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Zee 24 Taas: Learn stock Market in Marathi

7 770 views | 4 Jan. 2019

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Sachin Natekar

Mumbait semenar kadhi ahe sir

Priyank Tyagi


Arvind Dhavan

Nice sir

Mayur Tashildar

Pune madhe kadhi aahe next

Abhijit Bhosale

Kolhapur la aahe ka seminaar... Aani asel tr date?

ashish dangi


Taas stock news

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Massive Housing Crash Ahead! Is it a Good Time To Invest In Real Estate?

307 701 views | 14 Nov. 2020

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Romeo AFS

It’s depends on where u live, every state have different value, and number ppl living

Astrah Cat

I'm a new investor, fixing up property starting last year, but I will say that I would rather there at this point be a crash because even though it'd screw me over, it would be better for 99% of the population.


So, what if there is a crash? Your house drops in value, but so does the one you might want to buy. It's little different at the end.


You can buy in 2021. But who are you going to rent to? People are losing jobs.

Bee Pak

Prices can keep rising but wages haven't.

So unless a bunch of wealthy start buying up houses everywhere and rent them out thats who will continue to buy at these prices unless wages increase.

Andy Huang

I feel the crash is coming but don’t know how bad !

Lara Aniston

Nice video! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker, Mrs Jessica Morgan.


One big problem with this. Supply and demand. I have been trying to buy a house for a year. I have been outbit many times as $400k houses are selling for 40k over asking price the first day they are listed.


Two narratives here:
Roaring 20s once this covid hiccup is behind us
70s-styled decade of stagflation due to too-big-to-fails suddenly becoming too-big-to-do-anything-but-fail.

carlos giangrasso

Shut up ..........Mo

Time2 Eat

In so cal, so many people, not a lot of homes. People coming from Mexico take all the housing and lots of the work.

carlos giangrasso


sheryl lou tayurang

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Shouldn’t it be called “the fake estate”??? Not real estate?


Wouldn’t home prices go up relative to the dollar because of inflation coming in 2021? So technically housing prices can continue to go up in relation to the dollar if the government keeps printing money. Plus people moving out of cities into suburbs due to more people working from home, and this is likely to continue in the near future.

Brianna martins

I was expecting a shady move when I invested on a platform by COINEARNERS•FUND I just made my second withdrawal of $15,000 from invest of $1,500. He was very helpful,,

Troll Troller

Sorry, you didn't give good example simply ended your video with basic conclusion.

William White

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We need a real information, not a text book logic or just vaguely guessing.

Donald Vick

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i made over 0.54Btc this week with them!

είναι έα εργαείο εσίας για όλ


lol I'm still trying to understand the point of this video

Metal Mike

You forgot to mention variable loans and it isn't true that interest was low for most loans back then. Fixed mortgages were about 6% in 2004 that's when I bought a small house, and Variable loans also called ARM (adjustable rate mortgage) loans were the real hedge fund loans. They offered real low interest, like 2.5% for the first 3 to 5 years then the loan would adjust based on the current prime rate. So the rates went real high when the bubble burst in 2008 and everyone's mortgage went up hundreds of dollars or even $1000 more per month so that's when the loans were defaulting. All the ARM loans were something like 10% in annual interest I guess because the housing bubble burst, and all the values of the homes were 50% less as well! So there were millions of foreclosures in the following years.

DeJuan B

I close on the 22nd


Not going to happen, housing market crash in 2025-2030

Solomon Chima

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Goober Fam

If you think after tons of renters not getting rent payments for OVER a year isn't gonna effect the market... you're a clown who should purchase right away.

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That's what happens when people vote for Democrats

Peace Kelvin

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Daniel Angelina

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Success with Stacee

I purchased 3 rental houses just this year because they cash flow. It's impossible to time the market.

Ram Sanchez

because of the low interest for the 1st few months, after they raise the interest, ppl couldnt offer the houses,

1 FD 2

“And life will get back to normal.“ See, this is the problem with many real estate investors. They have no clue about macroeconomics.

Rick Siddiqui

Today is Christmas Eve, 2020. A year from now you will be viewed either as a genius or as a person who had no idea what he was talking about. Real Estate NEVER goes to zero.

What's is your background on this subject? Seems that you have great skills in graphics.

