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HEX Crypto Review: Is It A Scam Or Just Genius?

12 989 views | 15 May. 2020

Is the cryptocurrency HEX

Is the cryptocurrency HEX a scam or is it just genius? In this review I discuss what HEX is, what the "pumpamentals" are and how it works. It's to say the least a weird project, that is designed to pump. Apart from that it has no usecase at all.

Richard Heart, who is an early Bitcoin investor, used to be very vocal against scammy projects and scammers such as Craig Wright, is the founder of this project.

Medium article: https://medium.com/@TooWumboToFail/under-a-hex-396847b86e57

#HEX #Bitcoin #crypto


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Real Hex

This is the bitcoin you should have bought in 2010

anonymous alex

Are there laws against racketeering via crypto?

Kevin Heart - H3X

Take a look at H3X. DAO tasks for popular youtubers coming soon!

Crypto Bruh

this man has now clue how to crypto...

Chad M Ostrom

This video will not age well

Secret Recipe

So you're biased off the bat, there is a project and the usecase is Certificate of Deposit.. just like banks.. Are you using your head?

Ray Gentile

Adoption Amplifier .... Adoption Amplifier ... Adoption Amplifier ... Adoption Amplifier .... blah blah blah, I don't even go to that tab, I guess I am missing out!


Naga bu.says its legit

Phat Nguyen

Hi try HEX run https://HEXRun.network/?id=270

Matt Watts


Hui Rong

I think a RIP video needs to be played for all the people who thinks that HEX is not a scam when shit hits the fan hahas. Quick! All the supporters of HEX, comment on my comment and see who has the last laugh!

Deepak Kumar

Wait for Nov 19.....after then the real game will start

Simply Donkey

I am sorry to hear you speak this way about HEX. is such a great product.


Quote Richard Heart:
"The only way To beat the scams, is to copy the scam tactics".

Fabricio Pereira!

It's obviously a scam, like every other currency crypto or not...


Oh man i've seen the hex guy on token metrics; he's awwwwwful. nice video!


You are kinda contradicting your self here buddy, do some more diligent work on a project and then hop on youtube with a video. You are just ridding the " HEX IS A SCAM" boat for views at the moment!

Locky Bre

You are full of shit dude.. you can buy HEX on uniswap for the real HEX price if you want!! Dont be jelous just because you missed the boat!!


Interesting analysis. With an open opinion why not try to arrange an interview with Richard to allow him to defend himself or answer your questions. It would definately be worth a watch. Let us know if you can arrange anything.


Hex is now the top performing crypto and just getting started. :)

Billy G.

Try to update your video mate. You are not telling all the information here. It loooks very different today.

B. E.

Why create a business if youre not going to invest in it yourself? Also the wealthiest people in the world know that loopholes in law are frowned upon but is where all the money is made.

Markus Louw

Hex has never had any bugs or any hacks. It's fully decentralized, so not dependent on the health of any exchange. It's fully functional and complete, so no risk of making a mistake in development or along some roadmap. Use cases: store of value, electronic transfer of value, certificate of deposit concept with interest.

Thomas Albertini

We need this kind of coins. Just imagine dumb people getting wealthy by just hodling Bitcoin. You need some financial Darwinism to screen out the sort of people who would fall for this. Just like the OneCoiners

Willy P

so can you buy HEX with BTC on an exchange then sell HEX to BYC say 1 week later or not at all?

Danny Chiquito

Only time will tell the true. I am willing to take the risk and i am staking every Ethereum i have.


It's totally a scam, and think about it: all the money that you put in this shitcoin is the money that you ain't investing in healthy, legit and sound projects like Polkadot, Elrond, etc. There's plenty of opportunity to get rich in crypto while diminishing the size and breadth of the state control over it's citizens, what it the original ethos of crypto: it's a libertarian idea!


Hex rocks


where can i trade my HEX? I submitted a trade on Uniswap over a week ago, but its still approving.

