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NYSE What's the Fund Natixis Investment Managers Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF, Dennis Alff

6 views | 14 Jan. 2021

We talk with Dennis Alff,

We talk with Dennis Alff, Portfolio Manager at Vaughan Nelson Investment Management, about VNMC, the Natixis Investment Managers Vaughan Nelson Mid Cap ETF on #WhatstheFund.

Nyse: elf

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My $1.2 Mil Stocks Account: 13 Stocks To Buy Now

113 657 views | 29 Dec. 2020

Application form to apply

Application form to apply & try and get in my Private Stock Group/Financial Fortress http://scaleyourstockportfolio.com/

Well guys 2021 is just around the corner. So I decided to do a video to show you my portfolio, which now sets at $1.2 Million!! I will show you all 13 stocks that I own in that portfolio and a small bull case for each stock. And at the end of the video I will tell you about two potential stocks that I might add to that portfolio. Been in the stock market for 12 years and I did not think that this account was going to hit 1 mil this year but I am thankful it did.

Hope you enjoy this video where I talk about my public account and talk about several stocks that I own. Leave me a comment with your opinion on my account. Do you like the stocks that I have invested in? Do you think I should invest in another stock in the stock market? Would love to hear your opinion. Also let me know if there is a stock to buy now or a stock to watch now.

Want to join our free STOCKHUB discord chat? Here is the link


This is where you can chat for free with other investors in the stock market about individual stocks or things going on in the market. Enjoy!

Want to see the stock I own? I will show you them all here


How To Make Your First $100,000 in the Stock Market


How we grew from $0-$1.39M+ in 3 years in a brand new stock account


*My Instagram is : FinancialEducationJeremy

Financial Education

This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production

Created by Jeremy Lefebvre

LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch!

Selva Subburaj

Your portfolio is nothing without Tesla. It was only luck to you . Others are stupid growth stocks dude !


Jeremy, Check out Corsair Gaming stock

Marcela Damico


Thomas Ritchie

I'm not opportune the gift of time, I'm advanced and I'd love to know how to invest aggressively to make short term profit, I've read about people growing upto $750K in 3months and I'd really appreciate tips on how to invest for senior citizens.

Lorena Donado

Does anyone know if there is any video in which Jeremy tells his story? How much money did he invest when he started and what strategies did he use to grow his money so fast?

Daniel Maia

These total gains column is YTD? Not right?

Secretly a Celebrity*

Lol "cost basis"

Cost basis: Jeremy's ad revenue

TaketheK I N G D O M

My problem last year (1.5 years in stocks) wasn't that I did bad, it was I owned too much for what I could afford. I had like over 50 stocks...I screwed myself bad, my strategy is dividend growth. This year not making that mistake. I'm down to 30 good keeps, but I'm trying to get it smaller and having a hard time letting go. Thank you for the skyworks recommendation...I was thrilled about it damn near all year since I heard you mention it, it has been one of my best performing stocks... obscure and that's why I like it. Haven't heard many STILL even talk about it.

Jarkko Sihvonen

Use less adds on your videos and you will get thumps up everytime. Great videos, but too much adds comparing to other channels.

ስፖርት ዓለመይ

His random pictures are funny and weird

Amalia Mosquera


Eduardo Mendoza

Hey guys i been in NIO since 4$ and i think TBLT can hit 10$ in 2021! Its only .84 cents now! Spread the word and lets get rich!!

Henrry Hernandez

thank you for these videos. I really appreciated it.

Son Joseph

Someone calling you FRAUD:

The Truth About Trading Gurus - My Research - YouTube

aakash chhunchha

Hey Jeremy, what are your thoughts on Nokia Corp (NOK). Management has been doing great job at closing more and more 5G deals.

Class Act

7 or 8 chips?!
Potato or Nacho?


Who bought more FB today?

Obaid Salikeen

On a separate note, what is your take on Opendoor Technologies (realstate)? Do you think it is the future of buying and selling homes? would love to get your take (or a youtube video?)

James Farley

“go and buy (IDEX) Ideanomics stock.” You are welcome.

Jimmy Z

No Shopify??? Thought you showed us you bought $200k


Look into “the ordinary” skincare company if you enjoy elf. No idea about it’s stock but as a viewer who wears makeup I’m saying look into the ordinary. Good skincare for cheap lots of people are obsessed in beauty community. Skincare is the new rave


What happened to CCL, Cake, fizz, footlocker and IRobot? When and why did you sell? And why no update?


Jeremy mentions WBA... 2 days later jumps 10% lol

Kelsey Stone

Check out AFC Energy they would be a perfect partner with Tesla to expand the EV network and help with grid overloads.


