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Is Shell A Stock Everyone Is Forgetting About? Stock Fundamental Analysis 2020

1 341 views | 27 Aug. 2020

RDS.B or Royal Dutch Shell

RDS.B or Royal Dutch Shell is a very interesting stock with a very interesting growth opportunity in front of them. Is it a stock people are forgetting about?? Details in this video!!

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My name is Marvin and I am 21 years, and a student as MCPHS Boston. I've created this channel because I've realized that there are many people, especially people my age, who are interested in finance but don't know where to learn more, or there are people who don't know enough. I love teaching others so if you're interested in learning about finance and how to plan ahead from my point of view, feel free to subscribe! Thanks!

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I am not a financial advisor, everything discussed in this video, or any video on this channel is purely for entertainment purposes only.

abdulrahman hussain

Man, thanks for the explaining, and they are almost in the lowest price the have ever been.. so low, so in the next 3 years they gonna hit good

Maqsood Ahmed

Total time westing video..
Kam ki bat to batae nhi

Max Mustermann

Thanks for this great analysis ?

sanam shaheen

Xm is halal or harms in islam

David Bowie

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AJK urdu Tv

ماشاءاللہ جزاك اللهُ‎

Vicente Moliner Muñoz

Brilliant, thanks

Muhammad on

Yeh broker fake toh nahi hai

Escaping to Freedom - Dividend Investing

Enjoyed the fundamental-centric analysis, thanks! ?

RJ World Tv

Aislam Alikuam bhai ap se kuch puchna tha xM ka Account bnaya tha muje bonus mela tha mane trading be k or mane proft be banya 43 USD dollar ka ... kal rat mane. withdrawal lgya to subha uthu k dekha .. mera Account se sab kuch wash hogya tha. .,.... naa bonas rha or naa he mera proft rha ... or xm Walo ne muje ek Email be k ha .. section b.5 k waja ap ka Account khtam kar dya gya ha


Up 50% on Shell stock rn and it’s still undervalued. Also thank you for letting me know B stock was taxed less ?

Maqsood Ahmed

Abe bhai kia chotia kat raha he bhai... bas 2 lafzo me bata do ... real or fake?


Great breakdown man! On the fence about this one

Micheal Uchegbu

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Ogun Yildiz

Great video you deserve more subscribers

No Copyright Audio Lib

nice video

Financial Freedom MP

If you guys enjoyed the video drop a like ! and don't be afraid to subscribe you don't wanna miss more content like this !!!

Shahzaib Mughal

sorry, i have same RRRRR issue


Nice analysis.

Maqsood Ahmed

Abe bhai jab kuch sikhana he hi nhi tom to q itna time zaya kia! Bs ye batado k real he ya fack?

Shahzaib Mughal


Omo Lagos

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Syco๛ 『KING』

bro iq option me kisi deposit karein plzzzz kuch guide krdo

Shahzaib Mughal

karrrrrrrraptooo ???

Retro Game

teading star kesa kerna ha

Abdul Ahad Vlogs

Sir mujha b account open krna XM ma.. main ny 1year full forex ko deeply study kia. So now i want to try my skills? Kesy deposit krna? Easiest way and account verify kesy?


jazak allah

saqib Ali


Rdsa l

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Royal Dutch Shell RDSB.L On the Watchlist 9th October 2020

176 views | 9 Oct. 2020

Watchlist video.


Watchlist video.

Of course on the bar chart I showed, 2020 isn't over yet so it may not end up be the biggest yearly drop!

The opinions in this video are purely my own and NOT to be used in anyway as investment advice.

This video forms part of a personal trading dairy to hold myself accountable to when I make mistakes.

Malcolm Birkett

With electric cars overtaking petrol and diesel cars there will be Downward pressure on the oil majors.

Rdsa l

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3 073 views | 27 May. 2020



I’m not a big fan of the dollar cost average down on stocks philosophy. Now that’s not to say I won’t use dollar cost averaging but as a general rule I prefer not to. In this video I explain my views and thoughts on the dollar cost average down strategy. I prefer to take a more selective view with 3 areas I like to look at before buying more stocks. I go in to my public Trading 212 stock portfolio to run through examples of instances of where I chose not to dollar cost average, where I did dollar cost average and one stock where I feel I made a mistake not buying more stock. I explain my thinking behind my decision making process on each stock. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong but hopefully by running through it will help beginners and us all make better decisions in our stock buying.

*** Do you want to get a FREE STOCK SHARE worth up to ‎£⁠100? ***

Create a Trading 212 Invest account using this link: http://www.trading212.com/invite/4KDTVgb

Do take a look at my Creating My Stock Portfolio Series on Trading 212 where I film live Buying Stocks that I choose and some of the analysis of the different things I look for when I pick stocks. You can see me create a portfolio from scratch buying stocks and see warts and all the successes and failures so that we can all learn together in our investment journey.

