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WoW Classic - Zandalar Tribe Reputation Guide - Everything you need to know! (ZG raid rep)

65 196 views | 5 Apr. 2020

Hi people. IN this video,

Hi people. IN this video, ill go over everything you'd need to know about the Zandalar tribe reputation, the one connected to zul gurub raid!

FARM BLOODVINE SOLO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgZ_GT7YCWs

Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/neceriumcloudes

Solheim - World of Warcraft

Awesome guide man, can't wait for ZG next week! :D


covered everything i needed to know. awesome video


overall good video
but way too many unrealistic reflexions

Daniel Ruiz

Hi there, it is possible to get exalted before reach level 58?

Good video man

Vegan Gainz Hue

Great video, thank you!


you forgot to explain the head/leg enchants

Tobias Holzum

Remove yourself pls. Totally annoying an distracting to see you

Вадим Ковалёв


It would work same as common version https://classic.wowhead.com/item=12190/dreamless-sleep-potion
It places a magic debuff on you, stun locking you, and stating regenerating your health and mana after a short wind up. But your helpfull healer priests in about 1-3 seconds would most certainly dispell it, because most raid frames do not show what kind of debuff is on target? leaving you with tiny fraction of mana gain and hp and potion cooldown of 2 minutes.


Just get on the ptr and check all this stuff out and not speculate about Most things. Maybe then you would know which Mob is the quartermaster


im sorry but i cant listen to you, i go sleep

Necerium Cloudes

Update on the Brilliant wizard/mana oil.

I've been looking into more sources of information about ZG; and some sources claim that ZG will be part of phase 4 (Classicwowhead) and some claim it will be part of phase 5 (blizzardwatch).
This matters because the BRILLIANT WIZARD/MANA OIL will come in phase 5 (according to wowhead) and these enchants are a big deal.
We will just have to see when zg comes around. Back in the day, according to comments on classicwowhead, the oils were introduced with the AQ patch back in vanilla.

Damian Stampfli

Do you gain rep from Mobs after reaching Honoured ?

tom tanner

OMG long video that talks in circles.. jesus

Dankenstein .yo

waste of gold on a massive lvl


Afaik no movement speed buffs stack :(

Sebastian Bergh

You deserv more subs



Diego Laborda

Hi dude! Nice job on the video !

Just one thing about the sheen of Zanza, I don't think is going to be useful in Nefarian as you said just because there is no potion that can reflect AoE spells and the breath from ony or the shadow flame from Nefarian are not direct spells. Anyway, interesting potion and once more, great job on the video man, congrats !


reseep lmao


Pretty sure you need at least friendly for the head/leg enchant

Mr Lahey

Very informative video - thank you for recording!

Also, not that it matters, but you're right: recipe is pronounced RESS sip pee.


Major trolls blood potion should be something that sells for a high amount as warlocks might want this for pvp. They have their Demon Armor rank 5 for 15 health every 5 seconds, then Siphon life which baseline is 45 health every 3 seconds which is increased by 10% from shadow mastery and then 20 hp5, Necromantic Band for 8 hp. I suck at math so that is 43hp +45 every 3 seconds. It's not a ton but having an auto lesser healing potion every 10 seconds seems pretty dope to me.

JB The Ultimate Writer



100% informative, straight to the point. good job




Great Video!! By the way, the word "Recipe" is pronounced REH-SUH-PEE

Levente Battyányi

I am already exalted with the zandalari empire rep, isnt that enough?

Theophilus Chambers

now that is a viking! i love how you called recipe a receap

Diogo Martins

Hi, can i get rep from the bijous/coins if i never even entered zg?

Mark S

FUK THIS VIDEO!! u didnt explain HOW TO ACTIVATE turn ins??? PVP is denying me any time to walk around and learn it.. I expected a PRECISE walk thru on how to turn shit in here.. I never been here before.. therefore.. BAD VIDEO

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2 GODS, 1 DECK? Y'Shaarj & N'zoth RULE in Pocket Galaxy BIG MAGE | Darkmoon Races | Wild Hearthstone

26 029 views | 8 Feb. 2021



2 GODS, 1 DECK? Y'Shaarj & N'zoth RULE in Pocket Galaxy BIG MAGE | Darkmoon Races | Wild Hearthstone

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Comment with any decks you’d like to see me play!

