Spring lab

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SPRING BREAK MISADVENTURE!! | Think's Lab Minecraft Mods [Minecraft Roleplay]

2 088 791 views | 29 Mar. 2014

➡ Next Minecraft Mod:

➡ Next Minecraft Mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ox2LLnMD0Yo&index=10&list=PL2Vioa5ExueoUJiDCuEe9B9nzisUSrwAy

➡ Minecraft Think's Lab: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IcyfL7J4ZBE&index=1&list=PL2Vioa5ExueoUJiDCuEe9B9nzisUSrwAy

Today, we get out of school for Spring Break and head on an epic adventure to the new realm created by Tropicraft!

➡ About Think's Lab

Think's Lab is a Minecraft Roleplay series using Minecraft mods in each episode for custom mod adventures. It is not a pure Minecraft mod showcase, but I use multiple Minecraft mods in every video.

Come see my lab full of minions, and join me on an epic Minecraft Modded adventure!! Meet Dave, Kevin, my dog Kopi and all the other minions!

➡ Social Media

Twitter: http://twitter.com/thinknoodles

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Thinknoodles

Instagram: http://instagr.am/Thinknoodles

Website: http://thinknoodles.me

➡ Merchandise


Tropicraft Minecraft Mod: http://tropicraft.net/downloads/

➡ Music

Provided By Approaching Nirvana

Outro - "Sugar High" by Approaching Nirvana


➡ About My Channel

Hey everyone, it's your friend Thinknoodles and welcome to my YouTube channel! Join me, my dog Kopi and other friends on our adventures in video games. Here you can find all kinds of family-friendly gaming videos. I play lots of different games from Minecraft, Subnautica, FNaF World, Crazy Craft and more to your favorites or just plain random mobile games, indie games and more!

Some of my most popular series includes my Minecraft Mod series - Think's Lab - where I roleplay with my Minions and my Minecraft Survival Series - The Noodle Planet. I love all things gaming and bringing you great content that the whole family can enjoy.


jhuvx toxic gaming duerme

Thecher come down he
Only forgot to were pants

Derek Jackson

jackson a boy

Yt Animxe

A boy and the name kevin

Sarah Shivak

Name one noodles a boy plz

Big Head

Goes to school....

....but has a wife.


You dont need to be embarrassed I been embarrassed alot and I got used to it

Melanie C.

My Childhood?. I came back to watch this on spring break.

Andrew Diamond Diamond

Noodles I want my map and I am going to unlock a new map so I hope you can join me and some apps like Roblox or you

Roxanne Alaniz

Name the boy one Bobby

Mate Thingy 2020

What is Map? Of school?

egg e


tricia morris


Alex Jef

2019 anyone :/

Abrahm Council

Name a boy koby

Vegas Mullins

0:03 South park?

Marcia De Menezes

Name a girl minoin edith

Boo Da Dog

0:07 was dat a laugh?




Lol south park


I want my minon name kyson

Yusha Ni

oh think please please please name a girl minion Unicorn


name a minion sword

Erica Do

Make a minon a man name rocker

Randy Bennett


Aaron Swayze

Think will you please name a girl minion Luna Lachoosevrell

lucas kane

name a minion portalboyZ

FullTimeSwagger _

Name me boy chase

tricia morris


Dana Neeley

Thinks how did you stay alive when the walkers almost killed you in Minecraft hexit

Tamhid Alam

Name a boy one Cory


2020 here

minorly here



Can you make a boy minion name purple l. Apple because that a name of my 2nd channel


Name one Bobby and let him be a boy

Taco Hackney

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Tracy Stamper


Gabe Ginorio

Your helmint look's weierd.


Hold on I just gotta say...
You think this is funny? You do not understand how serious this is Mkay!?
throws up on Wendy's face
Ha I love all that South Park!


I want a minion named sahib plssssssssss

Myst Prodigy

Boy name Zorgo

mauro merjan

there is south park characters

Haiden Wilt

Just tell me your noodles recipe and won't tell anyone

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Abrahm Council

Please and my name is not Abrahm that's my dads name my name is Jacoby call me jake

Harry Bear

I love you

Robert Dennis

Can you name a boy minion jacob

Marcia De Menezes

Name a girl minoin edih

doug chaloupek


Kyler Shaw

Make a monyon named rie

Parker Green

I didn't know Thinknoodles likes South Park

Soli Azizi

0:01 south park



Deborah Byrd

Name a minion Geraldy

Sunita Dias

Name one James

Kedir Ahmed

I want to be a minion


Do more think's Labs

Kissy Chrissy

2020 anyone?

Trish M


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“So I’m gonna kill a few iguanas” “were gonna need a lot of iguana deaths”

Gema Galvan


Heather Ables-DiSanti

Anyone here from 2020 I miss watching his mincraft videos I wish he made new videos on mincraft

Mike B

I really want some one of your minions to be called Gabriel got so and I wanted to be a boy, please Thinknoodles. You are the best YouTuber in the world.

JoJo Edwards

Name a boy minion JoJo

Karim Vejar

Could you pick my minion zerto 236


Is mr Mackey from South Park


When Mr. hackey said “Do you think it’s funny because it’s not making me laugh” Intro starts I snickered


That shout pack form the start to the end of the inthow

Yvonne Swinehart

name a boy king nodlls.

Rice Cream Man

0:00 South Park reference

Exotic Oreo’s

He's in highschool... and had a wife?

OneStar Rayy

Is that the character of South Park

Ammar Gaming

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Sam Eldin


AAron 2021

Slip something in our drings??


He killed dory hahaha


Think Herobrine is not real in minecraft and real world

Yusha Ni

heres a joke think keep calm noodle on

Vito Azcona

this gives me so much nostalgia and the fact that south park is an adult show blows my mind that he watched it

i can't hear nothing Frank

Name a boy one jake naul

Joe Corcoran


Ricardo Milos

Whos here cause of quarantine and the good times waching these vids

Jamie Gann

School Dannielynn

Noobsbelikejojo E




carlos grayfox

Name one Bob for a boy and grace for a girl

Emma Chanthavong

Ms panda

Jon Locy

Minion Mona

Moira Wallace

can you name one boom

RainbowCorgi Zz

Is Think’s wife jest his wife’s name

Matthew LeBlanc

Can there be a mod where you’re just in your underpants and you have to find your clothes

Mrdotmason MDM

Name one Blez!

Joe Corcoran

Tropic craft

Matthew LeBlanc

I hope we’ll see you in underpants again for some weird reason and why were you just in your underpants

Spring lab

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spring lab

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