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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez endorses Zephyr Teachout for NYS Attorney General

1 595 views | 18 Jul. 2018

I was so proud to endorse

I was so proud to endorse Alexandria when it was just the two of us at a flower shop in Queens, and just as proud to have her support now that the world has woken up to the power of fearless women.

Mike Schlehr

So an endorsement from Ocasio-Cortez..... what is the value of that? Approximately “diddly squat”.

Sammy DiCaro

Omg you both are out of your mind

greg knight

Zephyr Rain Teachout for Stupid Bitch

Thomas Madison

You know you're going to lose when you have a literal communist endorse you. All of the candidates Ms. (I grew up rich and spoiled, then failed at life)Cortez has endorsed so far have lost. Winning!

Tyrone Stien JacksonBerg

2 Wackos!!!! Imagine electing an Attorney General that will not even uphold our Laws!!!??? The irony is almost as big as their insanity!


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What is Corrupt? | Zephyr Teachout | TEDxBinghamtonUniversity

15 988 views | 27 Mar. 2015

According to the majority

According to the majority of the current Supreme Court, if an action isn't punishable by a bribery statute, it’s not corruption. Corruption is a funny word, and this is a reasonable mistake to make at a dinner party. But it’s a disastrous mistake to make for American democracy, when the stakes are so high.

Zephyr Teachout, associate professor of law at Fordham University, is a former anti-corruption candidate for New York governor who won 34 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary against Andrew Cuomo. She is also the author of “Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin’s Snuff Box to Citizens United.”

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

Real Progressive

Instead of lending out to the public and businesses to get the economy moving after being bailed out banks bought back their stock and acquired their competitors.

Maurice Green

Hey, this is what I read about recently by Jaron Lanier but in more pretentious, less credible-sounding language, far less cohesively, and apparently secondhand. This lady is fire! Very interesting, and on a critical subject. I'll be looking up "chickenization"...

Jeffrey Ramsey

net neutrality was canceled by trump and his people. this is a tragedy.
zephyr teachout is a true hero in our time.
stand by her, stand for truth, work to make america honest - again, which is to say, " for the first time"

manuel favata

Where are the trust busters of old?????

Felix Bloxham

I appreciate her perspectives and lofty idealistic thought however America is just a series of large Monopolies (directed by people most Americans have never heard of ) which is the result of capitalism.,ultimately leading to everything being owned or controlled by the state which is communistic in nature and of course these two objectives are two brothers from the same mother .Her naive perspectives on America are most typical of someone who has lived just over on the better side of the tracks.


Amazon baaaaad! Bad bad bad bad baaaaaad! Hey, did you know that Amazon does that same shit in other countries too, and even harsher, in more consumer unfriendly ways.

Real Progressive

The big banks should have been allowed to fail after the financial crisis. The country would have been stronger with community banks and credit unions serving the public. I never trusted Henry Paulson and the rest of his friends from Goldman Sachs who had massive conflicts of interest put into a position of picking winners and losers.

Shawn R.

Zephyr is a very principled person, I like her quite a lot.


What is amazing is that religions use the same corrupt tactics and even the brightest are totally blind to their tactics!
In Corrupt countries the best resume does not get you the job, the best product does not get you the contract - wait buddy, you have to go thru us - either you pay or must have the right connections to get what you want
Religions say the same thing - you could be the greatest person in the world - a Gandhiji, a Buddha but wait buddy, you have to go thru us - only our God can get you Heaven, so first you must convert
Works do not matter - all you have done in your life does not matter
The only thing that matters is religion
Just like the Corrupt people rig the system, religions also use the lure of Heaven to push conversions
Corrupt religions dominate the world!
They dominate because the moral, ethical, educated seem totally brainwashed by religion

Real Progressive

What a wonderful summary of what forces are impacting everyone's lives. I worked at one company where a large retailer dictated the case sizes our company offered. It cost the company a fortune for new equipment with absolutely no return on investment or incremental business

Luccas Novaes

5y later and the world is only speeding up on this bizarre decay, concentrating more and more
Heading towards a dictatorship of thoughts


She's running saying she can impeach Trump. I question her grasp of the situation, unless she knows a lot of info that we do not.

