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Investing for Beginners: 3 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them | Relatable Money Talks

813 views | 14 Aug. 2020

In today's video, I'm

In today's video, I'm going over the top 3 tips I wish someone would've shared with me when I first started my investment journey over 2 years ago. Hopefully the pitfalls I explain in this video, plus tips on how to avoid making my same mistakes, are helpful to all the budding investors that watch this video! If you have any mistakes you made in your investment journey, please share down in the comments below!

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00:00 - Introduction

01:04 - Lesson 1: Don't Try to Time the Market

03:02 - Lesson 2: Don't Buy Stocks to Get Rich Quick

08:27 - Lesson 3: Don't Hop on the Bandwagon - Do Your Own Research

When I first started actually seriously investing in the stock market about 2 years ago, it was super overwhelming and I didn’t really have anywhere to turn with my questions. I’m trying to get over that misconception that money is a taboo topic but I wish I had a video like this one that outlined the top common traps that lots of budding investors fall for.

Number one: don’t try to time the market! This is the first lesson on my list because it’s such a fundamental one that really makes sense when you give it a good think but it’s one that’s hard for a lot of budding investors to learn. I know putting your money into something as intangible as stocks takes a leap of faith so it’s often tempting to try to get the most value for your dollar. But trust me, the stock market is super volatile so it’s impossible to time the market perfectly. If human beings figured out how to do that by now, don’t you think everybody would be rich?

Most likely, what happens if you try to time the market, you’ll either buy a bunch of shares too early when the prices are too high and every dollar that stock falls, you’ll feel basically a gut punch, or you’ll miss the dip and kick yourself for that. BUT, luckily, there is a way to avoid all those violent feelings that come with trying to time the market. And that strategy is dollar cost averaging. This means that you buy a few shares at a time over a prolonged period of time -- like if you’re trying to buy Apple, you buy 1 share of Apple every 2 weeks or so over a year. Because the market moves and even big safe companies like Apple see fluctuations in their stock price over time (both up and down) -- you’ll be able to buy into the stock at different price points. If you average the total cost per share of your investment, you’ll most likely get a number that’s pretty good and you’ll likely see a profit on your money.

The same is true of the opposite side of the spectrum - don’t drop all your stock on a company just because you get scared at the first drop. This brings me nicely to the second mistake: don’t buy stocks to get rich quick -- do it to build your wealth and set yourself up for the future.

Remember that the stock market is very volatile and can change with just about any news that gets released (whether or not you think that news has financial implications) -- and it can oftentimes swing in a direction that you don’t think is logical. Chances are that that drop is just temporary and if you give the stock a chance to stabilize, you’ll see that it does just that and it might even go up if you hold the stock long enough.

Number three: don’t buy an individual company stock just because you hear that it’s popular and that everybody’s buying it. When you first start investing, you'll be faced with TONS of stocks you can buy -- you can go the “safer” route and invest in ETFs or you can be a little more risky with your money and buy individual company stocks. Yes, it’s riskier to invest in individual company stocks, but I really do think that investing in individual company stocks makes you a better investor over time -- it forces you to do your research. Because, after all, investing in the market without research is just gambling. If you can’t justify why you’re buying a stock as you click that easy order button, what’s the difference between that purchase and dropping $1,000 on a blackjack hand? To really learn how to analyze a company to determine if it would be a good investment to purchase their stock, you need to do a ton of research. That research might be to look into what others are saying about the stock through YouTube videos or online articles or even talking to your more knowledgeable friends about the stock but you need to follow-up this level one research by pulling quarterly reports for those companies you’re interested in and running the numbers to try to make sense of why the analysts are rating the stock a buy or a sell.

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Girl I did the SAME THING with selling my Solar City turned Tesla stock.. I don't even want to do the math on how much my return would have been today. ?. Moral of the story is don't sell TSLA.

