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Eric Lu – Prelude in E minor Op. 28 No. 4 (third stage)

219 525 views | 15 Oct. 2015

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Radrick Shuhart



Dzień Świra

The Tempest

i did a cover of this on my channel

Clothilde ORHAN

Music is alive :)


Me encanta esta Sinfonía!!
Es de una triste belleza!!!

Justin Paris75

Une interprétation de prodige... merci Eric :-)


The most perfect rendition out there. Hands down. Exactly exactly how it was meant to be played. Thank you.

dora dora

to jest piekne uwielbiam Chopena

Nigel lol

that thumbnail made me think I already watched it

Fiomin Bibi



Going to begin learning this piece after being "finished" with learning Für Elise. I hope I'm not getting too ahead of myself haha.

Jeff Dawson

?. That’s the delicate touch and building tension it deserves. Superb❗️

Sweet-ed Lol

Mi alma se deleita con esta extraordinaria interpretación.


The best performance of this piece ever




Did you forget to stretch your fingers before playing??

Dheeraj Bhatt

Negi generation 3000

Elena Kubrakova


Katelyn Hermiz

Beautifully done here is my version https://youtu.be/_VHDcbbwkFQ


It rained...with powerful slowness.

Mehdi Soul

I like your interpretation of Chopin on this Prelude.

SmokedOut Ent.

thank you Lu

Yanfang Shen

He do be lookin’ like eddy tho

Marcel Cierlik

It is cool?

Badminton London

Superb , Eric has the touch of a master.

Khôi Nguyên Nguyễn

If this wasn’t played at my funeral I’m not coming.

The Unwitting J

Steph curry my ass

Ramesh R


b rain

난이게 제일조앙!!

Paul Lewis

Is this the most incredibly beautiful 2 minutes 14 seconds of music ever written? Possibly


Chopin najwybitniejszy artysta świata



Matt Johnson

Sorrowful dedication to my brother.


Brilliant performance!


터치에서 마음이 투영되어 나온다
맑고 깨끗하고 영롱하군

Ultimate Doomer





Love it xx

Wojciech Smyk

Mr Lu, best performance of this piece. Touching.

Miguel Torres

Why the fuck in every fucking good piano performance there is a fucking person who coughs


This is so beautiful!!! love from poland!!???

Tyler clark

This is amazing! However, I play this song and I just noticed his fingering, the way he plays the keys with certain fingers, I don’t play the way he played at all but the same notes and sounds. I think it was just a way he stood out and was different. A little dramatic but I thought his performance was spot on.

Ivan Chung Personal

i wish i had fingers like his

Pauli Berg



I've not heard that last chord played better.


Beautiful Prelude, beautiful piano, beautiful pianist.

Anatoly Smolyansky

This is sublime.
Raw human emotion.
I can see Chopin playing it.

Mike’s Piano Jams

amazing how such a simple piece can be so moving!??

PetiHunDeu HUN

I will go crazy!!! The first 6 seconds of the piece is just incredible, how he played the first 3 notes with his right hand. Then, the bass comes in very-very gently full with emotions. BUT, especially the 2nd. "B" by switching from pinky to index finger, just quiter a tiny bit, giving a very sad and "tragic" effect. Just repeat the first 5-6 seconds over and over again and listen to it carefully. Of course, the stage reverb comes to it too and also the wonderful kind of "bright" and accurate type of sound of the Yamaha. I am loosing my mind just by listening to the first 2-3 notes :DDDD

Ben Cuevas

-- Sublime. --


Absolutely stunning! Best version I've heard! Thank you!

Deniz Neva Erturk


Shirona ?

I'm no where near Lu's skill level but I wish there was a little more legato in the right hand melody on the longer notes. Just a taste thing.
I realize that's one of the hardest things to do on the piano though, it was a great performance nonetheless.


Give him a good piano!

Jeremiah Dixon

Perfect! - only piece i can listen to.

Andre Lechleiter


Roberto Angelo Leoni

da pelle d'oca....meraviglioso, struggente..inarrivabile !

Rangr Tang

I played this if anyone wants to check it out :)

Tamar Ivane

Mily Belmont

I love it!


Omg this was a wonderful interpretation.