Søren Bech Jensen

Wow he has an effective army by his side, judging by the comments


Richard has made so many people rich. It can go to zero right now and it will do better than what all the people hating on it have done for their followers. Eventually word gets out.

Nizam Hulk

Scam! Scam!! Scam!!! If there is a way or method to put this people behind the bar I would be very happy. I got cheated and humiliated, I couldn't withdraw a dime..has anyone filed a case against them? I have already done that..join the group via( ellenbeatrice 101 g mail )if you don't wanna loose your funds. My fund has already been retrieved...


I’m gonna look behind the FUD and check HEX out.


.....and your point is?

WISE Guys Mastermind

Thanks for doing these videos. I'm currently in HEX also and looking forward to the long term vision of it. Richard Heart has been quiet lately haven't heard any tweets recently. Anyways have you checked this out yet? I've heard this is good too. Hopefully you'll make a video on it: https://wisetoken.net/?w=0xbD230281eFB51adB66aaCf8B75fE973C9B5D7c83

yours truely

You never mentioned how the AA was helpful for large Eth buys. On UNI you get slippage against yourself. The recycling in the AA is not very relevant because the previous days Eth could have been left untouched and Richard could have just used his own Eth to prop up the next days AA. Whether or not there was recycling is irrelevant. You say there is no innovation, but the share price mechanism is innovative. HEX is just BTC with a time lock feature that pays the stakers the inflation instead of the miners. Your portion of the inflation is determined by your shares relative to the total shares. You get shares when you lock HEX. The longer and larger you lock, the more shares you get. It has 2 security audits and one economics audit.


I would encourage you to read, explore, and be more curious. After all your channel is Young And Investing not Young and Dumb.


he will answear the question at the end of the video, Is It A Scam Or Just Genius? at end of video he says, i will leave it up for you to decide..

David Zoubek

So many fucking bots in the comments, how can anybody send ETH to get this shit? Makes no sense ..

Darbur 68

We could say that Satoshi could have done the same. We could say this dumping from any project, as the creators always have most of the tokens. The idea that only HEX is critiqued for it is rediculous.

Nate Jay

Tone Vays, Peter McCormick, Richard ripped their asses up because they don't know shit!!


"Is it A Scam or just genius? I have my opinion but i leave it up to you"
Are you that afraid of openly calling HEX a scam? Thats pathetic. This chanel is about your opinions, is it not?! State it!
All you did in this video is trash Richards complete project. reinterpreting everything, ignoring the context and out right lying just to fit your narrative.
Horredous and very disingenuous "Review"

Dan Robinson

HEX is Genius

Patriots Way

"No use case" you immediately discredit yourself because that's a lie. You may not care about time-locked interest but many smart people do

The Moon

A lot of people are running into investing in cryptocurrencies seeing that lots and lots of people are earning from them daily. the crypto world is not as easy as people say it is. you have to first of all get a better understanding and secondly, find an expert who is committed and willing to guide you through. I was once ignorant and it made me lose alot of money, and if not for a friend who introduced me to Mr Richard baker, a crypto expert from the UK who she said has been the one helping her out with her trade, i would've still be making loses. The way he is so dedicated to making sure you get it right is just amazing. Been just 4 months since i met him and i have made close to 6BTC. am so glad i adhered to my friends advice if not for her i wouldn't have come this far. if you ever come to a point where you need help with your trades contact Mr Richard on Whatspp @+447482862366 or via telegrm @RICHARDTRADING .

Richard T


Crypto Believer

Hex - is the best opportunity I've ever seen in my entire life for the average joe, this can make millions of people truly wealthy. FREE for Bitcoin holders! Even ETH can be transformed into HEX. Imagine you could buy Bitcoin for $1 in 2011. Dont miss that chance again!

ein D

loose research

Matias Vera

Hex is a CD, no more no less, it's a done project

Nate Jay

I wonder how many of you have CD's in a bank, and I bet you you will collect more interest and share volume with HEX than your average CD. You sheep are missing out, that's ok, more for me.
Plus this shit about the origin address and AA I mean do you all ask Binance their origin address or Coinbase for their's. It's simple, if you want to buy HEX you purchase it at whatever means are available, if you want to use the Damm AA use it, you want to use Uniswap, use it, you want to buy the shit on Changelly do it.


