What is a while

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What is Joggle? | Why We Bend a Bar While Lapping?

34 349 views | 5 Jan. 2019

Hello Friends,


Hello Friends,

In this video i will tell you about joggle, What is joggle and why we use in lapping in bar column or Beam both.

Hope you will like and learn something from this video.

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Er.sanjay kumar

Staggered ya joggle ... good

Tushar Kohli

Sir Agar Lenter Casting ke baad galti se column ki half bars (20mm)ki length thik hai aprx 1000 mm but half reforcing bars ki length short aprox 550 mm reh jaye to kya kare kindly suggest the solution


bar we r providing inside might be it will not effect to over covering

firoz sheikh

Joggle ko kitne digree me curv kar sakte hai?

Sanjay Tudu

Joggle me rod lapping karne ke liye wire se binding thik rahega ki welding karna????

{Vaibhav S.Pal}

Thank you sir


Can lapping be given under plinth beam?

Insha Qayoom

Sir i think joggle provided in column is prohibited in engineering is it corct.
Sir rply zaroor krna


I think beach mein jo steel h usko joggle nehi marna chahie


Sir joggel ki length/bend kitni provide karni hai ye kesey patta chalta hai

Sanjay Kumar

Joggle kitna provide krte hain?
I mean as per IS code or specifications,how we decide how much we sud provide joggle?


?? thanks for sharing this sir

saurabh mhatre

Sir joggle ka bending angle kitna hota hai?


Thanku sir
for this information
Make more video I am always with you

Pradeep Bharti

Joggle kaise lete hai bend length kaise lete hai 32* reinforcement joggle length kaise lete hai

chirag ghughal

Sir joggle is important to transfer load not for only ring alignment

Farhin Hasen


manmohan negi

lapping , couplers dono me se kaunsa sahi he krna earthquake zone m

civil engineer girl

Transeverse reinforcement details dijiya please

Amit Singh

Bhai ek personal question h??
Mera २००gaj ka plot h... Usme piller banwaye the vo ground level tak cast kr k chod diye the... Due to some problem kaam band ho gya. Ab plot me jo b pillar bar the, sab casting height se hi fully bend ho gye h.. Ab pir se kaam start krna h toh piller making k liye kya krna chahiye??
Suggestion bar k liye chahiye ki unko lapping kr k seedha kkr k cast kre ya cut kr k cuppler lagaye???
3storey building banani h toh base pillar strong rhe, uske liye kya kya option ho skte h???

Kamil Quraishi

Sir aap 3D Max k tutorial nhi upload krte beginner k liye..

yash gupta

Thank You Sir....... For Information.....

Anurag Khati

Sir pls meri.job lagwa do kahi site p

Saurabh Tyagi

Great video SIR

All type video

What is technical word of joggle?

Syed Adil

Agr koi column out ho gya 1” tu hm kitney inch tk joggle le skte h maximum

John Johnson

Great videos welled explain



Mahesh Ukkali

Sir joggle Kiya huva bar & uska neeche ka baar ke beech me jyada se jyada kitna spacing rehni chahiye?

Tutorials Tips

Is the first YouTube channel that gives a reply to all comments with days and hours.
Try your Self, Comment your query and get your answer very Quickly.

Proud Indian

Excellent information! Sir is it beneficial to give jogger from inside the stirrups? , I the overlap column steel from.inside area of ring?

Bhaskar Chandra

Best part of your video is that they always have practical explanation and site images

संजय पटेल

अच्छी जानकारी है

Malkeet Sidhu

Do you have any WhatsApp group ?


Great Explanation Bro

sahil kumar

Nice video sir. Bt ye baar ko curve / bend kaise dena hai . Please koi video bnao ya dikhao Baar ko bend/curve krte hue


12 mm ke bar Ku b karna hai sir

Anurag Sahu

Hello. Column main 16 mm ko 16 mm se jodne k liye kitna joggle den ? Ye kese dete hain ? Aur overlap length kya hogi ? Pls reply.

Sohail Kazi

What is the joggle angle?


