Space x stock symbol

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Stocks That Could be Added to ARKX, ARK Invest's New Space ETF

509 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In this video, I talk

In this video, I talk about ARK Invest's new Space Exploration ETF, ticker ARKX, and the stocks that could potentially be added to the ETF.

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? Timestamps:

0:00​ - Introduction

1:53​ - SpaceX

3:26​ - Blue Origin

4:10​ - Virgin Galactic

5:16​ - Reusable Rockets

6:00​ - Maxar Technologies

6:39​ - Momentus

7:08 - Aerojet Rocketdyne

7:34 - Ehang

8:10 - AgEagle

8:27 - Blade

8:44 - NanoDimension

9:03 - Procure Space ETF ($UFO)

9:16 - Conclusion

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Ehang is my biggest investment and I think they will be a big part of ARKX's etf

Mr Derpson

Thanks for all the research and easy understandable presentation!

Roger Rabit

SPCE !!!


EH and MAXR will be included for sure.

Space x stock symbol

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39 views | 12 Jan. 2021

This space company /

This space company / satellite company is the next company to joint ventures with Space X !! Please don’t miss this ride, please subscribe and get this stock ticker free!! Stock is trading at $5-$6 a share !! But it won’t for long so please share the message, tell friends, family and co-workers !! Again, I am no financial advisor, but I practice what I preach, my style of investing is not for everyone, but all my information and knowledge is free to all subscribers an non subscribers.

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Jordyn Harper Aurora

Thank youuuuuu!


Thank you for sharing!?

juan madrid

Got it ! thanks brother , I made so much money following your steps, people need to start doing this. Keep up w/ the good info

Space x stock symbol

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11 586 views | 1 Jun. 2020

Should you buy Virgin

Should you buy Virgin Galactic stock (SPCE)? With the recent success of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, you may be wondering how to invest in space. How can you play the SpaceX launch? Well, Virgin Galactic is currently the ONLY pure-play space stock in the entire stock market right now. And, it has a business of its own.

In this video, I break down why you might consider investing in SPCE, Virgin Galactic, and how the SpaceX launch could affect its price.

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Disclaimer: Everything expressed in this video is a personal opinion based on personal research. I am not a trained professional nor a financial advisor. These are not suggestions or directions as to how to handle your money. Please, always do your own due diligence.

Johnny Barton

what happens when one rocket blows up?

Lil Jacky

I just don’t see how they can scale and bring costs down. I just don’t see a business.

Jin Palawan

Love your entertaining vids .

Brian Prosise

Lol... Not a chance. It will teter on $16-18 for next few months until we as Americans decide toilet paper and beef jerky are more important than a trip to Space Mountain; with no 1 to sue when the ride breaks.

Aviad Zamir

love your videos

Billy Bob

I sold my 1k in it today. I may regret it but I just put it into Zoom. I just don't have the energy to keep up with all 40 of my stocks and need to start concentrating.

Danielle Ben

Good job

Tam Mai

Men ! I should buy spce on before the 4th of july when it still $15/share . now it $19 over and I can see this is the future of tesla

Val Colmer

Best stock in the market BAR NONE

Hello Kitten


Jennifer Choi

Where did u get info Jamaat invested @ Fb ,Bitcoin,slack ??

Ian Westby

Yo! Super excited for the next video. You do an excellent job with this kinda stuff. Keep it up man!

Fathead Mee Too

I wonder what is the $5 bill for,, I'm interested because I have the same note and if you have ut for a similar reason,,, I know I'm on the path..

Jake Hannigan

I think bit could be huge, if they can prove themselves in space tourism, then begin building bigger aircrafts which will allow them to take on the airline industry offering a faster service. Very long term view but if it works out it could be easily a $100 billion dollar business

Mr. Dividend Investor - Let's Talk About Stocks

I think this stock is going sky ?????????

Saj Kar

Interesting. Like you I went for the ride with SPCE to $40 then sold in lower 30's. So risky I have no plans to rebuy in the near future, But interested in buying SHLL tomorrow, thanks to your informational video on it.

Alex Lee

Great video

Im Skit1le

Congrats u lost 7%

Hehe Lol

if your channel was a stock, i would invest in it! your sub count will blow up soon mate keep up the good work!

Lewis Clark

Is this a good buy for a 2 year hold? Or do u think it’s only really for a 5-15 year hold

Sebastián Sánchez

Subscribed. I also own spce stock. Greetings from Argentina!

LeRoy Bartell

Comment below

M. Muqwishi

I think many investors are hesitating to press "BUY" button because they don't know when the virgin galactic first commercial flight!!.
Right now, the company has small profits and no earning. It's meaningless to invest in something with "Unknown Future". However, I'm sure after releasing a clear calendar contains a positive agenda about company's futute and after announcing the successed of the first commercial flight, the stock will burn like a rocket who has never done breathing before, and the stock easy to reach $150 in couple weeks.