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### C L O W N

# Class: Mage

# Format: Wild


# 2x (1) Armor Vendor

# 2x (1) Mistress of Mixtures

# 1x (2) Astromancer Solarian

# 2x (2) Mad Scientist

# 2x (3) Ice Block

# 2x (3) Imprisoned Observer

# 1x (3) Stargazer Luna

# 2x (4) Escaped Manasaber

# 2x (4) Potion of Illusion

# 2x (5) Fleethoof Pearltusk

# 1x (5) Zilliax

# 1x (7) Luna's Pocket Galaxy

# 2x (7) Strongman

# 1x (8) Ragnaros the Firelord

# 2x (8) Tortollan Pilgrim

# 2x (9) Carnival Clown

# 1x (10) Kalecgos

# 1x (10) N'Zoth, God of the Deep

# 1x (10) Y'Shaarj, the Defiler




# To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Enjoy the gameplay!

#Hearthstone #Gaming #Roffle


I always smile when I see roffle recking a big priest.

Karl Smink

Aside from "it's bad", why do we never see Starscryer in these kinds of decks?


Priest: "Greetings"

Roffle: "DIE INSECT!"


I like this video

Khal Bashawaty21

oh cool it's dead man's hand mage



Poss Boss

Watching that first priest get stomped was so g o o d.

Devin Dipalma

I’m not usually one to talk trash but the ahole priest deserved to lose that first game. What an amazing comeback


I can't believe they increased solarian prime from 7 to 9 mana.

Dylan Tutlow

W h y a r e t h e r e n o v i e w s

Lee Sin the Blind Doge

thanks for killing priest

Tammy Neal

Hi yet another great upload

Jared Tiller

First of all, thank you so much for the consistent content! Secondly, what website would you consider posts the most tuned decks? Trying desperately to hit legend for the first time, mostly just to check the box that I did it

Oisin Byrne

Just in time for my lunch break

M. Syamsu Kurnia


0:00 - Introductions
1:04 - Big Priest
14:02 - Yogg Druid
31:19 - Endscreen



Love watching the Rez priest get dunked on

Vendetta 414

oh wow that big priest game was satisfying

Justin Hanna

That priest game was so satisfying they totally ignored your board the whole game and then got their teeth kicked in


Seeing that anduin get punished for all that bm made my morning, thank you roffle


Never knew that solarian prime was a demon.. :D well, learning new things everyday with Roffle


Your worst deck so far : boring and not even a funny t4

Reality Rogue

That priest was awfully quiet at the end of the game

Kane Xu

Beating the priest at his own dirty damn game

It is TheDon

wow thanks for smashing the first priest <3

Zer0 Sum

Nice game against that priest. Perseverance.

Mauro Junior

Funny how the priest spamm Greetings and think he had a free win.


@18:20-ish: "Why is this happening!?"

RNGesus after out-bullshitting at Big Priest in the previous YT match: "Stare too long into the abyss it stares back."

Kit Parsons

Toxic Big Priest: "well played!"

Roffle: "Thank you for noticing"


Typical priest BM t r a s h just because you play a good meta deck doesn't mean you're going to win conceited Garbo.

Tyler Palazzo

Good news!
Only 2 legendaries off from being able to craft this beautiful, budget Hearthstone deck. Man, I can't wait! ????

Caleb C

30:30 Roffle seriously tilting from Yogg envy


God I love seeing that first opponent lose. Bm priest bad


No room for Broom?


I imagine Luna is just flashing people when she says her line each time.

Constance Bashford

No, Roffle. It's the children who are idiots.

Nyan Pass

Feel great to see you killing that first priest

Dark Angel

Get Rekt Priest!

Jannik Nielsen

I mean no disrespect, but Roffle's intro always reminds me of Porky Pig from Looney toon, saying, "That's all, folks!". Maybe it is the intent. Love the content.

Iron Warrior

Are you running 10 drops in wild?! What a madman!


braindead priest player, how typical

TheAmerican OG

Because they have taunt minions, how could they miss that? What a dumb dumb doodoo head

Andrew Eppling

Roffle In the first game you talk about several other card games. One I recently started is Gods unchained beta, and its been decently interesting. Would you have interest in trying it?


Early morning Roffle is the best Roffle.

Bara Nugraha

Alright folks, the deck is ALMOST all legendary mage, also known as RENO MAGE because mage doesnt have any good minion.

Jakob L.

Good afternoon Roffle, I hope you have a good day.

Lucjan L

wouldn't flame ward be better than ice block?

Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark Mark

YouTube: This video has no views
Also YouTube: want to see 20 comments from 30 minutes ago?

Dd_Lulo 004

423rd like, wewe

Super Hyper Ultra

an attacking Rag is strange phenomenon.


