Physical confrontation

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Tacoma Police employee attempt to escalate a physical confrontation with photographer

31 486 views | 29 Nov. 2014

On 11-18-2014 I was

On 11-18-2014 I was filming a protest at St. Joseph's Medical Center, Tacoma, WA. I started to notice security was watching me and taking pictures, so I started filming them. After about 45 minutes of this, it appeared I had my own "under cover" security detail following me in an unmarked vehicle. Of course, I started filming them. I walked around the entire perimeter of the medical center and they followed -appearing to try to remain incognito, even though I was filming them at every turn. When I got to the back side of the medical center, I noticed 2 marked vehicles from Tacoma Police Department arrived to my general location. It was reported they were telling the protesters (who had a permit for their free speech) they had to go another 50ft away. I called across the street to encourage them to get the names and badge numbers of the police employees.

Since the sidewalk was closed in a few different locations, making crossing the street in a crosswalk difficult, I looked both ways and crossed. I was immediately issued a J-Walking ticket. Of course, the police employees J-Walked a few times to give me this ticket, after running my info. I pointed out that many other people were crossing the street in the same fashion and asked why I was singled out. I received no conclusive answer and can only guess it was because I was the only one actively filming the police employees.

After I was issued my ticket, Tacoma Police Employee B. Paris hovered around me. He bumped into me a few times and stood within inches from me. It appeared that issuing a ticket was not enough for this pirate and his cohort. He seemed to actually want to provoke a physical altercation with me.

I think it is important to note the obvious: I was pretty upset with the way these employees acted like simple dogs, pissing on a rock and posturing. I think it is OK to be pissed at cops who act in the SAME WAY that would be an arrestable offense if a citizen did it.

Whether one agrees with what I do or how I do it, one should ask if it is ever OK for a police employee to physically touch a person in this way. If a citizen did the same thing, a police employee would articulate that the citizen was standing within their "reactionary gap" and they felt threatened and used force. When a cop does it, they say they can do it if they want.

Is this the type of policing we need in America?

Taekwondo Time

I'm not sure what these police officers hoped to gain from this encounter. Either he's guilty of committing a crime, in which case they could charge him and move on, or he's not doing anything wrong, in which case they can move along and get to other business. Instead, they're stuck in neutral here. They're lingering around without any real purpose.

It definitely appears that the one police officer (Paris) was trying to provoke a physical altercation with the cameraman. He seemed to be baiting the cameraman, hoping that the cameraman might shove him away and then they would have reason to arrest him for assault.

It's not often that I agree with the cameraman in these types of videos, but officer Paris is definitely trying to provoke a response from the cameraman.

Burt Gummer

uh..he's doing because he knows that you won't do anything about him brushing you...I wouldn't either.

Paul King

The grey haired cop is a midget.

M Mccormack

Earning the hate! These pigs are why good cops get shoot! If his department does not check him , the next dead cops are on them! And their families need to know their good cops death is because of these 2 pigs pissed off the wrong person!

Ma'che Black

I would of asked the cop that kept running into you if he was trying ask you out on a date. I personally would of filed a immediate sexual harassment claim against the dude. The fought the ticket and showed the judge that other people was jwalking.


Cop has NO respect for his wages that you pay him . One cop Chewing ! mouth going like a cement mixer .
Too many cops in America with Mental Deficiencies

Bill Conley

What frustrates people is two separate ways laws are enforce; one set of laws for the government and a separate set of laws for everyone else.

Brent Huntington

That is when you pull out a flashlight and blind anyone in your face. 2 LOSER cops that KARMA may just be visiting soon. Enjoy bad cops...you get what you get.

Steve Kitella

It's called intimidation, and they do it because they are cops! If you erupted of touched or pushed him of you, you'd off been arrested for assaulting a police officer, and with his buddy as backup, they'd make your day an expensive one. They only reason he didn't push the issue further was because you were video taping! You stayed calm, I would of been yelling in his fucking face, and unloading on this dipshit pig! But good video anyway. Keep it up!