Marisol Vega

I love this performance, all the other covers I’ve heard are way too rushed but this is great-someone who is able to portray emotion through this piece but that isn’t over exaggerated


con lentitud poderosa

Peter van der Sluijs

Very nice!


i prefer fred. i got a delorean and a book on metaphysics, gonna see him this weekend.

jose catala

Una bellíssima interpretació d'aquest preludi. Thanks

Beuh Bud

Woaah :o Bravo

Jak Kell


Eric Aquilina - The Bassiah

This is wonderful. An absolutely great example that a simple piece can portray so much emotion. Not all pieces need to be insanely hard to be good. I love it.

Roberto Angelo Leoni

Straordinaria interpretazione !

Ho Sun Choe

Chills every time I listen to this.

Claude Poux

What a beautiful soul. He feels Chopin's anguish. Delicate, honest, open, vulnerable.

Claire Carbot

My piano teacher would pass out if I held my finger off the edge of the key like he did.   It was beautiful though, of course.

Raymundo Vergara Roman

Too bad, it is not so piano neither too slow. performing must be more passionato and it's a subtext of the must be found or sensed by the pianist, ideal performances of this piece are by tzimon barto and evgeny kissin

Anna Grabowietz

Coś pięknego

Angeline Ma Piano

he conveys the anguish so perfectly...

vdk. ツ

The job of the C is to make the B sad.

Agnieszka Smieja



Absolutely sublime. How incredible that Chopin, within a framework of just over 2 minutes, composed what is to me possibly the most powerful piano work of all time.

Jason Green

I wonder what his handspan is.


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Mega Oof

Running home to you by Grant Gustin from The Flash

Tarn Nicolette Querubin

Remembers Your Lie In April

Also me: cries in japanese

Gacha girl 4ever !

Thank you ??

Jolie Achille

thank you

Oliver Jensen

Hey Hugo:) i am currently practicing your version of Bennie and the jets you made a while back and I was wondering if you could make the same version with Elton singing like you did with rocket man and a few others:)

andrei m

Can an intermediate like me do that


Wow very impressive


The best tutorial ???

Hugo Lindesson

Could you do Now and then john lennon?

Name Surname

Also could you do more MCR? Please Hugo, we need new songs, something of 3 cheers myb?

Hitler se entera de

ob la di ob la da piano part pls


Thank you for this
Please do more classics
Love your channel ?

Nap v

More classic song please

Ajarik marak

"Entry of Gladiators" please

Ezra Owen

Good stuff. Hey, can you to Sara Bareilles' verison of Yellow Brick Road?

Tú Qcho

Yeeees! Please do more classical songs :D


i like the classical tutorials!!!! try making more if you can


Amazing job!

Geovany Quirarte

Please make more classic tutorials! I feel like more people would rather learn classic.

Lila McArthur

Can you do gladiator by zayde wolf?


You might not know that I was trained classically when I started to learn piano as a child, before I began to do covers and original songs! I think it can be quite hard to appreciate classical pieces (let alone to play them) but there are of course many fantastic classical songs out there, and this is one of them for sure! Should I do more classical songs? ??

Ana P


Emma Nieemma

Love the classical! Could I make a request for I Can't Make You Love Me / Dying In LA by Panic! At The Disco from the PFTW tour? Please??

Maroon - AKA Roony

If you could do Lemon Demon - Touch-tone telephone that would be cool thanks! But don’t feel pressured to, you do whatever!

Name Surname

The classics always sound so nostalgic, yet new. Love it, do more!

James Foley

This is beautiful :) While you're at it, you could do Rondo Alla Turca

Rubix Solver

It says how to play... But really... How many people actually learn how to play it?

Simone Pandullo

Can you do Lovin times by web please ??


this is gorgeous


Can you do July by Noah Cyrus?

The Parker Specter

Its just a sugestion but you may wanna try playing the left hand a little bit more quietly

Andrew Wong

Wouldn't play this much faster than 0.75 speed

Teyo Gutierrez

Could you do Etude op 25No11(winter wind) please ?

Marvin Perete



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Étude Op. 25 - No.6

16 026 views | 4 Mar. 2020

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Étude Op. 25 - No.6 · Chopin

Chopin - The Essential Collection

℗ 2014 Remixdj

Released on: 2014-05-27

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