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Tera Online User Interface Tutorial and Opinions with commentary

21 155 views | 27 Feb. 2012

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Tera Online User Interface Tutorial and Opinions with commentary


This video explains the User Interface (UI) in Tera Online and how to customize it. I also go over the settings and positions that I use personally and discuss the reasons why I settled at these.

How do you like your User Interface? Post a comment below or post a screenshot over at the Tera Forums showing and telling me why.

EU forum thread:


NA forum thread:


This is only one of my guides on Tera Online, I have a guide/tutorial for pretty much everything Tera, so check out my channel if you want to see more Tera Online PvP. PvE, and Tutorial content!


awesome video, thanks! will do this in the next beta phase


Do you have a Girlfriend? coz... coz...i love you @sheephead.. with those information and tips.. im gonna enjoy my tera life because of you.. mwah <3


Yeh man its a great thing to have in at release, I love it :D No worries man, glad I could help!

Rob Lovicz

Thank you for this video....I like your logic


Too bad in my game. I downloaded it today only to find out that the ui is too messed up. I cannot see any of the dialogue on screen. If i cannot read anything i wont bother playing the game no matter how good it is.

Marianne Hill

Great vid I have a question, is there anyway to scale down the UI but still be able to read the text, this is a huge annoance for me. Also I do not know if anyone else mentioned but when editing the chat boxes you can alter the text colour.....I love this as certain colours are just too annoying to look at or you may wish to make something stand out :)


I have my health bar on the left above my party members so I can heal whoever needs it.


Good work, I was trying to figure out how to get health bars near my cursor. I was looking for an option to enable mini health and mana bars, but this works too. Thanks!

Diogo Brazinha

ververy good video gz mate


@Yohgi Thanks man, glad you like it!


lol i already had it that way xP i was looking for a way to get rid of my party ui when i'm in a raid since i dont need it with my raid ui


There is a cooldown monitor which you can turn on and move anywhere. The only think is it shows the icon of the skill you just used and counts down until its ready again. Once its ready it just disappears, so I think its the opposite of what you want? I don't think you can change it though :(


i have my own setting that almost look the same as you, only swap some UI position. that's proof both of us have same taste :P if you discover new way to set them up please make more video.


@frozenword Sure man, a lot of people asked this, just somewhere near the middle. maybe move up the player bar and put them in a line under neath. or just upward on the middle right of the screen. Just try out some different places and you will soon find one you like :)


Yeh thats the only problem with the UI sadly :( Not much you can do apart from the thing you said. The only way to get rid of the controller UI is to unplug it or just make it really small/hide it :P


Need help. On my UI I can only see 3 of my party member's status bars when I should being see 4. How do i get the 4th member's status bar to show up?


@Morgase68 Thanks a lot man! I hope this video helps them, thanks for spreading the word.


One thing, I haven't gotten around to playing with it, but wasn't there a way to fiddle around with cool down notifications ? Like put them anywhere on the screen and/or enable them? For example I have skill X and i want to put it right at the left of my reticle since i always need to see it when it's off the cooldown, any way to do that or something similar ?


Yeh man, thats perfect, having everything like that close together is the most efficient :D


Haha ty ty :P Nope I don't. Enjoy Tera!


Please explain? :P


I was wondering (sorry if I missed where you said this) if it was possible to shrink the size of the target enemies health bar and if so where the option for it is. I have looked through the UI options but just couldnt find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :)


Dont know about private/vendor shop for pets at first it might be useful but not in longrun. But maybe it be great/useful if pet could for example go gather materials like ore/fishing/mining etc, while player can do something else. Most useful if they have that. Also having a combat pet be great unless it cause server crowd and lag with alot of people so removing them could be part of it.

Paweł Flis

Dzienks za pomoc :D


well im the newest comment in 3 years on this video!
great job! It works for sure thnx mate! ?


Ah I see, thanks. I wasn't aware my PS3 controller was still plugged in, I actually didn't expect it to actually work with PS3 controller either, seeing as nothing so far has worked without programs such as "MotionInJoy" Also, how does controller gameplay work? Aren't there too many skills to properly play with a controller? ~Jkun~


Pretty much the same way i have it and it's awesome! Although i only have the combat log because the amount of trolls in general chat during beta is absolutely embarrassing


No worries man! Thanks for the kinda words! Enjoy Tera!


@Morgase68 Thanks for posting man, its really nice to see how people have their UI.


Hey just wanting to know if the game will run on a mobility Radeon HD 5470 GPU on my laptop (i5 2.4ghz with 6gb ddr3 ram). Can I expect the game to run on low-mid graphics? I am willing to overclock my gpu as I do have a cooling pad for my laptop

Krasimir Andonov

Thanks for this information that u added to youtube ;] i just started the game .. and wanted to see for some video info ;] And i want to say again thanks alot ;]

Jilly Bean

@frozenword I've reduced the size of chat box and moved my Teammate's bars to the left of my skill bars. As a healer it's nice to have them exactly where I can see them, close to skills and not have to take my eyes off the center so much. I've reduced the bars a bit and they sit nicely between the two. I like your idea of moving the chat window up to the top and the bars below..I might give that a go as well.


