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How To Make Salmon Sashimi Katsu - This Is The Best Tasting Salmon Dish!

140 057 views | 16 Dec. 2020

I was using Bakkafrost

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About Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada:

Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada is one of the top Japanese Chefs in the entire world and the most popular Japanese chef on YouTube.

At age 10, Terada learned the basics of sushi from his father and then went on to attend RKC Chef's School in Kochi, Japan from 1987-1989. He soon earned a nickname for his fast knife, attention to detail, divine presentation and ability to create new dishes and accents based on traditional Japanese cuisine. After graduating RKC Chef School, he was called to serve under Master Chef Kondo at Yuzuan restaurant in Kochi, Japan from 1989-1992. Mr. Kondo is the master of Kansai style cooking, considered to be the high-end of Japanese cuisine. Terada earned the title Master Sushi Chef by becoming the standing head sushi chef & can serve Fugu (Japan Licensed) to the public.


Chef Hiroyuki Terada is using the Minonokuni Matsu-1573 210mm Yanagi. Super Blue Steel. Can also be used for breaking down whole fish and chickens. But normally for slicing, sashimi, vegetables, meat etc.. This is Chef Hiro's custom specked knife.

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Salmon and rainbow trout are the perfect fish.

Gilbert Ah Sam

Master Chief Hiro San
You done it again now i know how to make this at home. Thank you master chief Hiro for the video showing Awesome job


Quick question: to get it rare like this, how long should I let it fry?

Ryan Raynor

Salmon looks outstanding! Nicely done and nicely explained. What are the parsley and cabbage for? It's a waste of time, product, and space on plate that could be used for something that adds to Dish if that's just there as "garnish".


Yeah, whenever I order anything katsu, the cabbage goes untouched.

Fast Furious

im making this... one day covid is gone.

Joseph Basilio

Hiro you’re the man! Just take my money! I can’t wait to make this at home ???


Wish I could always get Bakkafrost Salmon.

Benard Ng

What are the measurements for the ingredients and cook time / temperature for frying???


Master Chef ??

Boobner -

Just watching this wholesome man cook just brings me happiness everyday

Tommy Giang

This dish looks amazingly delicious. I wish I was able to try it one day especially since I love salmon sashimi.


Usually my least favorite way to eat fish is when it's partially cooked or seared but dam that looks pretty good.

Vu Ho

How did you get a haircut? Where did you get a haircut in these terrible times?

Nusrat Kitchen

Nice video

kesha jahbless

That looks really delicious ?


Oh I'm trying this next time I cook some sushi at home

Steven Frankistine

❤️❤️love you chef❤️❤️

Michelle Sigrist

Tartar sauce with egg...or yummy egg salad! I will make this for sure! Thank you for the video!

The 1 Man Show

That looks so Good, git'cho Chef on Hiro!! ?

Adel Emam


TMS Vlog

Tasty food, Thanks for sharing.

Cherry Pie Ingco

Merry christmas and prosperous new year chef hiro


Never thought of a hard boiled egg in tarter sauce might have to try it.


Oh My! Mouth watering ?? btw, Japanese mayonnaise is the best!

Vance Vehrs

When ever I've made tartar sauce, I've always added cream of tarter. Hence, tartar sauce, but the egg is a nice touch. I also love dill pickle in my tarter sauce. I like tangy sauce!!

lk B

I attempted this. None of the flour stick and most of the planko came off in chunks while frying. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? I coated both sides well in an egg bath, then flour, then Planko. Total disaster. Any advice greatly appreciated.


Perfect job . Thank you Hero Tomorrow i will try it at my home :)

Stacey Schroeder

Please do a video of big Mc layer by layer so I can see what you mean. ........... My big macs are messy to eat lol

Joa B

13:45 that tartar sause is eggcellent


Great video as always! Thanks Hiro :)

cloud strife

if you don't make good afternoon merchandise im gonna cry lololol

Collin Specht

I wish he would put exact amount of how much of each ingredient he used :/ It's cool to know what he's using, but if you don't have the exact amount of each ingredient, it'll come out bad

Achilles Myrmidon

Sensai Hiro take my money


Bakka......frost. need new sponsor name lol


It's 2212 EST and my birthday is tomorrow. I'd give a kidney to have this as a birthday dinner.

Victor Yao Jr.

Thank you Hiro from Singapore ?? , I tried the same and I’ve got the same result .

