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Why I STILL Love the Crypto.com MCO Visa (aka Monaco) - Unboxing and Review

2 679 views | 4 Sep. 2019

Get $50 for getting

Get $50 for getting started with Crypto.com through my link: http://bit.ly/2Y7pX6Q

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While I was on vacation, I upgraded to the Crypto.com Ruby Red MCO Visa Rewards Card (aka Monaco VISA Rewards). This is an all steel beautifully made debit card that links to the best crypto currency wallet and exchange out there, crypto.com!

5 reasons I LOVE crypto.com:

1) The referral program: If you sign up and stake 50 MCO tokens, you and I both get $50 USD worth of MCO tokens for free.

2) They are constantly updating features, cryptocurrency supported, wallets, transaction abilities, earn features, and much more.

3) Earn features: This is one of the only (if not the only crypto card) that gives you rewards for spending. Also, when you stake and store crypto, you can get a Per Annum reward (similar to a savings account). This gives you up to 8%, depending on how long you stake your crypto for.

4) Absolutely 0 fees to buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw crypto.

5) They recently bought the crypto.com domain, and that makes them in the fore-front of the crypto race. If you search "crypto" in google, this is one of the first sites to pop up!

In-depth review of Crypto.com: https://youtu.be/ErT4yUybv1E

Crypto.com App -

Google Play: https://crypto.onelink.me/veNW

iOS: https://crypto.onelink.me/RSfq

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Disclosure: some of the links I use are affiliate links, this means I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Ronnie McCoy

They will be huge in the future

Derrick AL GO

Thank You for the link! ??


Can you connect this card to PayPal so you get 2% or etc back ?

benn zhong

i think you should upgrade to the 5k mco tier to enjoy better rewards and better interest earned from staking tokens.


what its that referal link name

C Buck

Can’t wait until I move out of NYS. Can’t use the app living here. Anyway great video. What’s your thoughts on Coinmine?

Vinnie G.

So your saying they sent you to the red sooner than staking 50 mco for a full 6 months ? I just received my midnight blue and got upgraded as well so I’m curious how long you had to wait


I recently applied for my mco card... Now that you've had it for a while do you see any hidden fees? How does it compare with your regular bank card?

Ronnie McCoy

Just got order mine last week still waiting For status to say ship

Johnny Waters

Damn this is sick. I've had an account with them for months now but have just logged into the app for the first time today because of this video. Super good information here man props. My only problem is that I'm from Canada and as of right now they don't offer these cards to Canadians eh. Too bad but as soon as I can imma get one of those a$ap.

Monaco crypto

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MONACO | Is it the better crypto payment solution?

17 883 views | 28 Aug. 2017

Do you think Monaco will

Do you think Monaco will become the optimal payment choice? Do you think the token will gain value over time? Are you bullish or bearish? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching the video. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing. Running into some trouble or questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below!


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Disclaimer: Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than myself. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and are not investing recommendations. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities.

Caitlin Keller

Am wayy to obsessed with tenx - love their transparency and game plan for the future


Dude, you need to work on your fact checking. Monaco has never confirmed that they are working with Visa. From what I understand, TenX is associated with both Visa and MasterCard.


My moneys on Vitalik ? #TenX


Are you flume himself or his brother? :)

Topher Dowling

All this ICO hype is just that, so far. Remains to be seen who will survive as a viable business.

said hakimi

What do you think about centra (CTR)?

Mark One

Thanks for the vid Nic', very helpful. I'm now going to invest heavily in TenX!


Monaco is founded by Scammer Founder.


Monaco has been very good to me :D


looking sharp brother


Monaco was advised as a buy 3 days ago on a couple private channels including wolf of poloniex. So it's actually a pretty big pump done collectively by a few groups, most likely without prior consent.

RayRays Phone

"CEO of Monaco, Kris Marszalek, and 2 of his other senior executives held similar positions in a the company Ensogo. This company was forced to shut it doors middle of last year (2016), and suspended by the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). They are being investigated for fraud and there are many looking to collect. "

(From a Steemit article I can't link cause YouTube. Goohgle "Beware of Monaco Visa ICO")

Biopunk Technocracy

For privacy XMR (Monero) is the key. 300 at the end of the year


TenX wins, imo. Dont worry MCO'ers , we have room once MCO falls right on its face


Its gone down to 0.00273900btc probs a good time to buy now

Alejandro Gonzalez

Is TenX avail in the u.s.? Monaco in the u.s.?

