The next wave

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The Next Wave with Young Sohn – OpenClassrooms – Making Education Accessible to All

76 606 views | 28 Jan. 2021

In a time where the

In a time where the pandemic affects the entire world, the education sector is also forced to question itself. How can we ensure that the millions of college and university students benefit from quality education and obtain the knowledge they need while they are confined to their homes? How can we ensure that this knowledge will enable them to find a job and be adapted to the new job roles sought by companies in the midst of the digital transformation?

In response to these challenges, e-learning platforms are gaining momentum because they offer a format which is more flexible, responsive and affordable than traditional courses. In this new episode of Samsung’s “The Next Wave” interview series, Young Sohn, Chairman of HARMAN, and Senior Advisor to Samsung Electronics, speaks with Pierre Dubuc, CEO and co-founder of OpenClassrooms. He asks him about the strengths and strategy that have helped him become the e-learning leader in France today, with a growing international presence.

Pierre Dubuc co-founded OpenClassrooms in 2013, but his project began in 1999. He was 11 years old at the time when he met his co-founder Mathieu Nebra, and created with him the Site du Zéro, the first online coding course, which later became one of the first self-help forums for creating websites. With success on their side, the two friends created OpenClassrooms after their graduation, a fully online school whose mission was clear from the start: to make education accessible to everyone. Its core objective was: to have an impact by using all the possibilities of online education to best prepare students for their future profession.

Today, the company trains 3 million people in 140 countries every month. France accounts for only 60% of its business, with the platform also being very active in the United States, the United Kingdom and Africa.

About The Next Wave:

The global crisis has exposed the world to new threats and vulnerabilities, but also many new opportunities. Are you ready for the next wave?

Join Samsung President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn as he unpacks the brave new world of technology and business with some of the leading minds driving the next economy.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/samsung-strategy-and-innovation-center

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SamsungSSIC

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SamsungStrategyInnovationCenter

Website: https://www.samsung.com/us/ssic/the-next-wave/

New episode every two weeks.

#SamsungTheNextWave #SamsungSSIC #Innovation #DigitalFuture #Edtech

D3çavid Cortes

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Angela Baena


The next wave

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Sleater-Kinney - A New Wave [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

1 826 826 views | 19 Feb. 2015

"A New Wave" from

"A New Wave" from Sleater-Kinney's January 20th, 2015 album No Cities to Love

Amazon http://amzn.com/e/B000AQ19DG

iTunes http://www.itunes.com/sleater-kinney

Sleater-Kinney's store http://sleater-kinney.com

Sub Pop Mega Mart https://megamart.subpop.com/releases/sleater_kinney/no_cities_to_love

Watch more videos from Sleater-Kinney: http://goo.gl/DkjH0L

Sleater-Kinney - FULL ALBUM STREAM of No Cities to Love playlist http://goo.gl/fwqydS

1. Price Tag / http://youtu.be/TWc6knXULsw

2. Fangless / http://youtu.be/kV5ezv1yg0c

3. Surface Envy / http://youtu.be/zdNgHnLJWgw

4. No Cities to Love / http://youtu.be/_jiX-Svw7KQ

5. A New Wave / http://youtu.be/vgZ2rnzprBE

6. No Anthems / http://youtu.be/-Ec0y7HTyQ4

7. Gimme Love / http://youtu.be/YNf1wTJss68

8. Bury Our Friends / http://youtu.be/tRNDB9VqI3Q

9. Hey Darling / http://youtu.be/6Nt249kXiOU

10. Fade / http://youtu.be/VbFm7HCeYGY

Sleater-Kinney http://www.sleater-kinney.com/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/SleaterKinney

Twitter https://twitter.com/sleater_kinney

Instagram http://instagram.com/sleater_kinney

Sub Pop https://www.subpop.com/artists/sleater_kinney

On Tour https://www.subpop.com/artists/sleater_kinney/tours

Sub Pop Records http://www.subpop.com

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Facebook https://www.facebook.com/subpoprecords

SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/subpop

MegaMart https://megamart.subpop.com/

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Ian-Devon Lewis

What was the round, silver thing that Tina was putting into that machine thing...?

Dante Olivieri

This is every awkward kid ever discovering rock for the first time.