Sean Clement


Ryan Mason

This looks fkn amazing

Daniel Clark

Looks like egg mayo with onion and pickle ?

luis losuge

Kampeki Desu. From Brasil

Edward S



I will absolutely have to give this one a go.


I love Salmon!!!

Zii King

no one gonna say how fast of hiros reaction when the salmon trying to escape from that chopstick?

Charles Bronson

I will try this. How long was it it the fryer?


Welp. I'm going to my favorite sushi place today after this...

Sean Clement

The Orange in the Yolk indicates an Iron-rich diet in the Chook...very healthy...

Steve Fortin

Do you have to ask Bakko for sushi grade salmon, or is all of there salmon ok?

John Malone

I will definitely try this recipe! It looks so delicious! Go Hiro!!!


Why do you guys use garbage farmed salmon that are proven to be aiding in the loss of wild salmon smolt? North America is pulling all of these open net farms from our waters.


I’m sure he’s introduced himself a few times but cameraman need to introduce himself by first name at the start of the video too. Cant have these video without him.

Buenafe Bonnet

Thank u chef sharing with us ??????

Lu Lu

Hiroyuki San, I will look forward to see video about how to smoke salmon at home. ありがと!

RiverRuns NC

My wife told me I should learn to cook so I can help her in the kitchen. Well I came to the right place to learn! ??

Great lesson Hiro-San!

Ruslan Khisamov

I know it's a pandemic right now, but we're really looking forward to collaborating with Mark Wiens!

Nico Sy

Hiro is such a baller mcballsteen

Dominik Michael Seemann

Always thought I'd be the only one who eats a Bic Mac this way. Trust me, it's the only way!

Wild life Finder

This looks absolutely amazing ???❤️❤️❤️?????

Jeihan Adrianto

Damn this looks so delicious !


I don’t like raw meat, but this looks good!

Ma.Teresa Dela Cruz

Can I do that on a store bought salmon.... or not

Dr. Doolittle

there's Hiro my hero
watch him as he goes,
Hiro my hero
HE'S EXRTAORDINARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Hall III

Is it me or when Hiro likes the food his lips part while he is still chewing?

Chae Chong

Why does the cameraman deserve to eat with Hirosan? Unbelievable, lack of chopstick skills, over talkative. He definitely needs someone who will compliment his style and professionalism in sushi. I’m sure he’s a good cameraman, but that’s where it should have stopped.


I Love You ?❤ from Viking girl ?❄⛄???

Joshua Lim

Omg!! Made in heaven!!

Brooklyn Sizemore

That looks like art

game itch

looks good Hiro ???

Sebastian Ziółkowski

Super się prezentuje.Spróbuje osobiście wykonać

Gin Asakura

Wow I want to make this? Thank you


I liked this vid after Hiro spoke in Japanese

Sean Clement



Wow. I need this in my life.


Wish I could take a bite right now! Yummy! Thanks

pedro paulo


Jan T

Irresponsible video. You must destroy salmon parasites before eating even 1/2 raw. This should be talked about. Salmon starts in fresh water. Fresh water fish get parasites. Sashimi connotes a raw meat. A hard freeze first, will make the salmon safer to eat this way.

Neighborhood Watch

Omg ? you teaching the secret

Anthony Ortiz

I love you ?

Dominic Cruz

Can Hiro make ramen ? ??

Robert Davis

imagine if that was smoked salmon

enkhee natsag

Salmon looks Yummy

George A.

I would add squeezed lemon juice and bit of soy sauce with that tartar sauce.

Ma.Teresa Dela Cruz

Can I do that on a store bought salmon.... or not

ANT Wuxia

Gonna try and make this for my wife

Mantas Chabibulinas

Learn how to use chopsticks


The videographer’s chopstick skills are lacking

Dino Quintana

This is to the camera man. You are obviously well versed in the restaurant business also very articulate you bring out the best in hiro by your questions and ideas. You two make an outstanding team .I wish you the very best and truly wish you happiness and prosperity. You are offering youtube an outstanding education in the art of sushi .god bless you both

Christina Villalpando

Woow so yummy


Those eggs are impossible to find


how long did Hiro deep fry that cut of salmon?


I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say about this... innovative or 'FXXKING RAW'?

kenneth reese

What is the best fish to make sushi?