Hey Boy, WRONG TITLE : It is just genius scam -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP_KlbzXQIg Man, you have a faboulos intro with m&ms. Superb! For me it is the best allowerzespace.

Troy Allen


David Hernandez

turns out HEX was a scam and WISE is pure genius https://wisetoken.net/?w=0x1da60c1B2E3B2386e7081f9db15028e60c9d6608


just 2seconds needed to recognize this is a scam LOL
Firest investors maybe get rich but 99,9% will rekt in long run STAY AWAY

FM. Alexander.

Bitcoin has no utility also, it's just numbers on a blockchain. Vaporware.

Darbur 68

This is another example of a YouTuber who cannot see that there may a person out there who is actually trying to help people. They can't understand that a person would actually do this. That's because they would not do it themselves.


Silver The Antidote did a much better review. https://youtu.be/U1WICle_GMA

Cas Rowlett

Just stop


So it's like Bitconnect 2.0


HEX is going to be HUGE regardless of the Origin address getting so much HEX. I know this because Richard Heart cares more about his ego than he does $. Everyone says HEX is a failed scam. I am betting the only thing Richard Heart cares about is proving everyone wrong. There is no doubt in my mind HEX will be a top 50 cap coin and make early adopters rich.

Fred 3333

What I love about HEX is that it separates the smart from the stupid. HEX is a legitimate coin with incredible game theory whereby it strongly encourages holders to HOLD by staking, just like a time deposit. These coins are removed from supply. With less supply, the price goes up. Notice that the author of this page only talks about how the coin is marketed. Granted the coin has cheesy marketing. For those who just look at the marketing, they will think it is a scam and write it off in their head before they do proper research. For those who actually studied the game theory of the coin, they will realize that underneath all the cheesy marketing hype, this is a unique and brilliant project. No way this coin isn't getting into the top ten of crypto. So far this has been the most successful DEFI coin in all of crypto.

Esteban Crolla

hex seems like a piramidal scheme

Dartanyan Eight


Crypto Believer

I respectfully disagree//

craven rack

great video once again mate, and to think it has been a turbulent past few days for Bitcoin and the aggregated crypto market, with bulls primarily controlling the cryptocurrency. After breaking the 13k resistance, the crypto asset is gearing for another bullish move in the nearest future, while we wait patiently and hold for more bullish moves , we can also earn from trading crypto assets. I wasn't a trader, and i won't call myself one but with consistent trade sessions and guidance from Sebastian Bryant, an expert on crypto assets and signal analyst i have been able to understand the basic knowledge needed for trading. I would attribute my portfolio's worth to him because his signals and careful guide was a major tool to my current trading experienc, i would also recommend him to newbie out there. He can be reached on whatsap (+447782861037) and telygram (Sebastianbryan) . Patience is one of the basic ingredient of success


You should talk directly to Richard instead of talking behind his back. Can you do that? Lets get you two connected so you can ask your questions.


You want to give more care in investing. You should consider atomic staking with lesser risk. Atomicwallet.io Do your own research.

Alejandro Silva

Hex2x is better option! 80% Rewards for holder and stakers


Dude atleast learn to do math its supply isn't million its billion big difference


Didn’t dump my life saving into it or anything but said what the hell. I did quite a bit of research and I like the staking idea. Richard Heart is right, blows bitcoin away but doesn’t solve problems and have the value of some other projects out there. Great idea though I hope this coin goes far.

FM. Alexander.

Bitcoin added pumpamentals also.


hexscam.com is a parody referral site lmao. Also you did no research/reporting on the innovative smart contract that hex actually is, a certificate of deposit on a blockchain with an insane amount of game theory that you did no mentioning of. But w/e, stick with btc and any alts that are truly innovative ?