Lauren Power

this song has a siouxsie and the banshee's vibe...


Sorry for the lawsuit, but Gene's dance at the end was copyrighted by me years ago. Get your own dance moves Gene! That will be 100 million dollars please.

The shrek

Weres the bass?

Natalie Kelemen

“I am raw material/Make me plastic, make me fuel”

Kevin Hogan

Why do they both have 6-strings?

running gun blues

my favourite song ......and my favourite video clip, awesome!

Amanda V.

what an amazing collaboration!!


This video is too damn quiet!

Clefty Mctwigs

I want to know how to play this


louise is totally my spirit animal

Michael Walters

I love this video


Every day I throw a little party
But a fit would be more fitting
And every time I climb a little higher
Should I leap or go on living?
Hear the voices venomous and thrilling
In my head they're always calling
But I wanna gotta go the way my blood beats
So I'm not fodder for their folly

No one here is taking notice
No outline will ever hold us
It's not a new wave, it's just you and me
Eyes are the only witness
Die to prove we ever lived this
Invent our own kind of obscurity

Let's destroy a room with this love
We can drain out all the power
Steal from the makers who unmade us
Leave them nothing to devour
I am raw material
Make me plastic, make me fuel
I can be, I can be
I can be

No one here is taking notice
No outline will ever hold us
It's not a new wave, it's just you and me
Eyes are the only witness
Die to prove we ever lived this
Invent our own kind of obscurity

No one here is taking notice
No outline will ever hold us
It's not a new wave, it's just you and me
Eyes are the only witness
Die to prove we ever lived this
Invent our own kind of obscurity


OH MY GOSH!!!! This is so cool! I was watching Portlandia and shazamed one of the songs playing. I knew Carrie was a musical artists, but didn’t look up Sleater-Kenny until now. And man, I was so so so so so happy to find this combination with my favorite show ever!!! Ahh! This is amazing!! ❤️❤️❤️

Amorphous Humanoid

They are so badass


that's totally janet's drum hairstyle haha

april donovan

iF ANYONE HATES ON THEM THEY SHOULD FUCK OFF! Sleater -Kinney i love you guys!! plus i love bobs burgers!!!! woooot woot

Joseph Kelly

Gene Belcher is the best riot grrl ❤


Hahahah this might be the best thing ever

TomB Stone

Bobs bummers

Joseph Bastidas

This could probably be my favorite music video ever

J Zilla


Diana Carino


Aldo Gutierrez

No Way! really?!
...shit. I´m old. I´m out of touch with pop culture. this really happen? :D
yes. totaly in line with the show. made for each other.


Gotta say, Tina and Louise have the coolest dance moves, and Gene probably has the wildest dance moves.

jane doe

Wow, does that drawing NOT look like Carrie Brownstein.

Ethan Winograd

you can definitely tell Screaming Females was influenced by Sleater-Kinney by Carrie’s guitar tunes and those riffs.


bob burger's x sleater kinney fucking here for it!


greeat animation, and greatest band <3

Lucas Argandoña

This song is shit. It makes me want to rip off my eyeballs. It makes me want to sit on my TV and watch the sofa.

Washy Rose

Nailed Janet's drumming style.

Shawn McClearn

I love the way that the Belcher children can't help but dance for joy. It's that pure thing that you feel when you're in the moment. Good times. Thank you, ladies.

•{ʟօʊɨֆɛ ɮɛʟƈɦɛʀ}•


Cliff Hendroval

Don't really know the TV show, but I want to dance like the girl in the bunny ears until I die.

Robert Maybeth


Jaden Martin

Favorite moments:

0:56 - 1:16

1:33 - 2:11

2:34 - 2:45

Charlie Lomino

Wait so whos doing bass

Nobody Gaming

Eater-Kidney Burger (Served with Kidney Beans)

Billy However

its a shame such a swell song has such a gimmicky video


Why did it take two minutes for Bob and Linda to realize the blaring music emanating from Tina's bedroom?

Jk Goulet

Carrie Brownstein & Sleater-kinney on Bob's Burgers is the most fullfilling thing that I never knew I needed!