Amanda Shamanda

Hiro does Japanese tartar sauce usually have eggs??

Andy's Video Log

I'm not usually a fan of half fried or seared salmon but this doesn't look half bad. The sauce is close to the egg salad my mom used to make.


he dropped it on purpose so he can have double!!!!! IQ 1,000,000,000,000

Its Treeson

Am i tripping or did i hear one layer at a time big macs

M Sagar

This is amazing, Terada-san!! You have inspired me to make sushi at home. It took me 2 weeks to source the sushi grade tuna and salmon, but it was all worth it. THANK YOU!

Deny Gunawan

My mouth full with water now

Adrian Wun

I seen you show the 2L scallops before but where to get those? Thx


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Tribal People Try Sashimi For The First Time

779 461 views | 13 Jun. 2020

Tribal People Try Sashimi

Tribal People Try Sashimi For The First Time

This video is sponsored by The Chai Spot


To support the channel visit our patreon account at: https://www.patreon.com/reactistan

Villagers From All Over Pakistan Try Sashimi For The First Time:

- Tuna Sashimi

- Prawn

- Salmon Sashimi

- Red Snapper Sashimi

Special Thanks to:

Shahzad Hussain, Chandar Singh, Mangaram

Thumbnail image from: http://www.freepik.com

#reactistan #villagerstry #sashimi #tribalpeopletry #tryingsashimi #tribalpeople #desipeopletry #thechaispot #tribalpeopletry #pakistanivillagers #forthefirsttime #tryingsashimiforthefirsttime #redsnapper #tunasashimi

Miki Mono

“Dangerous Chutney” had to be Wasabi!! Guess that wasn’t too bland for you was it?

Marcus Irwin

My favorite line was, "I can't eat with these sticks like English people." Ha ha!

Blue Robot Cat

Red dress lady can't take it ?

Arif Fahmi

i like to see camera man react wht was like..during they react this ffod??




If they knew I just payed 25 bucks for a plate very similar to there’s for my fav sushi place but to go cause corona virus ? I still appreciate them trying it it’s not like I like all good either. It’s definitely something I grew into over time which I love to dip in some eel sauce ☺️

Roland Fero

This was really an unfair approach to introducing a group to sashimi....as with most comments I've read, more explaination should have been given. It's not like a pack of cookies or candy bar.....here, try this...

mahbuba akhtar

Give them forks for God's sake. It won't make the food any less disgusting to them I guess.. But it's a pain to just watch them try to pick up food with chopsticks.


Grandpa hahahah


1:58 “like Englishmen” uno ??
I’m personally British non of my mates use chopsticks ? LOLZ ?

Claudio Moraes

I only watch cuz I'm addicted to the background track

NextLevel Gamez

"Is this the fish of your city."

No, but listen to the song of my people . ???

dghjuubv ryhvffhj

I just want to see Mustafa

Daniel Sosa

Love your show by the way

Patience Horner

To be fair... They were not told how to eat it. You ad the veggies and ginger, dab it in wasabi, dip in soy sauce, then eat it.

Zita Petrán

I'm not keen on fish, but I still wonder, if I would ever able to find a restaurant selling horse sashimi. I would definitely try that one.

reset 19

Was it from a gas station ?


Not trying to be mean but this people never got out of there cave ,I have tried all kinds of food and trust me they're foods all taste the same, the chicken marsala the chicken tikka and things like that are good ,I'm mexican and I said sashimi it's good but this people never got out of they're cave honestly ????

Fatima Ansari

For once Peer doesn't like what he's served. That must mean something! xD


I think Mustafa quit half way through.

Rman Thawesome

Do soul food next.

jacki WOON

Seems like Pakistani women has better palate and more open minded than men


Homedude ate the wasabi straight up by mistake.

Jose Antonio Lanz

"I would excuse myself even if that means suffering from hunger"
Ok... That's some way to say you hate it ???

KABOOM Understand?

Lol luckily this is in Pakistani with English subtitles, because the Japanese would be pulling their hear out if they seen this lol

Roland Fero

? and another point...food and smiling is the only thing that brings cultures together. This video was very disturbing to me. Besides not explaining how it is eaten by everyone else in the world, maybe show a picture of what they are eating in its original form, that also shows its' size. I mean, really?! Is the next vid going to be serving hot pot, and you say " eat as you wish"....I exclaim for a redo! I am not a subscriber, and will never be, if this is how you are going to treat these folks.

reset 19

Theyre eating it wrong . Put a big wad of ginger and wasabe in the soyasauce THEN dunk the sashimi . Thats what makes it good !

