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CHOPIN: Nocturne in E Minor (Op. 72, No. 1) | Cory Hall, pianist

7 450 views | 29 Jun. 2019

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Anni Paspaliari

C'est magnifique ,reposant .Merci .

Muhammed Said Ceylan

Chopin is the best!?

Ron B

Thanks for slow practice we always want microwave results but slow builds character and technique. I learned to slow down demo pieces that are programmed on my p60 keyboard and I can play along with one hand first then the other hand, once I master that I will try to play along using both hands.

Anónimos Alcohólicos

Love this channel. It's helping me a lot with practice discipline and digitation.

Tylando Man

Is this a super slow?


Subscribed! Superb.

Ron B

It's a shame I didn't have this when I was in College taking piano.

Bee Bee

Love it

J Gamez

My favorite Chopin nocturne. This was great. Thank you, Dr. Cory !

Liz S.

I play this piece - but much faster than this. It’s on my channel.

ClaraPiano 클라라피아노

Peaceful. It's very beautiful! Make me feel calm and stable. Thank you

Henry Gerrits

Wrong note at 1.49 ? or no wait....?I think this is not the original score ??

paola geraci

Thank you Dr Cory! I'm just studying this nocturne!

Opus cmc

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Chopin Nocturne, Posthumous, Opus 72, no. 1 (Piano Cover)

58 035 views | 23 Jul. 2016

This is 100% my favorite

This is 100% my favorite piece of all time in the piano repertoire. This piece speaks passionate volumes without saying a single word. I'm surprised I took this long to make a recording, but I do believe I play this piece better and better every year as I mature in life. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the utter beauty of this magnificent composition!

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Nick Rio

This is incredible. You play with such emotion, it's so wonderful. You are fantastic!!! Brava ???????????????? never stop!

Jeffrey Green

Hi Kara, not sure you'll remember, but I said I had to learn this now after seeing your/this performance of it. Well, that was back quite a few months ago now. Well I finally finished it (well almost that is) and recorded it just today. I listened to your recording again several times for some of the treatment I liked. Still I couldn't quite nail some of the runs quite as nice, but was happy with it overall, nonetheless. It could still use a few more weeks practice, but I'm ready to let it go for a bit now. You were more help then you know. Recording is on my channel if you ever get the chance. :) . Thanks so much for your encouragement.

Kadir Ucan

missing notes

ماهر عبدالله

Great play great lady great chopin????

Stuart Williams

One of the best versions out there of this piece, well done and thank you for sharing.
Much respect.

Ricardo Romero Martinez


yurrien planken

Sooo good well played miss!!


It is clear you love this piece. Nocturnes are such a fascinating form. I wrote a paper about the evolution of nocturnes from catholicism to video game day/night cycles if you're ever interested.

Michael G

Youtube always suggests this one at such appropriate times in life, its among my all time favorites of all of the chopin ive heard. Excellent work as always


Homme sans amour comme La tere sans Soleil

Mike Hughes

Absolutely beautiful. It's my favorite Nocturne, very haunting.

Sandro Busonera



"piano cover" how is that?


I had to come back to this 1, it's just too good to not hear it again!


amazing performance!!

Saibal Sen


Rusted Paradigm

Sorry to bring this up to the number of likes that i just did, if god wishes to punish me for that i accept his will. hopefully someone gives it another soon to move it beyond that dreadful number.

Jeff Green

Well done. Lovely. Will have to learn this one now. It is perfect length I like.
Very nice.


A very beautiful and flowing interpretation, showing perfect empathy and understanding of the spirit of Chopin's work. Congratulations Kara on an outstanding production ! With best wishes, Paul


great performance... very expressive piece, I think it's the saddest nocturne by Chopin.
I'm going to learn it too. :)


Love it . . . I kept pressing the replay button . . .

MArco x P x

Es lo mejor que he escuchado de todos los pianistas que están en You tuve. Bella y pareciera que estuvieras enamorada por tus sentimientos.

