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ETF Battles: EEM vs. VWO - Which Emerging Markets Fund is Better?

2 198 views | 20 Jul. 2020

Are you ready to rumble?

Are you ready to rumble? In this episode of ETF Battles, you'll see a face-off between: EEM (iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF ) vs. VWO (Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF ). Both ETFs own emerging market stocks from countries like China, Brazil, India and Russia. Who wins the battle? Ron DeLegge @ETFguide referees this brawl with guests David Kreinces at ETF Portfolio Management and Mike Akins at ETF Action judging the ETF battle.

Each fund is judged against the other in key categories like cost, diversification, performance and a mystery category. Find out who wins the battle between these two emerging markets ETFs. #EmergingMarket #VWO #ETFBattles

Here's our top 5 investing links:

1. Portfolio Report Card https://tinyurl.com/yxwmgbum

2. Free ETF Guides https://tinyurl.com/y2gep5kj

3. Habits of the Investing Greats https://tinyurl.com/y6cg9n4v

4. Step-by-Step Guide for Protecting Your Assets https://tinyurl.com/yxm7aup7

5. Index Investing Show https://tinyurl.com/y3862uaa

Project Relax & Meditate

Really like this style of analysis hope you can continue this, I learnt a lot from investors who are more knowledgeable than me in sectors or ETFs I'm interested in, thank you

Dave Schmarder

For EM, I'm considering LDEM. I first looked at ESGE, but saw LDEM has a lower ER. I do like the esg component in the case of an EM etf, but I don't want to pay up for it. I'm considering up to a 3% of my total equity portfolio in an EM etf. I was never warm and fuzzy about VWO, even though it has low expenses and is a Vanguard product. I always enjoy these bloodless head to head etf fights.

Khalid Mohamed

Agree with Dave. Just stick with the SPY and QQQ

Msci emerging markets index symbol

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A Deep Look Into Ray Dalio's Portfolio

330 173 views | 29 Aug. 2019

In this video we take a

In this video we take a deeper look into Ray Dalio's portfolio at Bridgewater (2019)

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DISCLAIMER: It's important to note that I am not a financial adviser and you should do your own research when picking stocks to invest in. These are just some of my viewpoints, by no means would I recommend watching one YouTube video and then immediately buying that stock. This video was made for educational and entertainment purposes only. Consult your financial adviser.

Ryo Murata

brazil 2020 not happening at this stage lmfao

Greg Massi

Didn't this guy lose money last year???


You can find his portfolio here that’s simplified (you can check it to online returns he makes) https://www.trading212.com/pies/l7a5AjTfs9huGrCGw9rHmEVME3v7

Raul Urquiza

How’s Brazil’s economy?

Ride TheCurve

GLD does NOT hold physical gold. It Tracks gold price. BIG Difference!


I dont get why Vietnam is excluded from the most EM ETF's.

Oliver Woodworth

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kang tian

consistent returns over long-term, not big returns.

daily hacks

so are we saying that ray just puts his money in etfs? surely he;s got his secret stash?

Gregory Hare

Brazil it doing well for one specific reason. Very temporary situation and short term that comes from burning down their rain forest and turning it over to farming and cattle ranching. It is a crime against future generations


Why is it so surprising that he owns a South Korean etf? Ever heard of Samsung, LG, Kia, or Hyundai...?

Iyah Monday

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Metal Bum

So ray dalio is mainly into USA S&P 500 mixes with China and emerging markets?? Is it still like that today after covid?

Hey what about bonds? Ray has a lot of long term treasuries and TIPS in his all weather fund. What do you think of bonds?


u charge money to show ur own portfolio? WAW hahahhHAHHHHA

David Foley

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J. Velasco



Dalio is just lazy... You've got to analyze securities instead of just buying broad market ETFs, like Buffett says.
Funny thing is Ray even owns Warrens stock


Reading the 13f doesn’t disclose all their holdings. If it was that simple there would be more people with better returns when markets go down. Bridgewater is also exposed OTC derivatives, Non U.S. Futures, Security Based Swaps, Swaps, and actual commodities that is not the ETF that is Gold either. There so much that goes on with in that firm it’s mind blowing what they can do.??

Andrew H

Surprisingly poor Efficient Frontier, which I know means almost nothing, buts its still interesting. And the historic volatility for the return is pretty bad. A classic 40/60 US stocks/long bonds would have done better.

Boas Notícias pra VOCÊ!

Top tips! Tks for sharing, God bless!


Investing and trading is a bit like playing chess on many aspects. Including the different level and ranking of players. Looking at Bridgewater disclosed holdings for most people is like trying to understand the thinking of Carlsen with a rating under 1000.
We can not try to understand or follow his reasoning. We can definitely learn some basics, but that's it....

nadav mellul

checked this video

D Hern

Loving your videos!