David Crowder

Fast forward to 2018. Now Zephyr Teachout may become N.Y.'s next Attorney General!


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Zephyr Teachout Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

32 407 views | 27 Dec. 2019

“Bernie Sanders has built

“Bernie Sanders has built an extraordinary multi-class, multi-race movement grounded in community and compassion. He's showing us that together, we can beat back the corruption of billionaires, beat the reckless profiteering of corporations, and beat Donald Trump. Bottom line: Bernie Sanders is constitutionally incapable of sucking up, and that's why people love him. They know he'll always be on the side of the little guy against big agriculture, big banks, big pharma, big tech, hate, and fear. He's built the kind of movement that we need to fight the corruption that is killing us.” – Zephyer Teachout

Rob Dillon

Sanders is most corrupt

Laurent D'Hondt

Ordered her book, can't wait to read it.


Bernie es el AMLO de USA

Hame Boater

Bernie was president 2016 and will again president of 2020.this women have beautiful thoughts courage,confidence,bold,leader.


Im tired of seeing your commercials. And it pisses me off that youtube is allowing a one-sided bias for upcoming election year. Also, Bernie is a hypocrite.

Lorraine West

WOW. If only people knew. People are obviously so ignorant of the issues which Senator Sanders & his supporters are truly knowledgeable & informed about. You are right you are fighting for the soul of the country. For REAL.


The 2020 Democratic ticket = GABBARD & YANG (or Y/G! ) SANDERS = Sec of TREAS with Trey G. Head of FBI ~ Jim J. or Nina Turner as Chief of Staff ~ . ~ Krystal B. ~ Jimmy Dore or Tucker Carlson as Whitehouse Press Sec. IF any other "D" nominated, I will again vote for TRUMP."Again" in 2020....... 70 y/o V/Vet Dean K.


The government compulsory factory education system must undergo a radicle paradigm shift in its role in social engineering. Critical thinking, skepticism, and problem solving must be key components of a national education system, not rote memorization and teaching to the "standardized" test.

The current factor (mis)education system is designed to do anything but enlighten and uplift. This system is intended from inception to primary do 3 things. 1) condition the unquestioning obedience to state authorities, 2) provide a rudimentary, non critical thinking education to maximum productivity at the lowest possible wage, and 3) to provide a shared white supremacy revisionist historical mythology to foster a substanceless sense of America exceptionalism and nationalist pride.

That needs to end.

The 5 Steps to Critical Thinking:

What is critical thinking?
In general, critical thinking refers to actively questioning statements rather than blindly accepting them.

Critical thinking results in radical free will.

1. The critical thinker is flexible yet maintains an attitude of healthy skepticism.

Critical thinkers are open to new information, ideas, and claims. They genuinely consider alternative explanations and possibilities. However, this open-mindedness is tempered by a healthy sense of skepticism (Hyman, 2007).

The critical thinker consistently asks, “What evidence supports this claim?”

2. The critical thinker scrutinizes the evidence before drawing conclusions.

Critical thinkers strive to weigh all the available evidence before arriving at conclusions. And, in evaluating evidence, critical thinkers distinguish between empirical evidence versus opinions based on feelings or personal experience.

3. The critical thinker can assume other perspectives.

Critical thinkers are not imprisoned by their own points of view. Nor are they limited in their capacity to imagine life experiences and perspectives that are fundamentally difference from their own. Rather, the critical thinker strives to understand and evaluate issues from many different angles.

4. The critical thinker is aware of biases and assumptions.

In evaluating evidence and ideas, critical thinkers strive to identify the biases and assumptions that are inherent in any argument (Riggio & Halpern, 2006). Critical thinkers also try to identify and minimize the influence of their own biases.