Derek Yakimetz

can you do a video on tenx please especially with the september being big for tenx im curious what you think about it

Karma Drone

You were stop on about not chasing the run up on MCO. Now down to 0.0008s

Hutuleac Petrica

Nice comparison! I believe also that TenX is better at this point, and we should see some of the Monaco capital moving to TenX.


Any idea why Monaco is 5 times more expensive even though TenX is much more further in development?

B Safaev

What is going on right now? Both Monaco and TenX are falling

Yosip Varda

Hey Nick, I am fairly new to investing. I started back in June of this year. I do a lot of my own research, but I have fallen in love with the way you talk about these coins. I only have one issue. How can you come across these coins early enough before they become to expensive to buy.

Thanks for the video

Mladen Kirilov

Paid video?

Tyler Rogers

It's not about tenx vs Monaco. It's the fact that if Monaco even releases a Visa card. The price will ??


Monaco has no monthly or yearly fees.
TenX has yearly fees.

Monaco has no fees for ATM withdrawals (so long as you withdraw less than the amount specified in your limit)

TenX has fees for ATM withdrawals.
Monaco has free physical card issuance as well as free delivery, while
for tenX the total cost of physical card issuance is $15USD.

Monaco is truly 100% feeless. Period.

Also, history has shown that people end up choosing the product that
saves them the most money, and that product ends up being the winner
above everything else.

Mary T

TenX superior
??Go TenX !!! ?


Monaco lied, they dont have partnership with Visa

Bilal Loya

Nicolas can you cover blockcat in your next video?


I thought tenx was with both visa and mastercard?

Joe McCarthy

I bout this at the ICO and sold at $9.65. Bad move? I think TenX has loads of potential but price is stagnant.. Monaco price has gone up soo much recently, maybe because of its relatively low supply of 9.8M? Idk I sold all my MCO to buy TenX PAY and ETH.. I probably should have kept some MCO in hindsight . Awe well, I'm new to this crypto game. Gotta live and Learn :)


TENX PAY rocks!!!!!!

Lourens Joubert

Thank you Nick, great video as always

Raze 120

I'm not sure I like that I have to pay an extra %1 whenever I make a purchase. Yes, at the end we'll all get a portion of that but I see people only making small purchases. It will take some brave people to make larger purchases.


Well, 2018 and just watch what is gonna happen in Q1 (Asia), Q2 (EU) & Q3 (U.S.). Monaco will roll out their VISA Cards. TenX doesn't have a working card and it will take a long time to get one... Monaco went through all the procedures and is way ahead. Planned well, rolled out in time and now is a good time to step in.... remined me in 6 months:-)

Odds and Ends

It's fall dawn after the lunch (((

Matthew Worner

missed the ico on Monaco, picked up some as soon as it listed, the payments area is a nice competitive space to watch, users and investors will benefit from this competition

Node Investor

Great videos man! Good mix of fundamental and technical info. Keep up the good work

Mark One

I think a disclaimer if you are taking a bounty to pump the coin, will give viewers more faith in you. We sometimes hear from other youtubers when this sort of thing is going on. So when a bunch of youtubers start speaking highly of it... we get suss. (especially when it is an inferior product)

Corey Bayne

Lovin the info nick keep up the good work. Can you please review bankera ico? I like it and i just picked up a heap last night in pre ico

TrinidadLink Live Repairs

Any thoughts on Amon?? It's a newer better faster cheaper payment method..

Lucas / StateofWood

Hey nick,
Lovin the info nick keep up the good work. Can you do a video on the "Neo wallets". thanks a lot.
greetings form Holland

Committed3d Tech

Monaco is coming out with a brand new VISA reward card via their new platform! I made a video about it on my channel if you wanted to check it out.


Lol I guess we have our answer...Monaco is not the better crypto payment solution. Was doing some research and people on various forums are saying they are a scam? DataDash do you have any information as to what's going on? https://steemit.com/monaco/@montehansen/beware-of-monaco-visa-ico-s-management

woof woof

Why would you want to use your coins for payment, the returns are so good right now, might as well just use FIat and Hodl coins.


Are token unique to Monaco? If so its a big long term holding advantage and there shouldnt be much sell off. The superior rate of exchange is a good point too but competitors may introduce same too. I d buy it and hold.

JD Percy

The more you pay attention to TenX the deeper it goes. Monaco is surface sleesh.

Kalenen Drackir

It is not. My tip is Tokencard, with a direct connection to your wallet of choice. Soon a new website and much more, card will launch in the beginning of october. The price atm is great and with the possibility of very nice ROI.