Burgan Marsh

Kick ass.

ji dan yo



Excellent! Beautifully played and great video as well. The Chopin Nocturnes are what I'm striving for - someday. :)

J Dinah150

Really lovely, thank you

David Izquierdo Azzouz

That piano sounds lovely, and you played this piece with a lot of emotion, very beautiful

Hu Alice

Wow ur amazing. My student is doing this for his exams and he just listens to this versiob of it. Greetings from Australia :)

Diane Swanson

This is gorgeous, sensitively played.. I like the tempo very much and the subtle variations in it.


Kara, thank you for this video and your interpretation of this nocturne. You played it magnificently!!! IMHO it is the best video of this nocturne in the entire YouTube catalogue. Once again thank you and BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, well done because this piece is technically far more complicated than it may sound. I have just a comment that is a matter of preference in fact : your interpretation could be far more moving if you were a bit more nervous on some forte parts : eg from 02:50 to 02:59 should sound like a growing scream ending in a ff octave just before taking a subito piano breath. BUT, your interpretation is already more emotionally moving than Rubinstein's one.

Ilya Declerck

Too slow...


It's a very very very very beautiful. Thank you!:)

Giannina Lilian


Ben Woodcock

My cue for this one is the c#min nocturne 27#1. His cantabile is quite thin, and often sour, (sickly sweet at times in major). But there's is a real rigidity in his setting, metaphorically as well as technically. Broken chords were the thing at that time, because shiny pedal, but they lend themselves very well to nocturnes, and his Romantic mindset. Do more for us!

Brandon Warweg

"Chopin is the greatest of all,” Debussy once said. “For with the piano alone he discovered everything." ~Claude Debussy


Pffffff, incroyable, un délice pour les oreilles, je vais partagé tes vidéos.


Excellent playing, This is a beautiful piece, Chopin is 1 of my favorite composers ever, The nocturne is beautiful, Well done!!

Marc Davies

Superlative interpretation.


Ela apreendeu o espirito desta linda Peça!!! Lindo!!!Lindo!!!

Andy Darwin

Hi Kara, You doing this piece has inspired me to play this. Thak you sooo much and i bow down to u. Hope i can someday play like you. You are a god❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️??????????????

Lisa's music theory

Beautiful playing very recently started to play this piece and c# minor .. trills are my nightmare at the moment never been very good with them!


You truly are a gifted pianist, I heard a lot of music in my life, lots of covers as well, and I always felt that some are missing the very most important basic thing, the feel & the flow... and you make it feel so right, you are among the ones I could say "truly gifted" since you feel it and make what you feel be felt through your playstyle, that's the most important thing to me ahah... Also you said you'll keep playing it better and better, off course because the more you will listen to it, the more differently you'll feel and make it feel... You should probably redo it like in 5 years just to see the difference from today :P Can't wait to see ahah.... very few musician do that... usually for some they do it robotically ...


This is 1 of those songs that i can listen to ay in day out, I've comeback a few times to listen to it, To me, This is my favorite version, I've heard it sped up, slowed down, This is just a beautiful version that's unmatched, Thanks again for posting this, It's a truly incredible piece!!


oh yes, a great favorite to have. I've heard this one many times, but the versions I've heard have been rather drab. you and your bright steinway (YOUR BRIGHTWAY) have dusted the cobwebs off of this piece and it sounds exquisite.


Extraordinary , I was only gonna listen to few bars but your playing captivated me and my gosh those trills !!!!!!! How do you get them to sound so clear and good ?


Very good and nicely done. I see your superior technical skills. but a bit more emotional feeling between sad and extreme parts would make it perfect. You need to break the phrase too. remember your left hand has a pickups every quarter notes.


Kara, I just fell in love with you ◕ ◡ ◕

Jan Mack

Kara, you have mastered it even better than 7of9 :)        https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8J5W6ZjPdHU

Stirling Lewis

Hey how do you get your trills so fast? Is it just practice? I’m 15 and currently learning this piece and my trills are not quite as fast as I’d like them to be. Any tips?


