M and w pattern indicator

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How To Use The RSI Indicator For PERFECT ENTRIES

180 747 views | 4 Aug. 2020

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In this video we talk about how to use RSI in the best way possible! This applies to FOREX and STOCKS. This method of using RSI is probably one of the best out there, and if youre just starting out in trading the RSI indicator is the perfect tool to start with.

DISCLAIMER: Everything on this youtube channel, tradertoks, is not financial advice and is purely meant for entertainment purposes only. Nothing I say, do, or show, should be taken as any sort of investment advice for any asset class, I am not a licensed professional. All investments come with a large amount of risk that may not be suitable for all investors, past performance is not indicative of future results.

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Peter Helander

Awesome. Makes 100% sense!!


I thought he was gonna tell me something i didnt know.. Lol
I guess someone learned from it.. Good post for those that didnt know.

sandro parola

Hi thanks for knowledgment...greetings by Sandro from italy

Dan Lefebvre

Actual tips. Keep up the good work.

Dustin Calloway

Fire method!!! I love RSI trading.

Fritzner Alexis

That's your big secret? What a waste

Victorsianus Dwi Kurniawan

Terimakasih yaa contect nyaa ??


Great video bro ?


Great video. New sub.

Lance Becky

Trading is easy and safe with the right help that's why I trade with Mrs Theresa she's the best

Maria Costello

Really interesting vid. Keep 'em coming!

Joseph Sedibo

Im only seeing this now and I am really blown away as a beginner. Thank you so much for this RSI strategy

John Stauffer

Try 20 and 80 lines!

Ivan Stoilov

Why this guy looks like Shroud brother?

Conscious Movie Reviews

Fantastic! I'll be testing your strategy. Thank you so very much!

Ernest Charles III

Great video, thanks

martin meunier

Possible to explain next Kdj, tanks !

Peterson Jean Louis

lmao yoo why didn't you just wait for divergences to play out?? 2 to 3 push UP or DOWN then your stop loss would have been 5 to 15 pips max {1 to 3 radio or 1 to 5 ratio every time }


That was good... I'm just learning hope it works for me...main thing is get in at a good position to make a profit and get out on the turn around


yo you play guitar?


Great video. New sub

Carlos Fernando Marquez Arteaga

This method is quite old. Search for Tasks4cash on google, it still works as of today

david green

do you trade only the 1 hour time from with RSI indicator???

Malo Marcus Fx

Wow I only used divergence, my RSI just got a powerup nice


This no "secret". It is well known to wait for it to break back thru the level just like sto. A better way to use rsi since it's lagging is use it for divergence or draw a trendline on rsi and trade the break of the trendline.

Samukelo Madonsela

Am looking forward to Use it ??

Amitoj Dhillon



Awesome this is the second time I’ve watched

lauretta Mattew

One thing is to start an Investment, another is to make sure you doing
it with the right person so you do nit loose trading with an
amateur. That is why i trade and invest with Robert_uptowntraedss @, 1g.
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Vijay Babu

This method is outdated, search for Tasks4cash on google, it actually works in 2020

Joseph Carlo Padilla

what period did you use on your rsi?

Vijay Babu

This method is outdated, search for Tasks4cash on google, it actually works in 2020

Ragen Mass

What setting should the RSI length be?

deborah ezekiel

i am very happy to have joined your team. The values you provide are out of this world, thanks to robert_uptowntrades at lnsta i have been trading with him for the pass 2 months and i never had any loss i will say you're the best sir! God bless you

Duma Tshabalala

Excellent video my brother, I wad never told about that secret you have just disclosed to us.Well done???


Forexs Shroud ...Aimbot entries ??

Alex Cameron

The level is 50. Also, put the STOCH and MACD charts on there, too. Above 50 on STOCH and purple line above orange line on MACD is a buy signal. Opposite for a sell signal.

Darren Gayle

Good vid, I RSI with MACD, as the MACD gives a good indication of when price action is actually changing. RSI is like the "get ready for it"


You're the best bro...most informative video I've ever watched


Can i ask advice about pi-network? ?

Brent Bel

Possibly one of the most useful videos I've ever come across so far! Fantastic job!

Nouman Zohaib

Well thats right but basic information about RSI. There is still something more about this indicator.
Lets say if the graph is oversold in rsi and there is buying entry. But still anything can happen. We don't have any confirmation. So which point is used for the conformation. That's my question.

Irvin McDaniel



Hmmm - I like this! Thanks.

Arif Arslan

can we use it on a 10 min/ 5 min time frame?