Stephen Doty

1:52 you said it only went up 5.56% in 10 years. That's wrong. You should know better if you make videos like this.


How/Where did you find Ray Dalios portfolio?


The way you cut Mr Ray out makes him look like Jesus Dalio

Fred Khonje

Thanks for the video. Very informative and detailed. Where did you get the portfolio information? Would love to see the original source.

Patrick Clinton

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financial freedom, i earned my salary with in a couple of days. And only Mr. Young At you_ngli on Instagram made it possible, I never believed i could gain so
much through Binary Options trade..

L. S.

12:18 SPY and IVV ?? I dont believe that! Those are the same! Correlation 1 !! What for? Makes no sense!
Also IEMG and VWO and EEM are the same!
This is like buying 3 oranges one from three different groceries. What a nonsense!

Fancy Studios

Hedge funds are for those who already have lots of money, please don't invest if you don't know what you're doing.


Does anyone else think this is totally bogus?

Peter Dykes

This is completely out of date. Dalio
Is now in cash.


if there was anything advantageous or profitable to learn from them....they wouldn't say it


This seems like a sane all-weather portfolio. When the market crashes he'll lose less than almost all small time investors. (who are also kidding themselves into thinking they'll avoid the crash with some kind of perfect timing)

jay c

Owning leveraged apartments..during an eviction ban..seems like a bad idea..imo

Taco Cruiser

Wait a minute....whatever happened to the "All-Weather Portfolio" ? Why isnt Ray Dalio following his own advice?

Kory Vogel

You have peter Lynch’s previous portfolio?

Ulysee James

I like it but I’m surprised he’s into so many ETF’s.


Dalio doesn't put his money where his mouth is. he talks up gold but his major holdings is equities with his second largest holding being the S&P. he talks down bonds yet he has more bonds than gold in his portfolio....

Charlotte Bingham

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Felix Felsmann

Where do you get this information from. What companies he invests into and what percentage of his portfolio is made up of them.

davi cunha


Minju Lee

no wonder he is saying american economy is going down, looks like he would want it to go down

Dave White

What happens to his all weather portfolio?

john Dean conway

I think it is better to entrust the creation and managing of your investment portfolio to professionals, or to create your portfolio exactly like professionals, to follow a large whale like a small fish.


Excellent video,you delivered as always.My portfolio has grown tremendously for the past 2years with the help of my broker, Mr Henry lucas, I continue to make huge profit every 7 Days of trading with him .. His strategies is profitable.

mena seven

Nice video about Ray Dalio video but the ETF investment are to complicated.


Is this allocation in the All weather or the Pure-Alpha?

Maria Gear

Put the portfolio of somebody who actually did money, because Dalio lost 20 billions

Tiger Xiao

I really love your videos but I'm wondering where do you find out what's in their portfolios?


7:51 oof this didn't age well. Brazil won't be recovering anytime soon with Bolsonaro ignoring COVID while his people suffer..

Sabella Martin

I just invest $500 worth of bitcoin to this address 3E9qPc2otEhUMZW6LaL2MgLkH3ExfXRak4 and get my profit immediately in thirty minutes, so I will advice you guys to invest with Mrs patience Veronica she's the best. WhatsApp: +15145588862 Instagram: @patience_veronica_trade1

Tjorben Jung

Sry but can someone tell me where he did get this info from. Because Ray Dalio preached it so many times to get firstly diversification, wich I can see in this video and 50/50 risk/reward which is definitely not in this portfolio. It’s more a 90% risk and 10% reward or less. If someone can prove me wrong. The stocks in it sounding chosen thoughtfully.

Joshua Owens

zzzzz. Ray Dalio is a guru of the markets. His individual stock picks are whatever. It's his balance of asset classes that you need to be looking at. That's why, and I mean this with respect, that's why this video is completely pointless. His stock portfolio could be 100% SPY for all we care. One would be more interested to know how much percentage of his portfolio is stocks, and then whatever else he holds besides stocks, that would be the juicy information if you have any idea about who this guy is. The individual stocks don't matter

zan zan

where is this possible to see?
whatsite do i go to, to se this guys shares?

Bruce Lee

“Taiwan has not been fully developed yet.” Bro, do some research pls.??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️

jeff snow

Ray Dalio has 47.5 MILLION shares (not 47.5 thousand) in the first pie section.


It now makes sense why he says thank you China.

Gee purrs

In my experience being over diversified is a headache that doesn't pay. I now have a 2M portfolio. One third is in actual real estate with paying tenants and the other two thirds is is only 8 stocks. Stay focused my friends.