Miki Mono

Mustafa is not a favorite of mine but at least he didn’t spit on camera. Most annoying she giggled after as if she were being cute.


Ameeta and Mustafa are here? This won’t go well even with Peer Jann.

Important Tree

1:32 This man was about to taste hell right on from the start lmao that was close


It's only natural they treat all this new food as if it were their naan and roti breads with curries and vegetables. It would be neat to let them try Japanese dishes their way, then see them try with the wasabi and soy sauce applied the Japanese way!

Miki Mono

Boy, “English” get blamed for everything!!! Someone tell Mustafa English don’t use chopsticks.

Piyu Sarkar

You guys should make them try some fermented food like kambucha and century egg and smelly beans


Love that one lady who is just digging it despite everyone else hating it ?

Ana Acapella

Why did nobody tell them to open the chopsticks? ???

Kimberley K

Don’t worry Mustafa... Englishmen can’t use those sticks either hahaha !

Alia Wrons

Why are they so irritating tho

Economics For You

if you dont teach them how to eat it then obvio they will hate it

Marcus Irwin

The problem with this channel is they never show them how they are supposed to eat anything. They just put everything on a plate and let them figure it out. The one guy was about the eat the whole blob of wasabi. Some of them are going from plate to plate without even opening the soy sauce as they say it needs salt. C'mon!

Amity Mortem

They didn't like that shit

Vineet Kumar



that looks like sashimi from the grocery store ??


Just tell them the basics if how to eat it at least... Rice would've helped, too

Daniel Sosa

You should reccomend them to try the products like theyre supposed to be... Maybe they'd like the dishes more if they knew to mix the wasabi, soy and ginger?

tee kanyel

Peer did not like the dish???? I'm officially never eating sashimi. I can't imagine how it has to be for Peer to not like it.

Eren Aygün


nabi niazi


Dylan Archer

Poor Mustafa wanted to throw hands

Jennifer Mills

Should have actually showed them the way to eat it! Otherwise, I love these vids!

Dash Fatbastard

Oh! Poor Peer!!!! That was a dirty trick! My heart goes out to you, friends! I wish I could cook something nice for you!

James Higgins

They should try the worlds hottest chip

Alefiya Cassoobhoy

Completely agree with the "dangerous chutney" ??. The first time I tried wasabi it made my head spin ?


Me standing after a taco bell dump

"May God forgive me but I hate even looking at it"

Hello Moto

“The food itself tells me not to eat it” lol!


When Jer was about to place the entire ball of wasabi in his mouth I almost had a heart attack. Thank God they stopped him.

Lucho Portuano

Who else screamed when Peer Jan was about to put the whole wasabi in his mouth? :O


Always entertaining, but producers: please demonstrate how the food is actually supposed to be consumed, so they understand the concept of something like a sushi/sashimi (it's supposed to be pure/you spice it yourself with the wasabi/soy sauce). I know it's funnier this way, but let's all get cultured together, yes? It's like dal chawal. You eat it together, with the chutney, the salad, and the raita.

edward ashe27

Pakistani dont want like that food pakistani allways wabt chapati hahaha


this is not going to end well.

Zayd's Fun Factory

Sorry I made a mistake about the difference between sushi and shashimi. It’s not what I said originally. I looked it up on Google.


I agree with Mahbub, but he is much nicer about it.

Taufik Misairi

love love

Abdullah And Ibrahim

mr bean

Miki Mono

Do you inform these people they are going to try different cultures food? The old man hates everything and those who spit food out are just rude.


I absolutely love these people.


i wish they taught them how to eat it huhuhu

Jessica Wright

Well, that went about how I expected! I love these videos and these lovely (and brave!) people!

Ina Hand Basket

First time I’ve seen Mahboob spit out food!

Creeps Nocturnal

I feel like they need to give these people some context like every other react channel. "This is called this and that, and this is how you're supposed to eat it" but instead they put something they don't understand in front of them and let them guess. If the purpose of this channel is to convince them no other culture has good food, it's succeeding.

Taif Al-naumani

There not gonna be tribal anymore


I demand a redo, tell them to dip it in the soysauce


Bloody Heathens.