Taylor Kennedy

⬣ Pro Tip: Do better research.

D Santi

Hex pays out high yields because its taking the long term locked up Hex tokens and paying off the short term investors. Rinse and repeat. I cant find one video or document that explains how HEX makes money to payout that yield. Are they investing the locked up HEX into other assets? Lots of unknowns. Reminds me of Bitconnect .


@t check this sir i bet you will love this oppertunity

Jon Runyan



The only way a crypto goes up in value is if there's a demand for the coin/token. I get why people buy, hold, trade and exchange bitcoin. I understand the same for Ethereum since many projects are built on it. What I don't understand is why would I buy into a greater fool theory for a project like Hex that isn't really exchanging a good or service. This is strictly a speculative play of people buying more, hoarding and trading off each others greed. Before the "all police" come in, I know most, if not all cryptos are like this. This is why I'm waiting for a crypto project that is building a marketplace where information, data, products or a service are exchanged every second. Having speculation on top should only be icing on the cake.

James B

Hex community bans instantly on Dlive if you ask critical questions. One mention of the origin address and banned instantly. They will just call you a concern troll or AI for asking any critical questions and mute you.
@Hexoligist is the worst of the scam echo chamber dummy’s

Can’t wait to see some of them Rug pulled!


HEX analysis

You scammed yourself by not getting the 100x. Missing gainz brah. there you got the answer lol

Nestor Castro


Immanuel Kant

Bad video, you didn‘t mention that HEX is a blockchain CD, that’s a usecase. Also if you self reffered you‘d get 32% more HEX from AA, that’s the discrepancy between AA and uniswap.

J Millz

You didn't include the AA bonuses that even out the price. I've made a substantial profit by getting in early. There is no "scam". Buy low and sell high just like everything else. You spread fud about Richard dumping all the HEX. Why aren't you putting Bill Gates in that same category? He could bankrupt Microsoft if he wanted to.


GREAT VIDEO THANKYOU!!!! Love the evidence !!

Matt Watts

Legit projects do not talk about price huh... yet the only thing that matters in any financial market is price!!!!

Mike Koski

Scam or genius. You tell me. Lets start with the fact that HEX is a finished product. No hopium of solving some problem in the world. Zero down time. 3 independent audits. You keep your keys. You mint your own coins. While staked, you earn high interest plus price appreciation. ( highest in crypto in 2020 bye the way). Despite being attacked and gate kept by just about every cryprto influencer and exchange in the space, HEX's formidable community a.k.a. the HEXicans, have held the line and proven that HEX is a force to be reckoned with. According to Nomics (the only legit market ranking web site.) In its 1st year HEX has rose to #15 of of 5000+ other coins.....So you tell me? If HEX is a Scam then I have lost faith in humanity. Merry HEXmas all.


Paul Capling

Ok, where does the interest come from? It doesn’t work without more people buying in. I’ve been mining since 2012. Unless you can explain to me why it will go up in value, this screams BITCONNECT 2.0


You just made a fool of yourself with this video. https://www.hexscam.com/ you mentioned has several referral links to the HEX website. It goes, believe it or not, to promote the project. What does that tell you? I can't believe I followed you back in day. INT? How did that end for you? I pity your subs.

Secret Recipe

How can you tell people to make up their own minds and then proceed to inject all your bias bogus theories with no proof? Da fuq? Is this your usual content?

The Gman

What are your views on Hex now that it's passed the launch phase and has been proven to be totally legit? If you got Hex on the day you released this video you would have roughly 250x your investment. Thoughts?

Tejiri Onokiti

l am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic I found many favorable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon, I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. Brokers are nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent platform. I invested over $ 140,000 and couldn't withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing So, I reached out to Peter Harold to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $ 100,000 and the remaining $ 40,000 is in progress. I really can't tell how happy I am.