"This is 100% my favorite piece of all time in the piano repertoire." Can I quote you on that? I guess I just did! LOL! That's amazing. This has been mine since I first heard it in a 1987 Hallmark movie "The Secret Garden," and for the same reason you give. I'm shocked I only just now realized that you played this, and we have the same favorite piano piece. Amazing as always!

P.S. I have a potential fun piano project for you and your sister! I sent her an email about it at the studio but wonder if anyone is checking it in these strange times. It sure would make a composer (not me) very happy if you were interested in it.


Why the tentative, hesitant start? I nearly turned it off after 20 seconds. I'm glad I didn't.

Brandon Warweg

Very nicely performed Kara Comparetto!!! Great tempo(people want to play it to quickly!!) And you played the octaves great as well!!!! This is probably my FAVORITE nocturne from my FAVORITE composer/pianist/musician of all time!!! Well done Kara, well done<3

David Torres Music

Excelente !!!

Hugo Stiglitz

That's definitely Chopin

Christopher Rose

Melodic passion!

Jennifer Truong

One of the best. I'm a 9 year old and thinking of playing this song. Do you think it right for me??

Njoya Eric

Very nice speed...


Whenever I want to listen to this I always come back to your version. So beautiful, the piece, you, the piano. I am currently learning this one and get inspiration here.

Adriano Gentile

Kara, I've just graduated Jazz University and decided to go back and finish my classical training to become a full fledged piano teacher. This was one of the songs I chose before I took a break from Classical. You are a huge inspiration to me, and I hope I can play this well on my exams. Thank You

nguyen thi minh chi

Your playing like a dream. So wonderful. Thanks for your performance


It started off a bit shaky but the second part is one of the best versions I've heard



Der Professor

well....My all-time favorite composer and you on the same page, what a wonderful moment. The whole passage and the momentum from 2:50 to 3:20 gave me the same chills I get from Kissin's interpretation of this piece, wow! Your presence at the piano is so mesmerizing, such cute and talented pianist :)


Just Wow

Mustafa Yatagan

so powerful and sentimental.

Alexandre Bouy

i listen this once per day, beautiful :)


Awesome Chopin Nocturne Posthumous Opus 72 no. 1 Video.


The transition to the coda at around 3:35 with that E major chord is reason enough to love being alive.


Where are the millions of views? This is undiscovered perfection.

Magda Aranda

this version it's the more similar to my version, I play feeling very much




This is really quite magnificent. Great job!

Michell Guida


Hideki Oira

Hey Kara! I just want to say this cover has moved me into different emotions, in fact when I heard the second part it made me think of a movie that I would love to make.. but only if I could get to use this version of yours. I was wondering if I could have permission to use this piano cover you've made, with all credits given of course. ❤️


You have great talent and excellent articulation. Perhaps try a bit softer the left hand right from the start with more pedal and a less ‘rhythmic’ legato? (a dreamy nocturne ;) check out the Cherkassky version to see what I am trying to say... and keep playing, you are fantastic !


I made it through a very difficult academy listening to this version of the song while studying. Thank you!

Daryl Farley

No, no, no, this is not a funeral dirge. Throw away that metronome! This is a very intimate conversation between two lovers whose very relationship is in immanent peril. Their fates hang tenuously in the balance with each halting phrase. The poor man (left hand) apprehensively begins the dialog with a somber and reverent suggestion and is abruptly cut off by the hysterical rebuff of the female (right hand) who proceeds to gush her grievances erratically over the course of the next 14 measures as he stumbles along hurriedly to support her every sobbing utterance, cautiously murmuring reassurances in a feeble and perhaps futile attempt to assuage her pain. The conversation escalates exponentially to a fever pitch in a flurry of emotion before an acceptable resolution is proffered and a tenuous peace settles over the couple.

marck antony

Amazing you are very beutyful

Chris Breemer

Good performance, well done ! Now what I want to know is, why exactly is this a "Piano Cover" ? Is "cover" the new term for "recording" ?

