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Extreme Shotcaller from USP Florence Prison (Story Time)

45 184 views | 10 Jan. 2020


We discuss here a story about a guy with major influence and power that came to FCI Florence from USP next door. This is a picture of how guys like this trickle down from high yards and change the whole climate of a prison yard.

Instagram: standingcount

Beats by: https://freebeats.io


Thanks for all the good content! I had a question. I'm wondering if the Other Car accepts U.S born Latinos? I have a cousin in county jail in the bay area for a shooting (no one was hurt) and he is going off to the Ca state pen soon for 6 years. He is a U.S born hispanic but never gang banged and wants to avoid north/south/paisa politics. Could he run other?

Vincent Hawes

Extreme shot caller = Extreme bum!!!???

Federal Prison Insider

go jonny go... damn this is legit savage

It's on her boob That's what he said

Thanks for the story it awesome

RomAn Cantu

What's up lady and gentlemen!!! So...i was actually thinking it was real!!
But when6 u said the6 vannillas 2 and nira. Taco cars i realized..u a Fkn Comedian!! ? it we need some clowns like u being a Rep!!!! ????


It's the brand organization your talking about this dude was from


Binging all your videos tonite. Can’t sleep.. great stories.??

Hrafnafreyja x

Yep... not going there

Marc Golston

This is like snitchn bruh u giving up game hope u dont go back to prison

Damien Pepper

Shot caller = Shit citizen

The Texas Tickler

Tom foolery ?????
You re the best man love your content

vincent repins

More like rehabilitation

Count Time

When they dropped the dime. The organization went back to renegade lol


I'm directly asking the guy making this video, how long were you locked down in the ADX? How many years were you down? a year or 2???? lol You have no perspective or right to be making these videos. If I were you I'd probably stop before the brand comes and pays you a visit punk.


Front once and if you don't pay that's it, no more dope. Why do they keep fronting the dope and racking up the debt?

Edmond Flocco

That sounds like the white car, drug debts....i know im right


I did more time on the shitter in Leavenworth Dog house than you served.lol fucking wanna be.

gunter smith

I'm surprised he didnt give them a week or something then start stabbing. Youd think the dudes who are owed the money would really like their money plus it causes everyone else to be put on lockdown too.

Michael Luz

Can't be surenos...Texas family has USP florence...Texas Syndicate..Varrio Azteca...pistoleros...Texas Eme...and Nortenos

Benjamin Cantin

I got 2 videos under USP Beaumont. I'm trying to make vids and would appreciate your input

Esteban Jimenez

This channel sucks big time ???????

Luk Phom

Good watch P can’t believe I missed this video !

Malinna Seang

You trg

el Arte

Second video I've watched I'm binging this channel over the weekend or when I get more time. Here from savag3 interview. Good content ??

Pisces Eighty two

Yeah but did the car go brmm brmmm

Cj McCollum

Do a video on the dc Blacks

Jorge Cabrera

I caught your piece on death's channel. Here for the support big bro! Blessings!

Jonathan Llana

I was in USP florence. And I'll tell you that Any FCI yard in the federal system is weak. The CO's run the yard. In the USP we run the yards. He said they got locked down for a week for a in house stabbing. In the USP we would be in our cells for an hour or less while they clean up the blood and we would be right back out.

Harry Robinson

Clearance ( Beedie) Hinit ( was not a game. DC convict extraordinaire.

Armondo Garcia

Dizam i cant take his story telling and his voice dont match his body lmao

Al M

killas and manilas..lol

Xpasto Gaming

I’ve seen him somewhere else


Your stories are amazing your should hook up with PARE YOUNG bro just subbed keep doing your thang braddah

Pauliasi Vainuku

You a snitch. FCI a joke

Richy Frausto

Is officer ??‍♀️ piers still around? The dick head things he was thought ?... i was in “B-Pod’ Hassan’ serving 45’years he was my sell mate...

Matt Mergy

Appreciate the shout out.
Respect all you do.

Tim Bibin

New Subscriber ✊✊

Cedrick Johnson

I was there in 1995! Warden Booker.

Fat Boy

Been a min. Thanks for the story brother!


P, was you ever in skyline?

SSWhittier tks

That car had to be the big SUR

Reggie Fleming

So... your saying,...... what are you saying??