Waqas Ahmad

Really disappointed with the host of this show, this is no way to make people eat sushi or they will hate it forever, given Pakistani people trying it and they like spicy stuff...

Standard way is you take a particular amount (as per each individual's taste) of Wasabi sauce, stir it with soy sauce till its mixed properly and then before eating dip each slice of fish in the sauce and then eat it ?????

cynthia van teylingen

Chopsticks for the english. I love how naive their comments are. Ur closer in km to chopstick country then im to england. Hi from the netherlands.


Ameeta be like hum fish ko fry nahi karte ,tal ke khate ha.

Casey O

6:37 ?????

Lucie Chapello

Would not eat either..

Josh Johnson

They actually spit the food out? No way it's that bad.

Gary Hamad

probably tell them how to eat it first would be better

2 0 0 1

“We have a fish in our village”
Here we go again Mustafa

Rayan Mughal

What language mustaphapa speak is it sindi because sounds like sindi I wanna make sure so I understand nice vid?

Leah Worthy

Idk why folk like sushi. If I go fishing & drop a clean yet uncooked fish on a plate & give it to someone I'd expect to have my whole life disrespected ? give them something COOKED!

ANDRI AndriTan

They are not tribal, they are villagers.
Tribal is the one who eat raw. Even some tribals roasted their food.
Animals like to eat raw fish for sure, not human


At least now Mustafa cant say 'God knows what they put into it' because you can't get it purer than that.

Rayan Mughal

The bang noise when they spit lol ?


Idk why but these people warm my heart.

Devika Krishna

I love sashimi.


5:40 Japan: Am I a joke to you?


Peer almost ate an entire ball of wasabi ?


Even the guy who re-tastes foods he didn't like won't touch this again lol

Mallu Gal

yo that was a death stare no cap ??

Zayd's Fun Factory

Thank you for this video. My dad told just me the difference between Sushi and Shashimi. He said that Shushi is with raw fish.

Arif Fahmi

this old man so legend..maniac..savage...victory!

Rebekah Hutchins

???? may God forgive me but I hate even looking at it!! Lol love it


This is so American to say that Indian people without so much knowledge of other culture are just bunch of tribal

Ifyouknow youknow

Would've tasted better with rice...

Michel H

Now the English eat with chopsticks???

Janue Muzik

2:45 Salt and chilies? You mean like the soy sauce and wasabi right in front of you? I love these videos, but I dislike the fact that they fail to tell them how the foods are meant to be eaten. I understand if they take a bite on their own, but at least inform them afterwards on how the local people eat those foods.

Pluto From Below

I, too, hate sashimi.


This is the same chutney that made me cry ???


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The Proper Way to Eat Sashimi - Stop Eating it Wrong, Episode 64

306 700 views | 24 Jul. 2017

Eating sashimi may appear

Eating sashimi may appear easy, but there's a specific order you should be eating these delicious fishes in - not to mention taking advantage of everything that's on the board. Let Chef Sungchul Shim of Manhattan's Neta restaurant show you the correct way to enjoy sashimi.

For more dining tips, subscribe to Zagat on Youtube: http://goo.gl/AaWZHT

Arshes Nei

Most "salmon" is actually steelhead trout.

Pindi Man

That old white man....please cut ur nose hair wtf

Fukboi Karamazov

Mama just drop that think in ur belly who cares how u eat


Donna tella me i am wong.

Beautiful Villian

Just enjoy the food, trust me. Japanese are strict, but they'd rather people enjoy the food. When I was in Japan, I saw them mix wasabi in the shoyu either. Now on YouTube, I still see some Japanese do it because it's fast and easy when they go to the sushi places where didn't put the wasabi under the fish. Almost of them mix wasabi with shoyu and pour on 'Don'. I saw I Japanese TV show either.
For the big dashiki or sushi, ladies always eat 2 bites. Yes.

Once, a foreigner tried to eat huge sushi one bite because she believes in YouTube. The Japanese who were sitting next to her said to her Japanese friend that "I've never seen the person eat like this before".

For normal life, there's nothing wrong to enjoy food. Except you go to the high end restaurant where you should follow table manner anywhere.

GhostYGS urbobaboi

I have a question. Why are most sushi restaurants opened by Korean people. Can somebody answer this for me? Is there any historical event behind this?

Janette Ortiz

Stop Preparing it Wrong !!!

