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Kristaps Porzingis Headed to the Mavs and Trade Deadline Discussion | NBA on TNT

220 321 views | 1 Feb. 2019

Who got the better end of

Who got the better end of the Knicks/Mavericks blockbuster trade? Should the league interfere if AD is traded to the Lakers?

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henry kay

Chuck should be on shaqtin a fool for his collusion conspiracy


Regular NBA season is dead.

Eric Ciszewski

Did they forget that they will have one of the top picks this year possibly two lottery picks?

Futuristictpa Yt

How is Kawhi not a player you can't build around? He single handedly could have helped the Spurs beat the Warriors if it weren't for Zazas stupidity. Second of all, Anthony Davis had Jrue Holiday, Rajon Rondo, Nikola Mirotic and Cousins (injured a lot). Kawhi played with Dejounte Murray, Danny Green, Lamarcus Aldridge and Pau Gasol. (Not to mention before that a very old Tony Parker and a 41 year old Manu Ginobili) Now the only other big teammate he has is Kyle Lowry (who in my opinion is very overrated). My top 2 players that you can build around are Lebron and Kawhi. (Can't believe he put KD as the no.2 on his list when he's had superstars playing along side him all through out his career. He had James Harden, Westbrook, Serge Ibaka (in his prime) and now he's got Steph, Klay, Draymond and Cousins. (Heck there are some great players on the bench for both teams he played on, too. Kawhi has played with Parker (32) ,Ginobili (37) and Duncan (39 years old) at the time they won a championship. All three of them were out of their prime when Kawhi was playing. I can name 15 different players KD has played with who are SUPERSTARS and maybe five or six that were in their prime over the period of his career. I know he's got more championships, but I personally feel Kawhi has that dog mentality and can bring any player or team up when he's playing.

Patrick Wojciuk

Wow I didn’t think it was possible but this trade looks even worse now then it did a year ago

bba gwapo

Knicks has one of the worst management in the entire sports world. They have the city and money to be the best team but kept on ruining it. If they have a great gm they used porzingis, lee and burke that to trade for a better offer. They dont have the eye and mind of ainge or west

Chris Jahalal

Cut it out kenny

Maurice Osbourne

Let’s speak about warriors smh ??‍♂️

Sohan Masters

The Mavs got three great pieces for nothing

Liam Smith

Charles is right', and mumbling shack' it's rghong'. =)!

Cody Johnson

The real world: Oh sorry....you signed a contract.
The NBA world: I know I signed a contract, but who cares? I'm a superstar.
I don't know why they even make players sign contracts at this point. Force their ways out of contracts they signed.....to go sign another contract they'll try to get out of the minute they feel unhappy.

Sunita Thakur

I am 100%agreed with charles.


Commissioner stern! ??


these guys need to brush up on the names of people and teams BUT they are interesting and, because they are actually athletes, speak with authority


As usual, the Knicks didn’t keep porzingis happy, he didn’t like the direction they were going and asked for a trade. That’s all. Typical Knicks thing

Irvine aquino

After this trade, Carmelo sign with NY

Complete Package ???

Jalen Martinez


charles pitter

Shaq loves messing with Chuck

Underdog Sports Podcast

Hey Mavs fans! Give my podcast a listen! https://anchor.fm/UnderdogSports/episodes/Episode-2-Free-Agency-day-1-reaction-e4gasu

HJ TV official

Get off the weeeeeduh chuck


I'm with chuck on this...If there isn't going to be competition anymore and we're only going to have one or two teams then let me know

John Wu

welp, pressure is on us to hit this one out of the park now. do not sign 2nd tier players to max contracts!!

Jay Feely

Some people don't know what collusion is. Anybody ever play Texas Hold'em Tournament?? That'll teach u real well. We CAN'T have these players doing this. Come on now.

Quincy Vo

Kyrie to the Nets. Lol Knicks are forever the laughing stock

Denis Tuohy

Chuck is right

M. Kidwell

Chuck is right. LeBron & his agent can't be allowed to run the league. Silver needs to take the reins back. As soon as the demands became public, any AD trade to the Lakers should be vetoed.