Hugo Stiglitz

If you were a man, and had tuberculosis, then you would be Chopin.


c'est ma musique préférée en ce moment !


Outstanding, Kara! I just felt I had to comment again, as I listened for a second time :). Such perfect dynamics, the crescendos and endings of phrases. I'm working on all this with Liszt's Consolation 3. I'm almost ready for this piece..... maybe by the end of the year.

Jian Darwin


Daniel Leclere

Toucher tout en délicatesse ,merci

David Daratony

Mine too. Favorite Nocturne. Thank you.

Magda Aranda

I play too yhis piece and more and more I like and fill

André B.

Très beau. Merci à Chopin et à son interprète.


Excellent! This is one of the best interpretations I have heard.

Doris L

One of the best versions of this nocturne I have found so far that is not too fast and overdramatic, I am currently playing this piece, do you have any advice on how to fix the rhythms in bar 31-38.

Also how would you think of approaching the piece in general,

Thanks, Doris


I bought a Steinway to learn this piece! You are technically flawless. But I hear you like Mozart more than Chopin. This is the Chopin's very first nocturne. He composed it when he was 17.


I have nearly completed this piece...it is so beautiful, so powerful. I was a little surprised to hear you mention it's your #1 favorite in the entire repertoire, as you have such a varied repertoire, but not totally shocked. It's even more powerful in person. It gets me from that very first Emin arpeggio and the (b)G in the very first measures.

Abdul De Hoyos

Muy bonito. ?

juan ramon Torres

Hello Kara, I really like your video, for me this Nocturne is very beautiful although it costs me a little work in some parts, I'm just studying it, I only know 2 more nocturnes and this would be the third one. Let me tell you that you play it very sweet and very well, I love the delicate interpretation you give it, Congratulations and greetings from Mexico

Чичкан Ярослав


DNL 78

Can I please marry you? I'll make you a queen, I promise! I have always yearned to have a girlfriend that looks like you and that can feel like you (as a musician, I can tell). What a beautiful piece of music played by a gorgeous, most beautiful woman, with beautiful most elegant hands. Perfect combination. Can't ask for more. Pleasure! I am so inspired. Thank you (and please say - "I do").

romantic keys

This is my favorite Chopin Nocturne.



I have never been so entranced by anyone else who has played this. thanks so much.

Eduardo D'Antonio

I'm learning my piano music slowly and this one is a treasure. Thanks Kara!

Opus cmc

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Chopin Nocturne Op.72 No.1 By Arthur Rubinstein (19/154)

2 341 814 views | 9 Oct. 2012


Video 19 of 154 from my Chopin Collection, last of my Nocturnes. My plan is to upload all of them before the year is over.

Daniel Mu

U are literally bad delete your vid omg this thing is getting in my nerves

Selmer Reference54

This is lovely and doable! I hate when there are too many 2 against 3 or something like that.


"i do not care about the money therefore i am a revolutionary " Chopin... when this world character assassinates you once you're dead, it means you took a stand against money god satanists and won... Thank you God for F Chopin

Thomas Baron

Frederic fucking Chopin
like if you know this reference ?




// MARKIASH // LICENTIE AAN YOUTUBE// Chopin Noc Turne Op.72 No. 1 By Arthur Rubintein.


when my teacher showed me this piece, I said "why not". I'm almost done with this song and it's so beautiful

Muratcan Hayta

Harika bir eser

Alekey Alex

Like si vienes por Diego

Jozu Kennz

It’s a beautiful interpretation and good piano sound. I wonder if it’s really Arthur Rubinstein’s playing. The playing style and piano sound don’t sound like his. It’s possible that Arthur Rubinstein played differently in early and late ages, but this version is too dramatically difference in my opinion...

Charlotte Knight

A safe place


This was his first nocturne he ever wrote.