Gen Z Investing

My biggest mistake as an investor was selling stocks to early
Great video
New subscriber here
Happy to support a fellow finance channel

Chris M

You forgot. Don't average down and end up with more stock then you originally wanted

Jose Rojas

Great video Boanne, surely the one that mostly people neglect is doing your own research. You should never invest into anything just because someone else is doing it. That is completely gambling. You provided great and valuable Information! New subscriber and happy to support a fellow small finance YouTuber... Keep it up :)

Let's Talk Money with Boanne

Hi everybody! Welcome back to another video!

If I missed any key mistakes that you've made in your investment journey, please share in the comments below so that we can all learn and grow together.

Videos with Maya

good display <3

Eric James, CPA, PFS

Love this video - tip #3 of doing your own research was my favorite. We certainly see a ton of bandwagon “investing” in this day and age!

AD Investing

Great video and tips! I definitely agree with tip #1 and DCA. It’s single handedly has saved a few positions in my portfolio because I entered a position at a false bottom. Subbing for future content.

Chris M

Buy high sell higher

Farid El

Thanks I liked your advice ??.

Andy Cassidy

Great video. Doing your own research is so important. Looking forward to more content!

Lando Success

Great video, I just subscribed to give you some support keep it up

Alex C

My regrets are selling NIO and FCEL 10 months ago. Don’t panic too early yes!

Solar city stock price

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Tesla To Buy SolarCity For $2.6B In All-Stock Deal | Tech Bet | CNBC

1 425 views | 4 Aug. 2016

The deal is part of Elon

The deal is part of Elon Musk's master plan to form a one-stop clean energy shop.

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Tesla To Buy SolarCity For $2.6B In All-Stock Deal | Tech Bet | CNBC

Solar city stock price

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Best Solar Stocks to Invest in 2020 (My Top 2 Solar Stocks)

12 822 views | 10 Aug. 2020

How to invest in solar

How to invest in solar stocks in 2020. My top solar panel stock picks for 2020.

While you might think that investing in solar stocks is pretty straight forward, the truth is that there are many different solar stocks out there that have very different business models. So in this video, we will do three things. First, we will discuss the four main categories that solar stocks fall into. Second, we will discuss which one of these four categories is the most promising from an investment standpoint. And third, I will narrow it down to a few select stocks that you can add to your portfolio today.

So why should you add solar stocks to your portfolio? Well the main reason you should add them to your portfolio is because of their projected growth. In fact, solar is expected to grow the fastest out of all the other renewable energy sources from now until 2050. And if we look at the historical growth rates of solar panel output in the US. We can see that large scale production jumped from 423 thousand megawatt hours up to 69 million megawatt hours by 2019; which is a 16,000% jump. Also if we look at residential solar output, we can see that it has grown from 11.2 million megawatt hours in 2014 all the way to 35 million megawatt hours by 2019. Which is a 25% annualized return. So as you can see this is an area that has grown tremendously over the past couple of years and looks to continue doing so for the foreseeable future. The other exciting thing about solar stocks is that solar only generated about 1.5% of electricity in the US in 2018. So there is still a lot of room for solar stocks to continue to grow.

The first category is solar panel makers. These are companies that design, manufacture, and sell the solar panels themselves. Two big solar stocks that fall into this category are First solar and sunpower. But these are not the only two and there are many different solar panel manufacturers in countries throughout the world.

The next category for solar stocks are companies that operate as the solar panel installers. These are companies that work with both residential and business customers to sell, install, and maintain solar panel systems. In 2016 Tesla acquired the largest solar panel installer in the US at the time, Solar City. But from 2016 to now, Tesla has actually managed to decrease the number of solar panels they install each year. In fact, there were reports that Solar City was already in financial trouble before Tesla acquired them. Which led to fraud accusations by Tesla investors against Elon Musk and Tesla’s Management for approving the deal while hiding Solar City’s poor financials. So all you need to know is that Tesla is not the largest solar installer in the US anymore. The largest are now Sunrun and Vivint. However it was announced just a couple of weeks ago that Sunrun is going to buy Vivint for roughly 1.5 billion dollars. Which would strengthen Sunrun’s position as the market leader.

