Ppt coin price

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Populous coin prediction,populous coin price prediction crypto trading

2 141 views | 1 Apr. 2020

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Randy Vice

What do you see for Populous' other token, PXT (Populous XBRL Token) that is used on their business intelligence platform PXP? BTW, Populous Exchange is very close to launch and they will be adding ETH/ERC-20 markets soon as the ETH node is finishing syncing around the 12th.

Al hef

Great job , always been bullish on ppt and I'm positive on the future , ppt has it's own exchange and veri pleased . Cheers ?

Thinking Of You

RavenCoin and IOTA please....

Joseph Whyte

Hi Andre, could you do a 2020 end of year price prediction for Streamr Datacoin (Data)..Thanks

Metsset Goyu

Everyday You must alternate your readings New coins and Oldcoins..

Digital Analyst

Do you think Monero will reach 10k


Thanks for the review Andre.. Can You do a review for ZCL Zclassic coin also ? Thank You

Chibundu Kelvin

Hello Andre, it seems like you obviously don't wanna do for DENTA COIN. Can you consider that please.

Houdini Family

Will the little brother of PPT ‘ PAYPIE (PPP) win also ???


Sadly Ppt is 1.76$


can you pls look into Veritaseum (veri) -thanks

Scott Lee

Aloha Andre. Did you mean "Canadian" dollars for Zilliqa at $50 and $3 CasinoCoin too. Thanks.


Thanks for the vid. :P

kenny cooper

Does anybody believe in him that he’s a Psychic

Monica T

Well if you like PPT why not buy HVN instead, it is 20 times cheaper and they are working there way in Europe

nicolas luciano

Well I suppose we should go all in with ziliqua and cardano.. and some of iost and siacoin for next year. Thanks

kenny cooper

Talk about xrp

Mr Youi

Hi there. How come no news on popex exhange by populous. Any exact launch date? At the moment its under testing... any one have any idea?

Thinking Of You

New token Presearch and Gram token by Telegram..

Crypto Chronic

Can you do XYO or Bancor please?


IS PPT dead coin? Its only down price

MacKenzie River

Nobody trusts Steve anymore not even the ones who were his staunchest supporters even 6 months ago


Populous , nice choice I think

Digital Diva

Thanks 4 the info on Populus. Any info on Smartcash?

Mkultra90 K

If you truly take financial advice from this guy I truly feel sorry for you

MacKenzie River

Glad I salvaged what I had left 2 years ago from ppt. I've since 30x my position. I pity the rest of the poor fools that couldn't see the writing on the wall and lost everything

Rocky Outcrop

Outside forces

Ppt coin price

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Populous PPT audit is finished for the PopEX Exchange!

606 views | 31 Dec. 2020

Here is the link to the

Here is the link to the report: https://t.me/PopulousIP/46385

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Matthew Blankowski

Steve seemed to think fixing the issues would be very straight forward and quick.

The Economic Ninja

I am seeing great things for Populous in the future!

Harry a J xAll

I need boyfriend ?????????

Mr Tube

Popdefi this weekend! Maybe that will push it between 1 a 2 dollar this weekend, if market is right! Next month popex! Dont be suprised ppt grow between 3 - 5 dollar then!

This is my favorite coin!



Armour of God

so does this mean they have to go through another audit?


Happy new year all!! ? any idea if PPT is set to get some new market pairs? TIA

K Mehta

Honestly I still feel dumb as to what PPT does.

Michael Alpine

He did an audit because he knows no one trusts him anymore after his ppt scam in 2017...plus he has a criminal record for fraud....duhhhh!!!!!