Sir apne knowledge ko tk kr lo...
Iska main reason hai proper axial load transfer krna from slab to footing...
Aapne toh meaning he badal diya... .. Aise galat information share na kiya kro

Nazim Baluch

Excellent explanation of joggle - thanks

SONU Jatain

According to is code joggle is allowed if the column bar are not in layout at first floor

Anurag Khati

Great video sir new thing to learn

Sahir Ansari

How much provie joggle length.

What is a while

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What Happens If You Pull The Key OUT Of The Ignition While Driving? (You Wont Believe It)

323 635 views | 6 Aug. 2020

It's time for another

It's time for another "What happens if" experiment and this time it's shocking and also kind of worrying.. Get your AV Merch here: https://shopautovlog.com

What happens if you throw out your key (fob) while driving:


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Pittsburgh, PA - 15243

MidMichigan Guy

I used to have a 96 Ford explorer if I still had it and kept it as a second vehicle I'd try doing it. The ranger is pretty much the sister of the explorer.


You need to replace your ignition switch

Thomas Manley

My 89 Silverado can do that

Cedo Cedd


David Piçarra

Tired the modern keyfob thing on my dad's BMW 4 Series
Long story short is that the car keeps on running even if the key is far away from its range
The car says the key is not in range but doesn't shut off

Jyotirmoy Saikia Music Creation


Travis Kitson

You can take the key out of the old truck because of the Ignition switch is messed up that happens from all the times you start it the tumblers have been worn out and one day everything vehicle will have the same problem

Javier Proverbs



Something's badly broken in that ranger. Old cars don't allow that either unless broken.

Brayan Godinez


Owen Kennedy

The ignition switch is broken they where out over time and you need to replace them

yoel mundarain

A would like to see anyone here doing the same with a modern car. I wanna see anyone try it XD cheers from Venezuela JAJAJAJA COMMENT ME


My dad used to have an old Jeep CJ7 and if I recall, the ignition switch didn’t need the key to be turned meaning u could start it w/o the key

David Espinoza

We broke the laws of Physics and logic

Nsniper 72

The 94 ranger I have has the key fob broke so you had to have a key to start it

Jordy Garcia

So now school you don't need a key?

Fast Driver22


Bruiser D

I have a 93 Dodge Dakota, that I can take the key out too.

Sithira Weerasinghe

Over the years, the mechanism inside the keyhole gets worn out, that's what makes this happen

YTK Hausgemacht

Can you even turn it on without a key if you previously have turned it off with the key? Or does it just work if you pull out the key while the engine is on?

Darion Chimko

Thats because its old and worn out

Raja Sankar

why you need these many cars?


Your ignition is broken

Paul Williams

That's because steering mechanism is damaged that allows the key to come out without switching off the vehicle if you get the steering mechanism fixed you will not be able to take out the key while driving the steering has a locking device on it it is damaged


bad idea

Downpat27 Productions

My drivers ed teacher said that you can do that in some very old cars. If you turn the ignition all the way back (the LOCK position) with the key in, and take the key out, then you can't start it without the key. You need the key to lock or unlock the ignition. He must not have turned it all the way off, and maybe he should try that out.

Vedant Sawale VIII B 32

Alternate Title for the video: How to drive without a key!

Gavin Abel

Homie has to get a steering wheel lock

Rocky Bahl

Be it the slowest car ever, sounds like a sports car as it runs!? ? Vrooomm 2:11

jm gaming

This video made me wanna get a 94 ranger


Well when a thief hot wires a car it also has no key

Southeast Texas Sirens and Rail

Yeah my grandfather still drives a 94 Ranger and you can remove the key on it while driving


My 2002 and my 2005 trucks I could do that with

Atv Roller

With the 2016 malibu idk if you reviewed that ignition one but you can start it back up if you forget the key unless you push the button 5 times

fire gamer

I did it with dad's nissan Datsun d21 1993

Noah Pehowic

How did you get the key out without turning off the car? My 2001 Honda CR-V won't let me take the key out unless it's in the off position


Get a clifford alarm system


if you're able to take it out while the car is on is a bad ignition switch

Cristian Rodriguez

I didn’t know it could be restarted without it but I knew it could do the other stuff lol my 1997 Chevy Silverado does this

Aditya Bharatharaja Iyer

Manual Is The Best Automatic Gearbox Sucks In Pick Up... You Know Manual Is Thrillng Old Is Gold

Redneck Asian

your key is to unlock the door lmao

Sarah Smyth

My dads 2003 fiat pinto key ignition has that issiue


In my car, you need a key to start it. But you can just take the key out whenever. It will keep running and you can turn it off with anything that fits in the key slot.