Shiroe Log Horizon

Even with the chopstick helper, she still dont know how to grab that chopstick


Balance is key, man. There's a reason why there's a certain way to do it because of experimentation over the years to perfect, if not constantly look for ways to improve, the art. Otherwise we miss out on optimising the experience both in flavour, texture and the atmosphere.

Emilia Chidester

It is so depressing when people eat just to eat, we have to eat to get nutrients to our body's and knowing how to appreciate and enjoy food is so very important, my number one rule when I'm engaging with someone is food, I find out if people do not know how and what to eat do not expect them knowing anything about much of anything else.

Mike Armstrong

I love Japanese food. And it's very healthy.And


Thick fucks !

nia ?

When he say wrong :v



ad hoc

THANK YOU! This is the way I've always eaten sashimi and I've been teased mercilessly for it.

John Doe

I always mix the wasabi and soy saucectogether. I've been doing it wrong!! ???????

Lotus Bee

Let’s eat how we want yay!

kirby march barcena

I recall the first time I felt the scent of the wasabi going through my nostrils...


You can't say someone's eating style is wrong. It's mannerism

waDu waDu

First one stupid making a mess


I couldn't handle the girl making a taco. Stopped watching. Done

Vitamin D

why not an actual Japanese chef showing how to eat sashimi #stopdoingitwrong

Teddy Arie

thanks bruh

Joseph Wright

I LOVE to mix my soy sauce with wasabi

Syed Ehsanul Islam

in first 15 sec she did every possible thing wrong

Fish Are Friends

Wtf the chef did nothing.. it's raw fish.

Jamo The Great

The black chic is cute af.

Clayton Delaney

I hope all of these Hipster actors get cancer and lost their eye light.

Klok Werk

I like mixing the wasabi into the soy sauce just to create an element of randomness. How much wasabi on the next bite? Nobody knows!

Alvvays DeclanMcBean-os

I was having an anxiety attack so i watched this video. cured it. Thanks

Star Carrier

I want the chef to serve me sashimi off my chest for the rest of my life.


Chef looks and sounds like Chinese


0:00 Honestly who tf eats sushi like that


How about I eat how I want?

I love sashimi but like NOBODY needs to tell me how to eat it

Frequent Flyer

Hahaha Americans

umpah loompa

Omg the first woman triggered me

Mikala Hodge

Do you guys just look for the most ignorant diners you can or what

kirby march barcena

How can you eat sashimi the "right way" when you're starving to death?

Shayan Sikander

One of the most overrated dish. No taste at all

주국 | Hanes

Not to be racist but that balck girl is rlly arrogant



Barzin Lotfabadi

That's some professional level sashimi eating at 2:00

Brandon Weber

I'm white and laughing just like this chef...holy mackerel.

Anna Han

Idk why but the old guy looks like a crack addict


0:58 I want someone to love me the way this guy loves salmon.

Donald Reese

First you wanna tell me how to prepare raw junk firsh then tell me he how to prepare it? Trash I'll grab a sandwich

Tamara Torres

This girl made a taco! ??‍♀️

Marc A

Eat food how you want to

Andrei Bogdan

You've been doing it ... Wong.

Jon Esparza

that asian chick not knowing how to handle chopsticks. Epic fail


Honestly, you should eat it how you’re comfortable eating it. If you are afraid that it is raw and want to dip more soy sauce to hide the taste then do it. But if you are at a sushi counter and the chef serves it a certain way, please eat it the way he prepared it for you to show some respect :)


Es la pura Neta

Blue Robot Cat

In hindi language Neta means minister ?

Luci Nide

mmm yes the black lady made a ssam, looks familiar ey chef?
cuz hes korean... ha ha get it..?

Angelica Gabrieli

it was very informative. Thank you!

Leon Chui

An Asian that doesn't know how to use chopsticks. A true cringe video


These people don't deserve to eat sashimi, such a disappointment!


Looks so delicious

Andrew Delashaw

Sushi fish is not "fresh," as it has to be frozen (I think for 3 days) for it to be sold/served raw. So you'll never be able to go to a restaurant and get "fresh" sushi. (This is for the USA and quite a few other countries as well.)