J Gaddie

What do I need is the new coupons to save money on all the Dunkin Donuts and give it to the cop and they'll run like a son of a b** to get donut

Ron Thunders

I just found you!! I'm a subscriber now:) I love finding guys like you on youtube that get yours with these pigs!! You are actually shaping the future of law enforcement whether you know it or not!! They are going to second guess even considering being pigs for a profession because they know now it comes with being filmed!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! And I watch this guy "high desert community watch" and one of his quotes are "you're dismissed" or "walk of shame" when they walk away dejected!! Please for me start using those terms hahaha IT WORKS!!

8mark9 Erman

Paris is trying to be a bully while hiding behind his badge. Officer Tough Guy!

The Wolf

real tough guy pig

John smith

Honestly...a cop comes up to you, acts like a bully. Cops like that just need to get punched in the face and put in a coma. Simple, they are not able to harass or bully anyone when they are brain dead.

Robin Harrill

I think he REALLY, REALLY likes you.... I'm not saying he's gay, but he's definitely a bird lover. He for sure would love a cockortwo.....

johnnysky 66

cops are such douche-canoes

James Hicks

Intimidation first and always.

A Waters

"C'MON Man" those Cops are GAY!..lol

James Hicks

This cop is trying to get you pissed off enough to loose it so he can arrest you.

Old coinchaser

PLANT EM DEEP. Filthy fucking pig. First a very slow torture.

Ironclad Patriot

The guy filming is a moron.

Jesse Thomas

To the one filming. Your so bad ass. So tough. I REAL American hero.

Sam Fosdick

He brushed up on you to feel your Weiner

Steve Forster

There is no denying that some cops in the US are dicks but the citizenry are as guilty of being  complete cocks. Just give the man some space. Walk away and be the bigger man.

tall man

The answer is obvious dude, the cop is gay. He was making a move on you.
You should have just put your hand 6 inches from his face. Cops are so corrupt.

Meneer Doeterniettoe

What a little men they are. Is that due to a small.... ear?

Michael Green

These Pigs think that their so untouchable..like nothing can happen to em..You know cops are being targeted in this day and age..You all need to chill the Fuck out before somebody put your brains on the sidewalk.

Osprey 125

The culture of unprofessionalism starts at the top as we can see. Typical douchebag cops !

mike sandmire

Never a baseball bat laying around when you need one.

John Jones

They are just little maggots.

D Guerrero

since you're in the union police stand behind your brothers and sisters and support thier cause douchebags.

Bruce Griffiths


William RobinsonIII

now after the police leave you need to shut up because now you're looking like you're being confrontational stop trying to pick a fight with them boys you don't have no Winns

Michael Johnson

push up on me like that and i would ask him if he is gay and then inform him i'm not into pigs so would please stop molesting me

Lovey Luvv


Joe Stolzenberger

A true pig.

Joe Shmoe

What you see here is a small penis syndrome. Some guys become cops so they can walk around with guns and feel superior all stemming from a penis not large enough to satisfy a woman.


Got the IQ of a rabid dog, and the vocabulary of oh and yeah!!

Scott Clark

when police want to get all up in your personal space just warn them that you have a cold and could sneeze or cough on them if they stay that close. if they don't back up then cough and sneeze away.

Greg dan

SEIU rep. what a liar.

D.B. Allen

The cop is obviously gay and has some attraction to you.

Joe Stolzenberger

Arrogance always. When they brush up against you it's called a assault.


should've asked him if he wanted a kiss

Russ Saimon

He doesn't get any at home or anywhere else so he's trying to get some from you.

Frank Douglas

feed the hate then when u kill them they hiker blue lives matter fuck a
cop hope
a lot of u basterds do get murdered

Don Queen

Maybe the cop is GAY that's why he wants to rub up on you.

Josh River

Sure the one cop was certainly being a douche! .....but calm down scott! you were being a douche bag yourself It was obvious that you were so nervous that you couldnt handle the situation in a manner that would ensure you stayed in controll. trying to feed your confidence from other protesters reactions wasnt working out for you! im not saying not to protest..if you want the message of your protest to be effective..youre going about it all wrong. you need more practice i suppose.

.....what have done? bring on the hate google+

Thy Horror

Thankfully a photographer with fortitude to expose what is going on in Tacoma . A true national hero , unlike the scum they filmed in the public .

Slaves consent to tyrants , oppressors and cop terrorists foreign or domestic . A human being with obligations could/should have shot all three terrorist cops .