That BMing prick in the first game soon shut up haha!

Mattias Nordgren

HAHAHA that fucking priest, greatings;) What a loooser

Matt Taco

So glad to see you waste that toxic big preist sould have throw a greetings his way

Shay Suki

It’s the best feeling when the person BM’ing you stops BM’ing because now you’re ahead.

Britt McCall

Hi roffle


Have some interaction m8! The



In Arena switch to playing Brawl to help get cards. You initially only need 1x copy of each card to play the various decks, and you can easily hit a wide range of dailies. This is the cheapest way to enjoy playing MTGA at the moment. Once you have working Brawl decks (and they use a lot of the cards that are powerful in constructed formats also, so there's not much waste in making them) then they start to accumulate gold for you to spend on packs or in drafts to build the rest of your collection. Brawl also 'weights' you away from playing against the best commanders if you don't use them yourself, allowing you to face weaker opponents. You can also see if someone is playing a T1 deck you'll struggle against just by seeing the commander - stuff like GB Garruk, Ashiok (5 cost), Kenrith, Kinnan, Phylath, Eskia and Heliod are worth dodging for a while. (Especially Eskia which is tier 0 right now)

As for which of drafts or buying packs is better? Drafts are better if you're able to learn the meta well enough in order to go 'infinite' the way you used to do in Hearthstone, but you miss out on the wildcards that packs give you. So if you can't go infinite packs are superior.


Hola Roffle ?

Michael Haverstock


MIro Hülsmann

Hallo Roffle

Gaussian Entity

That second game is literal pain

Salah Mohamed

I just cant finish my day without a roffle video


This emote priest win was the most satisfactory win possible

Wickd Gamr

That's one thing I felt HS did wrong. Ressing a minion should remove it from the res pool until it dies. HS is the only card game that I know of that has the res system that it has.


Ah yes, my favorite deck, f2p mage

Kuma Mon

Love your content, and you too!

Lou Minarty

That was a beautiful beating the big priest!!


what happen priest? where went your greettings ?


10:51 Attacking with Rag feels so cursed

Craig Jones

The Priest emoting was just AIDS. However, the Druid demonstrated how to properly emote. Greetings followed by threaten before dropping an insane Yogg is how you correctly Hearthstone.

Steven Zheng


Alex Souza


Mage coin

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Mythology Event (Diana) - The FULL GUIDE - [Hypixel Skyblock]

53 693 views | 9 Oct. 2020

In this video, we teach

In this video, we teach you how you can make TONS of coins thru teaching you things you didn't know, and how the Mythological event works, that happens when Diana is elected as Mayor, in Hypixel Skyblock.

Join our discord server (over 10,000 members!) because we are THE BEST skyblock youtuber discord server out there: https://discord.gg/duo

Become a channel member today to gain cool bragging rights on our discord server:






Grim Reaper

Hey I have a legendary lvl 95 griffin if you wanna use it msg me
My ign: XxGrimreaperxXY



fftftftftt memes

Is an epic or rare griffin worth for me because I am pretty sure u can’t get any good drops with those rarities but if I can than let me know what I can get

Arttu Kettunen

Griffin pet is also a nice dungeon pet. Uncommon/rare at lower floors increases many stats, and you get good regen and strength effects. Better rarities can give even more, like attack speed, but there's better pets for dungeons with the same cost.

Sebastian Zaharia



Imagin commenting in the premeir,Coudnt be me

Isaac Jurnove

imagine commenting before premiere

Hypersonic Arrow

Cuz I’m a nerd imma farm sugarcane during the whole time Diana is elected.


Bruh I Didn't Even Get A Noti For This Video Smh Yt

Zeta RP24

Before 40K gang rise up

Gavin Spencer

is gAIA NOT gayia


Imagine looking at dozens of " Imagine commenting before premiere " comments.


Is it truly worth going from rare to epic

ren war

gold prices go brrrrr


I was going to click subscribe but I can't find the button? I see a gray subscribed button, do I click that?


Should i use superior with all these items?

Josh Kneeland

I don't see particles, hlep

Eduard Peeter Lemming

Yay im still poor and broke to even buy something to help me.


you forgot to mention that you can cheese everymob with a yeti sword ;-;. you can just stand back and shoot to kill everything.

Arjun Mehan

Comment in premier haha funny


“Who else has been a TRUE fan for OVER a YEAR?”