Rocket Trades

discounted like hell today!!

Sangeethma Perera

Add time stamps please and he is co owner of gold state worriers i guess

The Brown Family Workshop

thank you for eth insightful video, I'm both a space fan, and a new investor. Yes I bought Virgin Galactic, but I bought it at 11.00 a share, and buy more every week.

Leon van Houwelingen

look forward to see part 2 Matt ;-)


How long do you think for holding for.


Lol. Wrong.

danaraj anthony

Richard Branson & Virgin Airlines are struggling because of the pandemic. This is also Richard ' s enterprise, will it take off (no pun intended)

Bipul Sharma

Would love to know why Chamath got in..

Jesse B

What a FADE that was lol

The JeDitiOn

Professor hetricks ftw

Royal Braveheart

Got this as a free share months ago and couldn’t help thinking Really??? Any way kept it and bought in at its lows. Around $10. Think it’s a strong buy as a spec stock and today will see the price jump due to space X success over the weekend. If Virgin gets their test flight to succeed soon this will raise more interest and over then next 5 years could be a great stock, as it diversifies. Greet video

András Gregor

nice vid. subscibed

Peter Hart

Matt!! Can we get an update?

Hunter Ashley

Hey Matt, nice video! Keep it up!

Charles Givilancz

Bro did you see USO got a new futures broker?

House of Venus

Lovely find this channel. Speaker is eloquent and insightful. Looking forward to more. Cheers fellow future trillionaire.

mr Niko

awsome video chamath is very intaligint guy

Vinay Nankani

I’m planning to have a group of space stocks because I believe in 2-3 decades, this will be the next thing. I’m planning to hold SPCE for a really long time, UFO (ETF), MAXR, IRDM, and AJRD. Any thoughts?

Juan Lucas

I was exactly the 300 like... you are welcome!

Marvin Hernandez

Great job.. keep the comedy I love it lmao

Harrison Huan

Another great vid!

Patrick Hughes

Ive been in since $7. They have a realistic goal that is achievable.

Matthew Huo

If we hit 300 LIKES I'll drop ANOTHER Virgin Galactic video with WAY more detail

Linlin’s Youtube Channel

Spce sroppp7% today up to now. Should cut the loss or add more money?

Eddie Kim

I'm with you. I have 30. This looks like exactly same as tesla

Roberto Baltazar

I would love to see a next video

Edgar jimenez

Theres another company virgin orbit,which is the one that working with nasa,virgin galactic is mostly commercial space flight

George Duenas

Great video.


Can you guys name some good stocks to invest ? I been doing Plug Power and making good money cuz it is cheap at it's price usually stays from 4 to 5 dollars per share

Rjxm7d 0407

Im just waiting for all space companies to go public and I will hust buy a space etf

Johan Alvarado

You can buy google that Owns ten percent of spacex

Michael Ortega

5:00 SpaceX’s “Starlink” high speed satellite internet will make fiber optics obsolete. Anyone will have access to high speed internet anywhere on earth. Just saying keep in mind that SpaceX has already put 460 satellites into orbit specifically for this purpose and more each month.

Elon Musketeer

You do know SPCE is a competitor to SpaceX right? Galatic have zilch right now.
You sound like "We should buy NIO stocks because Tesla is successful!"

anik hossain

Underrated channel. Can clearly see 200k subs by end of the year.

Fahad Alharbi

No.. Vigin will go bankrubt In less then less three years.. Bid the bank on this


Great info!!


take a look EHang Holdings (EH). leading autonomous aerial vehicle tech company. they already on the market and received a permit for the canadian airspace yesterday. pioneer technology, insane future market. morgan stanley: strong buy 100% target

Michael Ortega

I decided to subscribe to your channel only because of 2 reasons. 1- I love your energy 2- I also know SPCE will jump soon and there was a huge acquisition made recently and indicates this is the time to jump in.

Mean- Streak

COMMENT AFTER WATCHING VIDEO: As Peter Lynch pointed out, the risk for investing $5000 in a $5000 stock is the same as the risk investing $5000 in a $1 stock. The risk is $5000.... I agree that there is a lot of money to be made in space and Virgin Galactic is kind of the first to get involved but I am not sold on the space tourism industry, its not like an airline where you get repeat business. There is a limited number of people who would want to do it, and a much smaller number who would do it more than once. They may evolve into something investable in the future but right now I think their business model is a long term loser, and for that reason, I'm out.

Angel investor

I think this stock heading to 20 dollars short term

Mean- Streak

COMMENT PRIOR TO WATCHING VIDEO : Virgin Galactic has limited growth potential, how many people want to pay 250K to go to "space" for a few minutes and going to "space" sounds alot cooler than it actually is. Also, to date ZERO have gone and what happens when someone dies??

Dial M Style

Like #156 :) great video!