I love Carrie Brownstein and Sleater Kinney <3

Captain Skidz

Their dancing is adorable

Jellyfish Swim

Love this. ?✌?


If I had to take a shot at the meaning of the song it's that you don't have to be cool or famous to be happy, but you can be anything you want to be as long as you work for it. "Inventing our own kind of obscurity" and "its not a new wave, it's just you and me" shows that they aren't intrested in being popular. While the words,"let's destroy this room with love", "let's steal from the makers that have made us, leave nothing to devour, devour" is her expressing she can do anything she wants with her life. That's kinda how I see it though.


This might be the prettiest people in the entire Bob's Burgers Universe.

Rene Aensland

Awesome . =]

Brooklyn Puckett

This is awesome

Kaneda Andiolini

bobs burgers is the shit



Dalton Boardman

Literally perfect. Everything I see and hear now falls short of this awesome combination.

Kenny Jones aka relientkenny

So dope

Herbswoman 3000

Holy poopies! Two of my favorite things in one video?!! Mind blown! ??

Ruben Abelardo

remember when bob's burgaer was a thing?

indecent proposal

So good <3

Jane Doe

I'm so glad I smoked a bowl before watching this, that was incredible. Two of my favs, Sleater-Kinney & Bobs Burgers.

Kovacs Kove

I love how Bob’s Burgers always works with the coolest artists, Sleater Kinney, The National, St. Vincent, and now Fiona Apple? It’s just another advantage to being a Bob’s Burgers and indie rock fan

Laura Garcia - Bocel

is anyone else getting only birth control ads when watching Sleater Kinney videos ???

Daniel Belcher

Tina is a punk rocker

warm x chai

2019 anyone?

Ethereal Catholic

I miss WNKU at night.

Ela M.

Why am I only seeing this now?! ?


i dance like a mixture of tina and louise (this was so cool!! love sleater-kinney and bob's burgers a ton)

Tom Maher

Every time a new covid wave is announced by the government I listen to this song to reassure myself...


It’s crazy how accurate the animators for this show made the instruments and gear and stuff

Channel One

Futurama woulda been better


The drummer tho!

Dokka Chapman

Louise is giving off some huge Noodle vibes #ItsDare

Nobody Gaming

There's no way that Tina is cool enough to actually know who Sleater-Kinney are. They don't even have songs about horses.

Adam Harris

From what Bob’s Burgers episode?

Harpie Player Joe - HPJ



Janet Weiss. One under rated drummer today! SLEATER KINNEY ROCKS!!!!! Please Re-unite and play Bobcaygeon!!!!

right hand of satan

what kind of a crazy ass wiggly armed dance is Louise doing that shit is hilarious ha ha ha

Ryan B

Pure Genius!

Napoleon Contreras

I’m so confused is this official bobs burgers?

Steven Duarte

wow how did I not know about this earlier? !?

daniel fishburn

Idk why I looked this song up I remember hating it

Nick Barrow

just got a cooking ad wow!

Washy Rose

As a long time SK fan, I’m very grateful they captured Janet’s legit drumming style. She’s always swishing her hair back and forth. Carrie didn’t do enough kicks but it’s k cuz Bobs Burgers. Love it.

mel i

Im crying


We need more music videos like this!




I've never seen one of those before; I'm Amazed!!

I've heard of Boy-Bands; But Never any Girl-Bands; and Girl Bands that specifically play Rock & Roll!!

Alexander Arkän Low



Like #13,334! Woo-hoo!

Andrew Stewart

woohoo seeleter kiniy

E. E. McCutcheon

Those are some long-ass extension cords :O

Mikieno WhooseBad

1:29 Anyone else wish there were more scenes like that with females in popular cartoons and anime? Cause if not I'll delete this. Just pretend I was never here.

Jesus Ocotecatl

I keep coming back to this wtf I love it



Herbswoman 3000

My two favorite things in one video! ❤️ My mind is thoroughly blown! ?

Samuel blinne



I love the parts with louise punching oml

Jotaro Kujo

Davie would join them just because they don't have a bassist

Kenneth Hausrath

Television is propaghanda. I wish Corin tucker wouldn't associate with fox shows.

Welch Disney94

Rock On Belcher Kids!