5. The critical thinker engages in reflective thinking.

Critical thinkers avoid knee-jerk responses. Instead, critical thinkers are reflective. Most complex issues are unlikely to have a simple solution. Therefore, critical thinkers resist the temptation to sidestep complexity by boiling an issue down to an either/or, yes/no kind of proposition. Instead, the critical thinker expects and accepts complexity (Halpern, 2007).

Critical thinking is not a single skill, but rather a set of attitudes and thinking skills. As is true with any set of skills, you can get better at these skills with practice.

In a nut shell, critical thinking is the active process of minimizing preconceptions and biases while evaluating evidence, determining the conclusions that can be reasonably be drawn from evidence, and considering alternative explanations for research findings or other phenomena.

>Why might other people want to discourage you from critical thinking?

>In what situations is it probably most difficult or challenging for you to exercise critical thinking skills? Why?

> What can you do or say to encourage others to use critical thinking in evaluating questionable claims or assertions?

Urban Dwellers

Watch later
10 / 1323 S. Gillespie

Zephyr Teachout Endorses Bernie Sanders for President

Bernie Sanders
263K subscribers
Published on Dec 27, 2019
News & Politics

Environmental and Corporate Greed Panel in NH
Bernie Sanders
2.5K watching

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders Team Up for Livestream | NowThis
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My Christmas Spiritual Guide | Russell Brand
Russell Brand
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S. Gillespie
We have work to do. I watch Michael Moore movies and see how many other countries are so far ahead of us. But many have been around a lot longer than America. We are adolescents compared to them. Unfortunately, adolescents with too much wealth too soon is a recipe for disaster. We see in real life how having that kind of money can be destructive.
There's necessary growth: We need to change an archaic education and health system; We need various kinds of politicians besides lawyers; We need the Green New Deal to appreciate and respect the only planet we can live on; We need to seriously tap down capitalism or replace it entirely; We need to get along with other countries and learn to share world resources fairly and finally we need to learn to talk with each other about politics - to be able to join together in protest when government officials aren't representing the people!
We need to accomplish this world wide. It will take a movement and time - if we have much left.
As an adolescent there's much to learn and we need a steady hand that's established and caring enough to guide us towards maturity...Bernie Sanders 2020 ... American citizenship (being involved) 2019 into infinity.

Bill K

Trump is corrupt, but he is much less corrupt than all the previous presidents combined. Bush (and the intelligence agencies) lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Obama weaponized the intelligence community and spied on Trump's campaign, plus he allowed Hillary Clinton's foundation to get millions in donations from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State in a clear conflict of interest, he also allowed Hunter Biden to racketeer millions of dollars from the Ukraine and China monetizing Vice President Joe Biden's office. The biggest problem Bernie Sanders is going to have is that Trump as corrupt as he is, he has exposed the corruption in the Washington establishment like no other president before him. So Bernie better show how he will fight corruption better than Trump. People want specifics and will not buy into empty rhetoric. The main threat to America today are the FBI, CIA, and the various local police departments that all enable the political corruption to go on and are active participants in it. Remember we are talking about government corruption, and I don't see how you fight government corruption with more government. I think some major reforms are necessary to protect civil liberties and the privacy of americans, the United States has turned into a police state and major reforms are required. If Bernie brings this up he will tap into the hearts of americans. The other thing is to point out the record debt and record deficits under the Trump administration, Bernie should be clear what he plans to do to rein in the deficit, maybe higher taxes and maybe cutting spending, and as unpopular as it may appear to be it needs to be laid out. Finally Trump is in the pockets of Wall Street and the stock market has had a record run, Trump by pushing the Fed for lower rates and more quantitative easing (increasing the money supply) has enriched millions in Wall Street, while savers are being ripped off by low interest rates and reckless borrowing is being encouraged by it plus stock prices have skyrocketed as a result of this easy money policies that have favored the rich. So yes, Trump is corrupt, but be careful where he is corrupt and where he is not, Trump did nothing wrong to be impeached, however his economic policies have made more billionaires than ever by sending stock prices through the roof, and this is corrupt because he's borrowing and incurring deficits in times of prosperity when America should be paying down the debt, borrowing and deficits are good in recessions, but 2008-2009 recession ended 10 years ago, it is time to get the fiscal house in order in Washington.

