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Transfers on a Chest

12 views | 27 Jan. 2021

Tutorial (second part) of

Tutorial (second part) of a Bombe Chest using transfers, mouldings and Clearly Aligned Decor Stencils.


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3 Types Of Income By Mikey Taylor

2 257 views | 10 Jul. 2020

In this video, we’re

In this video, we’re going to be covering the three different types of income, how they’re each taxed, and how all of us need to be participating in all three types of income.

Earned Income - If you make a salary, tips, bonuses, or are self-employed this all falls under earned income. You’re exchanging time for money. This is how the majority of people make their money and the worst part is that it’s taxed at the highest bracket.   

Portfolio Income or Capital Gains -This applies to stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate... If you sell at a higher price than you bought, the profits are taxed as capital gains. You can be taxed for short term capital gains or long term capital gains. Short Term Capital Gains is if you held something for less than a year and Long Term Capital Gains is holding an investment for one year and one day. Long term capital gains is taxed at a lower rate than earned income!

Passive Income - Passive income is the income you make from owning assets. This could come from the income of a rental property or income from a limited partnership where you don’t have an active role. You primarily make this income while not having an active role. There’s no exchange of time for money.

The rich really like Passive Income because you don’t exchange time for money and you’re able to really bring taxes down!

The three incomes are earned income, portfolio income, and passive income. All three are very important ways to make income but if you wanna keep more of your money, it’s done in portfolio and passive income.

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Ernie Alaniz

Dude growing up I thought I was going to skate forever and it would pay the bills until adulthood came & I had to join the rat race to get by in life. I’m 26 & have a great career in a great industry but over the years I’ve watched my dreams almost slip by and I know entrepreneurship is the road to working towards those dreams to make them obtainable. I know for you it was kind of due or die when it came to losing sponsors and having to find your way; can you breakdown your mindset during those times & the business models that you tried and failed/succeeded in that really broke you through into finding your first successes in
entrepreneurship? Killing it Mikey keep it up!

Gabriel Conde

dope content

Gustavo Eduardo López Guerrero

Nice video dude, I never imagine watching Mikey Taylor teaching about finance, congrats for this I´ll be watching more of your videos

john hagoski

please just type next time hahah

Matt Axelson

Mikey, discovered your channel today, I've watched like 8 or 9 videos already. Was a fan of you during your skate days but hadn't been following you of late (fixed that). I've been on the same sort of journey for a while now, recently licensed realtor in San Diego. I'm looking to empower my friends and family through real estate investing as well. Love Commune, love the concept, love what you're doing. Let me know if I can ever be of help to you in any way. - [email protected]compass.com
- Axe

Lauren Tamposi

I really appreciate your perspective on these subjects. You have a really genuine approach and make these ideas digestible for people newly interested in investing and finance. I came here from The Nine Club and have been binging all the videos. Keep up the good work!!!

Philip Kupp

As a skater, I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that I would have never listened to any financial advise on YouTube if it wasn‘t another Skater telling me about it. The way I see it, Mikey is breaking that barrier of prejudices that skaters have on people who talk about money and know how it works and maybe with that he will contribute to break the very real prejudice of the „broke Skater“.

Zach Z

Thanks so much for taking the time to teach, I would really like to master money and make it work for me at the highest level, I save alot thats what I have going for now . I'm a 26 year old. Liked and subbed :) :)

Alexander Ross

What’s the first thing you recommend investing in as a college student? As far as the best way to make some passive income with minimal effort due to time constraints such as school. Thank you for the contect!

Alan Sabanero

Ok, now that i checked this one let´s go check Mikey´s part in Mind Field

Alfredo Martinez

I follow you on Instagram,and I just found the YouTube channel, great advice I’m only 19 looking to start investing real soon


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Forex bot & backtest system with Python #12 - Oanda API Class

75 views | 1 Feb. 2021

Creating a forex bot and

Creating a forex bot and backtesting system with Python for complete beginners.

code: https://github.com/bluefeversoft/forex_python

If you want to trade seriously in the Forex markets, you must build yourself a backtesting system.

If you want to trade without emotion, build a system to do it for you.

Using Python you can test 100s of pairs over years of data in just a few minutes.

This way you can test your strategies, and pretty quickly discover that the well known 'indicators' and strategies are worthless.

If you want to say thanks, you can always buy me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jWvHqte3p

Thumbnail includes this wonderful image:


Sobiesky PL

OMG i’m sooo admired rn
I’m realny impressed by your obstinacy.
Keep it up at all cost <3


Excellent tutorial, until the next video

Chris Boucher

Addicted to this series - bell is turned on for the next one!