Maurice Osbourne


Sanjay Ajith

Please replace shaq and Barkley with somebody else...like Perkins or somebody else

Bao La

Wow! Steph would be in my top 5


Chuck is right. This superteambuilding destroys competition. And the NBA should think about a rule that somehow limits a team to 2 allstars/superstars. maybe a rule that only 2 players on the team may earn over a certain amount of money. superteams would still be possible but there are a lot of superstars who are not willing to lose that much money just to be on a superteam

henry kay

Anthony davis over joel embiid

No shot

Wad Jay

Porzingis was a risk worth taking.

Xavier Tinnon

Charles mad because he didn't have the brains to think of doing what they doing now a days. It's no different than big college name's playing with each other, except for the money.

Channel Surfing

Charles Barkley is working for Cuban forsure.


Wait for kostas antetokounmpo to develop like giannis then the Mavs would win a ring.

eric tune

4:08 Chuck forgot who the commisioner was for a second

James Calandrella

Players talking to each other, being friends, and saying that they would like to play together is just human. They're people, however I see that there is a grey area with when it becomes tampering. HOWEVER, when the agents and owners are behind the scenes influencing things, possibly with the league's help, it is absolutely different. Chuck is right, and i'm happy he called it out. While of course the guys are going to be pro player rights, and not have a problem with players wanting to have the best career they can have, i'm a little surprised that the guys don't see the line that Chuck is talking about.

James Ross

The Knicks can build around DSJ


Chuck hates anything that has to do with lebron

Doc A

Chuck is right!

Rodney Reed

Charles Barkley can't say anything because he teamed up with Clyde drexler and Hakeem olajuwon and all three of them are hall of fame. It's crazy how players from the old nba is talking smack about super team when they invented it. Bird, Robert parish and Kevin McHale, Jordan pippen rodman, so please stop with all the hating you guys are just old and mad about not making the money today's nba player are making. The NBA has always been built on super teams it's not new do your homework fellas

Cris17 JherRicho

Wild wild west,West are getting stonger every year ??

Jordan D

This just in: Dallas traded KP back to New York

Cb Ct

So good for Dal.


Oh boy this was horrible. Mavs look like a dynasty now???

Jamal Abdelbaset

“Commissioner Stern...” ? Chuck going back in that time machine.

Maurice Osbourne

Some people just want to see the Knick lose smh ??‍♂️

Maurice Osbourne

How are we Charles? New-Yorkism

ARounz Ra

Yeht ! Yett!

Gerardo Ramos

Who else watching this after the knicks didn’t get anyone ??

nick M

I agree with chuck. Its a form of collusion.

Players sharing agents and information...agents whispering stuff to teams about, or on behalf of, their clients. Its atleast tampering.

Its just bad for the nba. The league needs to figure out how to keep these small market teams alive in an era where their home grown talent strong arms their way out of town by demanding trades and then their agents leaking info to potential suitors about where they will and wont resign.

Case in point: Paul George. Gets near the end of his contract, demands a trade and says he wont resign with the pacers...forcing them to trade him.

then he leaks the only places he'll resign to...killing his market and forcing the pacers to trade him to select teams.

These select teams now know the pacers are between a rock and a hard place, which gives them leverage to offer less value to the pacers.

Now luckily OKC took a BIG gamble and the trade kinda sorta worked out okay. (One could argue they took that gamble to stop their own star from demanding a trade and being in the pacers shoes)

This whole "super friends super team" stuff is hurting the NBA. Has been for a long time.

Lisa Briceno

Y'all need 2 talk about golden stacking a superteam 2 then.


Expectations: KD and Kyrie
Reality: Taj Gibson and Julius Randle

The God-Os

I love how they mention people you can build a franchise around, but don't mention Steph, who the current dynastic team in the NBA is built around.

Stan Vanillo


King Andi Official


go bot

This take is hilarious after what Kahwi did for PG. Like AD was at least unhappy for a while meanwhile PG just resigned. Kahwi and PG strong armed pretty much 3 teams at once OKC, Toronto and Clippers

coyote 5.0

This is why the NBA needs a hard cap.

Alex Magic

Many forget that the Mavericks have 30 million Cap Space and Porzingis and Doncic :D

The Haitian Way

Charles Barkley has always been a black man who’s anti black.


Chuck really one of those guys who does not think before he talks. Like how tf is it collusion? AD just stated he wanted to play for Lakers he was already gonna play for them in Free agency. His agent just speed up the process cause it's easier for him instead of playing for a organisation for 1 year he does not want to play for.