Darryl Banks

Judging from the likes, this clip is very unpopular among THE ONE PERCENT


"He is not running to be king or to be adulated..."
Oh well, too late! #KingBernie2020


So much effort only to be crushed later, sorry but this man has no chance against Trump.

Martin Billy

He can't beat sleepy joe and pocahontas. Even buttigieg beats him in numerous polls. His path to nomination is very slim. I feel sorry for him.

Livon Diramerian

Any president better represent the totality of the people.


That massive movement will have to be North America wide for as long as these corporate theives have a safe place they will just return ,this should be used to unite all our peoples on the continent.



Bruno Klintman

This makes me sad and happy at the same time.

Strange Sightings

The delagates do not want Bernie, Bernie will lose and fail, Bernie has done nothing as a Congress man for the last 25 years all he did was get paid and did nothing. He will fail the Democratic party don't want him and the delagates don't want him. And I can see Bernie cave under pressure and drop out again, he will I can see it happening. Endorsements mean nothing absolutely nothing.


Moral of the story.
Run for your local office, run for judge, mayor, school board... literally anything!!
We need people on the ground to make the movement complete!


Why would anyone working and making more money than anytime before want to go backwards and vote for a guy that has no chance now or ever.The country is not going to give up raises in pay and booming saving plans to pay more taxes so people can sit on their butt.


“You cannot fight corruption with policy alone. We need a real grassroots movement.” Is this a slight against Elizabeth Warren?

Tailor Made

Bernie is for corruption she will benefit from , that's incentives ., she'll support a war if she benifits

Hari Om

Yep that's what we need. A bitter old man to lead us into the 21st century


i doubt Trump was the most corrupt president. Clinton was probably even more.

ღSwnsasyღ _

Excellent video! It's Bernie or bust period!! #Bernie2020

Aiken Odubitan

"Bernie is not constitutionally capable of sucking up...!" ??❤️❤️❤️



Phyllis Snyder

Massive movement people- let’s get going!


She needs to run for congress in a blue district. We need her voice on the national stage.


I want this woman to be my potus...NOW!

Rick Morty

Please if you are open and willing check out Andrew Yang I’m from NZ but he is such a voice and he’s not being heard enough. So please Bernie Supporters WATCH A VIDEO ON HIM!! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. Point blank. #yanggang #yang2020

Chris Spencer

You cant take white progressives seriously they are the enemy

Cyril O'Reilly

Exactly. This whole "Purity Test" trope we keep hearing propagated in the MSM was manufactured by Centrist Dems & Republicans to justify aiding and abetting each others corruption. Nazis used this same "purity test' to justify their crimes. It was created by the same corporate Centrist think tanks and Corporate Media elites that gave us Neofascist Trump.


Lol so losing candidate endorses another losing candidate- you guys lost for a reason



James L. D.

Bernie's a good guy but he's still in 20th century mentality. He has the talks but not the data. He has been a politician for almost 4 decades. Why now?

Craig Browning


Dick Macgurn

Future cabinet member!

Zahid Chaudhry

We have total belief in Mr Bernie Sanders and his entire team

End Political Corruption

The person who should have been NY's governor endorsing the one who should have been our president.
Let's get it right this time.

Kaffekaffe Kaffe

Bernie 2020 ❤️✊?

Reese Torwad

??? "...unable to suck up." Well said.

george washington

zephyr i am with you.. bernie has no back bone. something is wrong there. you were right on biden.

