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5 views | 1 Jan. 2021


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KRave automotive KR7 - 2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad

1 156 views | 28 Jan. 2020

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD

2020 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad DCSB Auto-Built by KRave Automotive for Cochrane Toyota

As of January 28th/2020 this truck build is available for sale by Cochrane Toyota, please contact Cochrane Toyota if you would like to purchase this sweet truck!

403-932-9900 or [email protected]

Weblink below for truck pricing;


Please contact the KRave KRew if you would like a quote to duplicate this build onto a 4runner or a Tundra!

Please budget around $20,000 plus gst for parts and labour to duplicate the KR7.


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Rivera KR7 with by Mike Keneally Dethklok

29 952 views | 9 Jan. 2008

Rivera's Mick Thomson of

Rivera's Mick Thomson of SLipknot signature KR7 is played by Mike Keneally. Mike (zappa, Vai) is currently in Dethklok. He used Jackson and Charvel with EMG's.


Happy Birthday. I saw Vai, McLaughlin and Keneally play live on several occasions. None of them needed practice. By the way, why would anyone care about how many notes per second someone can pick? That's just weird.

András Verók

is it really mike keneally?? when i saw him with steve vai i was like man, he is better than vai himself, but this was not very convincing

Claudio Riffer

Pinche viejito bien metalero jaj


it would be a honour to play with this guy!


When you've played with someone that has even 1/4th the musical intelligence of Frank Zappa and have been recording your own albums since 1992, you can call someone a "noob".


@gtrklem +11111111111111111111111111


Jealousy is a terrible thing pal. How many records have you sold??? Did Rivera call you up to play for them??? Stick to your strumming in the basement, bloke


Hey ASS HOLES!!! Blue's, metal, classical, flamenco, chicken pickin and so on and so forth... Who gives a shit how you play it or what you play it with. The point I'm trying to make is the guitar is fucking awesome!!! So quit fighting over whats better because its all good... Mike Keneally I'm positive would agree.


DUDE the first riffs he was playing is the theme song for the cartoon Dethklok

Panos Antonio Arvanitis ΟFFICIAL Youtube Channel

i dont think that this guy has 1/4th the musical intelligence of Frank Zappa .its my opinion.there r better guys to show an amp.oh and if you wanna know i have records of my own since 1990.also check my videos and u ll understand what i mean.thanx anyway


yeah mick's amp


The only ignorant newb that don't know hsit about music history here are you. This guy was Steve Vai's Classmate and best friend. He played with him through the Firegarden world tour, the Frist G3, etc and recroded that album also, this guy's a real virtuoso


I heard this amp at NAMM, honestly I really didn't care for the gain at all. I found it very uneven and buzzy. And as far as some of the comments about Mike's techic: he was Frank's stunt guitarist, toured with Vai...etc he may have an orthodox techic, but he is a fantasic composer, musician, singer and heck of a nice guy. I find when your out there playing in front of an audience for any given period of time you tend to be less critical and a bit more appreciative of other peoples work.


All you folks slagging Keneally obviously have never heard anything from him past this video. He has a dozen albums out and is incredibly talented. This video is a horrible showcase of what he is capable of. This is not what Keneally normally does. He is so much more than dumb metal riffing. He's an incredible composer and improviser. Plus he is no slouch on keyboards either. The ignorance these posts show is astounding. Listen to sluggo! or Dog then say he can't play....silly metalheads


dude, are we both watching the same video? the guy's sloppy...only hitting about 70% of the notes he attempts correctly.


Mike! My hero! Great.