Sklz resistance bands

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SKLZ At Home Training: Resistance Band Drills for Speed & Agility

2 525 views | 14 Apr. 2020

Ready to train Speed &

Ready to train Speed & Agility using resistance bands? Check out these speed and agility drills using SKLZ Pro Bands and SKLZ Mini Bands.

Lateral Shuffle with Mini Bands

Advanced Lateral Shuffle with Mini Bands

Lateral Shuffle



Lateral Skips

Want more At Home Training ideas for Speed & Agility? See the full SKLZ playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5SpiFsMsRGlGhSJxgPwAbZpvR4FIL2EH

SKLZ Mini Bands https://bit.ly/athomeminibands

SKLZ Pro Bands https://bit.ly/athomeresistancebands

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Sklz resistance bands

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959 views | 26 Jun. 2020


SKLZ Mini Bands (UNBOXING / REVIEW) // Mini bands may be the most convenient workout tool you can own. You can do all sorts of exercises with these resistance bands / mini loop bands. You get three with the SKLZ Mini Bands 3 pack. Check out my SKLZ mini bands review here, where I perform an unboxing, share the pros and the cons, demonstrate some resistance band exercises and give my overall recommendation as to whether or not you should buy this band.

Products Mentioned

SKLZ Mini Bands: https://amzn.to/2BFUOxM

Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands: https://amzn.to/2YytZo5

Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/kev.the.trainer

Note this description contains affiliate links that allow you to find the items mentioned in this video and support the channel at no cost to you. While this channel may earn minimal sums when the viewer uses the links, the viewer is in NO WAY obligated to use these links. Thank you for your support!

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Megan Grant

I love mini bands! I'm a former weightlifter and used these almost every day to warm up my hips and glutes. And I still use them!

Tim Wolf

Im old school and resistance bands are completely foreign to me. Thanks for demystifying it a bit.

Eat Laugh Lift

I've never even seen mini bands before! Thanks for introducing them to me, Kev!

Michelle Roots Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Great video and review. Love using mini bands in my workouts!

Tuan Tran - Fitness Coach

love the unboxing the great reviews of these mini bands bro.

Deb Foley

Good demonstration of the bands! I probably wouldn't invest in that type after watching the video!!LOL


I like this vid ?? stay safe

Coco Cha

omg i want to get one of those

Brea Bone - Austin Realtor

Great video! I've never used resistance bands when working out before, thanks for sharing!

Seah Altura

Thank you for sharing your honest review about SKLZ Mini Bands. I think those bands are more durable than other brands i have tried before.

Drost Video

I first got perform better mini bands and they snapped within a few weeks then tried a different brand with stronger material but the same happened I'm now on my 3rd brand and already one is beginning to tear. Will the same happen with these?

Jasmine Sid

I think I need one of those now that I started training! Thanks Kev for the review!

Sharp Cookie

Interesting! I didn't know they made them so tight. I think I prefer ones that have some more slack.

The Big Booty Boss Academy

This video is AMAZING ❤️

Type Rhino

they are not for me. great value thank you


Great product review! thank you for sharing!

Carol Mould - Project Leadership Coach

Thanks for the review

Sun Kissed Keto

We love resistance bands!!???

Monique Bushee

i’m also a nasm cpt!! my mini bands are super old so i’m actually in need of new ones. i’ve never heard of sklz but i’m on my way to check them out!

Kerstin Cobb

Thanks for sharing! I have the same bands!!

Deanne Shoyer

This was a great review! We use TheraBands because they are a strip rather than a loop. That way they are easy to wrap around chair legs and transit poles, etc. My kids are autistic and resistance work is a great way for them to self regulate when we are on the go.

Social Confidence Mastery

This is great for home workouts!


What did you think of the SKLZ mini bands? Despite it's shortcomings, would you still order them?

Dr Sno

Nice, honest review. Thank you!

George Wulfers

Great video! :) I have tried those in the past (not the brand probably) but I had the same issue with the rolling, so uncomfortable and then just stopped using them. I may give them another shot and see what happens. Not sure if I would order these though :) Thank you for this video!

Living in Boise Idaho

New brand to check out. Thanks for sharing this.

One Foot Off the Grid

Thank you for this review! I normally buy my resistance loops through Beachbody, but their's have been out of stock recently. It's funny because when I have used Beachbody's lower resistance bands, they'll roll more on me, too (over the heavy resistance bands). I'll look into these though for sure when I need some more.

Just Maggie-Me And My CP

I should have seen this video before I got a full-sized resistance band. Given that I don't really need more than one, I probably wouldn't buy them. Great review though.

Stephanie Leach

Thanks for the thorough review. Because I find regular size resistance bands to be suitable for the exercises that I do, I am not sure if I would need mini bands. Maybe when I'm stronger :)


These look perfect for my RV! All of my workout gear is compact and space saving. Great for travel or home. Thanks for sharing such a thorough review Kev!

Yes To Tech

Loved the unboxing and amazing review! Mini bands really are super convenient!

Daryl Ballard

Looks like they would work pretty well. Good review. I will have to check them against some other options. Thanks Kevin.

Yulianna Velina

haha I always struggle with mini bands yet it's my favorite workout!

the Lion and the Angel

Great review! I've had the same problem with bands riding up like that. Good to know that the medium and heavy bands have good resistance ??

Kristen Jezek

Thanks for the honest review, it looks like they might be challenging to use so I appreciate you showing how you would use them and why they might not work

Amanda Pelletier

Great video! I've always wondered about mini bands vs regular resistance band so it was definitely good to know your take on them

Aprille Reed

Never heard of mini bands. I have the traditional resistance bands and don't know how to use those either LOL. Thanks for the video because SKLZ may be easier for me to use. And I love how you get multiple resistances.

Africa Archield

I became a mini band fan when I was doing PT for my knee. Could the light band issue be something with manufacturing?

Camber Motion

Definitely useful when I'm on the road. I used on on a door handle in a hotel room and didn't notice how sharp the edge of the handle was and it snapped on me! That stung a bit!

Jaime Tan - Enlightened Spoon

Love resistance bands! My issue is they keep sliding up and down thighs especially with Lycra leggings ?

In Wonderland Arif and Ricky

Cool vide! And thank you for the info, we were actually thinking to buy those bands!!

Sklz resistance bands

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SKLZ At Home Training: Resistance Band Drills for Warm Up & Activation

1 150 views | 15 Apr. 2020

Warm up before any workout

Warm up before any workout with SKLZ resistance band drills using SKLZ Pro Bands.

Bird Dog

Glute Bridge + Core Assist

Lying to Side Lying Arm Bar

Dynamic Lateral Plank

Want more At Home Training ideas? See the full SKLZ playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5SpiFsMsRGlGhSJxgPwAbZpvR4FIL2EH SKLZ

SKLZ Pro Bands: https://bit.ly/athomeresistancebands