Justin Li

no way james harden. he's so garbage. he just plays for himself. like kobe said he's not winning a championship the way he plays

Coach Billy

Mavs won this deal.

Ewan Laing

Chuck married a white old white woman Wats new

Go Paolo

Knicks 2019 summer expectations: Anthony Davis, Jimmy Butler, Zion Williams
Knicks 2019 summer reality: Willie Cauley-Stein, Bojan Bogdanovic, R.J. Barrett

Jamal Abdelbaset

I love that jam they were playing at the beginning! They play it every time they’re showing stats. G Funk! ?


1:48 oh my GOD!, they didn't get any of those names.. like chuck said : knicks will be dead for the next 20 years LOL

Colin Johnson

Something needs to be done about Star players demanding trades from small market teams. Small market teams get a young player until he is 25 or 26 then have to trade him and restart the process.

Emerald Green

Barkley so badly doesn’t wan Lebron to be greater than he already is?


Chuck: what is collusion anyways
The rest of the crew: u just used it!!!


Charles is exactly correct. Lebron James owns Rich Paul's agency and therefore, he dictates what actions take place. It's straight up collusion. The NBA should never have allowed Lebron's agency to represent NBA players while Lebron is actively playing in the league. Only when Lebron retires, should his agency be allowed to represent NBA players. It's a direct conflict of interest. But the league always turns a blind eye to everything associated with Lebron. It's absolutely ridiculous. I won't be surprised if other superstars set up their own agency and follow suit, since the league doesn't seem to mind. It's all about the mighty dollar. It's a shame for the sport.


When the Best Player in the League makes better business deals than most owners the AD situation was destined to happen

S K1

Yes let's take more power away from players Chuck, I don't know if that's fair

enniel rodriguez

100%with Charles on that don’t allow golden state keep happening more teams have to competitive as we’ll we need balance cus this getting rediculus

malcolm forest 92

Dallas got better and younger

Tekin Onal

Metta World Peace to the Knicks


Chuck went full uncle Ruckus....


mavs should be giving the greek freaks brother more playing time to develop as a nba player i dont understand why teams keep players benched so much


Stephen curry is number 2 on that list of players to build around. Tf they talkin about

Gene Gu

How AD top 5 he can't even take his current team to the playoffs? Lebron on the pelicans would take them to the playoffs. Top 5: lebron, KD,Kawhi, Giannis, Harden

Beats by Confidence

Dallas just wants another Dirk to replace

Lee Choctaw

Barkley is a troll fa real

Swae Slime

knicks and nets managements must be on some terrible ny drugs doing the deals they do

shamein carter

But it's ok for a team to trade a player when they want too. Like what the Clippers did to Blake Griffin or What Toronto did to Demar Derozan.

Ian slizzy

theyre doing the Celtics way

Indra D. Bachrie

Nowitzki in suit spread his arms, "welcome my fellow European, are you ready for your fade away drills?"

james jones

Charles barkley has always been a laker hater.

M Wood

Charles fathead is a known laker hater and lebron hater. his whining and crying is right on cue


Pound per pound Curry is the biggest franchise player! Because he is a champion! Everybody else are losers!

george khalil

No someone is stealing your videos and copying and pasting them

Miguel Anthony

Chuck called it they signed bench players as expected ?

Alan Hill

Be careful knicks, kd is gonna need some coat tails to ride on. Gonna need to get at least 2 other equal level players.

c miller

Agree with Chuck

Connor Whittaker

But how will Kristap look like after he returns from his ACL, he may not be the same player

Marc Anderson

Who come here after knicks just got 8th draft pick

Moe Joseph

Charles needs to stop being a hater of Lebron James greatness. He didn't want LJ to win anything. Stop being a fool.!

T Rock

Charles is right. Collusion prevents teams from getting the best deals for their players. Where definitely seeing that here. The Pelicans should wait for Boston and the Knicks could have done better for Porzingas. The teams were hampered by where KP and AD would resign. You might not care but imagine it was your team getting rid of a really good player!

Dwight James

Dallas trying to make a super team full of white Boyz lol. Ain't going nowhere at all!!!

raul ruiz

Mavs semis next year

Tnt trade

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19 277 views | 25 Jan. 2021



Renie San Vicente

Rosario at encizo pd Yan tatlo dalawa pag tatlo ISA alam na Yan na kasosyo Jan c MVP team SA black water

TheHouse OfPain

bobong speculation mo, tanga BISAYA!!!

