Is cordonia real

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Halloween 2012 Corydon Iowa

141 views | 31 Oct. 2012

This is our first family

This is our first family haunt in our new home. I usually get out of control but this year two jobs and a full weekend dj schedule i lacked the time. Enjoy at night the two foggers workin it was good.


Anyone else a wayne county county resident?

Is cordonia real

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THE WEDDING NIGHT ???!! Ch 21(4/4). Choices The Royal Romance Book 3

28 340 views | 31 Aug. 2018

Choices Stories You Play:

Choices Stories You Play: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/choices-stories-you-play/id1071310449?mt=8

Full Playlist Royal Romance Book 3:


Full Playlist Royal Romance Book 2: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLijSfEw5OLb1aeriW2KgWnrrjq2vPhh7r

Full Playlist for Book 1: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLijSfEw5OLb1i3qA7HjIyG_RSISAM7_Rt

All NEW Choices ROMANCE: Love awaits in the ROYAL court of Cordonia! Will you choose the crown prince or will someone else win your heart?

Romance || Drama || Love Story

Queries/Questions/Problems: Contact Via Message or Business Email in description!


I feel sad. XD NO THE BOOK IS ALMOST FINISHED. AND I LOVE THIS CHANNEL. when I cant do the diamond choices( like all the time) I come here to see what would habe happened lol btw love your channel and yeah. XD

Hiranya Wijesekara

I want a book 4 soon, I want to see they make their royal heir too


I played married to Drake first - trust me the wedding night is way hotter and longer ? When I played married to Liam, well it's a bit disappointing isn't it?! Drake is also with you when you're kidnapped if you're married to him, so it played out a little differently. Sad it's almost ended though.... ??


My god, the wedding night was amazing! Liam is absolutely the best ❤️


oh Liam I miss you come back soon with the royal heir <3 <3

AppGames Live Too

How am I gonna live without Liam, Maxwell, Drake, ChanceLive n everyone else :(

Christina Hadjinicola

Is it going ro be book 4?? I want that so muchhhh!!!!???

Candy Pangestuti

To be honest, I'm a bit sadly disappointed that Liam didn't bring Riley along when his family hug him in relief... Riley only got her Corgi & then group hugs, while her pals got hugs from their families...
I just hope that in the follow-up series, there would be Riley's history; whether she's estranged from her family that she dare to "runaway" to Cordonia because she feels that she has no one, or both her parents already die... Because I kinda feel sorry for her that now she's only got Liam, her friends & her Corgi as her family...

But thank goodness, this their sex scenes are too awesome as this chapter's closing...
I just hope, in the follow-up series, they'll do it more often & their duration is much longer & intense... ??????... AMEEEEEEEN...

Naila Tasnim

They should make more chapters and books...i love the royal romance...

golden diamondz

They should of done more with the honeymoon in my offense ?


How did you get diamonds? I already bought but low on money.

Is cordonia real

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Tree Jump in Corydon, IA

768 views | 14 Jan. 2009

Basically, took us longer

Basically, took us longer to do it then think it up so that explains most of this. Took our shoes off, climbed up the tree without checking the water. You'll have to watch "The Aftermath" to get the full effect. But there was rocks at the bottom and it was literally waist deep and luckily my knees gave or I could have broken something. John wouldn't jump so I had to man up and go for it. We were about 30 feet up I think. Levi was the one who couldn't count and running the video.... Enjoy. Ha