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Will The Fed Coin Dollar Destroy Bitcoin? Federal Reserve Digital Dollar

1 174 views | 29 Mar. 2020

Stimulus Offered By House

Stimulus Offered By House Financial Services Committee Creates New Digital Dollar. What does that mean to crypto, bitcoin, and altcoins?

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E Jun

Do you think they’re trying to go towards a one world currency? And if so that would mean the forex market wouldn’t exist anymore right, and we won’t be able to trade the normal pairs in forex? Hope you reply thanks


I subbed and it’s nice to meet you

Smart Money Experts

You are dead on, 9 months after this video.

Danny Adams

CBDC wallets to be rolled out by end of Jan 2021 with the 'banking for all' bill put through congress last week. this does not deal with the cross border payments.. so my opinion Bitcoin will be soon replaced as the number one crypto by market cap with XRP.. based on how well Ripple are placed with black rock, IMF etc. although Steller Lumens could provide the same facility. however this is looking good for Cryptos that provide value and is fast and efficient. bitcoin is an old rusty machine thats going to be replaced quickly. ive moved my entire £43k holdings in bitcoin to XRP in the last week.

Aaron Bennett

Will The Fed Coin boost crypto or hurt it?


You sound just like Ted Mosby!


Hope so

Project fedcoin

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Central bank cryptocurrencies

5 089 views | 11 Oct. 2017

September 2017 BIS

September 2017 BIS Quarterly Review: Morten Bech outlines the development of the "money flower", a taxonomy for classifying past, present and future forms of money. https://www.bis.org/publ/qtrpdf/r_qt1709f.htm

Project fedcoin

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Project: FEDcoin

47 553 views | 25 Apr. 2017

http://www.caseyresearch.com/go/trmi6-2/GDN | Currency expert who predicted gold boom of the 70s, Savings & Loan collapse of the 80s, the Dot Com and housing crashes, as well as President Trump's victory makes startling prediction about the fate of the U.S. dollar… Read more here: http://www.caseyresearch.com/go/trmi6-2/GDN