Jen C

This is what I tell people. If your area, like Asheville (our area) is already over valued, it's probably not a good time to invest in real estate unless you have a lot of cash to invest in flipping run-down homes. If you are super wealthy, go ahead, if you don't mind uncertainty. If you are unsure where you'll be working, or if you'll be working, have just the minimum to put down, or have lots of debt, don't have much savings, the answer is NO!

Davis Holman

Puulleeezzz! This is NOTHING like 2008-2010. Owners have lots of equity and are not going to just give that money away. There may be a bit of a dip, but it is not going to be where houses are half the prices of today. Sorry to burst your bubble, folks. It isn’t going to happen.



Fatty Love Handles

wow.... cool animations

Theodore Roosevelt Charleston

When the dollar collapses no one will want it common sense. Just like Venezuelan Bolivar. Will you take this worthless paper for your house. You can not buy anything with this worthless paper. Here take it for your house.

Kay Sandoval

Every year they say it's going to crash... eye roll

Cosign Pro

Who is this talking? Count chocula? LOL

Alain Koch

Bla bla...

Sandor Varga.



Lol 1% interest rates......seems so high in comparison now

Prashanth Pai

useless video


This will not apply in California thanjs to sb1079. So investors and wall street go f*ck yourselves


This doesn’t apply to markets like Seattle and San Fran

Ay Caramba

The housing market has a CRUSH on you and on your MONEY!

Rentals and Rehabs

new subscriber

Mark Stach

Use a pop filter on your mic. It could make listening to you much easier.

Evan Young Music

I just bought my first condo closing on April 6. I don't care what you say. I need a place to live.

Drawde A

There won’t be no house bubble this is not 2008 banks have secured themselves, if anything we will see short sales or more homes on the market. People hve more money saved than they had in the last two decades.

spirals 73

No worries; ours is newly bought and totally paid for.


Yeh but wait, that never happened and you're right, real estate prices always rise. So there's to be a crash. The estate agents just hang on to the previous market price. The only cheapo you will get is if an owner desperately wants to sell for whatever reason. If a house is going for cheap and you know the person, sure but if not there will be a line of gannets ready to pay a shit price to an owner who wants to sell fast.

Erjon Sulaj

Nope! Should wait a little longer

Ira Avni


Joseph Youngblood



I would wait until after 2023 maybe 2025 live with your parents even if you're 40 multi-generational houses will become a thing for another 15 years minimum

DeJuan B

Disagree home's will become more expensive not cheaper.

springer 11724

no need to time market. Just buy when it makes sense from cash flow stand point.

Richard Brannon

But, when it crashes, will interest rates stay the same?
And even if they do, will banks be willing to lend to even the best of credit scores? They have already tightened the belt considerably, they will surely tighten it more.

It is really hard to find a home to purchase here in Texas right now because inventory is so low and there are tons of buyers(thank you California and New York for sending your people here and jacking up our prices), but going with a new home can score you a great deal as builders are willing to deal.
Imagine, getting your closing costs covered, a new washer and dryer, a new fridge and a 2.5% interest rate at 3.5% down. (If you are veteran you don't have to worry about a down payment either.)
3.5%-5% interest(or higher) 10%+ down after a crash IF you can get the loan to begin with
That's if you can find a home, because cash buyers (investors) are surely waiting in the wings waiting for a crash to swoop in and buy up as much as they can.

Jorge Cruz

Great video!

sheryl lou tayurang

D A I L Y W E B E A R N on Instagram tested trusted ways to make money

Beauty Queen

Yeah but now we are sending money to Pakistan ? ridiculous

Kandice Klein

This Tired old story (2008 Crisis)is not the same thing as now....History does not repeat itself ...by the way.. so get over that please

unleashed rider

What's a very bad example no bank is going to loan you on a house that's only worth $70,000 not enough money in it for them so you better have cash.


Geez this was such a bad video. You got a lot of stuff wrong. I should have made notes because theres no way Im wasting another 10 min watching that nonsense

Nadia Putina

I can’t stand that accent !!!

Best Friend

Just take look prices going up and up up and up bcz all building materials going up mean houses never going down again be aware

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Skillshare add


This added zero new information on the "coming crash" and on top of that a very annoying voice in my opinion.


I predict housing prices will go up in 2021. Because I don't believe the B.S.
If government printing more money , this will devalue the currency. Making house prices go up via default. All these predictions are Wrong.

THE KongMan

With or without a job, you still need a home to live in. Stop listening to speculation!

Dinesh Rathinasamy

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If you can buy your house at a price tat you can afford, then it is a good investment.


