Samsung level

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Samsung Level On Headphones Review!

105 019 views | 29 Jul. 2014

This is my review of

This is my review of Samsung's new premium headphones, Level On.

Samsung Level On: http://amzn.to/1nPhKfA

Audio Technica ATH-M50x: http://amzn.to/1nPhOMi

Beats Solo 2: http://amzn.to/1pnoAay

Surprise, surprise they're not terrible. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Be awesome: http://bit.ly/AustinSub

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My Video Gear: http://amzn.to/1lhFkOJ

Intro/Outro: Moodolude 05 - Evil Needle

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Twitter http://twitter.com/austinwachukwu

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Samsung Level On Headphones Review!

Samsung Level On Headphones Review!

Samsung Level On Headphones Review!

Matt Wong

Just found your channel, and a lot reminds me of MKBHD. The video editing, the red and black logo design, the setup of your room, etc...But thats a good thing. Love the video


Glad I just found this channel! Great vids man


These look just like beats and so do the over ear ones

Justin Head

Do you actually purchase your products or do you find ways to get them for review.

Masizani Naphtaly

just got a pair...mostly love the touchpad on the sides...plus they are too expencive for headphones


Damn it I tried hard as f*ck to be first, loaded this up as soon as I got the notification on my phone lol. Great review man, keep it up!


It kinda screams Beats to me.


This review is real! And I'm gonna try it tomorrow thank you for sharing :-)

*how's battery [email protected][email protected]


Samsung does a good job of copying shit.

Matthew Deo

Subbed now!

Christopher Kirkland

Actually, Apple purchased Beats after Samsung announced their Level line.


Do you think it's worth the price?

Gunho Jason Gabriel Jun

Whats the background of the pc at 00:29??

Mark Schwacofer

30.00 to much today?


The intro and setup looks like MKBHD


Any type of headphone is better then beats to be honest.. as of now


For my size is too big

nelson pagan

You step up your game in the video making congrats love the look and style of your videos keep up the great work

Obey Physics

Dude cut that nasty ass mole hair bro. Ruins the HD experience of this video... Lol...

Taiga Fukuyama

Number one! XD

BunBun Mochi

Do the headphones still allow the touch panel control on the side of the headphone if you use the cable?


Austin, did you buy these?

Muuricio Degollada

Just got samsung level on they sound amazing they are comfortable have worn them on two plane flights amazing very happy with them I have beats as well they are now in the closet for good sorry beats you been beat


Good review. I am not an audiophile, but I do a ton of transcription work and so, when I bought my new Samsung phone at Target, I was not sure what to think when they gave me this headphones as a 'gift with purchase'. Up until then I had been using an old pair of Sony headphones that were good enough but would start to irritate my ears after an hours or so (too much 'grip' I would say).

I've been using the Samsungs now for about 2 months and they are really fairly comfortable for hours of interview work. What I like most is that they don't seem to squish my ears like the Sony ones used to. I cannot stand wearing in-ear ones, so YAH for free and GOOD!


Worst headphones ever.. after 6 months of normal use, now are just trash.. Broken on the plastic, dont buy this headphones.. this is a NO NO..


Nice review, you have how to make review of new headphones SYNC by 50 On Ear Wireless?


It's not Bluetooth??????

sean finch

Wait is it bluetooth or not

saltfest •

Can u use this with apple device

Jul But

The sound is very good. I didn't expect so much quality from this headphone.


Great job! Actually the price is not bad and they look alright.

Jdiego T

This headphones has the touch control or is the level over

en K

Do you think this headset with beats ep which is better? Sound quality and comfort which is better?

Matthew Chea

Thanks, just picked up an open box for $55

luke griffiths

now threr £27


Do the controls work with an Ipod (classic)?


Is it me or does this channel and everything on here including his desk setup look just like Marques Browniee' page ????

