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Creating and Managing Alerts | TD Ameritrade Mobile – iPhone

6 275 views | 21 Apr. 2020


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In this demo you’ll learn how to create and manage alerts tied to stock, ETF, or index performance on the TD Ameritrade Mobile app for iPhone.

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Herman Chan

How do you delete all or select a batch of alerts at the same time? I have more than a hundred and don't want to delete them one by one. Thanks.

Two Cen

Do you have to always be logged in for alerts to work? Thank you.

The Ragestew Channel

There's no sound notification setting for alerts on Android.... why?!

YouTube Superstar

Why did you remove option alerts from the app?

mathew amini

How do you create an alert so it stays until canceled.
For example if i create an alert for GE for $17.50 and it hits that it already disappears. But I want to have it for all the time so it doesnt just cancel it and notifies me at that price whenever it hits that day or other days so i dont have to keep marketing the alert.

Sanchez Brown

Is there a way to create an alert for dividend received?

Kyle Anthony

How do you add an alert for premarket and after hours? I only receive alerts when the markets are open...

Omid Gharavi

Why there is no notification/sound on TD Ameritrade app on my iPhone when the order is filled?

Christian Isaman

Can you please make an updated video for version 194.0?

Minh-Johnathan Hang

Is there an alert when trailing stop loss has been filled ?

Td ameritrade market cap

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Trading with Margin Accounts

11 688 views | 16 Sep. 2020

A margin account may

A margin account may provide investors with access to leverage, short selling, and options trading features. Discover the benefits and risks of borrowing funds to invest as we discuss the key differences between a margin and cash account.

Hustle Man Flave

How do I turn Margin off so I don’t use it unless I choose too?

ked Duff

Very good video

rovana persaud

Hi please give the newbie question - I want to apply for for the margin account at 2K. My question is, if i only trade with cash in that margin account and not borrow margin at all, but take advantage of the instant settlement am I still restricted by the PDT rule?

Harkirat Bains


Fred hooshi

heard the least interest applied to margin belongs to interactive brokers in the order of about 1.9 percent. Do not know about TD

Financial Millennial

Is the margin interest in the same currency as the stock, or can the margin interest be paid in either CAD or USD?

Luis Burgos

1:20 "you can have a margin account but end up using only your money the choice is up to you" please explain further. I don't see any settings in TDA that would allow me to buy using just my cash and not use margin. Thanks.