Carlos Turcios

Benjamin Graham investment principals are well followed by this man. The intelligence investor ?

Rob White

He can't be long all those assets and be risk adjusted with a high sharpe ratio.

FM. Alexander.

Time to stake HEX.


It is just so annoying that I had not invested a long time ago, I actually mailed Noah Firmino 2 months ago, but I was nervous and ran away because I wasn't really sure and what I had was not actually enough or should I say my last cash?, it wasn't just the right time . The first investment I made 2 weeks ago of $2,500 won me $32,000 last week, $32,000 is actually not so much but the result is not so easy to bring to reality, I must applaud his efficiency as I am not the only one he has done this for, my brother also trades with her and he is doing well, contact this star professionnal on Whatsapp; +12097883347. I can't thank him enough

Dustin Bentley

How does ray dalio go about selling his bonds during crashes? How does he decide how much to keep and how much to sell out of ? And how does he pick which bond I would love some guidance thank you !

Lukas Ekwueme

From which source is this?



Metal Bum

Can you do update I heard he doubled gold and 7 x his China holdings

Gerti Dhima

can you please show your sources? I can not believe that you were able to get Ray Dalio's portfolio. Isn't a hedge fund suppose to be secret?! Did you make this portfolio?

Michael Tega

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Imagine running an investment firm and just use the work of other investors.


Perhaps he is a Chinese spy.


You should have someone else do the voice work

Christopher Ellis

Avoid the tropics, the weather is going to destructive.
Avoid politically unstable areas.
Avoid goods and services that have no real substance.
Avoid things that have no historical background.
These are my ground rules.


source for this??

Eric Anderson

How did the creator of this video find the details of Ray Dalios portfolio?

Sander Van Alphen



Why not just buy BRK? Thanks

Metal Bum

Cooper—- Interesting. I was thinking of DBA or a commodity ETF just to hedge against the rest of us stock market
Similar to ray dalios all weather portfolio with some commodity exposure. Does he have agricultural?

What do you think?

Tenzing Jigmey

If Dalio allocate significant portion of his capital in ETFs, how does he bit the overall market and why would his investors invest in Bridge Water? Given today's economic backdrop, did he restructure is allocation since emerging market are most likely to take dispropotionate hit.

winnifrd ugwi

I know i shouldn't have commented on your post but am sharing this because I've been blessed with Mr Charles Turner ..He guidance and techniques has helped me achieve a lot in the stock investment. to anyone who wish to setup a trading investment with him can shoot him a DM on his Instagram page to know how to get started @Charles_forex09.

asturias ialbuz titlis

who are the other 2? Munger and Buffet?

rm 80

is this a long term, long-only portfolio? Don't hedgefunds like Bridgewater run medium term long-short portfolios?

Jarboe Studios


Bakalowk Motion Designer

Amazing stuff! I think it is one of the smartest way to create portfolio analyzing other big great people in this thing!

Eric Williams

"Top 3 greatest investor"? You are kidding, aren't you? In the past few years, he has spoken to the public many times, he has never been right. Last years (2019) the market rose over 30%, he is probably too shamed to tell how much his portfolio made. No wonder. Look, he still made 2%, a lot of money, unfortunately from his clients not from the market. This is what hedge funds do.

Mihai Dragos

By the time this video was made, Alibaba was trading at around 166$. Right now, Alibaba is trading at around 200$. Since August 2019 up until December 2019 the share price of Baba increased with more than 20%.

M Severo

Im brasilian and thats was good news for me, tnks for belive in our country.

Gaurav Gat

How will the PE ratio of Ali baba go down if earning increases? The price has to stay constant for the PE ratio to go down.


Unfortunately Brazil is currently torn apart by its president who would like the country to open and state governors who actually care about their citizens

Isable Michael

The most fruitful decision of my existence was trading with Mr Charles @Charles_forex09 on Instagram, I wouldn't have a second thought of choosing him over every other trader. I started trading with just $700 and in few days I got a return of $8,500. His diligence and trustworthiness can't be compromised.

Vajliak Duke

SPY is not "opposite" with VWO, since they're both Equity market (aka high risk asset), and Global economy now is more dependent than opposite

Gabriel Martinez

This doesn’t add up, he manages 150 billion, yet he owns 15.9% of his portfolio in VWO worth 2 billions? How does that add up to 150 billions? This break down only shows a small part of his AUM, where is the rest of the money at?

Greg Johnson

When you make the right decisions and take the right steps in stock trading the chances of losing your funds becomes slimmer and almost impossible especially when you invest with the right broker like Mr Bachan Jasper

Andrew Butler

VWO is not his #1, it' SPY ..


How's that going in Brazil? ??


e t ifs and per cint

Raymond L.