Reminds me of summer of 2015. I listened to this on repeat while driving to Colorado

Nick Jackson

I saw this on [adult swim] and I have been looking for this.


Doesn't matter if you're a Tina, Gene, or Louise, just never stop dancing.


Vore 1:30

The next wave

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Coronavirus Second Wave Is Coming - Understand what it's about and prepare

2 186 561 views | 9 May. 2020

The second wave of the

The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is coming, and you need to prepare for a much more totalitarian and authoritarian rule. Covid-19 will likely be the least of our problems.

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nazi's bad!!1

Lisa Richards

I hope your headache gets better soon.


How do you know it won't be safe? I didn't know Vikings were known for their scientific and medical advances. (Just teasing you) I live in the woods also! That's why I am not worried about COVID. I have very little interaction with other humans. I love how you taught your son the right and wrongs of following the law. You are spot on. There are times we have to step up in force and times we need to not rock the boat.

Walter Griffith

Enjoy your video alot

Gary Clothier



Viking was right....


Thank God I'm a country boy !!

Anthony Del Rio

This guy is not living in the woods. He is 20 ft. From his mortgaged home that he pays for and pays taxes just like everybody else that lives in a modern economic civilization. Look how clean his hands are. How clean his clothes are. No camp site. No fire. He just boiled an ounce of water??. He walked 20 ft back to his house took a hot shower and all you fools think he is some kind of survivalist or off grid leader. ???


to those in united states of babylon the great... head west of anywhere near or below michigan great lakes. wormwood will hit there

Chris Lewis

You are a good and thoughtful man Bjorn. Thanks so much and hope you feel better. Your speech is fine!!

Joel Rudzinski

BS. My wife has three degrees in micro and manages micro labs and there will not be another round of covid as long as we QUIT wearing mask so individual immune systems are aloud to build. Mask only prolong the virus.

W A R R I O R - - P O E T


as the origins of s.a.r.s. II (novel) has long been an vile union between two draconic, undercurrent ruling class overlords, those groups are the central and clandestine counterparts of deceit (in plain sight) which has overtly destroyed the world and maintained hidden agendas.. those cabalistic dread mongers & an equally deleterious handful of counter human minions, internal puppets & implanted spies are infectious to many nations, if not a totally derogatory mass, playing as officials in countries spanning the global scene, entirely..

it is not an under estimation that some tiny statehood societies may be free of their infiltrations, because their agendas affect everything under the major superpower unions, as does the shadowy 'deep state' agents present in every controlling headquarters that mark deterrents and are most evident when they move to enact their will in any of the top governments.. easily, those bad actors, as they play their hand, spotlight whomever sits against them, for those officials are often singular objectors to the 'collaborative dystrophy' that taints what once was quite proper for that nation & its unsuspecting citizens..

the words of this channel's host are prime, and should be absorbed, even if parts seem very deep, or make very little sense, overall, which is not meant to confuse, as its measures send you to wonder over things said by the few through the past 6 decades, and the rarely heard, from over 100 years, ago.. names such as edgar cayce and the mysterious nikola tesla (even jules verne predicted that which has slowly turned from complete fiction to strange facts, as others have,also) the most profound message a leader can express, will be relative to different persons, yet hold a denomination aiming at human salvation.!

.. those leaders come in many walks & methods ..

"when a person cannot think
for themselves - they create
institutions far more difficult
than they may ever comprehend.!!"


7 months later, still accurate

James Hadaway

surfboards and masks.

The Hollie Witch

They’ve waited for winter for the second lockdown , perfect timing for people to be stuck in their homes and unable to grow any food

Luna Jardin

by the way I have been watching you for quite some time and love listening to your views. I live in rural America and will never return to city life again. I think if I was in the city during the lock down I would have gone insane. But I live where you don't have to wear a mask, and we spent most of the summer playing in the creek, and the only thing keeping us in now is that it is so cold outside ?

Robert Duwel

Do you think ragnarok is approaching?

Reyanna Wynters

My mom used to say that, hope for the best scenario, but always Prepare for the very worst to happen. Much respect to you and your family


This video aged well. Its december in Denmark now and travel between Norway now is nigh possible. In theory You 'can', but when landing in Norway, a simple person mst be isolated in a corona-hotel for 10 days... -That is harder than a jail-sentence. -I'll stay here in Denmark and be semi-social instead. Merry Yul, everyone.