Tacoma WA has a terrorist training camp that the military refuses to close , so it forces citizens in to their civic duties when dealing with such filth.

BUT WE ALL KNOW TACOMA IF FULL OF "PERSONS of SERVITUDE" and we expect them to continue to submit to these cops and be part of the problem .

Hope they ain't too surprised by the obligations to smash all your faces in the dirt like the filthy turds they are . . . . . by consent .

Kyle Sholtis

Such a fucking disgrace as a cop. Bitch

Christina Lindberg

Why is he recording...lmao I swear people do anything to escalate bullshit like this kid recording the officer

Buck Gaddie

I don't know where he is but I'm sorry I don't know how he got three stars stripes he must have just put them on himself cuz he's too damn dumb to be a sergeant

Judo Johnny

He is parked in the red!


only good cop is a dead cop

Carl Jensen

On their way to the blue oyster bar.

Larry MF Johnson

way to hold your ground. that cop was a cunt!

Bill B.

Power corrupts and sometimes creates thugs.

Jerry Shaw

He was flirting with you! He's horny

Restoration work

I would have coughed right in his face

Joe Stolzenberger

The cop is trying to piss you off so you do something stupid so that he can arrest you and beat the shit out of you.


No decent Person would behave like this Police officer.
I always look inside of a person and ask myself.
what kind of person is this ?
why so hateful and corrupt ?
He might appear great on the outside ,
But on the inside he is a festering Quagmire of Filth.
Both of them need investigating this was a disgusting display of Police work.
This Behaviour is outlawed in the UK

Perry Williams

Amazingly stupit cops, great representative. NOT!

Jay Bee

Notice how all of the union thugs team up against him. That's why I only like unions in theory.

Ellis X

He has the complexion for the connection, if he was Black or Mexican he would be eating some rubber from their boots.

David Sustaita

Next time let him know that you know where his family lives....and hundreds will know also....

Pete Callaghan

Has it occured to you that he wasn't trying to intimidate you by brushing against you, but merely trying to satisfy an homosexual impulse?

Christina Lindberg

They have to look like that for one. Did he just call them thugs ?? the guy in this video would get eaten alive in jail, that’s where he’s gonna end up if he keeps doing this

April Shendaruk

Sorry, but I think the old fart needs a tuning! With a bat! To his head! Sorry, JMO.


Is this guy gay??

toto wolf

Personal space violated

Torpedox ttocsyor

There is NO such thing as a GOOD cop, because if there were, there would be no such thing as a BAD cop!
This is proof once again! That PIG ASSAULTED a citizen TWICE, and the other pigs did NOTHING!
Amazing how the ONLY ones breaking the law, ARE THE POLICE!
TIME TO REMOVE QUALIFIED IMMUNITY, so that these corrupt GANG MEMBERS, can be held PERSONALLY LIABLE, whenever they violate the law!
We the TAXPAYERS should NOT have to pay these lawsuits, for these DIRTY PIGS! When they are sued for their illegal behavior, or for VIOLATING someone's RIGHTS, then they should be held PERSONALLY LIABLE!


Nazi style assault .
The uk has weeded out all the paranoid Psychopath police .
This treatment you received is frowned upon in the UK
Under-educated over Medicated cops

Hosea Afuola

I like the officers uniform not a guy calling cops thugs .when I grow up graduate I'm going to be a police officer

Steve B

Totally bizarre. Power trip. Wonder if you can sure this shit.

a man of many parts

For very day of defusing training they get, they get 10 on how to control a physical or violent situation by responding with force.

Brian Johnson

That's what their trained to do, is ESCALATE, BEAT, RAPE, MOLIST, MURDER, ETC ETC.


Obvious the cop was using aggression with body language and attitude.

steve trayes

when the idiot gets a little too close. just give a big ole belch in his face. if he doesn't move. just keep up with the burping :)

inside cat

Chicken shit runs deep with these officers.
Assholes like these are what have brought our country to the brink of chaos.

Physical confrontation

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Physical confrontation

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How many more days will this crap b news


Fox news is a den of whores. Trump cheerleads for a G0P loser who beat up a reporter as Fox hams up a dart away from a interns hand