Wepa Orale

Great video

Michael Robinson

I actually went to best buy today to try them. All I have to say is wow I want them and will be getting them Tuesday but bass is not actually hard hitting but mids and treble is great. Once I buy them I will be opening the cups to modify the 40mm speakers to make them at its best like I did my beats solo, jbl bluetooth headphones and soul sl3 bt headphones

Jacob Dungee

Do the on ear headphones have touch controls ?

Damiano Termine

you can get these for about 80 bucks brand new now on ebay.  im thinking about getting these. i tried them on at best buy and i love them


Primer like ;) 

sean vogt

Get Bose. They are the best!

You Awake?

Gr8 m8 r8 8/8

Rulx Muller Malbranche

looks like mkbhd's set up right there. anyway keep it up man!

Jessy Villagomez

are they Bluetooth

Matt Yeazel

I know the over ear ones are, but are the on ear ones wireless and have the touch controls?


They look nice

Rowel Pits

Does it actually sound good? i have been planning to buy one. Not sure if it is worth buying.

Michael Tis

Do you actually think, are Level headphones better than Bang&Olufsen H8? I simply like B&O H8, but which are better?

Mam alt

thanks, great explanations


is the noise cancelling bad/decent/good/great?

Eyo Games & Tech

how much better do the m50's sound ?


To me the M-50s are much more stylish.Over all Audiotechnica has this very professionaly looking design to almost all of the headphones. They are made to last and meanwhile deliver amazing sound quality for the price range!

Maria Lykke Jensen

hvordan sætter" man dem til sin galaxy s 7 edge,- der var ingen brugsanvisning med.


Recently discovered your channel and i'm really enjoying your content so far!


I got em for $50 from BJ's wholesale club. They are amazing headphones for $50, but Idk if I would spend more than $150.

Aditya P

Uraverageconsumer's little brother


they are quite pricey aswell, i got the black ones but i think ima sell it

Samarth Ramaswamy

What do you think of the Level Over? Should I get it?

rob ortiz

very good headphone i got a pair of samsung level on i got for 100$ bucks and they sound good an very cool operation with the svoices

Black Flash

This or the Star Wars SMS Audios?

Josh Tech

i use an Ipod nano 7 to listen to music. Does the volumen control work with Ipods? or only samsung devices?
Good video :D

William Y. Wei

Which would u recommend, the Monster DNA headband headphones or the Samsung Level On headphones?


Ccomo que carrega esse headphone??

MetalCraft Gaming

No listen guys i know good sound, i love music and all i do is try out headphones and these headphones were so perfect to me way beter than beats, the highs were perfect and the bass wasent to low or to much i just fwll in love than i tried the over ear and it was ok for some reason even tho it was more expensive it sounded less special than the on ear it wasent as dynamic and sounded a little cheap but for sure get the on ear

FrostBoi -OG

Apple buys beats not good
Samsung releases their premium headphone

Later next year Samsung buys AKG

David Cruz

They seem like pretty good headphones, but I'd still go with the M50's.

martin Suleman

awesome video man .. big ups


Why do I keep thinking of MKBHD? Lol


i got here from exo call me baby???

Sam Olson

As always great review! But I'll stick with my white ATH-M50s... Which leads me to a question how do you keep yours clean? Mine seem to be a magnet to dirt...

Claire Elizabeth

I just got these on amazon for $99 and they are really good quality. Better than Beats for sure!

Fading Artist

does it work with apple products 


Are the samsung level on wireless?

Midnight CoffeeAddictions

Great review my Nubian friend, very helpful, thank you.

Ben Corker

What's the distance range of the Bluetooth?

Martell Tha Cool

I love these headphones and got these bad boys for $40 sale on eBay ???


disgusting nails !

Dirty Dan



Is it only me think this headphone look like beats?

Damiano Termine

these headphones make my highs pretty shooth too

Tic Tech Toe

Does Microphone has noice cancellation. How do they work on phone calls

Higor Mantoani

It's amazing... but here in Brazil is VERY Expensive...!!! :(

Yahakim w

FYI samsung announced these headphones when they announced the galaxy s5... months before apple bought beats.