Michael Prozonic

Boomers 4 Bernie. Join the revolution that we have waited for all of our lives

Shawna Hawkins

Zephyr Teachout is stellar. I hope she continues to run for office.

george washington

you cant trust bernie sanders.. you just cant.. he bows to dems. against his own people. shame on you. bernie sanders.


Bernie Sanders will be the next president of the United States of America. Mark my words.

Pablo Chavez

Soft white underbelly skid row - check it out


Bernie Sanders 2020


Yes yes yes. Build it


I can’t believe Biden stole “fight for the soul of this country” and just made it 1000% platitude meaningless bullshit whereas if you had Bernie it would’ve actually been fighting for the soul of this country without the glamour of the phrase.



Marcus Cleghorne

Bernie "who once went to Cuba to meet his hero Fidel Castro" Sanders? O Hell to the No! She made a statement about being able to control your own life. You dont do that by giving all your medical needs to the gov. Bernies got no solutions other than making you a dependant on an already bloated gov.

Lynn Jacobs

We need Bernie; he may be our last hope.

Pool Bal


Stacey Fulkerson

What a joke.... Bernie is a socialist, plain and simple.  I pray to God he is NEVER our President.  "Power over their own lives" REALLY?  Socialism is the opposite of having power over your own life.  There is NOTHING about a socialist country that is good, nothing.

David Ponpoe

Go go Bernie Sanders is our Hero , if Trump president poor American no place to stand .(he served the rich)

M Al


Aaron Mason

Bernie will thump trump down.

Storie Grubb

this is awesome and it's comically amazing how many people on FB think she's a teacher.

Julia Benson-Reazin

You would think Vets wouldn't support Trump because he's a draft dodger. My dad is very conservative and he refused to vote for Trump because he's a draft dodger. My dad said while poor and middle class kids got drafted and sent to fight in this political war, rich kids paid doctors to write BS diagnosis so they didn't get drafted. My dad ended up voting for a 3rd party, I think it was independent one, Gary Johnson.

Ian Bartley

I stumbled across Elizabeth Warren's channel and noticed the the comments on her videos are turned off.

What are they thinking?

Beau Biker

If you are open minded and smart you will see the importance of voting for a candidate that will have a huge impact on your life.
Watch this and see if you still would vote for Bernie https://youtu.be/f0IaOh35N10
Again this is for smart people!

Tony Rogo


Nick Metcalf

Go Bernie, go!

Linda Lefteast

That is a great endorsement! I was wondering if she would endorse Liz!
Way to go!

Vic 2.0

"Compassion", huh? Like putting 2 million Americans out of a job because you want to pursue Medicare for all, even when everyone's telling you the numbers don't add up and it will fail anyway?


Love it. Bernie is the answer to the corrupt establishment!

Career Use

AG Teachout has a nice ring to it. We need her on the team!!

Rachel Smertch

You are in a fight with the wrong billionaire! Start with Clinton's and follow the money you might make yourself famous, this ain't working for you. Bernie wants communism and we aren't having it in America!

Matt Orfalea



This is so true. It is about the soul of our country. Bernie 2020 and beyond. This is going to just be the beginning of the movement to get our country back from the oligarchy. The real work will begin the day after the election. Time for action! This is a great clip!


This lady is a ghost just like her new husband Nick Julisberger sounds like money????? He was married with an adult child before so Zephyr was not the real love. Zeyher was 49 when she got knocked up and they had to get married. Way to go Nick Julisberger ya tard. Hey the upside mate you have a gardener and a tax deduction till your past dead. These are the Demi tard's that you look up to. Or are these the Suk ups that you think you need to be like and not to successful??????????????????????? ???????

Luis Abarca

I have a feeling that now we are seeing the beginning of a “tsunami” of support coming behing Bernie Sanders... Right in time!

