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Lil Durk - The Voice (Official Music Video)

37 240 248 views | 4 Sep. 2020

Stream "The

Stream "The Voice"


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#lildurk #thevoice #doit4von

raymond catron

Durk should put custom diamonds on the end of his g-locks ??

Mariah Brown


The DuhhBate Podcast & Interviews

Best song out right now and personal favorite


Protect Durk at all cost...????

King Xaba

Lil Durk The Voice Of The Streets?

marilyn Turner

We is weekend

Izolo Bambiste

Am Durkiooo ❤️✍?

Edward Samuel

im not here from drake im just a new i wanna see what the hype about (i always new about durk tho)

The Boss Baby


benny stackz

Damn Durko..!! You didn't vote for who you wanted to vote for...!??.. and you got scared when you got rich..??!!.. but you the Boss?..
Can we impeach this Kid..!???????

Te’Ara Nicolee


Jason Johnson


Kam Pinel


1Prime VEVO



Piano ?


Anna Anna I know he'll blueberry I don't know he a Crip


And I know I'm your favorite friend

AYAM music

Lil durk will going to be legend

Jezensebastian Ceneus

I love you durk

Nairaq Ke

Listening to this song daily

Luke Schleppe

The voice, ie, autotune

Isaac Verduzco

He go hard on god

Isaac Hunt

Ayyy this track is spicy bruh!!! Nice job Durk. ??????

Logan Gaddis

I'm in love with this song and he's talking about king von death


Pain Music. Please God don't take Durkio. ? ?

Top rated توبراتيد

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Blessed Addiction

Everyone love me but no one likes me wtf
Scared to wear one of my hoodies shitt gonna outsell under armor but the words Soo powerful people scared


SHOOTOUT wit the police ian goin to jail (GTA TYPE SHII


Bro really elevating infront of our eyes

Lawrence Kelley

I feel this shit I know do you no matter we in me I got you i

Jahnaye Hargrove

I’m falling in love with this song I just love this song more then anything this song right here hitting me foreal


Do you know Colonel Rhino killed Kevon

king Kyron

My favorite Durk song this me is flawless


Dope asf let's work ..#Right Vibe Entertainment....

Tim West Family

I can’t even vote for who I believe in this shid ain’t going right

emeego_slime y0



yo lil durk you did good im sorry your brother past away for real bro im so sorry he was my favorite rapper well nle choppa was but he was my second im sorry he pasted that dude that killed him did some real mest up shit sorry for your lost

Melissa Garcia

I was going thru that pain alone??????

J Dez

DURKio foo wit dis one.


"Most played" on Samsung music.

Kino Bei

Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.


durkio is the ?

Drizzy Tv


Yahye Yusuf

Love this song


what’s the song playing in the intro?

09 0

?Japanese ?
lunvloyal respect!!!!

oneina milliemum


julie quinones

Good song

Relo Bais


Phillex Dingle

“Became the voice of the streets”

Cem Alkilic


Aaron Jones

The voice

HowFlyCutz 24


Robin Chastang

This my favorite song right now ?

king Kyron

Get it Durk! Its yo time! Proud of you.
Love from Cali

Esteban Zazueta

The voice of these nuts

Omega Honco

Met durkio last year told me the best advice I've ever received he's a legit chill ass dude and really came from the streets and raps about rs

Kemar Frazer



?❤️ Real & Raw ???


You can hear the amount of confusion determination n frustration n pain in this one fr true musical art there

Icthyo Sapien

This song made me a fan of Durk

Pressman Longway

Please don’t turn away from me❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

Konaté Sally

Real Hoveka

The ??? Voice

Theo Opoku

I literally love you Durkioooooooooooooooo


nice beat!!!

Dallas Latimore

Who been with durk since 2012

YT_ Gfu

Ufff ?✨


Durk go hard i stamp DAT #yaheardmehhh #YOSHIWORLD985 LOUISIANA in da kut????



Jose Jordan

Me to I love this song to


Durk really been goated if we being real he influenced a lot of the new wave of melodic street rappers the past 3-4 years. He got the best melodic sound in the game today imo

John Taylor

when that crown falls in the intro it should land on durk head, big effects n shit.
yeah that'd be dope

Tekashi 6ix9ine

I love this song?

Blessed Addiction

And FBG Durkie9 Blue Chiefie Vonxxx and all y'all niccas need to pay me I'm own all y'all niccas time is up Blessed Addiction I'm the super troll real weirdo y'all scared and running but you will pay

Destin McFadin

This is trash



Yo Lucky



He said he blame it to the porn site ????‍♂️?

Miles Hughes

i love your songs bro

thewise 24

I was going through that pain alone !

