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48 023 views | 27 Oct. 2020


KANYE WEST ON THE JOE ROGAN PODCAST | PLEASE STOP | Double Toasted - Today at Double Toasted we talk about the Kanye West Joe Rogan interview. In this video, we take a listen to the Kanye West Joe Rogan podcast and give our thoughts on the Kanye West interview and the whole Kanye West President talk. What do you think of Kanye for president? What do you think of the Joe Rogan podcast? Let us know all in the comment section below.





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Arnold Rivas

Since the posting of this video: Kanye has won 60,000 votes in the general election.

Rashad Miller

Korey Double Toasted. This is the most ignorant content you’ve put out to date. You haven’t even bothered to look at the podcast and you are commenting negatively about all parties. Sounds ignorant. You are so closed minded with people you don’t like that you will judge them without hearing their side and also saying no one can change is Double Toasted Ignorant!

Alienated Mind

I agree don't encourage free thought. Honestly how dare he speak his mind.


"a black general Zod" ?

Marcel Gardner

Whoever didn't know that they could write in their own candidate needs some to retake some elementary classes.
Every year there are hundreds of votes for random people and celebrities. Sometimes even cartoon characters.

Thurston Cochrane

Karen Coleman up in here

Dan Zena

You should probably listen to the podcast.


I’m disappointed in you. You should not have made this video. Kanye like Trump want chaos. You are adding to the confusion. The best thing to do is ignore these fools. You are promoting this nonsense. Bye.


This is biased af......trump 2020


Corey liked the CUTIES movie, why doesn’t he Stop?

Richard Philip

Couldn't watch much of Kanye's Joe Rogan interview, was painful, he talks so much incoherent self congratulatory shite

Dylan Smithers

I guess Korey never heard the term "don't judge a book by its cover" because he sure judges a lot for something he hasn't seen.

Sorce Beats

You scared!


Why would speak on something you never watched??
What's the point of this video?

John Henry Janning

Kanye 2020


Farrakhan spoke about this very thing

virginia vaeth

His Kanye's speech was amazing


Lets be real. We all know who people like Joe Rogan and Dana White supports lol.. Lets not even pretend.


HA Ha! Kayne will not draw enough votes to make a difference. I think both conservatives and liberals can agree that Kayne is crazy. The one thing we can all agree about.


Dude, you neglect that Joe Rogan is a self made man from humble beginnings. Just dismissing him as a “rich white man” is ignorant as fuck my friend


Trump 2020

Sometimes Political

Rogan really gave a tutorial on how to vote for kanye......... yikes.


Yeah I think after that spotify deal joe seems to crater his views depending on who sits across from him. I unsubscribed to him after that interview.

alfred dreamer

No matter who wins we have to put in the work to make our own lives better. Individually first, then in no particular order, as a family, friends, church, co workers, neighborhood, community, nation, world. Lets pray for us all. Love is the answer. More love less hate. Say no to race war.


He's doing it for publicity.

Npc I'm knot

How did you guys drop so far? Joe rogan just wants everyone to have a platform. ... you can do whatever you want if you believe with the POLICIES>. You know you guys just prove how racist you are.. .. i tried my best after you said that racist stuff about asians but claim you were standing up for them.. but you immediately jump on anyone that makes fun of black people.. the hypocrisy with you guys is just insane.. stick to movies but even that.. i can't watch you guys anymore..

If you're going to go attack people .. then at least do research. ITs not HES A RICH WHITE MAN.. he HAS HIS OWN platform.. sounds like someone is jealous.. i have to humbly disagree with you guys.. and bringing in his colour.. thats low.. and it shows you are actually one of the problems in america.

First Last

Korey well done for outing yourself as a Racist - - Don’t disagree with someone and put their different opinion on his Race.

R. Salinas

Clearly you didn't listen to the episode or even do the slightest bit of research. There's nothing wrong with having a conversation.


Black General Zod ????


Ugh. White privilege on Joe Rogan? Really Korey..? He has one of the biggest podcasts in the world. And his guests comes from all spectrums. He can do that because his podcasts is so popular, not because he is a white man.
He doesn't "get away" with it because he is white. You guys are a broken record on this subject..

travis matthews

What exactly is Kanye west doing wrong?