You can contact him via WhatsApp

HEX fordummies

Check out our super easy guide on how you could get in the HEX project! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ5mAcFx2Nc | http://www.hexfordummies.com

Bobby B

Wow thank you for the detailed review, i was really interested in this before i started my research.


shorturl.at/nDQUZ feel free to join :)

Real Hex

Keep going but do your research before you get on camera, this video should explain why hex is at no 20 by market cap in just 6 months https://youtu.be/RpDnrd03hfo

Karol Sudol

dude, rewards are insane so far, what are you on about, plus review code, transactions and audits, but i guess you are a rookie so god bless you


Don't think the eth from the origin address is funneling the money back to the AA lobby.

Cormac Taylor

Still good time to buy?


NO thanks, the man doth protest too much. Every time I see someone who pretends he’s the "only" real game in town, the "only" honest one and is the “only“ welding X or Y, he’s usually a scammer. The US elected a president who used that same tactic, a conman and not even a good one. This guy is not doing a good job at selling his own shit, this is not transparent and if he owns more than 50%, your funds are at the mercy of a blowhard. Now I could be wrong but I smell another Bitconnect.

Zintkala Oniyapi

Good review, I've been looking into Hex after I tried this Hex Shrimp Farm(got discord invite), would it be possible for you or some else to review?, As it's only been going a few days, thanks
link: https://hexshrimp.farm?ref=0x70AbE728E2d24ae9922970e7B9Cb9C3deCb0cA8B

Www hex com

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Downwell x VScale | HEX Transmission #089

1 104 views | 20 Jan. 2021

If you want to help HEX

If you want to help HEX Transmission to keep existing, support the project and become a Patron now: https://www.patreon.com/HEX_Barcelona

Tracklist and Audio download available only on Patreon.

█ audio: Downwell

█ visuals: VScale




Downwell is our tonight’s guest. This is the artistic name chosen by the Tblisian Giorgi Kolbaia to represent his project focused on live performances.

This young and very promising artist, of only 20 years old, has already a very well defined sound which can be described as Industrial, EBM and Post-Punk.

He was one of the protagonists of the latest Various Artists of HEX Recordings out in May 2020, along Codex Empire, VII Circle, Paolo Ferrara, myself and more international artists.

On top of that, he has already released a vinyl Ep on Oraculo Records and a Tape album on X-img, label managed by Sarin. The album called “Oppression Index” embodies his own experiences and political observations regarding his native Georgia. It’s a call to action against violence, harassment and the system itself.


WB: http://www.hex-barcelona.com

BC: http://www.hexbarcelona.bandcamp.com

SC: http://soundcloud.com/hex-barcelona

YT: http://bit.ly/HEX-youtube-channel

SP: http://spoti.fi/31cAWLa

CL: http://www.hex-clothing.com


Id 50:20 ??? Please

ირაკლი რუხაძე


Alex B


JK Monterroso

Beautiful presentation

Masterz Tecnorockerz


Lino Linetti

Mi son detto... Possibile che Mondo Violento non entra in questo mix?... È bastato attendere ??????

Www hex com

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1st HEX Conference | HEXchange.live | Day 1

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Conference Donation

Conference Donation Address for ETH or HEX: 0xFEEDc89A0a80Dc98F63C17E17546e387727919Bb


The first HEX Conference is live!

Schedule: http://HEXchange.io or https://matiallin.medium.com

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Crypto Coffee

Dollar Cost Crypto

DAY 1 HOUR 2 | Rapid Round

Timothy Benjamin, NardoForTheWin, Serena Alonzi, Balliet Bran, Gives 1 Minute, Marek Lenarcik, Cabana Crypto, Dr. Dheeraj More, Jack from Discourse.

DAY 1 HOUR 3 | HEX Talks



Mati Allin

Karim (Super Shark)


Kryptosparbuch on Longer Pays Better Proof


Kicked off with performance by Freddy Quotes - HEXICAN ANTHEM

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