a year so I'm going to order one.
Thanks for the video.

Rafael Ferreira



quality <3

MJ Ric

How long can a resistance band stretch?? Im really scared of it snapping lol


Did you build your body without using dumbbells?

Sohail Alexander

If someone opens the door you’re fcked

Walter Wick

Thank u bro

Joey Recto

Thanks bro for creating this. Really helpful especially for beginners like me. Hope you'll continue creating these types of content.:)

Rubber band chart

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This is how you make a rubber band organizing chart!! Watch my tips and tricks video also thanks!!!!

212 views | 30 Dec. 2013

via YouTube Capture

via YouTube Capture