Who came here after watching Tombstone...(doc holiday) "this is a nocturne.. Frederick 'fucking' Chopin" .... lol



Barbara Pang

This piece is an emotional roller coaster for me. It was the first time I felt so untalented and worthless to be even trying. I went through that phase thank goodness but still I’m not sure about my feeling towards it


Commenting everytime i hear this: 8

Bluu23 H

Everytime I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes. I’m not sure if maybe he was going through something when he wrote this but you can feel such emotion

Jacq Daniel Francisco

Just arbitrarily chose a Chopin video..... This is so beautiful!

Sara Domingues

i love chopin so so much and i love learning his pieces but GOD DAMN its so hard to make it sound so beautiful and poetic


Chopin is a king , it is God himself , and this one is my favourite, love the strenght, the passion, it is awesome !

Joana Clelia Soares





I wish i could do the trills and fast bits

Trouble Clef

Nocturne: piano, graceful
Me: forte, playing as though the world' s ending

Leila lucas de souza

Lindo demais!

Tony Almeida

Is that "Old Dog Trey"? That sounds like "Old Dog Trey" to me.


It’s hot in Japan, but this music gives me goosebumps...

Ruben T

The Secret Garden

Bilal Atabey Official

So much intense emotions for a 17 year old boy.. Chopin, you are incredible.

Barbara Jane Sowak

haunting....working it now, also like Richter's interpretation

Spyro Dog

This isn’t Stephen stinkin’ Foster....

Tommy sauce

So good yet such a pain to learn when you just play for fun and never got a piano class

Irving Johnson

The Chopin C minor Nocturnes dwell results deep inside me. They are the terms of solace, love and solitude. They can be heard in any way and lean on the importance of passion on that wall of ridged posterity and the rarely waken moments. They are an art and not a science although the life after math is magical. I love these works and often due to play them.

Zachary A. Hampton

This has been my favorite piece of music for over 20 years... Still takes my breath away..

Hunter Perry

Is anyone else here because of the secret garden?


I found a better version of this , but it is not separate, it is with others, it is called "chopin best nocturnes", this one is nice but softer, I prefer the other one


level 10 rcm anyone?

Alexandra Delliou

2020: 1073


Chopin... Best piano virtuoso...


I do learn this piece in four month, for an exam??yees! No, really, it's difficult


Commenting every time i hear this. 4


canzone poetica e poco romanticamente ramanticosa

Philippe BOUDEY

Les saisons sont ce qu' une symphonie devrait être: quatre mouvements parfaits en harmonie intime les uns avec les autres . Citation d'Arthur Rubinstein .

Top Shelf

Chopin makes me reflect on my life and appreciate the small things and for that I'm forever grateful

Thomas Gary

Yes well this happens to be a nocturne... Doc Holliday

_ sarshlyx _

2:28 2:38

Zheng Lei


Farid Antonio Saavedra Anota

Do you have the link to spotify please??






God's voice, mortals.

Elizabeth W.


Walter White

Is that Old Dog Trey? That sounds a lot like Old Dog Trey.


Hi i'm korean college student. I wonder if it would be OK to use this song as the background music for my workshop's. I love the feeling of this music. If there's a problem, just leave a message. Thanks you!

Unknown Element

This piece is absolutely breathtaking. It is beyond my comprehension how somone can even create somthing this beautiful. Otherwordly, or at least the peak of humanity this is.

The AnxietyTime

If you listen to Chopin, and love it, you surely lost one thing that you love very much. Because Chopin is this. You live, but unfortunately, something goes wrong, and hits you from your deepest feelings...

Caitlyn Cherro

"Is this Stephen Foster? Camptown Races? You know. Stephen Stinking Foster?"
"No. This is a nocturne."
"A noc-what?"
"You know. Frederic F***ing Chopin?"