The Variety Kid

So how did you start up the vehicle after turning it off without the key?


the car is started using a battery. the engine can run without the battery. in newer cars you cant pull out the key while its in drive

Greg Bouchard

Keep up the good work on YouTube mate keep up the good work on YouTube mate keep up the good work on YouTube

xotwod wifey

you sound remarkably like christoph waltz ?

Igor Fernandes

If that's possible, it means u have a bad car.

Ryan Mohammad

Ford: our newest and best keyless engine start feature! You dont even need the key at all!

Igor_S tf2 and Noisy Nation

I knew that this is going to happen

Daniel Fountain

I had an 05 ram 1500 that I could do that with. I loved it


All the people with Shit boxes who don’t even need a key to start the truck

RuGgIsH BoNe

Obviously you can in that truck because it doesn't need a key to crank lol


This is so you can leave your car running (if needed), lock the doors and leave. And then return to the car still running with doors locked. This is helpful in very cold areas or when you have to leave the car frequently, preventing ignitionkey and starter wearing prematurely

Szeltovivar Sydroxan

Jesus, lol it's the easiest car to steal LMAO


Bruh i fucking swear I was like what happens if you go to 5th to first gear AND THEN I SAW HE HAS A VIDEO OF THAT legend ?

Howell Gaming

Not surprised because I have a 1995 Ford F-150 that is like that


The way he was happy, you can tell it's the first time he tried ???

Drew Potter

It just dosent have an ignition lock

Angel Rojas

I guess you could say it has keyless ignition.

Balázs Reznyák

In the European cars it is impossible.

its. just jj

The ford vans are like that two you can start it like that to

Isaac Espino

Need to do it with an automatic. It’s manual bruh

Simon pr

You should go to a locksmith is not normal the ignition lock is broken

Thomas Friel

your switch is just worn. I have a truck that does that and you can get a new one so it won’t do that.

Lucas Jensen

The ignition lock cylinder probably broke


I fucking love this guy ?

Winter Gaming

I have an 95 Chevy W/T that half the time you don’t have to use the key to start it lol

Mr Deamon_09

That’s stupid

Peggy Smith

My truck is broke because it don’t faze it

Hockey29 Gaming

Little did we know this isn’t his truck

Daniel Godfrey

You set your truck up so that you could pull your key out while its running. Construction trucks do it all the time.
Also if you take the key out while driving without rigging it, it'll shut off. Which is why I keep my truck key separate from my bundle. The bundle will swing and shut the vehicle off.

B07 Charles Matthew Tameta Habito

ik what happened. while driving my little brother sat on my dad's laps, then the engine died at 42kmh. luckily there was no one near us that night, so we got to park it on the sides. and guess why the engine went out? my bro


7:38 I toughted he crashed


I remember back in the day a lot of those early 1990 model years and 1980s model year cars you were able to remove the key from the ignition while the engine was running or remove it without having the ignition in the lock position. And yeah you could actually just drive the car without using the key at all you could just turn the car off by turning the ignition one time to the left which still leaves the shifter in the steering unlocked. But it looks like here you were able to turn the ignition completely off to lock position and still turn the ignition back on without the key that is awesome. I remember when I was a kid my parents had a 1977 Chevrolet station wagon and you could do the exact same thing remove the key without it being in the lock position and you can actually drive it without the key is long as you turned the ignition off one notch but if you turned it to lock you would need the key again to unlock it

Alex Havier

That wouldn't work in my 2000 ford ranger after pulling out the key, keys that year had a chip

Adam Cooper

The tumblers In the ignition are messed up due to normal wear and tear. So therefore the tumblers are always pushed down, that's why you can start it without a key. With a new ignition you wouldn't be able to pull the key out and wouldn't be able to start the truck without it.