Kevin Charles

Sounds sloppy as fuck

Bryan Bradley

Sounds like the DC blacks

Tennessee Kid

https://youtu.be/OWpIdBY9c1w what up bro yo I started a review channel. Check your boy out.


Comments were at 199 so i just had to be 200 lol respect

Michael Antone

I’m just trying to figure out if it’s the Nuevos or Natives

Jesus Rivera

Was you there in 08


Go Johnny go go ?? Johnny be good

John Smith

Dude that noise is very annoying. You need to edit your videos better. Get with it if you actually want to be a solid content creator no disrespect

john doe

Its so rediculous you say I don't want to say what race or gang. Come on man this is entertainment. It ruins videos when you do this silly shit

Federal Prison Insider

yo P, I like this new setup. screen in the background is sick. Also it looks good when you're zoomed in a bit more like this so you fill out the screen. Nice improvements.

James Brown

So is this basically hear say cus if it wasn’t ya car how would u kno

Jamie Park

Are you for real? If I'm just a regular guy they gonna make me Stab people ???I noticed when you started with the song Johnny B Good it sent me into a flashback of my younger days lol Thanks

Red Spider

My best friend is in FCI he's a native american Samuel I wonder if you came across him

General Shepherd

Hey Salute brother. Keep up the great work my friend. I see a bright future for you. Stick with this shit my boy. Salute and be blessed in Jesus Christ name.


thats crazy.. i was one of the two guys chasin that native through the middle of the compound.

Nate C

Good stuff

Bryan Bradley

Was this shot caller a white?

Jose Diaz


Tulpetlac Venegas

Fci hahaha no mames ayi no pasa nada puros lloroikeo nomas en las fci's y las lows vete al verga .

vincent repins

Raken thru the coals I feel bad sometimes we'd talk but last time he was 2 days out from going in doing 20 haven't seen him in a while

Harry Robinson

Count time.

Five Star Painting & Remodeling

fci florence i was there in 2013-2016 they do come from next door(usp) its a politic yard. I seen a lot when I was there and lockdowns come right after something happens. if it was a car taking care of there own then they will lets us back out. but if its two different cars then we will go on lock down for rmonths at a time but as soon as they let us out it was just to go to the store to stack up and after all the dorms get there commissary then the war is back on for the next lock down. thanks for the video, brings back memories.. don't want to go back there

Jose Caro

The shotcaller got shipped out

Michael Locklear

Ahh. The white car drug debts

Roger Martinez

Hearing your story, rep rep, it tells me thay you were dealing with non sense wanna be prison gangs, you dont really see no real stuff al mediums and low ranchos.
You wanna see some real prison gang acction make it to the Penitentiary.
Big Sandy
USP Florence, any USP, aint like a medium or low.

Brap Chapel

Hearing actual stories (like this) are not only the most entertaining BUT by far the most effective in getting your POSITIVE message across!

Jennifer n Clos Gamez

Damn dude looks like a Pinoy l knew in Centinela C. S. P.


In that world, violence is the only thing people understand. If you try and go about it the diplomatic way you’ll be looked at as weak and lose all respect. Violence is absolutely necessary but then again I’m what youngsters would call old school. This younger generation is very soft. Pussified if you will.

Black Cash

What up bro!? Keep em coming

Hydro Burd

Look at that fuckin compound!

Black Thunder

I came here from kfrog EOS or lockdown one of them dudes had you on

Freedom Lifestyle The Road to Redemption

very well said bro ??Good video

Blue collar Brawler

What's the point of not saying what car it was? Might as well not even tell the story.

It's on her boob That's what he said

Hey whitey what’s up red

Bryan Bradley

My brother was there he told me about this


Sound like Shine... Florida car.

Jose Diaz


Ladonna Cross

I'm picking up what you're puttin down. I have an old friend in the Florence

Hrafnafreyja x

New green screen? I like it :)
Yer workin hard an moving up, Outstanding! Mínn Love Respect an Care Uncle :)


The ending music!!! Like story tiMe music lol , but well said , only that made me smile was the ending music lol

Cedrick Johnson

Cali South wasn't running nothing at Florence. In the , 90s. Cali Crips and Bloods was super deep on Deck!