If you wait you will get left behind...

Grandmaster B

When you buy a house you generally stay there for 20+ years. Trust me .... it’s value will be much much higher in 20+ years. Buy if you need a home. Buy if you are going to flip it in 6 months.

Ordinarily Ordinary

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Time Out

Not in 2021

Freedom Fighter

india was taking charity from the uk not long ago. the uk government was sending a large sum every year for the slums problem. the uk withdrew that as they have a space program and the uk does not. dont be fooled. india is crooked. if the uk withdrew it its not needed. obviously with a space program u cant have serious poverty problems. they keep folks poor with poor wealth distribution to seek aid from other countries. thats dishonest. boycott india now until they have no more slum problems.
boycott india

Proactive Thinker

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If you can't speak, stop making video focused on you speaking.

Si mon

starts at 09:00, the rest is padding imo

Madi S

I don’t think this will happen in my town because everyone’s buying their houses in cash so they can’t foreclose. The housing market has also appreciated greatly here in the last few years so land lords have more equity than ever and everyone is paying their rent

ramez festek

Anyone watching this should be questioning the validity of the content creator. This is pure speculation. If you’re interested in buying/selling talk to the top Loan Officer at a small lending institution and the top performing realtor in your area. They will provide real time stats on what homes are selling for/what rates new & new laws there are regarding lending.

warren wallace

The problem is the housing market is faked so why try to buy something that isn't even worth half the price they want? I've spent my life working in the field of building houses and skyscrapers as a union laborer seeing the cheap material like plastic tubshowers and cheap material used to build or restore old houses. Knowing that house values are done by a group of thing from naborhood crime to the naborhood education scores to the actual condition of the home from the foundation and electrical wiring and plumbing and roof condition to the actual naborhood value of the property the house sits on. The truth is it's like some secret mafia has token over the housing market ever since 2010 right after the last housing market crash faking the real actual value of a home. Their should be a actual housing market stock market to provide proof of the market instead of hearing it only from real-estate business that benefit from lying about it to make their bankaccount's bigger

Kim T

It will largely depend on where you live. Areas that are already overinflated and have been for some time will see this crash. But those that are usually lower and have only seen a light inflation over time will not be as affected.

ah Babu

When people afraid to buy that's time to buy...

Karen Reddy

Usually a crash happens because interest rates go up. That dries up demand at current prices, as monthly pay ents go higher.
The reason we have the current growth is the interest rates.
If we have a huge crisis that raises risk, the interest premium on mortgages are likely to be higher, or credit is likely to tighten considerably. Houses go cheaper, and they become a real, for the cash rich.

A report by corelogic showed most people pm the plan are on the upper pricing range, people who weren't very affected by the pandemic. That suggests they took the forbearance not out of need, but opportunity.

In 2008, it took until around 2012 for banks to start loosening credit to the average person, and not coincidentally that is when real estate started recovering...

I'm not saying housing won't fall in 2021. If demand dries up or supply increases, then pricing should fall. I am saying the arguments here have conflicts.

Bill LeBrave

i think right now we are facing the threat of hyper inflation. If so, you do not want to keep your nest egg in federal reserve notes (that is cash or savings account). i would avoid real estate in California and New York maybe. But in other places, owning some real estate, at least you will have something when money fails.

Perkunas T

Nope no crash, in my small town the realtor's told me they have, only like 1 listing the Inventory is way down. Most work from home, and the ones that work for a Mcjob will never have enough to own one anyway. Commercial Real estate is something else they are in big trouble.

Ken De Melis

I believe we are in a bubble but, a recent 200,000 dollar home for 70,000 dollars...What are you smoking??? Maybe 200,000 down to 150,000 would make sense based on past bubbles and price pull backs

Bill Ferguson

Feel free to join the "Metro Vancouver Housing Collapse" FB group; now with 10,742 members.

Nick S.

Just discovered your channel and I LOVE IT....so informative and educational


O you who believe, fear Allah [God]and give up what remains of your demand for riba [interest] if you are indeed believers. If you do it not, take notice of war from Allah and His Messenger. (Quran 2:278-279)

Mr Knarf

Thank you, as someone who is new to the subject you did a great job of explaining the current situation!

Elijah Corrales


Boom Box


Seymur Akbarov

The minimum interest in where i live is 4%. And you need to meet the certain requirements such as being a five-years experienced teacher....So, here even 2.5% seems a great deal.