13 mins video, 4 ads, wow! I should really think seriously to quit youtube.

Fausto Albamonte

In a market correction or crash, the first assets people dump are ETF's, instead, A to AAA-rated dividend kings stocks hold up much better, recover way faster and provide solid dividends. Also, Gold statistically is a poor investment.


Where does he publish his portfolio?



Msci emerging markets index symbol

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258 views | 13 Dec. 2020

In this video, I go over

In this video, I go over a hand full of good ETFs to consider if you are wanting exposure to emerging markets through a low-cost exchange-traded fund (ETF).

13f Filing


Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)


iShares MSCI Emerging Markets


Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU)


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Some of my favorite investing books.

The Barefoot Investor:https://amzn.to/3eb3mf7

Rich Dad Poor Dad:https://amzn.to/3oqgC4i

Rich Dad's Retire Young Retire Rich: https://amzn.to/2HzKVoz

The 4-Hour Work Week: https://amzn.to/37FzdDC

The Dhandho Investor: https://amzn.to/3jtO71W

The Education of a Value Investor: https://amzn.to/37CZQJh

Invested: https://amzn.to/2TPR82u

Rule #1: https://amzn.to/2J0Is6Z

The Little Book That Still Beats the Market https://amzn.to/3onLIcW

One Up On Wall Street: https://amzn.to/3jultht

The Psychology of Money:https://amzn.to/33WInZQ

More advanced books once you have got the swing of things

100 Baggers: https://amzn.to/37HNLTq

The Intelligent Investor https://amzn.to/3ku5ocB

The Acquirer's Multiple:https://amzn.to/3olsWmB

What is an emerging market?

‘Emerging markets’ is a term that is widely-used but loosely-defined. Emerging markets are economies that show some of the traits of developed economies but aren’t quite at the same level yet.

There are three categories of economies: developed or advanced, emerging and frontier. An emerging market economy is considered to be progressing towards becoming advanced, with regulatory bodies, a market exchange, and some liquidity in its debt and equity markets.

What are the characteristics of emerging markets?

In a nutshell, the defining characteristic of an emerging market from an investor’s point of view is that they offer faster growth than advanced markets, but they also carry more risk and tend to be more volatile. Below is a list of some typical characteristics:


Table of Contents

00:00 Introduction

01:45 Whale wisdom Bridgewater

03:42 Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO)

06:01 iShares MSCI Emerging Markets

07:02 Vanguard FTSE All-World ex-US ETF (VEU)

10:43 My 2 cents and Conclusion


If you have any other good investing related books you recommend then drop them in the comments below cheers. Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you!

Disclaimer: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Any recommendations shown during the video should not be considered financial advice and you should consult a licensed financial advisor before making any investment decisions. Books I have read and highly recommend, if you are just starting out on your investing journey I recommend starting at the top of your list and working your way down.

Josian Sanna V

Hi Guys ?? ??

ASX Analytics

Nice list & discussion around tapping into emerging markets, do you have an opinion on hedging/ unhedged?
Thnks for your insights!


Fantastic video ❤️Lots of manipulation currently going on with bitcoin but that’s good news for those who know how to take advantage of the market as it exists today. One thing for sure is that just buying into the market though not a bad idea, I find it a better approach to use the opportunities presented by the digital asset not as a sort of value but as a means of generating INCOME for other diversified portfolios, while keeping a smaller percentage in btc. I had my own learning to do but my major assistance came from Mr Davies O'Brien, a top crypto trader whose signals and guidance helped me trade from a meagre 1.8 btc to over 5 in just a 6 weeks of using his signals. Mr Davies has been of major assistance to me and I am so grateful and I want to afford others this opportunity. For inquiries, Mr Davies O'Brien can be contacted via WhatsApp +44 7723 173885 or telgram @daviesbrien Adopting a successful person's strategy and incorporating them into your own trades is the best way to earn returns as well as get better insight into profitable trading.

ASX Investor

Nice one mate - there's a lot of excitement around the EM's as a great opportunity as we move out of this recessionary downturn. Regional diversification is likely to increase in importance over this next decade - Great overview ?

Ways To Wealth

Tons of growth going to be coming out of emerging markets.
Dalio is so bullish on China!

Personal Finance

Nice one, I should look more into these for more exposure. I am currently 100% US only ..

Dennis Thai

Yes agreed, emerging markets is a rapudly evolving sector that is worthy of consideration for greater diversification & growth.

The Adventurous Investor

What are your thoughts on emerging markets do you see growth in the emerging markets in the coming years

Hey, guys hope you enjoyed the video if you got some value, do us a favour and hit that little thumb button turn it blue cheers you're a good man.

mr. finance