The " ARZ

Tommy Lauderdale

T bone from main street clowned in that bitch in the 90s real Crip nigga

Usp tucson

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470+hp VW MK4 GTI 1.8T Dyno Testing | USP Motorsports

69 573 views | 1 Oct. 2015

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Hillel Tran

You get A like for listing the mods in description. You da best


Not really a good shot of the dyno graph. Does not cover torque curve, rpm, afr.

michael m

Stock block?


Which gtx30 this has in it?

Yamileth Martinez

Nice 1.8 I have a golf gti 1.8t 05 until how many hourse power can have the motor with out do anything to the motor whay do I need to do it to get 400 hp

Luis Padilla

how much boost ?

Jason Clemente

@USP Motorsports . do you know the current status of that car ? is it still alive and strong or what!?! you got lots of comments about this same question

2 slow

what clutch are you using


Hey which is better a k04,k16 or f23?

jack from online

talk about a sleeper

Craig Hudson

no forging?


How much do you guys think it'll cost overall to go up to 240 hp on the 5 speed mk4 Gti

Jimmy's Tractor

Nuff said!

Lincoln K.

Update on this car???? I want 450 on my gti an I'd be so damn happy

outside the box designs

Did you do rod change or any other internals?

Day Night

470hp ?? lol max 250hp
1.8t are best engines a this golf never 470hp


that's a lot of power out of 4 cylinder! !

Lincoln K.

Wheres the update on this car?


How much you guys charge to run an mk4 on a dyno and tune it?

Riff Therapy

Can I get a dyno from you guys I live down the street


Nice what injector and what psi?O2J or 02M ?

Charles Southwick

Sorry I’m late to the party. 1 question, what upgrades were done to the transmission?


Is it a stock block or a built block

jianguang chen

how can I Get this tuning from you? My TT mk1 had upgrade the K04 turbo and 440cc injector. I want 350hp on the wheels. back to me



Moneybag Nate

What turbo u us I’m trying to get my GTI some hp

Eric Johnson

I bought a used 2005 Mk4 Golf GTI 1.8T and it's pretty much stock, but relatively low miles. 115,000 miles for the year. I've always loved these cars. I want to start upgrading mine and increasing the performance. I know that I have to upgrade the internals first, but if anyone knows of a website/source to get better performance...I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

Dawn Dish Detergent

What was done internally just rods?


Stock internals? Seems so risky


Its nice to see people still tuning the MK4s, I have a 2002 myself except i started building the drivetrain first. ..got the "unbreakable" Raxles, Spec stg3+ clutch and pressure plate with their 7.5 lb flywheel and fully built all by my lonesome 02j trans with custom gearing from Eurospec Sport and Wavetrac diff. Next will be rods from IE when I rebuild the engine and then a fatty twin scroll turbo, not sure which yet though. Already upgraded the turbo to a k04-023 with a tubular turbo mani and 42DD downpipe but its getting boring. Running 550cc injectors off a Ford GT500 mustang and who needs maestro when you can tune ME7.5 by yourself for free like this guy? Shout out to the peeps @ nefmoto.com for that!


To me the torque is the most important. This does look impressive. I have a 1.8T but in a Beetle. It was supposed to be 147 BHP but it actually tested at 184 BHP so something had already been done before I had it.

Usp tucson

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The Most Dangerous Gangs in Federal Prison!

74 818 views | 23 Jul. 2018

In this video I reveal the

In this video I reveal the most dangerous gangs or groups in federal prison, broken down by race.

From MS-13 to the aryan brotherhood, I give you the inside scoop into real prison life. Gangs are a huge part of prison culture. They control everything from the flow of contraband, to certain parts of the yard.

Find out which group is the most dangerous!

Get Your Prison Life Gear Here:




Prison Life on Instagram:


Prison Life Fitness on Instagram:


What is a Law Abiding Criminal?


Why I Went to South Carolina Prison:


Why I Went to Federal Prison:


Become a Patron:


Help Us Become Non-Profit


Jenaro Ayala

Surenos and Nortenos are CHICANOS we come from Aztlan the Southwest we originate from our First Nations/Tribal Nations family so we've both been here before anyone else. You came here we have a closer connection to everything so we'll go harder. Theres more at risk.