Tha nos

I like how you said Trump uses hip hop artist like it’s just Trump, like joe Biden didn’t have Cardi B and shit advocate for him

simple simon

I love your channel guys and I appreciate you letting us know that you haven't watched the interview. I also believe you have absolutely no obligation to look into these subjects before speaking on them, because hey views are views... but I would have loved for at least one of you guys to watch the interview before you made such bold statements on your opinion. Just so, respectfully, you can give us a more informed take. I don't agree with a lot of Kanye has been speaking in the past, but I still think you should watch so you can understand a bit of how the mans mind works, and why exactly Joe Rogan said what he said

Alpha Manny thoo

I dont believe koreys racist, hes just still in the matrix. Its unbeliavable that he has these kind of views and he has a turkish wife lol. "We dont need to encourage him" thats how much black people hate eachother and themselves. Lmao korey still hasnt given a valid explanation on why kanye west shouldnt be president. Straight hating and he doesnt even know why. Thats amazing how he immediately attacks Joe Rogan for having "priviledge" lmao. Korey my black friend, stick to reviewing movies you guys are funny.


Is that a wome or man

Stay Mad

I'm disappointed in you Korey

Crunch Buttsteak

Korey's mad that a black American isn't a Democrat, how original. Korey wants artists like Kanye to shut up & fit in a box, keep rapping like it's 2004. Kanye thinks outside the box, is trying to break racial barriers etc., and Korey calls him crazy. How dismissive.

Coco Stardust

Joe Rogan is a troll giving some woowoo people a platform. Wanting to be edgy for clicks. Yes everyone has some reasonable points but mostly they transfer dangerous ideas and not all think that much about things like joe rogans team(because i think his management team thinks more than he wants to look like)

Cloud Master

Double toasted trash cancle these chumps



d x

The fact they they believe Rogan is a trump supporter just shows how clueless these guys are... at least watch the interview your discussing. Just lazy

Mr. 007

I am loosing my love for this channel day by day...I rather watch the old spill.com videos or the early DT videos

Brady D.

Rogan isn’t really a libertarian. He endorsed Bernie Sanders.


this guy 's sound bites were so weak that they were even shorter than what the "real:" media showed. This is how to vote for Kanye https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGfvLirPAiI Shalom

Lenin Franco

Joe Rogan is such a fool. This is why I have a problem with joe, he lets these Morons talk all this nonsense at his platform smfh. He only brings all these right wing morons to spew misinformation.. He only brought two progressives on his show. Other than that, all right wing nuts he brings on..

Jayden Steidl

I think it’s kind of ignorant to perceive any white person with a differing opinion than you as inherently privileged. It’s also kind of ignorant to say that because a person happens to be white and privileged that their opinion is automatically invalidated. If poor people can have opinions and support a political candidate, why does a person with money not have the same luxury? Are we taxing privileged people in all aspects of society? Why should a person who is privileged have their opinion devalued just because they were born into a different social class? This is essentially the same as devaluing a poor persons opinion because you perceive them to be less value able. I hate the narrative that joe Rogan is a privileged individual when he worked hard for every dollar he has. I guess it’s not okay to have your own opinion in 2020 if you’re rich and white. Because rich and white = privileged. Sounds discriminative to me. Consider this pls

Cloud Master



You're an idiot. Watch the entire interview first. Kanye was right about slavery and right about harriet tubman.

Nicholas da Silva

Rogan is a right winger.

Fruit Snack

how u post a video on an interview u didnt even watch? bad look for korey. anything for clicks.

Hippie Einstein

Y'all dumb af. Missed the whole message in the interview and that was exactly his point. Smh

Alienated Mind

Please remind him he's black.

Luis Miguel

Papi you guys gotta clean your self emotions. Live your life and let other live theirs. Everyone is free to be and Joe was listening sincerely to Kanye.

Thomas Wesley Stewart

maybe you should watch it


Joe Rogan is NOT a Trump supporter.

Cisco De Leon

You should listen to the interview first. Big fan of both DT and Joe Rogan for a long time but I highly advice people to dislike this video because of how irresponsible it is not watch the interview and yet still try to critique it. It would help DT a lot from making mistakes like this.

Also, Joe, a trump supporter?


You’re commenting on something you didn’t watch....Rogan wasn’t endorsing Kanye or even tell people to vote for him, he gave Kanye a platform to explore his ideas and explained to people HOW to vote for Kanye IF they want to

Tim from the basement

At this point yah just straight up hating ?




Apparently, there are a lot of butthurt Rogan fan boys in the comments section.

SENoR Sanchez SPANKSY Longbottoms

Kanye was right about them prequels. Kanye was right about alot of tings! Ma mehn.