M.Sohaib Butt

well they look good but not on your face lmao

james rodey

Agree 100% with your review. Fyi, my Samsung earbuds sound better! Going to exchange for beats .

Killian Crausaz

Nice review! Keep it up :)

Samsung level

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Samsung Level U2 NECKBAND Detailed Review?. Major Issues. Live Calling, Gaming & Workout Test. HINDI

1 225 views | 9 Feb. 2021

This is the Unboxing and

This is the Unboxing and Detailed Review of Samsung Level U2 with Quick Comparison to Samsung Level U.

We also put live Calling (Indoor, Outdoor and Wind environment) and Gaming Latency test with Live Workout test.

Hope, you like our effort.

Stay tuned ?

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Nice Baby

Only youtuber who do detailed review is #smartlikrapro.
Rest youtubers just read what is written on the box.
Love your work and honesty ?.
Thanks man ?

Mo Danish

Which is better level u and level u2

dilip vaishnav

Kya me OnePlus buds z ko wrap charger se charge kar sakta hu ? Please answer

rizwan khan

Make a comparison video on samsung level u2 2021 vs OnePlus bullet z

jingal bell

Waiting for this.. big fan of sumsung level u

Pradyumna M

How many microphones are there in Samsung level U2. As Samsung had provided 2 mics for level U

लोकेश सारस्वत

Mera level you mari neck pr right left move ho rha h is it bcz of faulty..?

Deepayan Biswas

I purchased it at 1799 on flipkart primarily cuz it comes with scalable codec and I have a Samsung phone.
I didn't face any connectivity issue, bluetooth range even exceeds 10m if paired with a Samsung device.
No complaints with sound clarity. Instrument separation and balancing is enhanced with scalable codec compared to sbc / aac. Decent bass just as much is required.
But as you said it's not that loud. If you're fan of rap/hip-hop u'll tend to play at 100% volume most of the time. Cannot be used for intense workouts or run sessions either.
Detailed review but I'm quite satisfied with the sound and call quality. Go for it only if u have a Samsung smartphone.


Thanks for putting gaming sample.

Sunday receipe

Superb video ?❤️?

Mettle Lion

Which is best neckband under 4000 main priority is sound quality and battery, please suggest.


Bro which video app has the feature of recording audio from wireless earphones?

Samsung level

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Samsung Level U Review

953 276 views | 8 Jul. 2015

The Samsung Level U

The Samsung Level U became the latest entrant to the series – a flexible, around-the-neck Bluetooth headphones that blends style and comfort...


PhoneArena.com is your ultimate source of mobile tech news, reviews, and info. The PhoneArena YouTube channel delivers a vast range of smartphone, tablet, and accessory video reviews, in addition to regular hands-on, unboxing, and other uploads.

Visit PhoneArena.com: http://www.phonearena.com/

Check out the YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/PhoneArena

Manoj Binwal

I am a big fan of its battery life..


is this worth buying? i plan on using it for the gym, also for long commutes I have to take for school.

Saran SHukla

Any one purchase of my 10 days old samsung level u with full warranty (service center) reaching by hardoi lucknow shahjahanpur only in 2200

Jimmer Monserate

not good headphone, I had two and both not working anymore..not sweat proof!?

Robin varghese

Very very poor ?

Danilo Gasta

How much??

Petmalu Silodi

Does it have microphone?

Bro தமிழ்

See this Rs1250


zelan rose

Nice earphones but with balanced audio

Achu Saravanan

Don't buy this, with in 2month my headset is repair

Ralph Jourdan Barro

It doesn't do a great job in suppressing noise? Good. I'll use it when driving.

Johnson Okorie

I got this exact headphone and the background noise cancellation works fine.


Is the headset have delay time

jibon nessa

product(kids headphones) :736C65UZ

20% off kids headphones at ONTA

After discount price is $11.2

Coupon Start Date :06/29/20183:00 AMPDT

Coupon end Date : 09/30/201811:59 PMPDT

#kids headphones, #children headphones

Gautam kumar

Do you have any idea how to remove vibration from my Samsung level u Bluetooth handset please please please if you know about it reply me I don't think there is any option


Is it working now

Lalit Bharti

Bakwas Headphones I m using this one sound is very low ... It's much better buy Mivi collar earphones

Bosque Boskuh

#ask can i pair with iPhone devices?