Ron Thompson

See we,werent born using chop sticks.I am.sure it will take while,at least the chef help that young lady.

sky and chubbie my fur babies

its my call, im gonna eat it the way i like it.. ^^

Doggo_87 __

I know it's wrong to mix your wasabi with the soy sauce. But most of non-authentic Japanese restaurant doesn't serves fresh wasabi. The instant cheap wasabi lacks of sweetness and doesn't taste really good if u just eat it like that


Everyone complaining about the black woman...at least she's trying to learn smh of course they wouldn't get a black woman who knew the culture because they have to make us all look like we are clueless ...kudos for even trying I appreciate it❤️

senthil nathan

"You are doing it Wong"




that black girl.....tisk tisk.  someone please tell her I said tisk, tisk. it's like she's proud to be uncultured.


salmon sashimi is wrong already lol.

Doug Kichman

What are you supposed to do with the ginger slices? I usually put a small ball of wasabi on the fish, then lay a slice of the ginger over the wasabi.

Jessica LeBlanc

Disable the ability to make comments. All of then are so judgemental. No need to be rude over a food channel. Stop watching.

Philip Kane

just use your hands.


yeah its interesting. but anyone who tells you you're doing something wrong is an asshole and you don't need to listen to them

Aulia Syifa Rodhiya

His laugh tho ?
He must really be holding off telling them what's wrong and have fun watching it

Sir Dankleberry

I’ll eat it how I want since I payed for the fucking thing.


Okay question, is that fish F*****G RAWWW?!

Lexi Haron

How can they eat raw meat? Yuck yuck yuck

Skyler Lopez

She poured the soy sauce ?‍♂️

Kenny Phun

All going down the same pipe so eat however u like it.


I really should stop watching these videos at night when all the restaurants are closed ??


Wow, iv been eating sushi the wrong way my whole life, f*** me running......


Old man Parkinson's really annoys me, where do you get these people?


Idk why but her saying "you should have gave it to me earlier" really made me mad


But actually half of japanese people mix wasabi into soy sauce:P

Narayuga P.S

I only bother to eat sashimi correctly only when there are Japanese nearby or if the chef is legit Japanese and is standing in front of me. As to not embarrass myself.

Otherwise, Imma dip my salmon to a pool of soy sauce and wasabi!!!!!

High Hopes

Still can't use it though.

Nick Mozzicato

Wow thanks. I feel like an uncultured idiot. Everywhere I go Americans are dumping wasabi in the soy sauce. My father puts so much wasabi in the soy sauce it becomes a very thick paste. I never learned cultures and etiquette outside traditional American food. I'm glad I'm learning now.

FMR Husky or Skulltz

Bold of you to assume I do it wrong

shalini subhadarshini

Yuk raw


Sorry, this Korean sushi chef is wrong about the wasabi and soy sauce. You shouldn't mix it for nigiri, which should already have wasabi if it's meant to, but mixing is perfectly acceptable for sashimi, especially if you're eating only sashimi. His way isn't a bad choice if you're eating mixed types, though I think he added way too much for such a mild fish. That said, I wouldn't mix up fresh ground wasabi, only the common fake dark green stuff -- which by itself should send most "rules" out the window.
Also, if this was a true omakase experience, each piece would be served as it should be eaten. The chef might serve you a piece of sashimi that you can dip lightly into soy sauce, but you wouldn't be served wasabi separately. Many high-end omakase places don't even set out soy sauce.

Ben loves2swim

Do I start with sashimi nigiri and than Maki? Thank you

Matcha Roll

how 2 sashimi

1. lern 2 chopstix
2. pick up fish and dip lightly in soy sauce
3. eat with garnish

summary at best lol

David Kalavsky

I hate when people take little bites out of sashimi, it's already small, Jesus


I had a heart attack within the first 20secs....GIRL WHO TAUGHT YOU HOW TO EACH SASHIMI ???

Chantell Lassiter

Ironically eating sashimi right now ! And yes the..right way

Sham Karthik

The chef is so handsome. I miss Japan I'm gonna swap for a Japan flight

Mason Stanford

No one:

The Guy: I lOvE SaLmOn

neko punch

This chef is not Japanese. This shop is a Korean shop. I'm sorry. There is no need to practice how to eat Japanese style at this store.

Mason Stanford

Girl: The fish is fresh and served in a platter

Guy: I LoVe SaLmOn

gabriel peralta

Wasabi is nasty why do people like it?

Nowshin Pial

I have been eating sashimi right then

Kao Vang

Experiment it, and eat it the way you want. It's your food do what you want with it.