Nikola Radinovic

Had a 1987 Nissan hardbody diesel and you can take the key out while driving but the steering wheel would lock up in place

shane thaung

My 2000 Camrys key would just slide out randomly randomly while driving ?

Tommy Curtis

What kind of car is this? I broken one. It’s not so supposed to do that lol

Brandbomb 09

You live in my aunt's neighborhood

Xnae Gamer

"I dont understand, how is it working without the ignition in???"

Does he know that in crappy cars/trucks like that, the ignition isnt just the Engine shall die! button.


You’re just like my uncle always doing dumb crap like this???

Sendit Weston

Your ford ranger doesn't have a chip because I have a 99 ford explorer and I can pull the key out and shut it off but I can't start it without the chip nearby

casey jones

it unlocks the collum

Bruiser D

The key tumber is broken. Push the black button on the column and try again


Why is it amazing that your POS truck's lock cylinder is broken?

Umbrella Man

"on me i been driving this whole time with no mothafuckin key"


So the old car doesn't need a key for much. Generally they only are needed for the initial start then you are good to drive as much as you want.


I expected the key to be stuck in there because I know once I accidentally forgot to put the car in park and the key wouldn’t come out

Old Hick

It’s a Ford ranger does that answer your questions?

Georges Mcfly

But you have an automatic. On a manual it's very dangerous, you basically shut off the car which means the stearing wheels locks, if the brakes are electric they stop working... it is very scary.


I had a ‘99 accord where the lock in the ignition that held the key in was broken so I’d always mess with people “hey can you hold this for a second?”

Hameed Srt

So this is what a bulletproof is


Me: *casually scrolling threw youtube*

Youtube: "Hey wanna see a guy take out a key in th middle of DRIVING?!"

Sp Mathewnov

He does all this shit with a serious face on lol

Karrier Bag

Don't you have steering locks in the USA? all vehicles in the Uk that have a physical key, the steering column locks when the key is removed, i was expecting it to happen to you?

YoKYoK23 bennett

I can't believe that old man is amazed I am 32 years old I drove a 1993 F150 and had a broken Ignition I knew what he knew I was 17 change it it won't do that anymore for a while it's ford Ignition

Austin Garcia

My truck dose this i have to have the key in to turn forward can pull out and start but I have to have the key to try turn forward to the accery stage thats nuts can start with out a key

American Light

Interesting, but I think the Ranger's switch is just broken, because I know it wasn't designed that way. But here's an anecdote for ya: My Driver's Ed instructor was a pretty cool guy. But he told forewarned us and tested us on the old "turn off ignition and remove the key" trial in which he threw the key down on the floorboard to test the student drivers. It was a fun diversion, and of course the vehicles in that day were big and sluggish, and not too far removed from ones that had no power steering and poor braking ... when the ignition was off, students got to experience a bit of old school performance.

What is a while

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What is a While Loop? (C# vs Python)

7 056 views | 9 Jul. 2019

if you need a bool

if you need a bool dependent loop, use while loops!

Check out more lessons in this course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL0nQ4vmdWaA3GLsZESEkBiIAEvnDEge8D

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I love the c# vs python videos :)


break statement can also be used in switches, not only in loops, at least in C#

Clod Gozon

I rarely use while-loops to the point that I forgot that they existed

Seriously, no joke.


200th liker


"Using the IDE Visual Studio Code"



Where are there only 5 comments?

Chris Albers

Switch statment: do I not break to you?


Why am I here


thankx Bro. more tutorials please


For Loop : Am I a joke to you?


why do I need to use break when I can just put the conditions within the while()?


2nd comment


Thank you, but these blue screens are a bit epileptic, gotta watch it with my eyes closed, still worth it tho :)

Othmane Mahir

Bruh this dude deserves to be a very popular youtuber he is fucking the best

Steve Gould

Wow Sensei, that Microsoft C# code looks so formal and Dijkstrian whereas Python looks more like the easy-to-use Visual Basic we were told was so rubbish back in the day! Are things moving backwards? #ironyalert