Trevor Wood

Well the second wave in South Africa has hit us with the roll-out of the vaccines.

Andreas Zihlmann

Im from Switzerland i wanne live in ?? u hope one day I have the chance


시바세끼 회원 전용 이나 만들고 망해라

John Kaznecki

Peace friend From
Maine USA

Michael Howard

A viking soul won't betray, you are speaking truth.

Errol Ligeon

No problem i like to be in my home and Garden

Lynna Kivela

January 25 2021, in U.S., he was right.


I’m in Ohio. No lock down here. Things seem to move along pretty good. Business is going good. Just letting my fellow Americans know. God bless America. We are under siege.

Wooly Highlander

Off Grid, ? It's -10 deg. here in central B.C. These handful of Maniacs need to be put in Lock down, not the citizens. They will Exterminate  most of the common people if they get their way. !

Marc Shaw

Once a power realises it can monitor and restrict peoples lives under guise of "emergency decree" those decrees and restrictions are seldom lifted in entirety
history has shown this to be true on several occasions
Wait for "wave 3" in 2021...this is like watching rome fall ..whilst in denial of its demise

J.R. Swish

Everyone that believes the lies is like "you only think that way because you don't care about people's lives!"

Meanwhile, they care so much about people that they're totally okay with:

-people losing their livelihoods due to lock down and not being able to work
-suicide rate way up ever since covid started
-more people without food or homes
-more people dying of cancer and heart disease due to covid hysteria
-more normal flu deaths in 2020 compared to other previous years, and more flu deaths than covid deaths

All of this just so old people can live...
I know it sounds bad when you put it like this, but whoever is saved from covid will most likely die a few months or years later due to old age.
It actually happened that an old person in my country survived covid but died days later due to something else. So all resources allocated were in fact in vain. Death is literally part of life, it's beautiful and its so obvious that nobody sees it anymore

Julie LeDroit

Welcome to 1776

Stefanos Tastsidis

What is he talking about exactly when he refers to Bill Gates in this video?

The Hollie Witch

And here we are. I said the same things earlier this year and everyone thought I was nuts - this is just the tip of the iceberg

Matt Kitson

You were right about getting out in advance, I wish I’d heard that earlier. The cities are dead - I’d rather be out in the country.


I LISTENED TO THIS GUY when he posted his thoughts back in May 2020 regarding the state of the world with this "pandemic/quarantine" environment. I also watched the Bill Gates "vaccine/world population control" videos, and I've followed it all from the George Floyd/BLM movement to the Medical Professionals who risked their careers exposing the truths about this "pandemic", medical professionals who's videos are no longer available anywhere on social media. So far everything Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen has said has and is happening. If you haven't seen the "empty vaccine syringe" news footage, and the "medical staff passes out after taking covid vaccine", news footage, then YouTube it now.

Poopsie Pop

Gonna be a devils advocate and say that while everybody has the right to do what the fuck they want, the state has the right to protect itself from idiots who refuse to wash hands, practice spatial distancing, etc. Seen too many relatives die to bitch about "muh freedums"

Brandon Cavill

I want to meet you man! Train me to be a Viking warrior! Tell me more about views on government! Let’s make a change!!

Ossi Seppänen

This second wave is more likely a Casedemic, not pandemic. . This was said for example in Mises Institute site. It mean rjat there are more cases detected that there really are due the test which deyects the föu virus as COVID19. Around the also people who era having the virus unactive in their system but die gor another reason are put as Covid - victims etc.

Nita Lawson

Hope you get to feeling better

Todd Adams

You really can't trust the people running this country anymore!! And why should you from what I see this is the beginning of the end of our freedom!!

Robert Douglas

If you believe attitude determines immunity, it makes sense why so few people in the helping professions get sick. Kindness to others means you will be kind to yourself and not get sick. Fear is the opposite of love/ kindness. Fearful people are those who blame others for their sickness and they are the ones getting sick.