"Oz and I don't have time to f' around, so we're gonna vote for the guy that wrote the 94 crime bill."

Jo Spi

This is ignorant.


Wow Kanye's really hitting that face-smoothing technology hard in that presidential election ad spot.

Cloud Master

Yall just talking to talk offer real opinions and reasons not just hate


Literally turned it off as soon as he said he didn’t even watch the podcast.. and he’s not the only one. I’ve seen multiple channels discussing this podcast who haven’t watched even the highlights from it.


Less successful people should give deference to more successful people. If a demented Joe Biden can run for president and be taken seriously, why can't kanye?

Jason Todd

Liberals hate people who don't think like they do. Alex Jones,ben Shapiro, kanye west, candice owens all deserve a platform. God bless joe rogan for giving them one. Corey is a socialist brainwashed liberal. Also blm is a marxist movement that is made to divide us.


We can’t afford to take that risk, doesn’t translate to we won’t take that risk if we could afford it lol, just saying Korey


So many salty comments holy shit

Revealing Storm

Ooh you made the Rogan fanboys mad

Brent Showers

It’s not anyone’s job to shut anyone up


DOUBLE TOASTED FAKE NEWS!!! I'm glad your getting roasted for not being professional.

Chris Sanders

Sorry man, you can't speak on this if you didn't listen to the podcast. He explained the slavery comment which isn't what you say it was. Go actually listen to it and make a reaction. I do think Joe Rogan was blowing smoke up Ye's butt, but you should go listen to the interview.

Celeste Amour

Kanye for president ? Yeezus save America ?? how does this guy have so much to say about an interview he never saw and summing up a man by out of context sound bites ?? boo you

Allen Peaks

With all the commenters on how it seems yall didnt do the research. This kind of thinking is why record Black men are switching parties

Hippie Einstein

BRO AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN WATCH THE INTERVIEW?? this video is so irrelevant

PUBG Mobile


Ruben Dex Rico

Very disappointing... This is like reviewing a movie from only watching the trailer ?‍♂️

Moses Garcia


soda Pants

Yes correct he is liberal and is concerned also in economic politics . So yeah he moved to get less tax increases .

Damn we are good at this fam!

I tossed my bottle when i looked up joe rogen because i was like " he right he seems proceed centric lol" every week yall kill it

Much love


I respect whatever choice people make but it is intellectually lazy to run around acting like Biden will be the savior of the country and will change his mind after 47 years of writing, authoring, and pushing policies that have damaged the black community more than Trump has done in 4 years. He was against integrating schools and bussing at one point in his career. His own damn VP broke his glass jaw on that one. You like crazy comments try listening to Biden's creepy tale of black children stroking his leg hairs when he was a lifeguard. Biden has already promised that NOTHING will fundamentally change. So please stop acting like there is better or best solution on the table.

TheFoolinthe rainn



You know you are in for a great opinion when the video starts with: first of all, I did not watch the interview. lol

Sunny Sunny

Kanye says dumb stuff and is probably a little off mentally, but he is coming from a good place, always mentioning God and shit. I don't think he has a malicious agenda or is trying to hurt anyone. He's kinda like a nice innocent kid who occasionally says dumb shit.

The Chaos

612 dislikers are Yeezy fans

John, James Leahy

So trump is a liar in your opinion but joe biden is not ?! Three videos of yours recently have been trump bashing its getting harder to watch your MOVIE REVIEWS cause of this, i still love you guys though but im being honest partly BECAUSE i respect you guys

Dr. D

Korey, with all do respect, please stfu, do some research, and listen to whole interview before critiquing it. I'll always respect your movie reviews but you completely dropped the ball on this one.

Mario Treglia

That young man needs help! Hitler said it was his calling to be the leader of the world... ?‍♂️


We do need to encourage him

Tha nos

Yo girl annoy me bruh


To be fair, the slavery was a choice clip is true if taken in the context he meant it. And he does address it on the podcast...but you didn’t hear it sooo yeah. I see how you didn’t play his George Bush is racist clip, or the man willing to snatch the mic outta Taylor swifts hand to tell the people the truth! Lol btw I don’t think Kanye should be president but hey at least don’t forget the good he’s done.


Encourage him? Lmao you obviously haven’t seen the catalog. You behind af on this.