Oscar Longoria

My dad was paisa did eight years in the joint hardest dude I know foreal started boxing at 10 years old till he was 18 same gym same boxing coach my dads from Reynosa tamaulipas oh and he grew up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods las mil cumbres which translates to 1000 tombstones

Ted Dee

@ prison life.
You really do glorify prison and gangs.
Especial skraps and them piece of shit caca skrapa mierdas (Ms).
You're a low life loser who likes to gossip like a PC rat ??????

Hugo Angel Cuevas


tom jens

Do DC guys have chapters in other states? Otherwise how come they could form any quantty numbers in other state prisons?


Bgf tuff

Patrick Thompson

2nd myth. DC had a prison system that housed all none federal crimes. Murder , in DC is a DC charge, robbery, assault, the feds usually get the drug cases and gun cases. The most violent charges go to private prisons now. Sometimes, dc will move a state prisoner to the feds. In the feds he will have a different number than the federal charged DC dudes. 016 is a federal charge. 000 is a state prisoner being held in federal custody.

Tx Redneck Removal Act 2020 Mx

We're Native Americans that got conquered by the Spaniards. That's why we speak Spanish.
Cherokee,Apache, Lakota, Aztecs, Mayas, Incas..etc... are The Native American Race.

Charles Smallins

DC Blacks love they punks!!!! They will kill you over one! lol


Ive seen videos..where hispanics are getting Frign sprayed and gassed..and still wont stop attacking


MS 13 are Surenos. They are just one Sureno gang. Just like 18st is just one Sureno gang.

Walter Navarrete

Thats more like mexicans and central americans El salvador, Honduras. Puerto ricans, cubans, dominicans act and stick with blacks.

Ozilla Wofford

DC go hard like that too! But if you affiliated and in a kar you better be going hard anyways ???


Failed to mention the Odinists. I am disappointed. I've seen a single Odin viking fucker hold of five or six Mexicans... literally picking them up and throwing them as they went at him with weapons and broom sticks and everything else.

Johnny Jones

Not true! In big sandy we crushed the piasas. And Leavenworth we crushed the tango blasts. No one else got in. But in Leavenworth we we're 700 deep. Big sandy we we're only 100 deep. I got close friends in both groups but they let sex offenders and rats walk so they can keep numbers instead of cleaning house and keeping good people around.

Louis Bryant

The real AB'S are not on any yard. They might be associates but all the real original ones are locked down after the USP Lewisburg murders in 96 - 97. The ABT,we all know that they are not official. I was in USP Lewisburg 2002-2005. I am from Baltimore MD and I am white and we don't do that race shit, I was homie time my whole 17 years. Also I would say that the down south blacks are on ass now more than DC, especially the Florida dudes.

Al Doyle

How come you don’t mention the Muslims?

Steve Glazer

You’re so Badass!

Danny Jose

Dc run high number because there no state prisons they all go to the feds

War Child

What about the Asians or "other" car homie??

Freddie Espino

Paisa de cora flako desde laredo tamaulipas saludos mi raza...

Lupe Luna

Don't forget the kings nation wide organization Nation

007 reddz

From the east coast to the west coast. DC holds that shit down. We dont need numbers. It alot of stand up men from DC and we don't go for anything. People throw dirty on our name but at the end of the day. Out of all the cars in the feds we stand together when it time for Work! No running , No talking shit out! Look it up! Only black car to go to war with the A.B and still walk any yard. All that shit pulbic record. #Dc vs everybody.

mann b

What about natives?

Carlos Gomez

Can you do one in spanish for the spanish ppl

Brian Pilimai

Hispanics don’t even unite in there own country. They unite in prison.

Carlos Beltran

Love you channel

Keith Johnson

You spoke the truth and kept it real!!

Jonathan Rodriguez

I was in estill sc with you was good bro

walter Griffin

The truth is the truth.

conservative personnel

Hispanics run every yard in State Prisons in Cali

Mir Smith

Yo you shocked me about explaining the dc car!!!imma have to subscribe bc u explained the new generation changing mindset..smh anyway u was too real homie I gotta subscribe !btw were u independent in feds?!my old celli n comrade is Irish and he’s in hazleton usp (obviously we were cell mates somewhere else )and he push the independent car!salute homie ur very accurate with describing and history etc !salute from Philly btw you gotta explain that telladelphia shit lol hopefully u know it was term coined for Italian mafia in philly for their big indictment in 90’s

makk moshe

FCI Herlong is a Paisa yard.

