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Elrond eGLD Reached 1 Billion Market Cap & Flies Past $60 ? The Ascent to The Moon Has Begun

3 222 views | 28 Jan. 2021

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0:00 Intro

1:48 Marketcap Stats

2:26 Elrond Introduction

5:15 Developer Activity Ranking

5:58 Mainnet Upgrade

6:29 Coinbase Custody

7:09 OpenOcean

8:08 Security Bounties

9:00 Band Protocol

10:17 Binance Smart Chain

12:05 Technical Analysis

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser. Trade at your own risk and do your own research. Please understand the risks behind trading and learn what you are doing before commencing.

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Damn it's 94$ now I converted all my Zilliqa into Elrond at 68$ Elrond and I don't regret it at all


Dudeee i cant beleve this :))) i just triple my money on doge coin i jump from 4.8k£ to 14k£ and i left the party im buying egld of all my money, my safe world ??? this is crazy dude unbelive...❤❤❤

Blue Duck

Elrond will hit 10,000usd this year. No one wants to sell their egld. The demand will be crazy


❤❤❤ tooo theee mooon ???


Cant buy it in US

john wood

you forgot australia bro ???

Nash R

You can travel during this period? Aren't countries borders on lockdown?

EneMyTobaCco VaPe&LiQuid

EGLD 1000$$$

Glenn Garcia

60 and counting bro

Beni Lungu

Grazie per video


Would there be any correction soon , or is it still good to enter Today?

Plus Vitae



I'm thinking Maiar could be like a WSB-like organic takeover of the finance system. Wouldn't that be a refreshing change? :)

Bitcoin Bitcoin

Elrond is the best project ??????? Egld ????

Patrick Gilmore

EGLD to $1k end of 2021! LETS GOOOO!

Matt K

BUY BEST PROJECT Crypto EGLD !!! To the Moon

Blue Duck

Imagine where Apple would be now if it didn’t have Steve Jobs. Great technology is useless,unless you have a great sales person. Steve Jobs has been regarded as one of the greatest salesperson in modern history .Elrond has Beniamin Mincu a superior sales person.

James Thomas

$1k+ by year's end for EGLD!

Currency Nomad

Are you on board?

Raul Garcia

What do you make of the egld pullback?


Y’all think this thing can hit $10,000 once it hits $1,000 dollars?


I've been hearing about this project. Need to research it. Too late to invest short term? I see it's been pumping already

Marian Oprea

3 billion market cap right now. $1k each soon, buy and hodl.

Inge Johan Brandal


john wood

what can i say elrond ...hollee sheeit ....great content as usual brother

John Davis

Bought a bag at around $7.50, been staking ever since. I thought about making a little bit of profit at around 30.84, but decided to keep delegating and support the network instead. Netting 194 EGLD yearly from staking isn't too bad. Anticipating for a 30% pull back, before another ATH. Probably going to throw $20k next pull back.


Searched elrond staking info ended up here ! Great channel u got a subscriber congrats , looking to get a bag of elrond right now.

raymond nichols

any word on where to stake egld after phase 3? will the elrond wallet still offer staking?

Day G

Elrond ATH today. Will hit and surpass $1000 Easy by 2022.

Daniela Marin


bilkul ricks nai leneka

soon 200$

Martin Martinus

Great content mate. Im learning a lot as a new trader. Keep up the good work??

Dejan Davidovich

Much better Vid quality


Go moon ? ??

Debasish Chanda

i am in waiting list how long to wait for active delegation

Glenn Garcia

Go to brazil rio and medellin colombia trust me you won’t regret it.



Alpha Fox

Every time you make a bullish video on EGLD, tears of joy are created just for you ^^

Leonard Williams

I've gotta do more research on elrond but if I see it go back down to 50 I'm getting a bag

bilkul ricks nai leneka

i own 3 coin today from my pocket money saving


Elrond ....egld,,,,,On the way to the Planets Ball formats ,,,,,,,hehehehe

Erhan Ceyhan


Valve market cap

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What's going on behind your stock diff cover?

4 524 710 views | 14 Sep. 2018

Gale Banks is on a quest

Gale Banks is on a quest to determine if aftermarket differential covers actually do anything. In the latest video on the topic, he takes a look behind the stock steel rear diff cover to see what's really happening when you're on the road.

Buy Banks new patented Ram-Air Diff Covers here:


Watch the full "Behind the Diff Cover" video series here:



cool video!

CZ TS !!!

When are you going to make one for 2015 Ford F-150.

Mark Arnold

This guy must think people are idiot's!! He is talking down to everyone must be hell working for him!!!

Jimmy Brokos


Robert V

Thank you sir,awsome


I’m still wondering how they filled that rear differential without a fill plug

Mr.Rich's Revelations Presentations

Keep up cool videos!!!!!! Much love from. BIRMINGHAM!!!!! ?