I don't think Kanye is all there. I do think he has some issues he needs to work out (not viewpoints but rather mental issues). But. Korey is siding with the group that wants to silence people. He won't admit it but he is on some scale. I don't agree with many guests on JRogan show but Im grateful that there is someone who isn't afraid to have all kinds of guests! He let's them speak and let the listeners be the judge. We don't need you, Korey, to be the judge for us.
And let's say Kanye would get elected.. Wonder about all the people voting for him rather than Kanye himself. People give him more power, he doesn't give it to himself.

astral da gawd

Really wish y’all would just stick to movies and shit you’re so poorly informed on the political spectrum it makes me dislike you guys. And I’ve been a fan since the Spill days. Please please please just stay in your lane coz your political takes are utter garbage


I can't respect your take on that podcast, until you at least watch 1 or 2 thirds of it. Joe Rogan is not a libertarian or a trump supporter, in that very same interview that none of you guys watched, he told Kanye that he believes that this country would be greatly improved by providing free healthcare, free college and canceling student loan debt, and proceeded to question him on the policies he would support if he was actually president . Joe is far more aligned politically to Tulsi Gabbard and Bernie Sanders.

Passing Piranhas

I haven't watch this double toasted video and not heard what Corey is on about but I don't agree with what he says

Newwifey7 S

Korey, that video was the worst 3 hour interview, I’ve ever watched. Thank goodness for the time stamps! The interview was about absolutely nothing! Kanye didn’t answer a single question Rogan asked. Just went on long tangents about nothing. ???

Keith Griffin

Korey ain't perfect, but those criticizing are even worse. I saw the interview and BOTH Kayne and Rogan came off dumb AF (kanye was admittedly worse),

Joe rogan kanye west

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Kanye West Makes Case For Presidency on Joe Rogan's Show

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Linda's Place

He needs to stop and self quarentine. Can't he find something else to do with all the money he got.

cheapy peepy


Byron Lovelace

How many white politicians talk about God being a motivating factor and nobody bats an eyelid? But when it's Kanye, he is automatically ridiculed..


Kanye is a piece of shit narcissist, which is why Trump likes him.
They are cut from the same cloth, and are only interested in feeding their egos. Notice how he has the SAME response to being asked about making certain decisions, which is to claim that he will rely on experienced professionals. How is that any different than "i will have the best and brightest" minds to help?
I'm sick and tired of these hideous people getting a platform whenever they want it.

Jonathan Polston

“He’s one of the dumbest guys in the country.” ? Thankyou for saying it


As President, I would let other people do the actual work. GREAT RESPONSE! /sarcasm

Darren Stansbury

Kanye after a long pause to gather his thoughts delivered word salad including "Like COVID-19 I'm a civilian." What the hell does that mean? That salad also included his statement that he would surround himself with and listen to "professionals" AND follow God's will. Which will it be–listen to "professionals" or follow God's will? Also, is he suggesting he would try to lead the nation as a monarch?

Kanye–who has no political experience–will probably run again in 2024, which will probably be another crazy year like 2020 and an even crazier one if he wins. Do we really want someone with uncontrolled BPD to have nuclear code access?

The United States has already experimented with having a crazy person with no political experience as president, and look how that has worked out. If 2017 was when Idiocracy was actualized then Kanye being elected president in 2024 will mean the actualization of Idiocracy II.

Rodwell Mark

Tyt will make a video on Kanye... but NO Ice Cube VIDEO. loooooooooooooooooooool..SO SAD...

Anime Fan

Yeah... a MUSICAL genius. I thought Russell Brand was an addict and an idiot, but he'll gladly admit to both, and converse thoughtfully about it. Kanye is a narcissist, period.

giovanni cazares

A Joe Rogan, Jimmy Dore, and Alex podcast is what we neeeed


People really need to get real, and not pull any pranks with 2020 or future elections. I take this guy as a joke , for him to think that he has (not the right to try) the ability to lead..he went bankrupt.. and he is not the best mindset representing the U.S.A , didn't this guy get tested mentally by his wife?? Idk who keeps thinking he would ever do this. People.. elections are serious. Quit playing games with our lives, it is not a joke and neither is yours.

Jackal Rabbit

love hearing these butt hurt commie bitch!! This is sooo great!!! stealing Brainless bidens votes!! LOOOOLZZZ!!!

Sinista I.Z.

He sounds like Trump. "I have the greatest people..." dude is a bum he doesn't have a clue. This is the same guy that said slavery was a choice. The same guy who jumped up on stage during a award ceremony to tell the winner they didn't deserve to win. He's a ass. They need to start putting requirements for people to be president other than , I'm rich and famous. This ridiculous.