Damon Kelly

Thats some secret squirrel shit.

antoine freeman

Thanks it helped alot bro

Spencer Felipe Juliani

Sorry, you should look for disagreements on RSI, you would improve your entries. Gracias

haydee garcia

you are a dog sir.

Nancy perez

I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker,Mrs Alecemoore.

Jawad O.

nice but the secret was already out there bro


Wait for rsi above 50 then long less stress

Ann Malano

So good

David Jamison

Will this work for Crypto?

Z'LEA Traxx


Gerardo Murillo

woah! that did indeed blow my mind , thank you

Tira Dixon

So you basically made a video on JEREMY CASH's NBA strategy. Cool.

Melissa Vazquez

Love it and learned so much thank you

s v

Can't make heads or tails with it!! What does it all mean.

Rudol Thomas

Excellent Video. Definitely subscribing and adding this to my strategy

Wonderful world

Long term this will not be sustainable. Search for Tasks4cash on google, it's much better

Abu Michael

i am sincerly blown away..guyy..you are amazing...thanks..apart from RsI which other indicator would you personally recoommend..a

Lux InfoDesign

Thats amazing

Fernando Herrera Bastidas

so 1 hour and 4 hours time period is best for this? can you expand on that please? thanks a lot

hamsini sitini


XRP Gorilla

Nice job! :)

Mr. mean

ok i have a problem with this theory.. cciv is at 95 as of right now...does that mean when it hits say 65 sale the load? that doesnt sound safe especially if the merger happens.....hmmm

Wyckoff Forex

urdu ma hindi ma forex sekhain


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Okechukwu Mba

Thanks a lot for the nice video man. Please what is your RSI settings ?

Ibrahim Sory Sylla

This method is quite old. Search for Tasks4cash on google, it still works as of today


Hey great video. 7:16 you would've been taken out, most likely your stop loss would not have been that way off. so I believe that wouldv'e been a loss trade.


Is this only for swing trading, could you do this on day trading using tesla stock?

Donatus Owa

I love this video. Eye opener , thanks bro

Luiz Carlos Guimarães Ferreira

If you want to have success, you have to be opportunistic. Look for “Tasks4cash” on google, while it still works!

Miguel Melvin

bro, that was amazing

Jake Jordan

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Arsy? ??

Ena Christo

FXXKING BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Jamison

Excellent Adjustment ???

Sonya King

Thank you for this valuable content

Diamond Ken

Nice and enlightening video but please I need the RSI settings. Thanks

Hamza Akhtar

There is really no vaue in this video if u ask me..

Igor Balanovski

Apparently RSI is not enough of an indicator. Use RSI, Stochastic, and MACD, then you will have 3 indicators to confirm an entry and exit

Raymond Oneim

I wish I’d see this last year! But it’s now “this” year so no looking back .

Brainy Maj

I tried this method and it didn't work for me. Search for Tasks4cash on google, it actually works

Bryan Jay

I think the pandemic has taught people a big lesson, having one stream of income is not really a good idea cause your job doesn't secure your financial needs. The pandemic has really set out business minded people from the rest that is why I'm so lucky to be amongest the investors trading with Robert_uptowntradess @t instågram. Since I started Foreign exchange with he's trading platform it's been success and happiness all through.

youtube.com/jbulsa Bulsa

Set rsi at 74 and 26. “90% of stocks never ? move more than 50% over decades” Peter lynch

Tim Elwood

Use rsi with MFI


.....not sure this will work on those days FX


Hey man! Would you mind giving us the exact RSI configuration for Trading View? That's your second half of your glorious mission. Thank you A LOT

vedesh jadoo

Bro amazing video! Throw in a 62% retracement and you'll have less drawdown! Mind blown. Thanks brother


Memo to viewers: Note that RSI is an oscillator and as such works BEST in a non-trending, sideways market. Therefore, it is NOT a surprise that as he goes through his example the RSI indicator works well. Bottom line: There is ABSOLUTELY nothing new here.

Kuzma Abramoff

Good video but I prefer Mr Clifford's trading scheme which has been so accurate and very profitable

Ricordel Jean-Philippe

Wow thank you so much for this amazing tutorial ! The best I've ever watched so far

Julitha Tsuses

the amount of pain we handle trading too much

Yusof Jaafar

RSI Overbought/oversold just like stocastic it only works for ranging market/ sideway. However RSI can give leading indicator for market to change direction.


Bro you’re a genius ???