Jason H

Different stuff..?? Lol


You mean i can pay $400.00 for your cover and get rid of the one specially designed for my vehicle by professional engineers? WOW

Tucsonan Dude

So, I guess you can't just slap any high-capacity cover on a diff and expect it to properly channel all the fluid to the right places.

Robert Medina

The tape doesn’t match up!

Colt Crum

Please don't try this at home. It's extremely dangerous to run a vehicle on a lift or jackstand. The centrefugial force of the moving parts could upset its balance and cause it to fall off the lift/jackstands and that's a very bad accident for not just the vehicle but also the people around because they could get hurt.


I dont get it, as a 10 year auto technician, not a mechanic, whats the point in all these aftermarket differential covers? The stock work perfectly, never had a problem with a single axle failing because of the cover design. So all of this is pointless. Besides the fluid gets better and better every year. Unless you like to drag or off road your vehicle and MAYBE I could see someone spending money on an aftermarket cover but even then I see it as a waste.

Garfy Lunds

Yes...yes...yes ..... Amazing video. Mesmerizing. Can't stop watching!

Froilan Bermudez Monsalud

Thanks for sharing your knowledge?. Subscribe me back please❣️


Make one for our F150s!

Charlie B

I want that cover for my truck!

Aaron York

Mr. Banks do you recommend a certain brand of gear lube? That might be better than most thanks for any info.

Foreclosure of a Dream

I've known how rears worked forever but I watched every second of this because it was entertaining. Great point on the plastic and carbon fiber never thought of that


So it’s a single gear gear pump at the back? And the clearance would likely need to change with large changes in fluid viscosity right?

heavenly sheep hugs /hugging Fox

I just got one question can you use that see-through cover as a replacement part


What if diffs had all the air pumped out of them and ran under a vacuum??

Lance Lee

Cool vid thanks



Blaise Blastos

excellent video...it is very interesting seeing the differential fluid & how it behaves....

don gregory

ive always thought that the tapper of the axle was how the outer bearing got its lube. going from small to larger diameter would give the oil a lower drip edge on the bottom of the axle forcing the oil to the outer bearing

Ghosted Youtuber

I like lube!

Calvin Evans

Thank you Mr. Banks


is that 75W-90?

Daniel Maciejewski

Great video! I learned a lot!

Mr. Frost 181

How cool is this where can I buy this at for my 86 Monte Carlo SS

Robert Medina

Why didn’t they just take the tires of and leave the rims on?

Crazy Dirt

Mr. Banks, I appreciate this video and your “test and prove” attitude. While I agree with you that the flat backed covers are a terrible design, one thing I suspect that might differ from what you are suggesting at 6:40 , is that maintaining an even gap between the ring gear and cover to in fact not be all that beneficial. From working with hydraulic systems, I suspect a reduction in clearance as the oil travels up the back of the cover and over the ring gear is more beneficial as it helps the oil column to maintain the velocity needed for the oil to achieve escape velocity and get thrown into the pinion gallery.

Phil C.

Wow I always wanted to see this..... just changed my diff fluid in my Nissan frontier. it was so easy and inexpensive.


I live up north. I'd like to see this at -40....

JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

Just fill rear end half diff fluid half liquid nitrogen...add a radiator hose to each end install radiator on bed and add couple fans differential should last 1 million miles

Terry Marshall

oil flow creates friction heat, like over greasing a ball bearing, at 75 mph that's why it is steal but the lube at 30 is more then enough lube....a heat sink cover is a plus.....177k covers never been of.

Jon B

Great explanation/education and I was somehow strangely entertained.


We need more v8 blenders


My tundra diff is just fine. Amsoil severe gear oil. Only the best.

Vile Salas

Interesting yet boring


I always wondered.... and now I know. Thanks for the knowledge, Banks!

HotRod Ray

Exactly the reason the Ford 9 inch changed shape in 1966.

JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz

I work for fleet service and can say diffs run 190k miles stock...maybe with one of these 195k miles....

Joel Cromwell

Does this ever drive home the importance of keeping you diff vent tubes clear.


great video.

Glenn Dickson

Also shows tbe critical importance of the proper diff oil once the ring starts picking it up and oil level drops at the bottom of the case

claude lamothe

really cool ..thanks...lol

Bret Cryer

That oil is so thin i can't even smell the gear oil!


Yep. My LPW cover has a fill hole higher than stock. I filled it to there and it started leaking out of the vent on my Strange 12-bolt.

Dee Jay

I think mine is due for a change, I've only got 250,000 miles on it.

Arjun Chatterjee

Bet youtube recommended this to you!


very informative video. if you want you can use my 1967 Pontiac Firebird with a 8.2 BOP rear-end LOL. I'm going to put a new rear-end next summer.

Evil Fluff

You should have safety straps from the frame to the lift’s swing arms. To help hold the truck on the lift if something is to go wrong.

Akira S

“Let’s go 30 mph.”
**urge for coffee intensifies**

Lester C. Rodan

Interesting how porous that lube you've used is. We did a whole bunch of this research in the 1980's and were amazed at the differences in rear end gear lube! Sure taught us why we and others had so much trouble with rear ands and standard transmissions on the Baja 1000 races. Simple fix, then we won our class a few times.