T Woo

It's NY's Eve 2020. Just got done watching this video(not going out) & I must say, 7 mths later, u hit on point on just about all of it, the "vaccine", the variant, the timing..
Fascinating. I believe this shit is far from ovr too, whatEVER's goin on, whatEVER all this is! Who knows what's up ahead! Media tlks as if we'll leave everything in 2020, but I think this is just the beginning. Yes, we do need to prepare however we can. Seems the $ & the resources r running out. I hope u go into further detail about ways ppl can become more prepared & independent, such as where to go if they DO want to leave the city. Strange days, indeed. And a tip for u if you're not aware. Not sure if they're migraines, but, I get freq. headaches too. I put a cold rag with apple cider on it & keep applying when I re-wet my rag, & it does the trick.☮️


When well-meaning citizens and youtubers comment on coronavirus, I've noticed that there's two words these youtube channels leave out. Two words they always seem to forget to mention. And that's uh, hospital overload .

They're really inconvenient, those words, aren't they. The medical reality people choose to ignore in order to justify neglecting their fellow citizens. You know that most hospitals were already stretched thin before the outbreak? And now you propse we do the opposite of what's advised by health experts to slow its spread?

Mr. Bull-Hansen. I like a lot of your videos and I'm subscribed to your channel, but you're wrong here. The measures you decry are the same that were taken in 1918 during a far worse health crisis where it would've been far easier for government overreach to occur. And you know what didn't happen after that period? Any of the potential infringments you've brought up in your videos. A few people were jailed for not wearing masks, but eventually, life resumed as it had prior to the pandemic. A far worse pandemic than the one we're currently facing. The same thing will occur here. It took two years for the 1918 pandemic to run its course with a unified populace dutifully doing what they could to stem the tide of death. A similar period of time will pass before this pandemic subsides, provided people try to live in a sanitary way that helps prevent the spread.

You can either make it worse for everyone by not acting in such a way that contributes to the general welfare for a relatively brief timeline, or you can help by accepting the reality of your current environment and doing something proactive. Maybe even volunteering to work as an assistant to nurses in a healthcare station (my former vocation), where your eyes will be peeled open to the grueling reality of what's actually going on in the world.

When it comes to arguing that a vaccine isn't a vaccine, you're going to have to do a lot better than "it just isn't" when trying to prove a mass-conspiracy. What are your pararmeters for defining a vaccine? How do you know it won't be safe? Where is your documentation? Why haven't you reported these findings to authority? New stations?

Instead of sources below your video, there's a massive list of things for people to buy. Are you certain you're not appealing to the impulsivity of a particular demographic in order to more firmly establish your corner of an unstable market? Do you realize that the very authoritarians you reference in your videos took advantage of a similar approach to their audience? It's called demagoguery. You're tapping into the fears and prejudices of an uninformed populace and increasing the likelihood that their mental state will be exacerbated by making sweeping allegations and providing not a shred of evidence to support them. I don't know if you're doing this on purpose, but it's something to consider.

This comment's never going to see the light of day, but man I needed to get that out. Thanks for permitting a disagreeable, disgruntled former healthcare worker his venting time. Otherwise, I love your channel and hope it continues to thrive as it has. There's a vast store of wisdom you share, and I think it's invaluable to your audience, and to me.



Rose • Bounty

I’ve been thinking EXACTLY these same things since April. It’s good to hear many more on a sensible brain wave.

The real pandemic is our freedoms being stripped away.
It’s all about distracting you to implement new world order, to see how easily you’re going to be controlled by fear mongering. It’s happened throughout history. Research for yourself and don’t be swayed by the media. Don’t let your freedoms be taken away and do NOT let them force you to take a vaccine to attend normal functions. That is not only ridiculous but it’s control and dictatorship.

And if you wish to wear a mask and get vaccinated that’s fine too, it’s called free will. If you’re “protected”, then do not worry about someone else’s choices.

Me? I will not accept being tracked and forced to take a vaccine for a 99% survivable virus.

The Blooming Channel

nice pictures at the end of the video...of the woods and nice soothing music too

jewel bennett

In the states it's reaching boiling point the powers that be have never lost. Mandatory vacc will be a civil war but our thoughts prayers faith can change a time line many minds under all knowing mind above can bring change for better. But I have been watching survival videos. Plan for the worst

James Teichler

Turn it up.