Xx shaiyaaa Xx

One of my favorite songs ??

Edsel hambre Apus


Mr Murray

(3) Mr. Murray-Wine Music (Animation Video) - YouTube

Grande Gato


dark fox717

Keep going durk?

kit man Show lo

Love this song

Antonio Hawkins

he was talking about rondo number 9 about 39 years crying in cell why tf am i just realizing

Caleb Long

All those 12k dislikes are from people with no life

Phillex Dingle

“I’m Durkio, but I’m Chicago Jay-z”

Jezensebastian Ceneus

Love the voice


I felt this

Fatou Camara


Heru Riley


Jonathan Franklin

Honestly this dude seems like he ready to take off now. I ain’t gonna lie been sleeping on him but glad he blowing up he got a nice sound already.


(Turn me up, Josh)

[Verse 1]
I was goin' through that pain alone
I was goin' through that phase alone
We all change, you say I change alone
Sleepless nights, barely changin' clothes
You know damn right you was wrong
I was tired, they didn't realize
Certain vibes, it don't feel right
Plenty nights got me traumatized
Why they lie? I do love my guys
You lookin' crazy, know the trenches raised me
I'm Durkio, but I'm Chicago JAY-Z
And I was scared how that money made me
I caught a vibe today, was lookin' crazy
Money ran low, right? Felons can't vote, right?
I can't even vote for who I believe in, shit ain't goin' right
I didn't drop a tear inside the funeral, I ain't mourn right
And I nut in all the hoes I fuck, I blame the porn site

Please don't turn away from me
I got enough on my plate tryna turn away, tryna turn away
Became the voice of the streets and my people ain't believe in me
I'm supportive of the streets and them people ain't believe in me
Verse 2]
Quarantine what? I'm just tryna make a buck
Talkin' to my dawg, he be actin' like he stuck
Favorite gun a Glock, it slipped up, what a month
Throw it in they face every time I hold it up
Granny ain't feelin' too well
Shootout with the police, I ain't goin' to jail
How you actin' off a case, you'll know if you tell
I know a nigga from the hood, he'll serve with no scale
Watchin' Bands make a play, I seen him score in the mail
Gave him thirty-nine years, I heard him cry in the cell
Even though I'm gettin' big, I bought a MAC through my Zelle
Took a picture on my block, they think I'm back in the field

Please don't turn away from me
I got enough on my plate tryna turn away, tryna turn away
Became the voice of the streets and my people ain't believe in me
I'm supportive of the streets and them people ain't believe in me

apple EyeWin

Lil Douche my favorite artist ♥️ His message is always the same.. "thug life" I think


i made a song to this

Off Brand holy man

He keep getting better and better

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Hello, Spring Market | Chicago Real Estate Market Update | January 2021

26 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Smell that? That’s the

Smell that? That’s the sweet smell of the spring market. January saw contracts rise 26% YOY, bringing demand up to the highest levels that we’ve seen. Buyers need to work quickly if they want to buy soon and sellers should work smart if they want to take advantage of all this movement. We’re breaking it all down in our Chicago Real Estate Market Update.

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FIRST LOOK: 2020/21 Panini NBA Hoops Blaster Box & Value Pack Opening! *4K GIVEAWAY* ?

7 655 views | 7 Feb. 2021

ChiCity Pulls Website:

ChiCity Pulls Website: https://www.chicitypulls.com

Hello Everyone! Today we are opening up the new release of 2020/21 NBA HOOPS blaster box and value pack!! Make sure to get into the giveaway to celebrate my 4K subs! If you like this content and would like more videos like this please don't hesitate to like the video and Subscribe to my channel! Thank you all for the support!!

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Brendan Hubbard

Medium rare

Travis J

medium rare

Rafael Sandoval

Is this product available in stores already (i.e. Target or Wal-Mart)?

Apn678 -

Never have tried steak, Really want too tho!

Adrian Ortiz

Whats the best thing to pull from these cards except the melo cards ?

Rone Jakobsen

Love my steak medium! ?

Nora Hansen

I like medium rare steak but good luck everyone else on this giveaway

Anthony Ilyin

Medium well with some pink.

Mr Fuqua

Medium rare. Anything above is a crime against humanity

Lights Out Highlights

gotta be medium rare

Sean 13

For sure rare


Medium u can never go wrong with

Yellow Card Football Collections

Well done...on the 4K. Medium rare for me on the steak

Andrew Legg

steak need to be medium rare to almost rare man. anything else is just hamburger lol. Great stuff keep ripping!

Josh Wichser

Love my steak medium well!!!