Miller snow


M and w pattern indicator

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Winter Fly Fishing in New England: Adjusting Expectations

730 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Fly fishing in New

Fly fishing in New England during the wintertime can be a hit-or-miss experience, even when you're presented with otherwise excellent trout waters. On the heels of a couple futile outings on the Farmington River in January, I decided to change gears and head to Eastern Connecticut to try my hand for rainbow trout on the Salmon River.

➤ Location(s)

Salmon River, New London County, Connecticut

➤ Gear Used

9' 5wt w/floating line

various nymphs

➤ Online

Connecticut Angler website: https://www.connecticutangler.com​​

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheConnAngler​​

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theconnecticutangler

➤ Music Credits

"The Call" by Scott Buckley | https://soundcloud.com/scottbuckley​​

CCA 3.0 Unported License

"Departure" by Ghostrifter


"Junkyard Tribe" by Kevin MacLeod


"Lion" by Sapajou


"Sunny Travel" by Nico Staff

George Semel

It's too cold. I don't really bother too much with it till the water Temps get to at least 40 deg F, colder than that it's just not comfortable. I live close to the Salmon, it's a tricky river to fish. The Last time I was upon it, we had that snowmelt and it was at or near flood stage. It's Feb now and soon it's going to warm up a bit and once this snow on the ground melts and runoff passes then the season can really start.


The salmon river used to have a decent holdover population. Ever since they blew out the dam on the Jeremy under rt 149 the whole Salmon River hasn't fished nearly as well. Most of the deep holes have filled in. Entire river is just shallow and faster than it used to be. It's unfortunate, as I used to make the half hour ride multiple days a week after work. Now I live a mile and a half up the road and a seldom bother to fish it. It's decent come March when they start putting a few fish in but it'll never be the same as it was some years ago.

Vincent Engongoro

Awesome, your perseverance paid off.. I know from my own experience catching a bunch of fish in a day is super fun, but when you only catch one for the day, you tend to remember that day longer for its challenge.. I noticed you picked up that Bow when the squirmy was way past your position which would generally make the fly rise like an emerger.. I've had the same thing happen a number of times but almost always hooking up with a Bow even when Browns or Brook are in the same water.. Do you think its the worm / fly rising up that makes them hit it?? that for some reason a Rainbow is more prone to take the fly on the rise??

Robert Russo

A bead head hares ear is always a good start there.

John Tubis

I have fished that part of Salmon river since 1979. I usually don't bother after October, water level too low, river fished out. Only once did I catch trout in January/ February but that was much farther down stream, in the fly fishing only area. I will be there on the second Saturday in April. Unless COVID will change the date.


Went out yesterday to my go to wtma trudging through the snow was a nightmare. U managed to land 2 fish in some tough conditions. There was a ton of ice on the river. The orange egg was the ticket!! Nice vid as usual. It's been a tough grind for me on the Farmington too.


Squirmy to the rescue! Great video bro

Sound Bwoi Killa

I love finding lost lures & flies, its kinda like a bonus. I hate seeing footprints, kinda means I wasn't as smart as I thought

M and w pattern indicator

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John Lémon

Hi Lindsey. This indicator is really HIDDEN. I was searching Trading View for a good High & Low indicator but didn't find an accurate one. This one seems to be working very good. So thank you for the "gift".

Syed Ali

Name of Akim's best friend is Semmi

Kotian Yash


edward walker

What is the name of Prince Akeem’s best friend in the movie “Coming To America” ?
I love that movie.... name was Semmi... no last name but real name Arsenio Hall ?????? You know the show!!!

Jonathan Catala


Chaka Sitali



Arsenio Hall as Semmi is the name of prince akeems best friend in the move of coming to america..
I hope I got entry in your vip and I Mack some money. Finger crossed....


Winner is already picked up? Men's I miss the chance to join vip....

Israel Sphiwe

Your the best?

Outdoor Fitness

Making some funds and educating while rockin an Al B. Sure remix! :)

James Isaacs

Shared on Twitter


Woow woow ?? ??❤️


Semmi ?

Salvador Sanchez

Semmi ? I know the movie ? ?

Shamar Burke

You change my life within 2 months of finding your channel


i love watching you videos bro, everytime i watch your video i learn something new


Arsenio Hall as Semmi

James Isaacs


G Allen


Wessel Wolmarans

With a bit of experience you don't need this indicator although it will benefit new traders.

Ball infinitely

Always blessing your subscribers ? thank you!

Sunil Raj

Semmi is the name of Prince Akeems best friend in the movie Coming To America.

Salvador Sanchez

The name of prince akeem son in the movie coming to America is lavelle

Syed Ali

Until the release of next release, I am watching money heist series n drillis Ertugrul season-5



rodney grey