Vitor S.

Well i have a 500 euros fine to disrespect covid rules... because i was providing for myself.

James Hultstrom

Its all bs.;. More about social conrol

TheJoares Ltxe.

I'm always happy to hear ole Uncle Bjorn's thoughts and advice.


We are in the beginning of a New Year and on a State wide curfew. I see this as correct assumption. As for the vaccine - you have a good question. So far it is not mandatory but it is offered to all doctors , elderly , immune deficient ,military, first responders . common sense or not but this was pushed on us and how quickly they took Chinas advice to fight the virus...The whole world did basicily.. I don't understand why and how they can...

Discharge Summary


Comes a Horseman

Absolutely no such thing as a temporary tax nor a temporary restriction. Count on this.

Robert Pace

Im going to make a prediction. These authoritarians that are ruling over us, mainly the governors drunk on power, they will claim science will direct them to order we give up our cats and dogs as they will be blamed for spreading covid. Its all about demoralizing us and there will always be the useful idiots in every neighborhood who will legitimize this tyranny and act as snitches. Were being pushed into a Chinese model of total control of our lives.

William Seemann

I couldn’t have said it any better, great talking points bud!

Kristina Milliron

How do they know? BS

Embalmer Trick

Absolutely right. First one was a dry run and we all complied. Once we loose an inch, they will take the mile. To get it back, it will be soaked in blood.

Heaven's Very Own


Cam Christian

Everyone move to Texas (not Dallas or Austin)

Russell Brothers

it's time to stockpile food , start out with a week worth of food that doesn't need to be cooked at all , then add a month's worth of food that is easy to cook , then up it to a years worth , if you think about it ,you can get stuff that you will like to eat , get all these thing that don't need refrigeration , it won't hurt to fill your freezer last , there may or maynot be electricity ,

Jipsie Mune

Thanks Bjorn , i love the way you speak ... slow is very nice and is pleasant to listen to God bless you Bjorn and your family , your videos bring me a peaceful feeling ,

Cathe Cavanaugh

You are completely correct .

hope king

Its fake! Only less than l% are dying! This is redicious!

ben witt

It's late January, and your right , thing are ramping up.Your some kind of Viking wizard, but magic and witchcraft are against terms of service, so be careful.

Jamie Wilson



Greetings from England. These days we get a lower class of invaders than the Vikings.
This year we were not allowed a real life Norwegian tree lighting ceremony in Trafalgar Square. The virus destroys friendship.

Luna Jardin

Feel better. I get migraines and know they are not easy to deal with.

River Ridge Crawlers

7 months after this video was made, and he's on the money with everything he's said! Scary stuff people! Everyone get prepared...

fritz7th 7 7th and dad just

Im of proud norwiegen blood line.. from a fjord but wont drive a ford ha ha.
My grandmother was Agnes. Moe. Any relitives out there


You know that ¡ don’t emit oppinions about health news cause so many times are oportunists,.. staying skeptical..,

Todd Adams

You make a lot of very good sense man .you have the right idea this is very bad ! And a lot of people are living in a bubble they are to blind to see what is really going on! I agree with you 100 percent man!!??

Pirateer Sailor

if you know your history, you will know the future.

SupK 25

I live in Norway. Cant U tell us more spesfific ways to get off grid

patrick booten


The Red Queen

Ur right they are saying there's a new strand now


Here we are in 2021. This aged well.

Marie Shupe



I appreciate this video. Funny how being out in nature will allow you to think more clearly. People who think this way are such a minority in the world today. People have learned to love being controlled. The free man must never even get close to that point. We are created in the image of God and have rights given to us by nobody but HIM. Therefore these rights can be taken by nobody.

Mark Krueger

Hes not far from a highway lol but yea he's on point


It’s not “inconvenient” to have freedom people are told to stay at home to limit the spread of the virus, if everyone just went around doing their own thing and not wearing mask or social distancing then even more people would contract it. People do die from coronavirus and they catch it because they’re in contact with someone who has it without always knowing. It’s not about taking your freedom away or controlling you it’s about limiting the spread of the virus and therefore not losing so many lives to it.