Watch Episode 1 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/45VDv__5SOg

Watch Episode 2 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/fDdiVrq0Fvc

Watch Episode 3 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/8rMUz79S7xM

Watch Episode 4 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/wi19soUViSU

Watch Episode 5 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/dQ1FLavxsos

Watch Episode 6 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/OUXDWIr3ryM

Watch Episode 7 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/XM4FrNcidII

Watch Episode 8 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/ZeebJaBTqyc

Watch Episode 9 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/g05Y7FSNHoQ

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Watch Episode 13 Of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/m3fPCqAMF58

Watch Episode 14 Of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here: https://youtu.be/shlesP5siNE

Watch Episode 15 Of Creating My Stock Portfolio Here:https://youtu.be/SJr88ez63rc

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Watch Episode 19 of Creating My Stock Portfolio Series Here: https://youtu.be/L-DUzKeKWx8

Watch How To Buy Bargain Price Stocks Here: https://youtu.be/PkUI2p3xFQY

Watch Trading 212 For Beginners Here: https://youtu.be/p70Fd7PvVww

Watch Investing For Beginners (Stocks or Funds?) Here: https://youtu.be/LUrFmXM9jJYukstockmarketforbeginners

Legal Disclosure: I’m not a financial advisor. The information contained in this video is for entertainment purposes only. Before investing, please consult a licensed professional. Any stock purchases I show on video should not be considered “investment recommendations”. I shall not be held liable for any losses you may incur for investing and trading in the stock market or investment funds. Investments may decline in value and/or disappear entirely so please make sure you do your own research. Please be careful!

#shouldyoudollarcostaverage #dollarcostaveraging #buyingstocksforbeginnersuk

Ant J

When the big crash happened I put two big lumps into my index fund isa, which has worked out rather well so far, but it's a long term commitment and I firmly believe in 10 years it will be higher than now. Technically it was Dollar cost average but I prefer to think of it as grasping an opportunity. With shares where I want to increase my holding anyway the same would apply.
Blindly buying just because your investment has gone south is throwing good money after bad.
Did you get onto Hollywood Bowl? They seem to be finally taking off this morning. Regards Anthony

Sabrewulf metalhead gaming

So , if i make a mistake, and what was looking like an upward trend, suddenly becomes a downward (happened last night) (nividia was flying, bought in to the NYSE rising nicely, and it suddenly turned into the dreaded triple peaks, fell off a cliff, so at 4% i averaged to get it to 2.5%.) I will let you know what goes down in next few days, but im in the 'sit and wait' recovery now.


Apologies for all these questions but just trying to get my head around it all as I'm brand new to all this trading and investing. I've set up an account with the invest section for buying shares and holding them for months/years. Was also thinking about putting a little bit into trading, buying and selling shares quickly to make a small profit. Which section is best to do this? Thanks

Savvy Money Show

The opportunity was there to make our portfolio more diverse for cheaper rather than average down I only average down when it is a top company and I have done a deep dive to check why

Joshua Taylor

Xaar sitting at 90p now so unlucky you didn't add but still a good % increase

Teds World

No. As many will soon find out companies can go bust as well as go up. Even funds can go bust! I have a simple rule if im 10% down cut the position. Easier to recover 10% than 50% or worse later.


I think this is one of the best strategies out there...you will never catch the absolute bottom for any market....better to be in than out....DCA has worked out for me in stocks and shares and also with my crypticurrency portfolio and makes you less worried about short term volatility....thats my 10 cents worth !


as a beginner invester this was really helpful, I’ve invested in semi skimmed milk, thank you

Antony Coupe

Nice one Neil I’ve only ever done it with something I’m really confident of I’d say do it on your most mostest of picks especially if they gone down for a reason like the virus Ect what do they call it black swan events glad I got iag when I did all could change tho. At the bell ? I’m going for Disney and virgin galactica no advices to anybody out there one of these I’m pretty confident in the other it’s a punt but hey I’m a sucker for a risky bit of business ceo ( good lady ) mns I’m happy with onwards and upwards I did get Nike too ????? oh and nvidia ?? lost a bit there but then again confident of the stock in no way to anybody investing advice dyor. ?

Nelson Varela-Tavares

is platform 212 better than lansdowne for investment?

David C

The dollar cost averaging thing is a gamble with not great odds. If you have a lump sum and you know the market is falling just hold fire until a slight up tick in price and buy especially if it’s in below average price territory. Also if you do this when prices are rising it’s going push your average price up. Also it should be done over a short period of time because over longer periods it will not be successful. The biggest spanner in the works is that market prices drift up over time.

Also if you know how to time the market you need to do two things.

1) get rich

2) tell us how you do it ?

Aya Bazzi

When I became a trader, I was liked sucked into this new world of success but the problem was grasping the wealth and Mrs. Kayla Palmer came around and taught me to fish while at the same time fishing for me.

Michael Longland

If I still believe in the company and the 200 day moving average is trending upwards then I’d happily buy during a dip.