Anand Singh

Does it come with charging cable atleast mention that

Still Breathing

Still using

Mohankumar M

Can u pls confirm how to off vibrate

Soma Mahapatra

I'm watching this video, using my level u

Mobile Hut

Dear all searching for buy exclusive headphone?
Check out our new collection-
"Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Wireless In-ear Flexible Headphones with Microphone"
Product features :
: Designed to flex with your life, the Samsung U Flex delivers
: high-quality music in a lightweight,
: bendable, around-the-neck design.
: Listen anywhere with improved Bluetooth connectivity and a
: splash resistant coating.
To buy the product visit us https://goo.gl/R4LPKt

Mantu Meher

does it support Google assistant.


You can get replacement ear tips for any earphones at www.earphonesplus.com Price is right and they arrived quick. Memory foam too.


Is It Good For Running ?

raaj kumar

bluetooth very good but speaker disoin very bad

flame on

how do you answer a beep

Raees Ahmad

Can anybody describe the frequency range about this product????

Ice Cold Besss

how to use its mic when using videocall in messenger?? coz i can't use it

sourav rana

Can I assist Google assistant from this headphone?


What is that app name

Greggy Tolentino

Is that for radio or just mp3 music???

code keem

got these for 30 bucks

LIC Shivakumar Bangalore

Seems to be best but from whom to buy :)


I have one, the level u pro

Alex Foe

is it possible to be connected with gear s ?

Bhumit Vyas

This is not review only pairing u not make listen us it’s sound quality, even never wear it once

Gabriela Barajas

Lo pueden hacer en español su rxplicacion

Siva Kumaran

maha maha mattamana piece pls yarum vangidathinga


I watching this while wearing it

Bhanvi Gaur

Are these sweat n splash resistant?

Triszhana Deinla

been using mine for two years now, and im not totally inlove with it. its got good audio quality and the ear buds are comfortable but everything else isnt very convenient.

The collar tends to break easily. Mine's wrapled with tape rn. You can't sleep with it or workout with it. It's only good for doing very average things like homeworks and entertainment etc.. The mic is too far away to your mouth too. I have to reach for it and put it up to my mouth for my class to hear me. It's not good for travelling either bc it tends to slide down to the back of your neck. I almost lost it once in a road trip. And if you wanted to bring it with you in you bag or luggage, its most likely to break bc it's not very compact..

4/10 :(

Daniel Holiday

Thank you for sharing the review. Think I'll keep looking.

abhiram varma

Can u tell the app name by which we can know charging of Samsung level u please..


WARNING : those bluetooth handsfree are not for running , i tried them and they always turns around the neck and you are feeling that they will propably fall . I tried them also for simple exersises like pull ups and others and they keep on turning around . I am lucky i bought it 40 Eu and not 60 Eu!! The only good things they have are the music quality and the nice appearance , samsung doesnt seems to care about sports for this model . A negative thing also is that samsung didnt give an extra size for the second type of earpuds in the box , BIG mistake. .......(And now comes the fun part , i wanted to run with them so i took a small string and tied it between the two plastic things and now i am running like a pro THNX SAMSUNG ! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU !! ). Oh almost forgot it battery is a beast !!



can ve remove the earphone from the band its written in the manual

aamir rafiq

Does its red light blinks while charging

AHSAN vlogs

Sir mere phone ko connect nai ker rai ..kia keru

Noah Indie

How is the noise cancellation?

swaggy kanao ッ

I didn’t know they were for the neck-

Koy TV

How do we know that it is fully charge?

Khatri Gulam

best @2400/- mumbai

Komal Lomate

I have bought the same earphones for Rs.2,100/-....

it has best Battery back up, best sound quality, confyness..

Not a single complaint..!!?

Love it?

Ganji chaitanya

I'm using red mi note4. Is level u connect to my phone.?