Listening to this guy is painful, spit it out already. It's like he's falling asleep or having a stroke between every word.


What a great demonstration! Love it!


I know very little about cars. Watched this. Still know very little but I am fascinated. Channel subbed!

Clint M

Good clear presentation. I worked with belts, bushings, bearings and they can be very misunderstood. A good circulation to cool, and disperse additives (and heat) and in a sealed system synthetic would be the way to go.

Billy Bob

Someone please tell him a flashlight is not a laser pointer.


I don't want to imagine what 80mph looks like.

Edit: I meant no incite-fullness in my comment. If someone reads violence in my comment, I hold no responsibility for their actions and assure you that it was not my intention. I post this so AWS, or whoever hosts YouTube does not remove YouTube from its service. I want YouTube to prosper and remain able to claim section 230 immunity.


Anyone who pronounces "W" as "dubaya" can work on my truck.


now, if i could just find someone that knows how to fix mine.!!!!!!!!

lion chops

Kinda similar situation after I had 4 taco bell Supreme burritos


Can you talk and show at the same god damn time ?


That's one smart cat...

Sam Odom

Thank you once again, I follow things like this. Reducing the heat in the rear end is a really good thing. As anyone that works on vehicles knows heat is a killer of things if not controlled. Watching your videos has educated me in a different way. I understand the thoughts and theory of what you are explaining. I live in Alabama, summer time here is brutal on a rear differential. DoesUsing your differential cover have any drawbacks for the winter?
Oh, and the applications for racing!!! My mind is going in several different directions at once!


why didnt you make your clear cover the same shape as actual cover, everything your showing is not accurate to what it actually does

Andres Pinto

Amazing video! Thanks for the very clear explanation

Mr.Rich's Revelations Presentations

I just rebuilt my read end on my Chevy and was alot easier than it thought it would be! Of coarse I had some guidance from my ol Pops! He is 73 and we actually went to Bessemer State College for Auto Mechanics when i was 17 to 19 years old! U treasure those days!!!! Anyway have a blessed weekend!!!!!

George B

Any design and or techniques that improves fluid and/or airflow will have a net positive effect in the performance and function of any machine. The ultimate objective is to reduce resistance and heat build up. ?

Money seeker

Imagine this in the winter ?? ?

king juggalo

So rando... I'll touch the screen, seems interesting.

Israel Guzman

If I ever buy a truck That's what I need just to make sure the differential has oil on it


the forbidden coffee machine


Geesh. Just a bit of over-analysis to push a product. Rubbish!

Jose G Lazo

??? i Just wanna know is ok to chance the oil Gear or Just add it


If he turn that on much longer he'd be making mayonnaise.......


Thanks Gale! Now I know whats going on in my rear end.

Brad Jenkins

Chrome is an insulator as well.


So basically if it was filled to the tubes it would be the same as filling a sealed bearing with gear oil instead of axel grease?

Thomas Bordelon

Gale....when are you all going to make a diff cover for the 2018-2021 tundra?

Ricardo Bonelle

What is the meaning of this video?

Doug Wray

GREAT Stuff!! Thanks Gale!

Easy Going

Now THIS is the kind of YouTube video I like. My only complaint is that you forgot to tell me why gear oil stinks.

Mr.Rich's Revelations Presentations

Very cool MR. BANKS!!!!!! Best video on rear ends i have seen! I just Subscribed and smashed bell!!!!!

Donal Cunningham

Thanks for showing us this, Gale! Very interesting even for those of us who do not monkey with diff covers.

Richard 2018 zmax dragway

Was rebuilding my Ford 7700 Sterling 10.25 rear end and was going to put an aftermarket aluminum cover on until I saw this video. You saved me a lot of money and a lot of aggravation. I figured the best thing to do was take the stock cover and have it sandblasted and powder coated and bolted back on with new bolts. Still got a nice looking cover but yet allows oil to flow the way the Ford engineers designed it to do.

stock s197

Me going 110 In a shit box with barely any DIff fluid

Mastojira Tkach

Garlic sauce tumbler

Kip Fleming

College? who needs College!? I have Chris Fix and now this guy... I'm set for Life!

Brian Wekesa

I've learned something today.

S Wii

It was Folgers with creamer


So what do i get out of this?...I know...not a dam thing.


its splash lubricated. whats the big deal

Joelynn Carter

What banks is forgetting here is that the gear oil level must be sufficiently high enough to lubricate the axle bearings pressed into the ends of the axle tubes as well as the carrier bearings pressed onto the diff carrier.

Bill Peirce

When will you make one for the Ford F-150????????



Valve market cap

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Small Cap, Big Idea: Triton Valves - Dec 8

3 291 views | 8 Dec. 2015

Varindar Bansal tells you

Varindar Bansal tells you about a small cap co which likely to be the next big thing