Erlito Orines

Its not possible trade...pringle is the pride of ginebra.malabo yung troy rosario pringle trade!??

jayjaycee boom

Malabong ibigay ng Ginebra yan si Stanley Pringle

Andres Rayco

Lasing ka ba idol.

Airol Erik Baltazar

gumagawa ng pguusapan at pra mapanood vlog nito eh wlng kwenta..pwd bng itrade ng ginebra scorer nla??haha ndi bobo c ctc!!!!

Nash 2124

Para lang may magview ng vlog nya nid gamitin ginebra

Ruben Domingo

Kalokohan yan n ipamigay ng ginebra c pringle.

Neil Gerald Quirong


Harold Pajaron

Fake news yan!!!!!!!

Usman Tahil

Pa shout out naman kay boss remar Badato ng jars Bros GF

Jersey Carillo

Di maintindihan para kang lasing

Gerry Atienza

Hoy tukmol walang kakwenta kwenta yang ininabalita mo ,hmmp tumigil ka dyan abyakaw !

Rodel Yares

Hnd ka marunong magsalita sir..hnd bagay sayo maging blogger..

Pakaw Ng Bayan

Malabo PA sa sabaw Ng pusit mangyari yan Brad. ?

Ramil Garcia

Tanga ka ba.

Vic Tadeo

What? Rosario for Pringle? Are you kidding?

Romel muruzabal

bagay tong vloger na to sa sabongan whahahah

TheHouse OfPain

Gago! malabo yan,,siraulo!!

jade jao

Parakang tanga mag salita. Pro.. kaba oh hindi.?

Rudy Labarda

Kalokohan brod ung vlog mo hindi papayag ang Ginkings mawala si stand d man Pringle..


Gawa kana lng ibang topic... Di ito ka panipaniwala boy...

Antonio Sara

Ha haha black water Troy rosario,tnt yon hnd black water

Raizen Abarquez

Inde po para sa barangay ginebra tlaga c stanley pringle ok npo ang ginebra wala nman po clang problema ehhhh.....kuha na lmang cla ng bagong draft rookies ngayong 2021.....

vince Jimenez


A&A CeBU Transport

San ka ba kumukuha ng mga Balita mo na yan...walang kwenta

Joshua Ebajo

ano ba yan

Ron Gregorio

Hahahha sablay vlog mo, si kaperal at first round pick ang gusto ng tnt kapalit ni troy!

Ron Manubay

Mga sinasabi mo di kapanipanila pringle vs rosario ano tingin mo sa smc di nag iisip..

aben sy

Kabobohan un trade n Pringle k rosario

eric aranda

Ang gulo muh...hahaha

Jersey Carillo

Ang panget mo mag paliwanag

dylan carlo

nyahahaha kalokohan ng channel na to

Jeneses Marcelino

Ayosin mo naman po mag salita

j bolf

Talagang ipipilit masingit pangalan ng Ginebra ???? Kalokohan pinagsasabi niyo ng idol mong si Inday Baduday ???

Rani Ladines

Malabo yang vlog mo....

gaming gaming

Anyari sayo?..????


Vlog mo content mo puro snow badua dapat may sarili kang idea hindi ng iba tulad ng iba sa huli sasabihin RUMORS lng kalokohan itrade c stan kinuha nga nila tatlo kapalit tapos ititrade

Rhov D

Tulog ka kc ng tulog kya kung ano ano napapanaginipan mo . Cno nag sbi syo na matagal ng gusto i trade ng ginebra si pringle.. si tim cone nga nag sbi na si prngle ang kanilang main man lalo na pag dating ng crucial game. Ayusin mo pag vlog mo brod yung malapit sa katotohanan hindi puro imbento!


pede siguro idol nabasa ko din yan kay snow badua, pero dapat may dagdag na player ang blackwater dyan kasi lugi sila

May Lagahit

3 players pinamigay ng Ginebra for Stanley Pringle tpos ibibgay lang dahil ky Troy Montero este Troy Rosario???? kaloka kaloka kaloka

Jason Buenaventura

My esheshir po sa inyo,sa galing bibliya po yun,Kung tinutupad natin Ang utos Sabi po dito,Sa juan15:10 tinitiyak ni Jehova tutupari kk.

Mike Salvador

??? nagpapatawa ka ba?