The next category is something called a yieldco. Yieldcos are companies that operate utility-scale energy projects that set up long term contracts to supply electricity to utility companies. However recently, utility companies have opted to not partner with yieldcos and instead finance and build their own renewable energy projects themselves. This is because large utility companies like Nextera energy have access to capital with very low interest rates. So, I would recommend going with a utility company that invests in renewable energy projects instead of investing in a standalone yieldco. And I would especially recommend this option if you are older and nearing retirement for example, and you are focusing on stocks with reliable dividend payouts. Nextera energy would probably be my top pick.

This leaves solar panel component makers like enphase and solaredge the most promising investment options. This is because both solaredge and enphase command over 30 percent gross profit margins on their power optimizers and microinverters and have very low operating costs.

Enphase released a new set of initiatives recently that they say will help grow the company by 400% by 2022. These initiatives include a renewed focus on European markets, a new battery system called encharge, a microinverter aimed at commercial applications, and an all in one solar plus storage system aimed at low income households in Asia.

Solaredge is also a very well run company with innovative technology and has new products of its own that it will look towards to generate growth. One of those products is the Energy Hub inverter that can redirect excess DC current into a battery for later use. It can also charge your car or your generator, and can be used with as many batteries as your home may require. So this will help solaredge gain an edge over enphase. In fact, Solaredge commanded 60% of the U.S. residential inverter market at the end of 2019. And it’s products most likely play a big hand in that.

Angel investor

tesla is the best solar stock

5280Click Online Marketing LLC

#ARYO stock price is down only a few weeks from your last video buy recommendation.

Alonso SK

The highest potential in the Solar Industry has definitely Meyer Burger. In the past they were responsable for nearly all the innovations in this world. But they didn't make profit from selling production facilities so now they make a change in strategy. So now they wanna produce the whole solar module.

They have a very very very high potential.....
Greetings from Germany

Tom S

really informative thanks! what about canadian solar? really good valuation IMO.

Caitlin Nguyen

Also, what do you think of SPWR?

Andrei K

Too much talking!!! Be short and more specific! Respect other people time.

Stanton Cameron

Wow... great info ?


i am doing great with vlsr/run thank you for the info. your opinion on spwr would be appreciated.

The Player

Xinji Solar is a better invest

Luis Alberto Morales Rios

What do u think to invest now in Xinyi solar ?

Asim Gul Paracha

Awesome video. Thanks so much.

Caitlin Nguyen

What are your thoughts on SunPower??? ?

Sid Medina

Love it...

Ariel Agüero

Anyone has thoughts on Xinyi Solar Holdings.

Stephen Dela Cruz

Good stuff bro! ?

Riyaz Imtiaz

Thank you so much ??

Caitlin Nguyen

I gave you a thumb up!! What are your thoughts on CSIQ? Thank you!


What are your thoughts on SOL? ReneSola

William Lowry

Thanks you should have told more on what we could expect on payment on owing the stock.

Bryan Hvrks

I'd like to hear your perspective of RUN and its recent bullrun. Please consider making a video


Good call on ENPH and SEDG. Too expensive now, but great buys in August.

Ricardo Diaz

Sunrun? Vivint solar? Thoughts?


Totally agree on all the thinking here. But what stops inverter tech from being commodified? I’m a little surprised ENPH and SEDG are able to defend their advantage so well.

Tasmia Islam

Is it time to invest in solar stocks? Can share your opinion on RUN and PLUG please?

Sarah Hoover

Thanks for the video! This was really interesting to me!

Eugene Liu

good good

Sophie Wang

I want to buy Run.

Chenxiao Xue

smartphones were probably much more expensive than dumbphones... until they got cheaper and cheaper and everyone is willing to pay the extra little amount in exchange for a huge benefit. I don't see the high price of ENPH as a disadvantage, but a proof that they have superior technology(based on my understanding and research). So I'd say SEDG will probably be the better stock to hold for the short run, but definitely don't miss ENPH for the long-run gain. I've been holding ENPH since it was 5 dollars and still holding. It provided a much bigger gain than SEDG.

Michael D