"What will you do in the event that military action needs to be taken."
"Oh, I'll just let other people and god handle it for me."

Bill Marchetti

Trump biggest f**** moron ever in the history of this country

Danny Dough

Kanye just pulled off a Herman Caine lol.

Troy Wallace

Kayne is going to ask Santa claus for advice

Lil Kim

- What would you do with the military?
- I would listen to what the experts, you know, like the deep state and the military industrial complex have to say and then take my decision.


I do love Killer Mike I must say

Connor McGowan

I gotta say, Cenk. You’re being extremely discriminatory towards the neurodivergent. I usually tentatively agree with most of what you say when you aren’t having an emotional reaction. But here you really need to take a step back and do some research on neurodiversity. Bipolar disorder does not make someone an idiot. His response was not strong, but it showed growth. I’m not going to be voting for Kanye anytime soon, but your reaction was entirely out of bounds.

Critical Mindset

Invisible Sky-Man says profit will lead us to the Promised Land.
We need more investment in Wall St. That is what Jesus would tell us.

Marshall J

Its ok to just stay i Your lane .what makes you a dumb ass is when u think cuz u got a million dollar that u can just be president

Carlos Robinson

On the subject of mental health and the presidency...

Mental health issues is a big subject. People with mental health issues should not be handicapped societally for having those issues... Except that having those issues may leave them under-qualified for fulfilling certain societal roles. It is quite the catch-22.

However, when it comes to the presidency, people should not be allowed to be a candidate if the 25th amendment already puts their presidency at risk of being cut short right out of the gate.

(Then again, I am of the mind that people should not be allowed to be candidates if they cannot pass a top level government security clearance, and that the application to be a presidential candidate must include completing and passing the same kind of security clearance that Senators and Congresspeople need to pass, BEFORE being able to announce their candidacy.)

Nobody is making them run for president, so if a completely independent and thorough medical exam and top security clearance to be vetted is part of the APPLICATION process, they should be OK with it. Or else not even apply. Because as Ana said, this IS the ultimate public service. To acknowledge that, to really accept it, they should be prepared to be FULLY transparent to the public they are going to serve. Right out of the gate.

Andrew D

Yikes at TYT for saying the same shit to Kanye that wealthy whites said to Colin Kaepernick about staying in his lane. I don't love kanye for president, either, but maybe let's stop gatekeeping pubic service so we can actually get some decent, compassionate Americans into office?

Jacob Medford

Kanye faceplanted? He's a $7 billion man and he face planted? I doubt that. You guys are just too critical and full of judgement to comprehend thought.

Lonewolf Gonzalez

Cenk, If you take Kane West name and substitute it for joe biden EVERYTHING you said would remain the exact same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONALD TRUMP for FOUR MORE YEAR'S!!!!! AND no more tear's like last election!!!!!!!! IT'S GOD'S WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney Carson

Kanye sound DUMB


I'm mentally ill.....vote for me .....catchy

Brooks Miller

Thank you! Finally, some common sense.

B R O N Z E R T _

Dang, this video is gonna seem so dated in a few years ?

Sir Isaac Mormont

If you don’t sit yo ass down ???

Jeanne Laifairtaigh

Why so upset about this? Anyone has the right to run for president no matter why. And the fact that he can’t win is not a reason to claim he has no rights.

D’Angelo Riley

Musically I can say he a genius but I don’t think politics is for him.

Frakkin' Dirt Eater

Like Trump Kanye is a political novice who wants to be president just because he can.
Like Trump Kanye has no policies and will just say whatever comes to mind in the moment.
Kanye will be under total control by people who do not have his, or Americas, best interests in mind.

monte poteet


David Oldham

My god he is channeling both Bush and Trump

Bingo the Pug

Joe Rogan: What’s your foreign policy?
Kanye West: ???

Socratic Method

Why does your head bobble so much when you talk??

and the truth is


Christian Marshall

I really don't like this take. This makes a show that platforms dangerous conspiracy theorist and white supremacists valuable? Thinking before you give an answer doesn't make you dumb, and ye isn't taking any voters away from Biden. Kanye's base would more likely be nonvoters and independents who voted trump in 2016. The assumption that Kanye would take voters away form Biden is based on the racist assumption that the democratic politicians own the black vote. Yeah Kanye probably wouldn't be a great president, but that isn't news. On a separate note I don't people attacking a black man for having money and asperations, it gives me serious black Wal street vibes. Kanye wasn't born rich, he is very out of touch, but I wouldn't call him elitist.