Renan Espino

Malaking kalukuhan yan...kumag lugi ginebra Jan para my ma vlog Klang ayusin mo

Rene Hernandez

caperal at 1rst pick ng ginebra to rosario


Bobo mo

Joey Eguia

Naku po hindi tanga ang ginebra lugi kagaling nmn ni prengle kay rosario

A&A CeBU Transport

Hay naku...walang ka kwento kwento analysis mo tsong

Jason Mahilum

Lasing kaba magulo ka

Renie San Vicente

Hinde pd ISA Lang kapalit Ng tatlo nayan

Mark Cruz

Brad wagka nag papaniwala itrade si stanley inport ng gins yan .

May Lagahit

pinagsasabi mo na gustong ipamigay ng Ginebra c Stanley???? kakaloka pinagsasabi nito

reagan de vera

lugi ang ginebra kpg nakipgtrade kay troy dahil import ang laruan ni stand


May TAMA ka!!!!

dustin dino degala

Sabi mo si troy naging inconsistent sa bubble games tapos si pringle best player at sinasandalan ng gsm now where is the logic behind the trade if u are the team owner of smc teams

randy donaire

,....bugok.... maipasok lng gins sa usapan

vic Hermoso

haha parang Jordan Clarkson talaga natutulog kaba bobong vlogger pra Kang nasa peryahan boy??????

Arante Bosque

Ayosen mo mag vlog para marame kay subconscious

Eriberto Asis

Ang sakit sa tenga pakinggan ung boses mo...paputolputol p ung sinasabi mo...d k bagay mag blog...

Tnt trade

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16 446 views | 9 Feb. 2021




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Scout Ranger

B.p ph shout out idol..dapat mag dagdag ng teams gawin 15 teams

Zone Defense Ph

Nagpapabata ang alaska kAya madameng binitiwan.

Ka-Trip Fanatics

Buti nandyan ka idol..lagi kami naaapdate.salamat ng marami lodz..

basket SportsUpdates

thanks sa updates bro

RyzenKurt Ritchie


Etchel Nel DJ Punzalan

Nice update BP .

Sergey Burcev


Kenneth Miranda

Aside sa career nila sa PBA , may iba pinagkakabalahan hindi sila lugi, but kung wala ka ibang hanapbuhay na alam aside sa Basketball at hindi ka nag pundar bago ito mawala sayo e Dapat nag seryoso na Sila sa Practice palang Team nila dahil Yearly nagpapalit ng Player. Kaya dapat magseryoso sila, Bawal ang Pride sa Pro. Basketball

ChanTerz TV

Pa shout out idol, solid supporter here sana pa hug pabalik.?

Sir M

Bro huwag ka gumamit ng salitang "ito" dahil ang dinidescribe mo ay TAO hindi bagay. Dapat ay "siya" ang ginagamit mo na pantukoy mo sa salita. Magagalit ang titser mo sa pilipino pag lagi ka ganyan.

Alexis Deterala

Good decision for TNT na kinuha nila si Khobuntin . He will be the 6th man of the team ??

Sana matuloy ang trade ni Belga sa NLEX , kahit yung 4th pick yung makuha nila . Advantage yun for both teams . Good for NLEX dahil alam na ni Belga ang sistema ni CYG nung nasa ROS pa lang at para muli silang magsabay ni Quiñahan . The 4th pick is good for ROS dahil pwede silang kumuha muna ng bigman on that pick . They can choose Rike , BGR or Adamos , basta kung sino pang available na bigman sa draft , then they will pick Brickman on their 5th pick ??

Magandang deal ng NLEX at ROS

Belga + Tolentino for Alas and 4th pick ??

Bounce Pass Ph

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Richard Pandacan

Swerte c ayaay dhl npunta xa sa gsm

RyzenKurt Ritchie


Diomel Isaga

Sir I idol update.nman kay belga trade to nlex tnx

Soldier of god

My nawalan na naman ng career kasi naman ayaw magdagdag ng teams sa PBA!!!!
Ska sana naman magkaron ng isang brand ng JERSEY sa PBA katulad sa NBA nike /jordan ang spONSOR ng jersey sna kht adidas magsponsor ng jersey sa PBA!! ????????

Gerry Atienza

Uy wag mo ibabalita si tim cone na kinuha si ayay !walang binatbat yan kaya magsalabat na lang su cone .