Olesya Stepanenko

Я заканчиваю уже музыкальную школу и на выпуске буду его как раз играть,очень нравится ???


it makes me suicide one day


Insanes in dislikes

Gagoliko Lagrmlje

I'm learning this Nocturno...

Malvina Budaghyan


zhenzhen Shen

I like this song

René Licht


Lucas Joy

Tbh, I think this peice is better on .75x speed


Commenting every time i hear this. 7 (missed a few)

Hugo Mauricio Mendoza Contreras

2:42 how its this even possible


This is a beautiful piece and played so beautifully as well! I'm just curious though, as I'm listening to the song and reading the music there are very minute differences from whats being played and whats written here. Just wondering if the piece has been altered in some way in translations?? It's still beautiful, but just curious if this happens from time to time.


Well, this is a Nocturne. You know...Frederic "Fucking" Chopin.

Joe Chen

Man, that tempo difference blows my brains out

Daniele Di Rubbo



BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I’ve been trying to learn this song for the longest! I haven’t dedicated enough practice, but you make it seem seamless! Thank you!

Michael Darmousseh

I think that was the wrong note at 3:10 lol. He just keeps moving on though.

David Lyon

Oh Chopin, what gloom shrouds us, underground dwellers, yet how exquisitely you express that inner turmoil, time and time again, forever and ever.

겨울 나무

so beautiful.......who can dislike chopin's nocturne...

Nicholas Rees

This seems to me the closest of Chopin's nocturnes to the John Field set that was clearly the inspiration. Not sure that it is "easy" given the duple/triple time juxtapositions but I guess that is common throughout Chopin's nocturnes. I will try it.

Daniel Mu

Bruh delete your dumb vid already that vid is ass

Darren Griffiths

I play Chopin's nocturnes all the time and Chopin is my musical idol. Just to clarify to the some of the comments below, a lot of people do take away the emotions of his nocturnes and don't really display any feeling in his compositions, particularly concert pianists. This interpretation of this nocturne is the best I have heard on youtube so far. The notes were kept at their lengths whilst the dynamics and rubato were remarkable. Just remember to keep the notes at their lengths, hands in time with each other (or sounds very messy), and pay attention to the grace notes, the trills, the dynamics, tempo changes and rubato. Do that and it will give you the interpretation like this one. Do all that to all his nocturnes and you will gain the full beauty of Chopin's works.


the second to last system on the second page i just can't play the 16ths over the triplets i've tried hundreds of times

Elke Vormfenne

Ein Hochgenuss? der Musik.???




My sad soul can't accept that it ends in e major and wants it to end in e minor to continue crying


This is why I keep playing piano for the rest of my life... Chopin, he is my hero... God bless his soul....

Lu DeLioncourt

Am I the only person that feel a pressure over the chest when this piece is reproduced? It's so weird...

Joshua Guerrazzi

Il 10 ottobre soni 7 anni che è uscito questo video.
Bisognerà festeggiare???

Ghitty Musical

Questo è un brano bellissimo ma l’interpretazione è un po’ morta


only 1800 kids will remember this

sleep deprived

Pieces like these are the reason I want to keep practicing the piano to play those pieces one day


Can everyone hear the mistake and edit made at :50 the double F# octave? Very rare in a Rubinstein recording. The team must of loved this take so much they were willing to edit that one spot and keep the rest. That says alot about this performance.

Joey Grossano

Oh hey! This is pretty good! High-five Chopin!

Kai Hong

I memorized this piece.

Sushe Liu

Me playing this piece: barely touches keys with left hand
My teacher: YoUr LeFt HaNd Is ToO lOuD

Rina Greens



Chopin pure genius xx


I learn this for an exam, o my god, I'm so excited to know play that!!?I love, I think it's my favorite piece


do re mi

Claire Lee

Favorite piece by him

AJ Muzik

Minus the piccardy third at the end, this work is one of my favorites by Chopin. Although it leaves me with the impression of someone dying and their corpse is left in the bedroom.

Mary De Lioncourt

This piece could be created by Chopin!It's Amazing!