Mikey Lejan

He won 60,000 votes lol

Incubus Contreras

Better answer than Trump would ever give ..... A bum in skid row would be a better president than them 2


The joke has been since Reagan

Wyatt Foster

How is Kanye dumb for making millions selling shitty shirts

Byron Lovelace

Biden is useless
Trump is useless
Kanye is useless

Good luck America

B R O N Z E R T _

Also he has thought about foreign policy. He wants to smoke weed with Kim Jong Un & Wiz Khalifa in North Korea. Duh.

ror sara

Neither was Bush Obama or Trump. They all sucked with foreign policy so bad that the entire world has been suffering the consequences for decades

Randy Collins

He’s never voted for anyone so no one should vote for him

Dr. Abuze

A bit uncertain on the grade of success Kanye West has with knowing the "will of God". He seems to tout his own horn, just like Trump and not the omipotent will of God, as he says. Its just what he thinks what people want him to say.


all he is doing is thinking before he speaks.

Mogroka K

I actually liked the pause, because that means he was thinking about it. And what he says is fine to be honest.

Wes Charles

Trump was president at least he I

Cortland Laidlaw

This was okay to watch up until Cenk came in


I wish Joe Rogan would have asked Kanye if he likes fishsticks.

Beverley Trute

Yeah, the greatest country in the world. LOLOL

Ben Goddard

Kanye started from nothing and is now worth hundreds of millions of $. He can win!

Ruben Flores

?......?......?YAY!!!! FINALLY SOMEBODY SAID IT!!!!??

Jeremy Jackson

I kinda disagree with like a lot of what you said. My problem with Kanye isn’t that he’s not very smart, it’s just that he’s running as an independent and announced his candidacy way too late.


That laugh from Cenk while Ana was speaking had me cracking up lol

Carlos Moscoso

What do we need a president for? Just get experts to run it.

Steel Fox

If Kanye's actual plan is to siphon votes from Biden, joke is on him. I'm pretty sure the only people that would think Kanye is a good choice would have been a Trump supporter otherwise.

Byron Lovelace

Biden is senile
Trump is childish
Kanye is clueless

All three need advisors to help them. So technically Kanye was right in his answer.

Ekkard Bäuerle

Never got this, not the artificial music nor the obsession with the Kardashians and their big behinds.

AngryDog GoodBoy

Oi Cenk! Neurodivergent people are not deserving of political platforms? You had some pretty wild statements on that...

John Montoya

Trump 2020!!! The best public servant! These two are a joke! So ? ?


Kanye or Con-YAY!

Rodwell Mark

Seriously tyt?

Ice Cube is on the news for weeks and no report on that....because you cant win against his argument.......and kanye thinks before he speaks...and he"FACEPLANTS"



Cenk is jealous of Rogan.

Renn Ho'aloha Loren

Kanye's an idiot and his "music" is rubbish.

Odessa Colonna

do not worry , the idiot Kanye is not taking votes from anybody !

Eraser Fred

The older and more absurdly liberal Ana gets, the more her personal appearance has skyrocketed up her list of importance. ??‍♂️ so fake

SwagRight Show

Killer Mike David Banner 2024 ✊???

Jid Ofole

The fact that West is swiftly (and correctly) dismissed as a president elect is monstrous but pragmatic but I'm starting to think he proves the Trump point


Finally someone who dares to speak truth.

jennie Gentry

Anybody got a problem? Hey I'm here

Gordan Haile

Kanye Kanye Kanye ??‍♂️


why do people who have no experience in politics at the ground level for decades think they can go for the top job

in the uk that is unthinkable to the extent of it being virtually impossible

YouWontLike MySteeze

"I dont know how serious Kayne West has been about actually running for President" - Ana

ok, then stop covering him. stop legitimizing him. you guys are border lining on obsession.

Edward Doyle

It would be nice if you had as much time spent discussing the policies of the green or libertarian parties as you did Kanye West

Simon H

Has anyone seen the movie Idiocracy?

We need to convince Americans; that was a comedy, not an aspiration.

Carlos Robinson

I love it when you guys both have fire in your belly and it's being directed in the same way. It's like the care bear stare, except with a lot more fire.

primate interface technologies

and he can't sing either... his pitch is atrocious. I take no pleasure in saying bad things about people... but it's a straight-up fact. peace, man.

