Macys order tracking

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Nite Show Highlight: New Maine News Founder Seth Macy

717 views | 24 Dec. 2017

Seth Macy is the brains

Seth Macy is the brains behind Maine Satire News site New Maine News. He's not only doing it, but he's doing it well. Dan runs through a few of his favorite stories in the short time New Maine News has existed and talks about the confusion his site has caused for some. Check out this clip here, and then catch FULL episodes of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman Saturday nights at 11:30 on WABI TV5/Bangor; Saturday nights at 7:30 on WGME CBS 13/Portland; Saturday nights at 10:30 on FOX 23/Portland; and Saturday nights at midnight on WAGM FOX 8/Presque Isle!

Macys order tracking

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Customer Support Philippines | Sample Order Taking Sales Demo

582 549 views | 4 Apr. 2013

Call center services are

Call center services are now available (and very affordable) to small and medium businesses. Contact us today for a quotation.

Macys order tracking

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All the ways your phone tracks your location

48 422 views | 18 Oct. 2020

Your phone (Android or

Your phone (Android or iPhone) is tracking your location even if you disable Location Services, turn on airplane mode, and disable Bluetooth. Learn how to stop it once and for all.

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Cell tower triangulation






WiFi positioning and radio triangulation


Bluetooth beacons and surveillance





Ultrasonic cross-device tracking






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The footage and images featured in the video were for critical analysis, commentary and parody, which are protected under the Fair Use laws of the United States Copyright act of 1976.


8:06 so does regular GPS/ WIFI tracking...

Definite Solutions

Unfortunately, we are giving our consent to do all of that and most of the users are unaware of that because when we accept the agreement during installation of app.

Sam Ina

open-source development is the second half of the solution to these problems.
what is the first half?

Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO

Not sure which one of kurzgesagt or the hated one messes with my brain the most ?

code &code

ive learned a lot here

Ezequias Santos

This video has a lot of useful information! Thank you!

ꜱᴛᴀʀ ʟᴏʀᴅ

How to download vanadium chrome ver???


How do you even counter this ?
Shove it in a sound proof box?


Does this include a flip phone?

God rules Jesus Christ saves

Nothing else matters but Jesus

Lorna Marca

Its true

Bruh Boy

well, just found out you are BAT verified, here I'll tip you some to help the channel

Eugene Cooper Jr

I use the PilferShush Jammer on f-droid to control my microphone. It's in google apps also. Awesome channel......?✌️

J - Coke

Okay now I’m scared

TechSpertise Tv

Theres also an untalked about tracking vector that you should cover. Hak5 did a video with "Woody" @tb69r wherr they talked about ir tracking via the infrared sensors on our mobile devices how theyre unique to each brand>model>specific phone> and install os. Please cover thst, the transmission rate being light is by far faster than any baud of sound. -TheGlitchKing

Made Will Derek

If my phone is been tracked .then I'm not gonna use a phone anymore

I gonna switch to

My computer


Thanks for telling us about blue tooth and wifi scanning, I never thought about that before!

Tyre Wald

Use a dumb phone, remove the battery, when not needed. When abroad, try to get a phone and card, without showing your ID!!!

Анатолий скачать

The audio is a bit low


so basically? just don’t have a phone ?

Oliver CDB

Hey The Hated One, I am interested in the deep web and I’m very new to this. I have installed the Tor Browser and have a paid NordVPN subscription.
I know this may be a dumb question, but how do I access the dark web? I would like to just explore it and see what it has to offer. Every time I try to find information I find stuff about the dark web (the criminal aspect) and that is not what I’m seeking, I hope you can answer it. But it’s just a mystery for me and I don’t have anyone to help me...

I really like your videos and keep up your great work!

RA Horus

Your phone is nothing more than a Glorified ankle bracelet with a serious adictionprospect.

dave jason

But how can we survive from location trackers?

John J Keaveney

Any new videos


This would have sounded like science fiction to me just a few years ago. The lengths some people will go to for data is crazy.

an aspirant

Opened YouTube just to hail engagement... Else yt is of no use

mikeyb byekim

Just the simple fact that bit only has the tech been built as hardware, but that they can program such deeds to have it do. Just by creating organized chaotic looking character assembly f it to make sense. And that giving it interpretations to do so.

Ray Bin

So while you're fretting about data collection with smartphones data is collected via that nasty debit/credit card used to make all purchases....something to think about. (I ditched all of them in 2006 - using strictly cash....it's a bit of a pain cashing checks at places like Wal-Mart but I've adjusted to it.) Interestingly it seems use of cash is starting to become "unpopular" at Wal-Mart checkouts - self checkouts not accepting cash. ?

Hal Asimov

Also I imagine passive tech like rf ID tags can be detected even while divices are off. Any thoughts on this? is Near Field part of this?

User user

Who disliked this lol

Kamerton Audiophile player

Perhaps Google use a different mechanism, but as for now, an app can get a location info just few times in hour. It means no any precising tracking in background is possible.


these companies devising ways to advertise to me, spending millions on the tracking technology only for me to run pihole, ublock and adblock plus and block all there ads


Good thing I tend to leave my phone at home most of the time

Tarek Yamout

How much of these practices are curved by grapheneOS?