Injust sold ROAD for a 94% gain over the last year the bought more dropbox. Transferred my govment check and buying more ttcf.

Liam Hudson

After a successful investment,you have nothing to worry about whether the rise or fall of the economy or anything won't effect you,make your future brighter by making good investments

John King

We have stocks that are operating at 30% business and are 10% 20% higher than January 2020. Doesn't that seem insanely bearish for stocks in general ? Will 2021 give us -40% -50% returns ? It seems this is the only logical path. Thoughts ?

92 jay

Wait he sold vryyf? Why???

Riyaz Datoo

Pls add time stamps to your videos. Pls pls

Elish Baba

What are your thoughts on CRISPR Therapeutics Stocks?

Austin Benner

Like a lot of these but Berkshire is dead money


I just wondering how much he lost predicting any of this, I mean you can't always guess it right all the time right? It is statistic really


good job

rohit sahai

Review MGI Jeremy .... moneygram... I hope you read this comment ... don’t don’t miss it .... moneygram next 6 months will skyrocket ... a very few companies which has market cap lower than its annual revenue and last quarter it made positive net income ... you won’t regret it ... just like this comment if looked at it ...

zackychan financial

u could retire now and just road trip the arrest of your life..

Jefferson de leon

You're hilarious dude! I hit the thumbs up bro. Thanks

SoFlo Capital

Lmaooo love the salt Jeremy with the like button hahaha...cmon guys just a tap


I appreciate when the content creator threatens his audience. Give me high-yield checking top 3!

TS Miner

Thank you Sooooooooo much for your work!!!!!!!! We really appreciate you.


Did you get out of very good food company!!!

Jose Rivas

Jeremy what are your thought on everything going on with baba?

William Kreth

Love yo content dude

anna Anderson

You told us to buy FUBO when it was done, and told us that JPM, FB, GOOG, SHOp etc will double, definitely add them, etc. you don't own FUBO, JPM, SHOP, GOOG? Don't trust you anymore

WB D'Angelos

What a dog WBA is. Just sold the last of my shares. Not looking back.

Daniel Duke

I always hit that thumbs up for you, I appreciate what you do for us. BTW what is the best checking account lol

Saad Nader

Split up all the tech companies! It's for the better!

House Money Investing

I’m up 104.73% UPWK


lots of red in the account the day you filmed this lol

Tom Drolette

Thanks Jeremy! I admittedly listen daily and miss the like button frequently, not today!

Christian Chase

Jeremy, have you looked into the bark box acquisition? (Stic) New ticker will be BARK. Thought it seemed like a Jeremy stock lol


Why did WYNN have such a huge dip in 2018?

Naeem Sheikh

folks buy cheep penny stock DIGAF. 1000X POTENTIAL NEXT YEAR


hi there i really appreciate your videos and i would love to hear from you about african stock - of course if it is interesting for you i just think about to enter to afr market and i would love to hear from you your opinion - thank you a lot stay safe ! :)

Adrienne C

The people who don't hit the Like button, probably don't have a YouTube account lol ?


I would like, a breakdown of Cocrystal pharmacy. Cause everytime I try and look up anything its very. Stock biased, and I really need to understand if I'm..seeing the potential for this company right. COCP.

? I dont want investing advice cause I'm already am. I just wanna make sure I'm not wearing rose colored glasses.

Know you're a busy man so, certainly no expectations. But figured I'd attempt to reach out. Thank you FE ? hope your holidays were good.

B2iN Productions

Lol Jeremy best one always hit like button for you!!!???

Andrew Lee

Thumbs up

bisrat alemnew

VRYYF with 250k position , your holding or took profit alredy and switched to TTCF lol

Ashwani Rana

Where is your CCL?


Buy NNDM and BNGO!!!

Meet PH

25% of all dollars were created in 2020 and are in circulation. How much is in the stock market?

Franco Pelucci

You are the best!

Anthony Ambartsoumian

Where is the Walgreens portfolio??

alex amador


roger cheng

What happened to your NAT ?


You are the guy who keep pushing people to buy pltr


Jeremy: ether

Daniel Crawford

damn how much is in ur other account

Brooklyn Stock Shop

Checkk Outt AITX!!!!! It’s Going crazy!! My channel got the info. Don’t mind out on this gold mine Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“13 stocks i own that i want you guys to all buy for me !” Cancel this guy

Money Games

This may be the year Jermey convinces me to buy growth stocks!


This is great.
Check Digital lion YouTube channel. There you can find a lot of marketing, bussines and much more.