Edward Woods

One of the biggest sellouts of my life time.. it’s all about the $$ . What’s funny is he was begging for 35 million to cover his ass three years ago and now all the sudden ever since he’s been Up trumps ass he’s worth supposedly $1 billion that means he’s out sold Jay Z and Beyoncé combined somehow I don’t buy it

vincent scherer

He is Bipolar, with no one around him, that actually cares about him. I feel sorry for him.

Aye Now

Ok Cenk!! Go there!

Felipe Garcia

Lol so true what Cenk said. Kayne West should just stick to music.


Rogan is entitled to doing his thing but I disagree with people going out of their way to magnify his voice in politics. Cenk and Ana kiss up to him because they're hoping to be invited back to his show after all these years, but in reality he's far more of a hindrance to the left than an ally. He's easily swayed by his many right wing guests and rarely fact checks them. Not to mention he's got a major conspiracy theory bro streak. In the last election, he was actually one of the most prominent promoters of Hillary's supposed "kill list", claimed that she was practically on her death bed and even entertained pizzagate. I'm pretty sure he soured on TYT because he felt called out when they repeatedly criticized people who promoted such theories. Now he's claiming Biden is mentality unfit and saying people who move to Texas shouldn't vote progressive. I mean, the guy pals around with Alex Jones and his best friend is a flat earther who once convinced him that vhs footage of moths streaking across the screen actually captured blurred interdimensional beings only visible through a camcorder. I wish I was making that up!

Marshall's Weather & Hiking

We don’t need another selfish narcissist in power. Go away.

American Heathens

The pause was him praying

Kayla Williams Avery

Kanye looks like hes on drugs hardcore lol kanye is in idiot as well.....hes talking like a robot....a 5 min interview with him would turn into a 10 hour interview lol

Tyler Hackner

He crazy


I know people that watched that Kanye interview and thought he made sense. He literally is in the middle of a bipolar delusion. He doesn’t make sense. people thank a crazy dude is smart just cuz he is rich. I’m bipolar and it makes me furious that he’s out there telling us not to take our meds and making a mockery of us, most of us are actually not freaking delusional.

farrah khalid

What’s with people thinking they know gods will.

olivier 4.2

This turk guy is full of himself. You're an even bigger idiot.

christian smith jr

The way you act is just like they were taught to act. The ones they already killed. How do you think that is. They are planning on killing you next. Just like they did to them the others they trained like you that helped torture me when I was a kid.

M. Happy

He sounded JUST like Trump. "I will have the greatest people, the greatest minds, around me" ...I think we've seen what their "greatest" really is.. NO THANKS. ?


Celebrities can be politicians, but only if they have a history of political activism, advocacy and public representation. Neither Trump nor Kanye have done any of this, nor have they even tried.

and the truth is

Lexi Hay
7 hours ago
Kanye was actually extremely broke before Trump gave him $53 million out of the PPP loans. Kanye was broke before the pandemic even was a thing. He was broke years before the pandemic broke out, yet Trump still gave him $53 million out of the PPP money. Because Trump was the only person to have oversight on who gets what money. Small businesses weren’t able to even get a dime because of how poorly Trump miss managed that entire loan fiasco. The rich get richer and the poor stayed even more poor. During that conference, Kanye was the only one in the entire oval office wearing the “red hat” and he then went over to express his love and literally hugged the president.
Heck! If somebody had just handed me a $53 million “loan” I would hug the person, too! We know he’s not going to be president, like you said, but he’s completely there for receiving an enormous amount of money that comes with aiding Trump steal the election. The entire scandal with Kanye is disgusting and should be removed from being involved and no votes for him on any ballots. Stupid Nick Cannon is supporting Kanye as well as The Kardashians. I’m calling for the show to be removed from the air. That’s all the Kardashian/West care about is money. Remove the show and we’ll see how well they fare. Good riddance!


Why do they keep saying people think he’s a genius. They’re talking about music genius. Which he is.

Michael G

I love Cenk's outrage around Kanye running for president. Everything he said is bang on. Kanye's 'presidential run' is a complete joke, but the stakes are too high, and with all of the voter suppression, gerrymandering, and election interference on the part of the GOP and their co-conspirators, if Kanye somehow manages to get a few thousand votes in a couple of key swing states, this joke may become everyone's worst nightmare.