(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)❤️


HellCastle: "does rly good totorial how to beat the high lvl mobs" Me: "haha midas staff go brrr"

Gods Mistake

Fun fact, mage items work on gaia constructs. Just ink wand or giant sword every 6th hit to one-shot them.




Guys I'm getting McDonald's do you guys want anything?


Time to get that sweet sweet loot!

Abanon /Fallen Angels

everyone who was here before vid LIKE!

Potato God

so what should i invest in? feathers?


Can anyone tell what resource pack they are using


Imagine grinding when you can just scam like me. I have proof on yt lol



an octopus stole my toes please send help


Niclas Schug

Ha! Bought a rare one about a week ago!


wdym red are safe??? got tapped by a minotaur

couchpugato 217

Gdi ping the discord for premieres


i wonder if u can yoink their souls .....


helllo bobbybob


I have about 2 enchanted gold blocks...STONKS


“Who else has been a TRUE fan for OVER a YEAR?”

(ʀᴇᴀᴅ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʙᴛᴡ)❤️

Nichola Foster

That's cool I'm pretty early

Vedant Gupta

guide not needed though. The event is basically getting the highest griffin you can without getting destroyed by the mobs and then run around with your shovel, also use mage weapons so you don't have to come in close

Riley Palmer

Telekinesis weapon and the void,

There’s your early game solution


I can't go past rare Griffin ?

SomeHaloNerd 117



Is it wort making my griffing from rare to epic? And also you should try mobs spawned from reaper scythe , they could be good



Eternal Gaming

How do you get antique remedies?


daedalus axe witch chimera 5
and ender dragon pet with minos relic


Gaia is pronounced 'Ga-Ya'

Tuan Anh Trinh

I was surprised when me selling my gold was 1.5mil more expensive

The Chaos

Greek Goddess??
Diana was the Roman aspect/version of Artemis.


Is the epic griffin worth it over rare, because you can’t get the best drops. Can you even get any good drops?

Sawsan Ahmed

Before da vid gang


Griffin's pretty good


well then

Chris Cai


Drake Lord

lol this is funny sorta how to make coins: one video per event
I sense a pattern


Tbh I just want Griffin feathers to drop in price so I can get the legendary beastmaster crest

Krazy Kutun

Nice vid

Paweł Sadecki

I got griffin on uncommon
Should I upgrade it to epic ?
What gear do I need ?
I got
Armor:Pure bat set/Mastiff/Strong/Tarrantula/Nerc Drag Wise
Weapons: AotD, AotE, DreadLord Sword
ManaFlux Orb, Stick of mending
Full accesory bag (legendary&epic to Strong and The rest to forcefull)

I also got 40 mil in bank so maby I could buy something


Im banned for 2 weeks yay

bharti kawadiya

this furryboi and red person? Needs more subs


gold block now ^^^^^^^xD

Felix Chan

What armour/weapon shd I use to solo rare griffin mobs? I always die to them, especially gaias




What is the best griffin to buy aka most efficient money value that is easy to kill the mobs w full superior


When is the expected release of the sba beta to the community?

Olle Batoe

Hellcaste i have a rare griffin pet csn i still get good mobs

Trap Legend

Its annoying that legendary griffin is the only one that drops something other than griffin feathers and ancient claws


Dude I literally made this same video 3 weeks ago ?

Steve Lee

Is it worth it to upgrade to epic or keep grinding with common

Rob Lav

Nice 36:14 ????






BRO SUMMONING RINGS ARE OP IN THIS EVENT for legendary griffin only




Does the rarity of the griffin effects the loot you get from treasures or only effects on the level of the monsters?

Lays Chips





I made 15 mil with a rare griffin. Ty hellcastle, very nice

KV Singh

First day i got washed up, 2 rems, 2 plush, 2 shelms.

name first



Did anybody know how to get the crown of greed?


What are the chances of getting the dwarf turtle shelmet from rare griffin?


under 1k views gang


Hellcastle: get rare, me: sits there only having uncommon griffin and being broke

Jack Vincent

You posted this 19 hours to early....

Dark The Monarch Simp

Wait it’s back??!!!


Why do I still watch these even though I don’t play skyblock anymore


Epic isn’t good at all it can’t get any pet item as drop.


Last time i checked, Diana is a roman goddess :)


>:D I made the likes 556


Say A if u like A

LyF -_-

Does anyone know what the best reforge for talismans is, if one is using thy Livid dagger????
And great vid, very helpful.


pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls
pack pls


2:55 you got my sub there like damn that was well played

dun dun

I have no friends


I love how he basically expects every1 to have like 100m coins..