Cee Muhammad

Cool ass video

Bobby Gomez

D.C black stay with a punk. Crazy..do the time don't let time do you.


When u said Law Abiding Criminals,i felt that,cuz im one as well

David John

What is a piasa?

Mister Miller

I remember hearing original MS13 were like ex-child soldiers or were part of a Militant group before coming to the US and starting MS

gregory bester

If you masked murderer everyone's family you would not get very much resistance that's why they control the prisons in an the American prisons that's why you don't get much resistance. Truth be told we've been invaded in too stupid to realize it

Concrete Fists

The government made sure blacks didn't have unity by destroying our black leaders and groups back in the day not to mention putting drugs in the ghetto so it's a reason why we not as unified as other races we were and still are feared off the power we would have if we did ??

Lewis Bey

The powerful gang I seen is surano ,they had the power because they had structure. Then it was the white gangs, aspecially, then it's the DC dude, and they are mostly on ass. This dude knows what he's knows what he is talking bout he been there.

Carlton Durant


gregory bester

As an x federal inmate you are right. And the due to the fact thatthey are constantly breaking our laws coming across the borders illegally so they eventually outnumber all of us.


You said you’ve “seen it”. Tell that story please.... ?


....so let's talk about it.

oooooh. Dramatic intro

Glenn Schraetzlmayer

I just joined your Patreon. And was appalled to see that you only had 6 supporters. I’m hurting myself right now so I wasn’t able to join on a higher tier. I will upgrade once I’m able too. I’m the lucky number 7. Come on folks. Support this man. Even if it’s only a dollar. Enough dollars add up to something decent too. So here’s my challenge. If you enjoy his videos and his story telling/insight. Throw a little change his way. He need to support his family as well.

gregory bester

Oldboy you hit it right on point with them DC boys

Anthony Real

Ill smoke you tree stop calling us bisas


Bullshit aside hes accurate and that's due to the structure , numbers, organization and numbers of the Latinos . FACTSSSSSS

Christo K

Nice video ese!

Matt Farley

White boys is either AB or woods... woods stands for peckerwoods which is a term for poor white boys

Osvaldo Mendoza


Carlos Beltran

Thank you for the information

jason romano

Your videos are REAL talk my man!!! I did a 5 yr bid in the feds. I've been out since 2000 & watching your videos I can see alot has changed w the Food, smoking etc. Anyway keep up the good work bro!

RasMichaEl Yisrael

I heard the same about DC dudes...


The Hispanics got so many gangs they not gonna all go. They fight with each other mostly. They got a gang for the homies that don’t want to be on no gang.

Jonathan Leon

Peep the bug he was about to eat in the intro ?

Nolan Pierce

I am thankful that I have never been in prison and I have stopped participating in any activities that jeopardizes my freedom.
I am glad that this channel encourages the youth to clean up their lives!

Papa Lucian

Norteños are the most dangerous for the simple fact that they have a very high level of discipline and their ways are very militant...always war ready.. suited and booted at all times.

Christopher Snow

You the man! I'm just a simple man from Henry County, GA. I can relate to what you're saying man just keep talking straight and keeping it real. Respect!

G Ff2323

And because Mexico etc so close mang. Africa and Europe hella far away mijo ?????

Jennifer n Clos Gamez

Actually MARA means Gang in Salvadorian language. Salva is short for Salvadorian trucha means watch out, beware. So MARA SALVATRUCHA really means beware of Salvadorian gang. I this is coming from a second generation MS13 gang member with more then 20 years in n 10 years done in the inside. Level 4 180/ 270 yards. I done mines just like u bro. My apologies for the correction though. If u ever need info on my neighbor hood hit me up.

Mad Dog 530

That's true bro all on point hope we never have to go back to jail but if we do we know what time it is I hade a white celly and he was cool never had a issue with my boy weeks

Kirk Bishop

Bro your spot on ??? did 40 months in USP. Finally somthing I can relate with

Edward Prado

Gangsters that Love that Booty

TERKO_ Official

Mara salvatrucha was crazy back im.90s in el Salvador I used to see them running away from police through my neighborhood.

