What is tether coin

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Is Tether a SCAM or Bullish for Bitcoin?? Market Maker Explains

1 954 views | 30 Mar. 2020

Clip from Coinist Podcast

Clip from Coinist Podcast episode w/ Sam Bankman-Fried: https://youtu.be/iGIEQvbXiFo

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jiang ji

lol it's more difficult for tether to get a bank acount than for me, how is tether supposed to speed up this process??? if you have to deal with usd, banks will always be the bottleneck, you can not solve this problem with any blockchian magic on the other side, tether is just pretending to have solved this banking issue by FUCKING lie, you know why it is faster to transact usdt???? because there is no money

Alex M

This dumb fuck thinks Tether is actually backed by dollars and not a fraud simply printing out of thin air. LOL

Зарема Бжашева

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Alison Benitez

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jiang ji

tether did not solve the bank problem, that's why they have to use crypto capital

тамара гончаренко

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Crypto Tobiz

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Ryan Edwards

1.6 billion tether were printed today, expect a rise in bitcoin


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Greg 612AB

Does anyone know of an exchange that will let you withdraw Tether and send Tether to another exchange?


Probably the best explanation and justification of stable coins ive seen