Elliott Freeman

Thanks for the recommendations, I was able to grow upto $60K in the past few months, and I'm more concerned on what strategies to apply now to maximize better profit please clues and tips will be highly appreciated.

z wawhaha

can you recommend something for next year? all stocks in your portfolio have already gained a lot (besides BYND).


Thanks for the insights brother. Is your YTD return relative to the amount of cash you hold?


I don't see JPM on your public account. Did you see all your JPM shares?

Christopher Razo

Hopefully 2021 gets us some great deals

Knutt Laarsen

Don't know how I stopmed onto this. Anyway Awesome clip ???. I also have been watching those similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing information about similiar things on his vids.

Vivian Kwok



I killed it with square this year!!!!!


Have you considered SBE? Its really undervalued and will benefit from a lot of other EV companies. I've bought in already twice. On december 18th for 100 shares and I just added 30 more today. Since it's again dirt cheap. Do you like this company? What are your thoughts?

JJ Morales

Hope this vid gets so many likes lol

Financial Education

Letsssss GOOOOOO!
Link to join StockHub for free https://discord.gg/SVWd2qq
Link to apply for Private Stock Group http://scaleyourstockportfolio.com/

Jesse B

Look up Weed Maps SSPK right now merging to weed maps.

Gary Schmalz

Didn't he have JWN in the public acct?

Alexander Roberts

I’m going to end up this year 825 percent. You have kept me grounded thanks

Gentlemen's Mafia

Tesla is so over priced, the next correction will demolish Tesla, I would sell now and buy back in once it comes back down to earth


Great video, and if you can't be bothered to give a thumbs up to this then stick your thumb up your ass and swivel.

Adams Peterson

Why is nobody talking about Cruptocurrency at this moment? It's on a bull run and a lot of people are defintely gonna miss out on that just like the last time

Lem Bajarias

If you look carefully on all his stock. Tesla are the only one making big progress. Most of em he bought it cheap that why his making some profit. I bet if his money is only $5000 he wont be making good profit.
I strongly disagree with his Dropbox - Microsoft already invented this crap called ''One Drive''
Beyond meat? Give me a break there so many huge company making plant base meat.
Walgreen? Yeah right its so easy to steal in that store.
Stitch fix? Not bad but too expensive.

Anyone watching this video please be careful with your money. He could be just advertising his stock. There is so many better stock down there I list some below.
- Nio = Next Chinese Tesla, Chinese is 2nd biggest economy in the world.
- Nano Dimension = Printing 3D technologies or Invest all in 3D printing companies.
- Airbnb = Wait for it drop or not. Where people can rent out part of their house to gain money. Similar to Uber. Using ur asset to gain profit.
- Baba = It's like Amazon and it Undervalue and it even went down more only cuz of their stupid government.
- Virgin galactic holding = I don't expect this to get huge instantly. I say hold on this stock cuz Space tourism is the new upcoming innovation
- PLTR = I don't expect this one get huge either but it has big potential.
- Peloton = Im not sure if he wrote this one down. This stock went super high cuz of the Covid-19. If gym close down they can buy a Peloton which is much more better. You definitely need to buy this on Dip.

My biggest advice for you my friends.
- Read News, If we talking about Covid, i say you are stupid for investing on Planes, Ship like CCL, and Cinemas etc.
- Read News again, If we won Covid now its time to invest in this type of stocks.
- Do your own research.
- Do not buy high, Buy the Dip but make sure that stock has a potential.
- It's Ok to sell but make sure you are very confident where you going to put that money in ur next stock.
- Learn to be better when it comes of using Stop-loss and Never ever use leverage only if the stock is very cheap. ( I did put x2 $50 on Alibaba when it was 218 ) This is dip.

ruth kief

DON'T call me lazy! Get a go fond me page.

Abi Yemane

Kudos to you??. I also beat S&P 500 this year by 88.5% growth.

Andrew Roth

What the heck is planet 13

Ryan Vu

Did he sell JPM?

Dean Arthur

In a few years to come people will be kicking themselves in regret if they miss this opportunity of buying and Investing in Crypto currency



Kenndy Lay

I tried those vegan food and I don't really like it though

SoFlo Capital

What about FIZZ??

Razeen Fakir

No Nio?? Its the Tesla ego right ?

Anthony Mejia

this video aint no jokus

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7 Dec 2010 ELF NYSE Closing Bell

277 views | 8 Dec. 2010

WCBS' Dana Tyler and the

WCBS' Dana Tyler and the cast of the Broadway hit ELF rang the NYSE Closing Bell to celebrate the 87th annual NYSE Christmas Tree lighting.