Rohit Yadav

Thats why snowden remove the mic and put it only while use.
He told in interview. He is a Hero

Eddie Meltzer

the sound is terrible!but good content as usual.

Sachin Balan

Thanks a lot. I hope Graphene OS expand it's radius other than pixel devices

ANON Lilly

thank u always


I Legit Never Knew This

C. K

The thing that i turn on my location is,
If my mobile lost , there is a chances to get it back

Chris Swickard

I've been curious about the 'e foundation' os. I just found your channel today and would love your opinion of it. Learned so much already about why my VPN isn't getting renewed and why switching to Linux was such a good idea and qubes could be nice to try... so much, I love it. Also paranoid as fuck now but it's justified.

Matthew Sabia

Holy shit. People need to get a life and get over themselves...

Easy Skip Hire

I need a new tin hat and foil bag for the phone...

1 2

Is tor legal?


Why do Google track us tho?

Ricky Buttons

Paranoid and safe. Nano tech bill gates COVID vaccine ? coming soon. Having a phone will be irrelevant to being tracked. Time to remove my tin foil hat

Raymond Bergg

Another thing to note is that the vast majority of mobile devices have fixed batteries that cannot be removed, so you can never truly switch them off.

C. K

What is this post mean? Help me 10:05

mikeyb byekim

10:20 say ehuuuuuut. Tracked like that too wow incredible

cristin jhon

Never ever use the company os, always use custom roms ,say bye to eagle eye (Google)

Pat Hyche

Everyone if you want an easy way to disable your phones gps also an every other location tracker on it since airplane mode doesn't work just wrap it in tinfoil trust me try it it works wrapbit an then call your phone or watch your GPS signal stop from another phone only way to completely disable it an not turn the device off that way you can keep it an then unwrap it an use it if needed. Your welcome

Tyler MG / Tyler mega games

But with nord VPN, they couldn’t find me

Ryan Wittibs

Hello, thank you for making this video! I have been considering ditching my iPhone for a Mudita Pure (their OS just went open source!) or light phone 2, this video really makes me want to move forward with the switch. You have a lot of great tutorials on how to secure your privacy given the compromise of owning a smart phone, but would love to get your opinion (and/or see a tutorial) on encouraging privacy-focused individuals on moving from a smartphone to a less-smart-but-useful phone (mudita pure / light phone) or a dumb phone, or even no phone at all.

Also - random - would love to know what music you're listening to lately!

Thanks for all your help and great videos! I really appreciate it.


Your phone can't track you if you've never owned a phone in the first place.

Simple. Use phone as a tool by leaving it in a metal signal blocking casing when not in use as a tool, have no physical recorder in the phone so to use/make calls headphones are used. not convinent but secure and still a great tool.

Ella Mentical

I just want to say the people in this comment section are super chill, smart, and witty. Thank you all for a pleasant aether experience.

Dancing shadow00

Did anyone else turn off there Bluetooth when he spoke about it?

mikeyb byekim

1:18 and how does it constantly analyze that and with so many devices at same time... Wow


What kind of phone do you use? which phone is the best phone to use for privacy or even best phone to de-google??


Thank you so much for your videos


R Oz

An eye opener on privacy for everyone who has a cell phone - everyone! Great work. Thanks.

mikeyb byekim

11:25 ya but still wondering about backdoors

Thomas Neo

Are there any phones without GPS?


well guess they are about to find my werd hentai editions and other stuff that I watch xD


Can you please make a move about privacy for eCall, if we still tracking even if there are no crash but the system is on standby connected to BTS?

Bob Weaver

THO, as I'm sure you know, gOgle actually listens to what you're saying. When my son is over and we talk about something specific, e.g. what happened at school today, within 30 minutes we start seeing ads on our cell phones for what we've talked about. It used to take a day or two but now the time has cut to 30 min.

Little Mo

You know I always have liked movies like sneakers, wargames, blackhat and shows like persons of interest. All of these movies about hacking old and new seemed fanciful but now I see that they were based in reality. Hollywood which is closely aligned with the deep state tells us the truth in a covert way and dresses it up like fantasy. For decades I was so paranoid about all of this Internet technology and tried to warn anyone that would listen. Now I see I wasn’t paranoid enough. George Orwell must be doing backflips in his grave

Elizabeth Diane

Your car radio does the same thing

Hal Asimov

Imagine what next gen will be like! We have to save the market or human progress will hault and technocrates will shape any world view they want.


5:40 - There are no manual proxy settings under Network Connections:Advanced in Android 6.0... or probably... even earlier. I went into Orbot and chose the applications to route through the Orbot VPN, and the only one it shows on the home screen after I checkmarked a bunch of them... is Paypal Mobile as being the only VPN enabled and compatible Android app of all my network apps. No Firefox, Google Search, Weather apps, Wikipedia, nothing. Just Paypal Mobile.

mikeyb byekim

Just frkn incredible that so much date can be captured and viewed from so many devices so FAST wirelessly AND RECORDED. Speed of light, but the fact that the material hardware technology can process that data so fast as well.