I remember that everytime we used to see them from far everyone in the street would run home screaming lungs out Los Mareros are coming haha now.i laugh. Free my homie tiny

Larry Zabel

ARYAN BROTHERHOOD IS known to be THE most dangerous and violent gang in the US a couple of them were involved in the riot of 1980 in New Mexico

Dee Hallmark

Texas white boys go hard to look up ABT witch stands for Aryan brotherhood of Texas they run inside and outside the penatentry.


I see you wanna rewrite history...Racist coward ish...

Anthony Long

DC blacks no questions run shit fuck them ABs

Losaiko Go Blue

When I lived in Southern MD, DC was the murder capital of the country. The DC blacks were a group to avoid, especially when in numbers.

Ozilla Wofford

You’re korrekt

Josh Purser

What about the Native's? They keep a clean car and they go!!!

Van Helsing

Of course savages go hard

Rey Conchas

I done state and fed time seen many things im a paisa but to be honest i dont think one race is more than the other seen bad mafakas in every single race its only the distance ur willing to go

Deadpool Mrcool

I respect you for humbling yourself and not saying off the top that you thought white boys are the hardest but the hardest black gang in the feds would be the bgf abs for the white boys and Mexican Mafia and Northern Familia for the Mexicans get it right.

Tona Zantli

The ab had a greenlight on the dc blacks they were droping like flies if your gonna post shit up post the truth not shit that gonna make you look good! Everyone know that the mexican mafia is the strongest in federal united with the arizona mexican mafia and the ab have there share of violence and reputation blacks dont know a fucking thing about warfare in prison

Edward Jones

Was lots of D.C. cats in Lompoc USP back in day wen I was there.They were KOOL MOST of times.BUT OUR CALI CAR WAS TO BIG.....

Jorge enriquee Ramirez garcia



? so very true... I've been in USP Atwater, Victorville and I did time in Lewisburg pa.....

gregory bester

I've been to Florence I've also been to usps in Indiana better known as the death house.on a ten sentence so know it's safe to say I know the federal system very well. If we keep allowing foreign games to run our will become the weakest motherfuking country inside and out

the goat

Without numbers the Spanish gangs not that strong.

Juan Carlos Fernandez

Law bidding criminals!? WTF does that even mean? That way of thinking will take your ass back where you belong.

Gerard Saint Louis

True that. Have problems with a Mexican??? The whole yard gets locked down-after the bodies get taken off the yard!

Antonio Marin

You mess with one bean you get the whole burrito

Time's Murdered (Prison&St Channel)

If you ever would like to interview a Paisa, I'm your guy! My dad & uncle were Paisas so was I in Texas State Pen and Federal County. Salute!

City of Capone

Kings world period... We run everything...

Muj Kaz

The DC Blacks are on a different level. Very scary when they're on the yard

Lester Hicks

Before Lorton DC’s prison closed, DC blacks were still the most aggressive and feared group in the Feds. Anything you read about the Feds from the 70’s throughout will mention them. Ask any old head that been out any USP. Lorton didn’t close until 2001.

k roninson

Your are so spot on. DC Blacks are crazy.

Carlos Beltran

Mara means its slang for a group of peolpe

Gary Headley

Did 5 yrs in Federal Prison Victorville and Herlong California and the southsiders however you want to say were #1 but the whiteboys period was right there and viscous! We all live under the same structure im a independent and when one goes we all fucking go and we clean our house


I'm black/ Haitian .. all races goes hard in the feds .

Gas Monkey

So let's talk about it ✌

joseph burns

you or keeping it 100 % I did 12 years 5 in allenwood pen 5 in ups canaan 2 in Schuylkill I really like your stories not phony like the rest. anyway keep doing you FUCK there opinions.. Philly

G Ff2323

Cool vid too bro ??


Don't understand the hardest gang thing. If you follow orders does that make you a coward. If your are an individual you can handle yourself are you hard. So at school did you follow the bully or stick up for yourself?.

Edgardo Hernandez


Cj McCollum

Do a whole video on the DC Blacks