Ali Fettah

هل هذا المنتوج موجود في الجزائر ؟

Sachin chowrasia

It it conner with feature phone

Pablo Andrés Sierra Carrillo

I would like to know if this is waterproof

Mind Freaks

Sound quality and bass kesi ha iski bhai ?

Tiffany ._.

I have a question why is the little light on my headphones purple?

Ravindra Vishnoi

Is this best with iphoneX or not ???

Aakash Tarte

Is this thing sweat proof? Can I go to the gym with this?

Vivid snaps

Poor mic quality


Is it comfortable(good) for low voice calling bro??

Berk Can

So stupid, even LG tone has hideable headphones

Ri Yaz

It's been only one year.. they have broken at the rubber portion..

bhavy goel

I lost my extra earbuds for
this Samsung Bluetooth earphones and am unable to get it a from anywhere
please suggest me any particular online website for the same


i got these 2 years ago and i still use them today. Battery lasts up to 3 days and takes 3 hours to charge. They vibrate when receiving a call, and they also vibrate when you make or loose connection. Im an iphone user and these work with ios devices. Great sound quality, lots of bass and depths. One time i accidentally put the ear pieces in a glass of water on my nightstand at dark cuz i couldn’t see and i was very sleepy. Next day i saw them, and i thought these were gone. But surprisingly, they worked perfectly. Im not 100% sure but they might be water proof as well.

Ing. Miguel A. Caballero Garcia

how many divices can i pair at the same time? for example 2 phones for incoming calls

Lefie Firman

Well my dad bought the s7 and this bluetooth headset is a free gift from samsung in my country lol


Very bad connections Time And Again discovered

Boss B

Can I store music here?

Geek & Architecte

Merci pour la review. Je suis assez décu de ce casque (version Pro ANC), la qualité du micro pour les appels téléphonique est vraiment trop mauvaise (sur mon modèle). Du coup retour chez le vendeur, reste à trouver un autre casque tour de cou avec les mêmes caractéristiques pour le remplacer...
J'ai donné mon avis sur ma chaine (en Français) sur ce matos.


I bought samsung earphone in Dubai and they have horrible service for warranty they told me they cant replace or repair the item since the damage is not part of warranty. The problem of the earphone was that there was no audio coming out.

Lynn Maas

Too many words not a learning experience but rather a 'report'.

John Dude

Its utter waste

felix player150


Diana Cartagena

Can I pair these to a Bluetooth transmitter?

Junaid Nazeer

It doesn't connect with lenovo

Jonathan da Silva

does it work on windows phone?

Austin Connors

Is it waterproof tho?

ladi smith

Mine is no longer connecting to the phone and when I deleted the old kne from the phone it couldn't see the blue tooth. I tried charging it more but only could see a violet light and not the blue lights.

Please what could be wrong. Ive switched the earpiece off and on so many times. Also restarted the phone but no luck

Aryaman Goel

How would you compare sound to the normal Apple Earpods?

bala vignesh

What s the selling price of level u Samsung Bluetooth headset

Farha Naz

should I buy this or skullcandy inkd wireless

anurag anand

Is this headphone is waterproof

reza hilmy

can we charge that with samsung fast charger?

Cameron Conley

He uses "we" so much its like he has 8 personalities and its so funny and creepy at the same time

Baskar Valarmathi

Don't buy this

Marcoo MK

John valosco ! haha i recognize you from VR Source, its good you are starting to get some visibility on internet


For how long does it have to charge? I don't see that specification anywhere. Thanks!

Ahmed Shams

Isn't John in Android Authority now ?

Yugal sharma

is it sweat proof

Muhammad Maisam Bin Khaqan

I got these a few weeks back and the sound's just amazing! Well done samsung!?

surya naren

where do i get this type of ear buds

Fabio Vaz Três Lagoas

Ganhei de brinde porém funciona somente de um dos lados

Jorge Hernandez

How do i know if the batery is charged?

Vanitha Mahesh

How to turn off the incoming call vibration