Jon Doe

what about the exit nodes for tor network couldnt say a 3 letter agency just run god knows how many exit nodes with nobody knowing....? Tor is great however we need an alternative.

The Sensational Mr. Science

Tracking Methods & how to combat them Cheat-Sheet
WiFi - Disable WiFi, WiFi scanning, & turn on Airplane mode, when not in use. downgrade permissions to only necessary times & apps you use the service
Bluetooth - Disable Bluetooth, Bluetooth Scanning, & turn on Airplane mode when not in use. downgrade permissions to only necessary times & apps you use the service
Cellular - disable Cellular service and turn on Airplane mode, when not in use. downgrade permissions to only necessary times & apps you use the service
GPS - Fake location by setting up "FakeTraveler" from F-Droid as a Mock Location app, & turn off location, when not in use. downgrade permissions to only necessary times & apps you use the service
Ultrasonic Cross-Device Tracking - use "pilfershush jammer" active and passive microphone jamming when not in use, and downgrade permissions to only necessary times & apps you use the service
and of course don't download anything free unless you have completely vetted the source code (and built from source if you're running from the Gov.)
WiFi & Bluetooth scanning are in location settings in the advanced area
pilfershush jammer and faketraveler are from F-Droid
and mock location is found in developer options after tapping build number (about 7 times) in the about phone section of system settings and is in the debugging section of the developer options as "Select mock location app" then choose fake traveler and you are ready to go!

location & Security ---> location ---> Advanced --> Scanning (for Bluetooth and WiFi scanning)
system settings ---> About phone ---> build number (tap about 7 times )
(developer options activation, be careful in there!)
System ---> Developer options ---> Debugging ---> Select mock location app (FakeTraveler setup)

hope this cheat-sheet helps out for those watching!
Hope you have a great day & Safe Travels!

C. K

Among us 7:40

mikeyb byekim

7:25 wow that's frkn crazy how much can be kept track of and computed.

Neil T

Librem 5

Ghost of Henry

Why is the audio so muffled in this video?

Genki Feral

I have no data plan on either smart phone (and have a dumb phone for that). But, I use Talkatone app for free calls on WiFi. I doubt I have any privacy there, but would love to get input from readers: what apps do YOU use, do you use/borrow hotspots in a metro are to use strangers' WiFi, how are these free phone/text apps tracking us?

Rayees Ahmad

How to prevent from cellular network(tower location) #@anybody


ok. buying a nokia

Ásgeirr Uriel

awesome video like always keep up the good work


What about a RDIF case? Does it block tracking signals? Thanks great videos.


As you can't hide from CCTV in your city, you can't hide on the internet if you want to be part of it.
You can limit the tracking, but this also limits the usability of your device.
This is a big trade-off, and we can't do anything about it. Either you are part of it, or not. There is no golden route with privacy AND usability


Isn't it ironic everyone is using a google platform to discuss what lying dirtbags google and others are and how they manipulate us and sell data and here we discuss how to block them,, it sounds like a great tool for google and the rest to see what is trying to prevent them from seeing our data and figure a work around.


How about "Other App Capabilities" under "All Permissions"? even once i disable everything, there are still dozens of permissions allowed by practically every app, for much more data sensitive things. Can they be turned off? or do i just have to delete all apps from my phone?!

mc lil Zen the poet

I almost forgot about you bro

Lil Esh

Good vid


Don't use your phone outside your home

Aee Bee Cee

Quick, find out all your smart phones in your home, your pocket your body inside. And throw them all to the river. Aha... enjoy relaxing freedom

Imran Anees

Haha... A Khabib fan!


Will Starlink make tracking impossible to avoid?


Hm, health insurance is pretty expensive. Maybe I should start making two trips to the supermarket: one with my phone to buy health food, and one without my phone to buy snacks. I could also slip it into my friend’s bag when she goes to the gym. Lol. It sucks though how we have a little judgemental snitch right in our pockets we need to try to evade and outsmart.

Gaming Collection

Looks hard for a everyday person like me.

anita singh

You can disable sensors on your android phone in devloper mode.

Devloper mode > Quick setting tile > Sensors off. Now enable the sensors off toggle.


TL:DW--- Turn shit off you don't need 24/7 (which is 99.9%). You don't need an app to tell you if you wiped your ass properly. No company actually gives a shit if you have the"Best Customer Experience". Independent thought is still acceptable in the real world.

Alexandre Peralta

In Portugal, the government now wants to use bluetooth tracking to track people that where near someone that have Covid-19

Anton Remaneb

Borrow someone phone for
Both parties . they will have
To look very hard and at the
Same time the phone number
Is not registered to you .they
Will have a hard time proving
That its you making the call.
Or use office phone , anybody
Can use office phones.


I just dont care, im not an important person lol

Thomas Neo

How is calyxOS compared to GrapheneOS? Is Librem 5 phone the most secure phone?

Memes n Shet

I wonder about the ways they spy on us on Mobile OSs that we still don't know about