Marcus Aurelius

People seem to be surprised by the accuracy of the prediction, but there has NEVER been a viral pandemic WITHOUT a second wave, so it was a bit of an open door. Also , the political consequence were highly predictable ...

jim p

Thanks for sharing Bjorn...

FirstAmendment Tshirt

He agree that they lie in hospitals about virus and kill you for money.

James Downie

Trees and open skies are so much better than concrete and closed walls....


The shadow govt ruling the world isn't in the shadows. They operate from bright lights and call themselves the American Medical Association. They first infiltrated our agriculture and genetically ruined the major crops but now the focus has switched over to healing and vaccinating all the sick they've created. You can usually spot their agenda because discussing it becomes taboo and you are branded a lunatic for going against it. Crazy UFO/alien people, crazy GMO'ers, crazy Anti-vaxers. If you're becoming really unpopular, then you're probably on the right track.

Gary Walker

When freedom is outlawed, then only Outlaws will be free!

catty Dee

Very wise Gentleman ☺ Stay safe from ireland ☘

Fred Watson

I am an American in America, and what it all gets back to is elevating our politicians to a status that appeals to their dark side. Personal wealth above country. And so we get back to taxation without adequate representation. Remind you of our past?

Major Rick Corbin

I find your thoughts and delivery to be well thought-out and lucidly delivered.

Kandi Wolfe

Thank uou Bjorn! I hope you are feeling better! I live in the state of Colorado in America and l can tell you that many people are VERY UPSET over election results and what is already beginning to be set into motion here prior to the upcoming swearing in of the. n. W. .o. guy! I try to remain calm and focused on a different outcome for this political event, l do not watch any television anymore , ( for several years now! ) and that is a huge saving grace!! IDK what will happen, but l do l know many are very unhappy wit events taking place here . I wish you, your family, your countrymen and all others around the world a happy, peaceful andfree life! Please beieve me when l tell you all, the majority of us have had no clue what these pliticians were doing and planning for many, many years and we are truly shocked and shaken to our core, upon finding more and more out about what has been going on and is being planned! We blindly elected them int office believing that they have to be good honest people wshing to represent , " WE THE PEOPLE".... we were fools and we were duped and we are sorry for any and all suffering we have caused all of you, we are not mean and evil people here, please believe me! Many of us were raised on handshakes and giving your word as a way to conduct busines affairs and we trusted to easily,sad but true! Those Americans , me included, have a very different view now and one that is not about to be toyed with ever again. Take care. Stay strong and know that we will all pull thru this, ok?!? Peace.....

Thom de Serville

Something worth dying for: freedom.

Lynne Hargreaves

@Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen I am enjoying your videos very much. I just wanted to say several times you have said you have a migrane headache and I know chocolate is a trigger as my mother suffers also. Perhaps the chocolate coffee is affecting you, just a thought. God Bless!

Angelo Mercure

What do nature's hermits do to fulfill their natural sexual desires? Serious question!

Mister Independent

Not even 2 minutes in the video and liked and subscribed.

Patricia Garrett

Yes, loss of freedom...you hit the nail on the head. There's alot of us out there thinking the same thing. Unfortunately I I didn't move quickly enough, as it's now December. I was getting ready to move to be near family, about 3000 miles away. I don't trust them on the vaccine as well. Too rushed and the flu vaccine changes every few years so there's nothing that works all the time for everyone. As for the politicians...hard to tell. They all lie to some degree and some do it all the time. Hang on to your freedom. Wish I was a few decades younger, but traiping around in the wilderness at 74 isn't in the cards for me...riddled with arthritis. Glad there are people out there who can. Unfortunately Americans haven't experienced occupation. Not sure how they will react now...I am hoping they'll be able to rise to the task. Unfortunately, today they have too many gadgets to track people even well sheltered. ? I sympathize...I had head splitting migraines for many years when I was younger. For some reason they stopped. You need a cool dark room to lay down. ?

Stay Lit

Three months later, the Viking warrior Prophecy was fulfilled

David Chaffin

Are you on Parler by the way?

Samantha Pizzoferrato

Isint comfert part of freedom though ?


Boeing's Yoda predicts a 3rd wave due to the stupidity of the human species , he or she's been dead on since 1965

Eric Northman

Glad to have your advice -thank you..