Litecoin asicminer

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The Mining Aftermath of the Litecoin Halving

2 683 views | 29 Aug. 2019

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Mike Krone

That's why I min ETH with Radeon VII's. Extremely efficient and if I decide to stop mining I could sell them for over $600 each on Ebay unlike all these crap antminers, etc.

Cid Sapient

this has been happening since asics came out for scrypt
everytime btc dominance spikes asic altcoins get crushed more than anything
and its cuz the majority of the networks are commercial miners with monthly bills and investors to pay
gpu miners have much less risk and are able to mine and hold longer

Leon Purta

LTC price crashing like a drunken pilot into the side of the mountain LOL. That has as much to do with the hashrate as the halvening.

And XMR is following in it's footsteps. It's price has dropped to under my break-even point. So I've thrown in the towel on Monero. I have nothing mining it for the first time in a couple years. I sold all I had HODLed, back when it was up at $100, thank goodness. Although I lost on a lot of those coins I had mined, at that price. So it's kind of a sad day for me.

Pointing the AMD rig at CCX starting this afternoon. We'll see how that goes. If this doesn't seem to be working I'm just going to get out of the AMD mining business, sell off those cards and load that rig up with NVidia cards instead. Pretty sad when GTX 1060 3Gs make as much profit as Vega 56s.

Matthew Ellul

i hope the price tanks for the next year, its the only way to feel like it can be profitable long term

Scott Chen



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Justin Câmara

It's not cheap electricity. It's new miners. Clearly there are newer scrypt miners that are not being sold publicly.

Mike McCoy

I turned off my Litecoin miner after I bought 2 Bitcoin miners in February 2019.

Justin Câmara

Columbia River basin has ~2.18 cents per kwh, but these prices are rare. I think you overrate the number of miners with ludicrously cheap electricity. It's more likely that there are other miners that are more efficient than the L3+

Derek Hartwig


Litecoin asicminer

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280 MH/s Innosilicon A4 Dominator Litecoin ASIC Miner $11 a day

1 593 views | 2 Aug. 2017

Pre oder the Innosilicon

Pre oder the Innosilicon A4 Dominator for 35.29 LTC (1500 USD)

As an investor and not a miner something one could not is with these ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miners

essentially they are equiped with a chip customized for a particular currency in this instance Litecoin. This is bringing the potential for anyone with access to the internet and electricity can mine LTC, *this is one of the many reasons you see "corrections" or dips in the market*

"Please pay 70% to pre-order for October to November batch." - St right from the Innosilicon site: http://www.innosilicon.com/html/a4-miner/

Minimum 5 deposit 5250 total 7500

280 MH/s 10% +/-

Power consumption: 1050 Watt 12V

At the current mining difficulty and LTC price

$11 per day

$77 per week

330 month

137 day ROI

Bitmain has a very reputable reputation

I apologize in advance if the facts used in the video reflect the prices a month ago, note in May 2017 you could make $200 a day mining Litecoin (LTC) with the Bitmain Antminer L3+


504 MH/s +/- 5%

800 Watt +/- 10%

Power cost per day: $2.30

ROI 74 days


$22.91 a day

$160 a week

$687 a month

$8,361 a year


*Things to note, the difficulty steadily increasing something you will definitely want to pay attention as a prospective or active Litecoin miner* As well as correlation to the block generation tim


Thanks for tuning in for another CryptoMeister exchange of information download, feel free to subscribe for more!

All donations welcome and greatly appreciated

ETH: 0xa7a0c9364985f91e771bb35567e333ff8f5ae7e7

BTC: 19njNVEuG7xsnbsbVxF5obqHUC9Le43y4Y


GNT: 0xa7a0c9364985f91e771bb35567e333ff8f5ae7e7

Dash: XtSD6D9j1ENUtQcNqX2w4uDhQy2W96JpJB

Iconomi: 0xa7a0c9364985f91e771bb35567e333ff8f5ae7e7

Doge: DS4j53wRHyqqZhidkGePYKdF8AeBWvaVyG


Dude lay off the herb, you were way too focused on reading off screen than talking

Chester Shares

nice video... Simple, direct to the point on the average generated income per equipment.. not unlike other videos where you need to compute because they are only giving the average hashrates..


You missed one important consideration - reliability. Bitmain are ok if you are very careful with heat management. A4 is much more forgiving with built in temp based throttling and thermal protection logic. If you get the L3+ too hot say bye bye hashboard.

Litecoin asicminer

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Mining Ethereum and Litecoin

134 views | 11 Jan. 2021

My GPU Mining Rig and New

My GPU Mining Rig and New ASIC Rig

Getting near 200 Mhps on GPU mining - Eth

Getting 650-800 Mhps on litecoin asic miner with slight OC