Let me know your thoughts on Dollar Cost Averaging and how you attack it.

marc foskett

I averaged down my whole portfolio when the opportunity came. Today my portfolio is 10% up after being 44% down for 3 months and the market has only moved slightly. Well worth it. Always keep cash, always average down when the opportunity comes and don’t change your strategy. Ive change the mix of my investments only so higher percentage into my medical,property reits,funds and less into my travel and airline stock but have not stopped just changed the %mix

Elliot macey

It would be great if you set up a Facebook group for the channel for everyone to discuss their ideas

Kjanict - VALORANT

what do you think about the 'AMD' stock?

Alfred Frome

A timely topic. I bought BAE before the Covid crises and have been considering averaging down. Thanks for the video.


Love your videos as always but I don’t know whether this is just me... but if it’s a stock you believe in and it’s only going down because of market fluctuation surely it’s always best to cost average down if you plan to hold in the long term? A good recent example of mine was the dart group back in April I bought a few shares for 594 then it dropped to 561 I bought more and then it crashed to 449 and I bought more I’m now 55% up and wouldn’t have been close if I didn’t cost average. It’s impossible to predict the market bottom so I look at trends pick a price I’m happy with to buy at (aka the 594) and then if it gets lower slowly cost average down. Obviously checking if there is any big news about the company going under. Side note it turns out we have the exact same amount and cost average in shell ?


Ive been guilty of averaging down to quick my positions back when the markets crashed. Lessons have definitely been learnt.

David TexMex

Nice channel and uploads ?? here's my two pence/cents;

DCA has multiple benefits, however liquidity is key. If you value the company and believe in it as an investment then DCA is your best friend. Drop the speculative stocks to keep your liquidity at hand to make DCA work and further your investment (or buy yourself out of a slow mover and free up that total cash). I would rarely add to my position unless it's in the red, if so it's a drip feed method. Stocks are just letters and numbers on a page, the possessive emotion, fear of missing out etc. Are the destroyers of liquidity and thus solid investments without DCA backup.

*By investments I don't factor in short or long term, only the gains are relative (not time).

**These are all just my DCA investment thoughts spilled out, nothing to get argumentative about.


Hello, how do you find out how often dividends get paid on trading 212 for each individual company. Thanks

Matthew Hall

Thanks for another great video. Have you looked at WH Smith at all? Id be very interested in whether you think it could be a value pick right now to hold long term.


I understand what you ha W said but even the dollar stock falls and we buy more.

As humans we will only buy a preferred dollar share, unfortunately Tesla share price doesn’t fall in line with alphabet google. Hence if dollar average cost used we might end buying stock which didn’t had faith in.

There one more thing I have noticed which makes day trading or trading for a month and selling at profit harder and the is forex rates of trading 212.

I bought united airlines stock worth £919 pounds and when I sold the stock at a profit of £109 in a week I noticed that my actual profit was £148 and lost £30 to forex loss.

Basically the people live in USA has an advantage over us as there is no forex loss and we have consider the forex loss before selling even though the share price has gone up but making loss due to forex.

Will appreciate your comments Sir.

Invest with Arihant

Well explained - very useful for beginners, especially in these peculiar times.

UK Amateur Investor Diary

Seems to me you're not really against averaging down. You judge each scenario on its merits sometimes leading to buying more other times not. Seems reasonable.

Phoebe 111

Hey, another great video. Can I ask why you invested in Xaar as it been consistently falling share price wise in the last few years?

Joshua Taylor

How much profit have you made on your 0.04 fraction share on amazon. Its Currently sat at $3285 a share and you bought much lower

Brian Bullman Investing

Keep it up man! Passive income=Freedom. Thats what im gonna cover in my channel :)

Tony Tone

Averaging down is a life saving measure to get you out of a bad position. I have recently used it. But you need up to 4 times more to get out than with what you started with. Works great. Got out of bad situations with it : ) And currently reusing this strategy again and again.

Kasper Invests

I normally cost average every week or more

Savvy Money Show

I think you should buy low but dollar cost averaging is ok for beginners and has some pluses


I can use Rolls Royce as a good example, I bought at 350p and shortly afterwards it dropped like a stone, I ended up averaging down to 313p and that for me was enough, it did continue to fall further but my portfolio was starting to look top heavy, today I’ve sold the stocks I bought for averaging down purposes for a small profit, that was always my intention (well my intention was to break even, the small profit was a nice bonus), I didn’t want too many eggs sitting in one basket for too long.

Paul Oliver

This is a very interesting topic and one I have been guilty of. Thinking of I bring my average down it feels like your profit is more. A question I have is the reverse of this. I bought some stock which I am very happy with and have made good profit growth. But do I buy more of the same as the cost is now higher but could go up more

A.P.C 1001

Another great video. What's your opinion I'm regards to purchasing foreign stocks as opposed to domestic? Does the current exchange rate play a significant role in deciding whether to purchase equally good stocks within different currencies markets? Thanks again