Nekro CorpsE666

remind biden next time that it was YES WE CAN and CHANGE when he ran with obama and not the negavity towards progress and go back to what gave us trump in the first place


So a bumbling mumbling old man who likes AOC is the right choice for us?
No he’s not. He will be a puppet just like AOC.

Temo Esq

this lady is 100 % right!!!

Derrick Cox

People are generally confused about the meaning of socialism. It is strictly an economic term. It means the collective ownership of the means of production. It is the opposite of capitalism, also strictly an economic term, meaning the private ownership of the means of production. These products are called goods and services. Neither one is a political term, nor has anything to do with the development of social programs. Social programs are strictly a political construct. This means a political process determines what social programs exist for the benefit of general society. The funding for social programs comes from either the taxation of private industries in a capitalist nation or state...or it comes from the distribution of collective resources gained by the socialist nation or state. Funding of social programs by the taxation of capitalism far exceeds any funding for social programs when compared to the collectivism of socialism. People say our medical system is poor. However, when half your population is eating at McDonald's, no medical program on earth is going to be able to pay for old, fat, dying people who can’t eat right. It is amazing what America accomplishes with research and development in spite of this. Socialism would make our medical system far worse.


All I ask and there is a lot to ask for. But all I ask is talk about the getting rid of the electoral college and why not talk about Gerrymandering. Its so important for these subjects to be in the discussion. Especially when 10 yrs ago democrats should win but we know the history from there don't we ?

Duane Locsin

"The 1% are powerful, but when the 99% are organized and prepared to fight, they are way more powerful" ~ Bernie Sanders.
Only a united people can remove the 1%'s absolute grip and corruption from government and country.

Tozias Silverfang

Go Bernie!

george washington

Something is wrong or deceitfull with you bernie sanders.. you dissapoint again . you do not how to stand up to dem party.. and you keep calling biden your friend all the way to the loss. shame on you.

Ashwin Umapathi

At 1:55, was Prof. Teachout subtly digging at Biden when she said "this is a fight for the soul of country"? Cause whether or not she was, I love that statement; the Trump era isn't, after all, "an aberrant moment in time," as Biden claims, but the culmination of decades of corruption & elitism in both parties, as well as of racist & xenophobic sentiment that's long festered in the GOP. So the campaign to give political power to the people - and not the campaign to return power to the DNC & its corporate sponsors - is the true fight for the soul of America.

Silver Gomez

Nice reach out! Love Bernie Sanders!

george washington

zephyr wrote an op ed on biden saying he has corruption problem. bernie again bows to .. dem party and apologises.. never fights biden and loses. Bernie you are bad. or something stinks about this situation where you pretend you are fighting but always fall short and you dont fight all the way. Waht is wrong with yhou.. ? Something is off with you. in 2016 and 2020

Boyd Gilbreath

Stop with the two party references! No Republicans, No Democrats, just paid flunkies of the rich and big business.We are not a country of laws, not a country with a constitution, not a country with fair trials, not anymore. More laws have been made since trumpy took office than in the whole history of US law before that. We are a country with a puppet government controlled by the rich and big business. We have people counting trumpy's public lies, but no one is counting the new laws made by trumpy's executive orders, or the effect of all the judges picked by the secret government and approved by the fake senate.

Darryl Banks


Mona Moore

Bernie Sanders 2020??

Samder Zephyr

Hello everyone


Well said..


Corruption is rampant.


It's finally released!!! https://youtu.be/R5aag-Uw83E

Claude Horstmann

Bernie is our obi-Wan Kenobi. Without him, the Evil Empire will win total domination..

Chris Spencer

This shit makes the white left look stupid . She lost every race she been badly. Why would he want her endorsement.

Rob Brown

I so very much hope this lady is in Sanders' cabinet.

Micheal Klee

We got Bernies back union strong ? Chicago carpenters local 10 all rise

Zepher Gaming

Yes, I do endorse Bernie Sanders.

Zepher speaks.

Darcy Barnes

It could take a civil uprising to actually stop corruption!