Herschel James

Gotta be medium rare on the steak bro. As a born and raised Memphian I’m loving that cover.




Medium rare all the way

_ Silent_

I'm high I'm just going to type Steak ☺

Douglas Hutton

Well done

Alex Castillo

I like my steak well done ?? can’t eat that red ?

Gavin Evenson

Medium Rare

Tyler Schaefer

Medium rare

The North 3

i don’t really eat steaks but if i do have one it’s medium rare

Fausto Vasquez

I like my steak medium. ?

Bruh.Moments123 _

How did you get a hold of them

Austin Stevens

Damn that Steph Slam is worth like $150-250 rn

VVV Sports Cards

medium rare ?

Jose Marroquin


Adam Joo

medium rare!

Will Henderson

Medium medium rare depends on the day.

Adam Dominguez

Medium Rare goes crazy.......

Andrew Cohen

medium rare all day

Highly Uncomfortable

Medium rare baby !

Christian Ayala

I eat my steak medium well tbh. Nice pack rip!

Eric Swanson

Medium to medium rare! Love the content!

Ramon Santos


Zacarias Dumas

Medium Rare for sure

Jay Eliott

Rarely do, but when I do it’s well!


medium rare

Nealsen Cayanan

4K subs! Medium rare steak if I don’t order BBQ chicken

Clinton Junkins

I eat my steak medium well.

Tristan Clarke

Medium rare

Kimmy Xayachack

Medium rare


medium rare with some ketchup

lil preacher

lol sorry but i eat mine well done hahaha thanks bro for what you do!!!!

Josh Malone

Medium rare, only way to eat a steak!

Chino Unboxing

The only way to eat a steak is medium rare, no other way man.

Anhvu Buchanan

Medium all day. Love the channel. Thanks for the great giveaway.

#1cards Fan

Medium rare or medium well

Ethan H

Medium rare is ???

Joshua Hart

Medium rare bone-in ribeye please

Justin Vogel

no meat for me! Congrats man!

Tampa bucs fan and St Louis Cardinals fan 1990

steak medium rare

Austin Stevens

I eat steak rare, walk it through a warm room ;)

Michael Heinitz

The answer is medium rare!

michael john quiambao

Medium well


Medium rare sometimes but mostly medium well.

Kelsey Silver

I eat my steak in a sandwich medium rare

Damien 802

Medium-Rare is the best


Always medium rare! Hope to find those blasters in the wild!

Elisa Chavez

I eat my steak Well done, don’t disqualify me! ??

Blake Mittag

It depends on the restaurant but normally I get it medium. Keep up the awesome content.


Medium Rare or nothing.


I have not ripped any hoops this year. Can not find any on the shelves and just can not justify spending that much on the secondary. Thanks for the content my man.

Slap Nuts

Medium rare is the only way to eat a steak.


Medium for me but i also like medium rare steaks.

kevin say

Wow 2020-2021 hoop is out. I just barely got a hands on the 2019-2020. My steak, I like mine medium rare. ?. Fun question my brother.


Medium rare for sure

Reet 22

Medium ???

Jake Newman

I eat my steak with ketchup and medium rare


I like my steak medium rare with a hint of salt and pepper seasoning to give it a extra bang ;)

Joey Elmasri

Medium rare for sure!

Logan Walsh

Obviously medium rare

Nick Bart

Definitely a medium rare steak.

Jake Asato

medium rare always


Medium rare is fore

Joseph Gebhardt

Medium rare is the only right answer

Andrew Schwartz

Medium rare is the best!!!

Adam Kopiske

No more than Medium. Or as my wife has her's rare as in just take the moo out of it!


I like my steak well done

Forteennn Lopez


Santiago Hernandez

Medium rare. ✌?


Medium rare is the best. I love the content!!


Definitely well-done. Awesome giveaway.

AndyFitz RIPZ

Med rare my guy!

John Kim


Trader Abe's Cards and Collectibles

Medium rare.

Spence R

Medium rare baby

Bryce Craft

Medium rare

Roland Rangel

Nice looking cards ?

Simeon Rauch

Medium rare is awesome!! Awesome cards bro! Thanks so much!

Ivan Hernandez

Medium rare boss

luis tilley

I need to still have the hide on mine

Julian Gingles

Medium rare is where it's at I like mine with a little bit of a1 sauce

Eduardo Contreras

Medium rare carnal but my carne asada well done ? I’m from Chicago too looking forward to your videos now! Im here to stay regardless ? blessings !!!


Medium rare g

David Guy

Medium rare for the best flavor

Youngpup 20

Medium Rare all day and night

Vintage Baseball Card Packs

Sorry, I don’t eat steaks. Great channel though!