Michael P

I was part of the Monaco ICO, it first lost over 50% before going 2500% from that low up. Sick, but that is what happened. So in fact who ever came a few weeks after the ICO did the biggest killing at least risk ;)


the guy from the money show on RT what's his coin called? You know the super smart guy kind of annoying with the blonde as his co-host if you can decipher that then please cover his coin and what is the differentiation. please.

Julian Hidalgo

First of all, thank you so much for all the great content you are creating, it's really appreciated :)! I found this article about the right valuation for TenX very helpful when I was deciding whether to invest on it or not: https://hackernoon.com/the-right-valuation-of-tenx-pay-4fd640698e9b , and I think a similar analysis applies to Monaco. I would get their coin for some day trading while the hype is there, but I'd not be confident holding them for long, as I don't think their valuation even at current prices is justified, no matter how cool the technology. Just my 2 cents.


I hate the skepticism of most people. I was really interested in this ICO until everyone kept saying it was a scam. Really this is just a message to everyone that everyone has their own perspective on things. Of course a psychologically underdeveloped person will see the negatives in everything in life. So just do your own research guys and make your own decision on things.


Hey Data Dash! What about music related cryptos? Opus was listed on coinmarketcap! Cheers!

Niklas Holm

TenX: product, TEAM and Company is 2 leagues ahead!
Anyway, a little competiion is only beneficial to these solutions, but MCO is a VERY risky investment for now, so be carefull, and maybe have a further look into TenX and what they're doing, it's qiuet spectacular and inspiring to see and follow!

Ali Erciyas

Hey guys if you are planning to sign up using my referral. We will both receive $10 https://get.mona.co/IVWT/RZIVseOrqK

Alper Kayadibi

After price dropped I purchased around 300 Monaco, great opportunity. Once they announce their partnership with VISA it will skyrocket and will give you 20x return !!!


TenX is by far better,... and their public relations is amazing! i have never seen a crypto development team be so close to their users.

LP Mises Caucus

You need to review Nexus (NXS)! Quantum Resistant, Efficient and Scalable Code, and a sattelite array that will act as an added layer of security as well as beam free decentralized internet thanks with a partnership with the Co-Founder of SpaceX and his company Vector Space Systems. They are developing a 3D Blockchain, they have decentralized mining pools and you can stake in their wallet. It had a HUGE year in 2017 and is going to have another one in 2018!


.I ve set up the coinbase account as per above link and I purchased £250 worth of bitcoins. How do I transfer it to Xapo wallet? Excuse my ignorance- newbie at at this.

Simon Höfgen

The App and Card looks really similar to the Debit Card from revolut.com

Hugo Nascimento

Hey nick I belive your audio recording is kinda low, my phone is at maximum and I can barely hear you. Hope you fix that!

Mr Iron

TenX has a better team and their card and mobile wallet are already up and running.

These guys are way behind the curve here.

AND don't charge their card user's either.


i like your analysis and material. suggestion: your intro/outro seem far too loud compared to the volume of your content.

Cincinnatus 2.0

Is Monico the best privacy coin yet... Is Pivx the best coin.. Is monero BLAH this shit is so repetitively dull



Dejan Vrtačnik

TenX is also VISA...

S Squires

TenX has Visa and MasterCard and... MCO might have some card issuer issues... and do they even have a card yet?

Nikolay K

Great as always, thank you. Can you please take a look on Centra ICO. Very similar to Monaco, maybe even better. Thank you

tom flad

I love your level headed approach.

Gabriel Dominguez

@Datadash Mann please do a cover for COFOUNDIT (CFI) AND SYSCOIN (SYS)

Jaycob Bell

I thought I did really good buying MCO at just over a $1 and selling all for $15. I wasn't really confident in MCO because I haven't heard of any official approval from VISA that they will accept MCO. Can anyone confirm this?

On another note I believe "Centra" has been making headlines, apparently is already up and running and uses a whole range of different coins.


Tenx is way better, Monaco is just all hyped up because of the low coin supply.

John D

Their card has no contactless payment feature. Inconvenient.

Jamaur Norfleet

Run up is partially in part to app launching in 2 days. White paper says its launching on the 31st. I expect a dump coming up next week. May purchase a little after it pulls back.

Geet Arora

i m a miner, only interested in mineable coins

Abdorhman Thi

Your subscribers is going very fast.

Topher Dowling

Centra tech?

Brian Evans

I invest in TenX


shut up scumbag I lost 2Gs cuz of u on xmr. .

Robert The impaler

Crypto.com is the best ! I guess you all Ten X boys missed the money train ! Lol!

Davin Chase

I'm not excepting any facial recognition software if I can help it.

Monaco crypto

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