I remember seeing this video when I started playing at release. Now - years later - looking for this video again was the first thing I did after reinstalling the game. Loving this setup.


Oh, it's actually great, as something to have in the default interface. Not exactly what I had in mind but not that far either. Thanks.


Sure. I have an i5 2500k @4.4ghz, gtx 570, and 8gb ram.


Haha thanks man! Yeh I know what you mean, the NA client has actually increased the difficulty of the start of the game and I believe the EU are doing the same. Supposably there is a difficulty bump at level 48 as well. Regarding Hardmode Dungeons I don't really know that much about it :( I know 100% that at max level the dungeons do have a hard mode but thats all I know at the moment :P I'll defiantly make a video when I find out more :P


hey thanks anyway, I just wanted to make an informed decision before downloading the 27 gigs haha

Misfit Mimi

How can you tell how many FPS you have? And if it's low, how could you boost it to a reasonable rate? Would you happen to know?


Cheers man :)


is that akali?


Ahh ccool, never played DCUO but heard good things :) yeh man deffo try out tera if you get the chance :)

Lucy Elve

Thanks for your little vid, helps a lot ;)


@dbrazinha Thanks man!

ademilson loewen

thanks for the help ^^


Haha cheers man for the nice words! Hopefully I'll be making more videos soon, been on a bit of a break :P Thanks again!


I'm having a problem with the UI and overall sizes of the graphics and fonts. I play on my tv, I'm guessing that's part the problem. My problem is that I can setup the UI reasonably well, but to be able to see the text on the quest tracker, item description, quests and menu text becomes terribly small. The only other option I seemed to have is increase the UI size which also increases those texts...but that only clutters up my screen. (also, how do you remove that controller?) ~Jkun~

Jilly Bean

Well done Video. Sending it to my friends that are just starting out with Tera CBT. Cheers!


Better get some coffee and cookies ready because this game is going F2P and its absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I want to play this the best I can and enjoy it truly, Its not at the level of GW2 But hell, This might eventually be the best F2P Fantasy/RPG game out there once it does go free


@KerexGaming Haha yeh man so true :P I noticed it so much when watching it back haha


Another great vid sheep. I can say that as a fairly newbish mmo player UI design is something that you wouldnt normally worry about until someone mentions that theres something really unituitive about the default placements. Thanks for the tips.


omygee!! im so lucky.. haha.. mind if i call you oppa? thanks again ^_^


Sorry for the late reply, all you do is turn on the cooldown monitor and then move it. To turn it on, go to options > Ui settings, scroll down and tick on "Display cooldown notices". Hope that helps :D


@frozenword Thank you very much! I'm glad I've managed to help ya, once you change it you will never go back :D Have a great time next weekend!


No worries man, now you know what to look out for and how to optimize your time playing :D


When you first start a game you don't want to spend fucking ages messing with the UI just so you can READ the fucking text. The default options are absolutely horrible. What the hell were they thinking?

Maksim Hatory

i'll do the same too )))))


Haha awesome man! Glad you like it! Enjoy the game again :P


Amazing tutorial. Love your accent mate.

Ballzyx x

Wow man i watched 3videos of you and everything you say and how you think it's how i think too .. i really like you're videos keep it up man .. subcribed and liked <3 :)


@IllusionaryWorlds I'm glad I managed to help out :) enjoy this weekend!


How do you display your skill cooldowns next to the reticle, like in the video LC7kGK87bOg ?

Boris Gaganelov

What's an akali? That is a femal warrior castanic.


It will be a while as i need a good enough laptop, im having space issues with my current 1 but yeah i do really wanna try it out!:)


Great video man! Gotta say though, a lot of 'That's what she said' moments in the video haha :)


Glad I could help Haliba :D


Great vid btw. Also may i ask which desktop CPU and GPU your using? I assume GPU is a GTX(?), which?


lol no worries :) glad you liked it!


Fuckin perfect UI! I'll do the same :)

American Gangster

I need the default UI is there a mod to fix it? since the reset button is broken


No worries, glad I could help :)


@blackyy35 Yeh man I'll be playing! Will be Sorcerer, Jamboo on Velika ;)


Haha nice one man! You couldn't be more right about the chat :P!


thx man i really wanted to change the ui becouse i really don't know about it so thx man gonna do the same :)

david lieu

Thanks a lot for your help your tips are awesome! =D

Naughtius Maximus

This is the most optimum UI setup I've seen! But where would you put the extra UI options like the expanded number shortcuts for skills/items?


@alpha19862 lol yeh I know what you mean, sadly I couldn't work out any way to do it. A lot of people on the forum got the same problem :( Maybe they will put it in at a later stage!


Thanks mario! Means alot :) thats for the support!


I pretty much have my UI the same way but there is one thing that bugs me..the target window is soo small! I can barely see the debuffs and health % on my target. Is there any way to increase the size of the target windows without my own health bar having to cover the entire screen? z_z

Orbister zonerdevi

excellent, thank you.


Haha yeh man, I could not agree more. They really should put in some profiles or something so that new users dont have to log in to that mess :P


Download fraps or msi afterburner, something that shows your fps and the only way to boost it, its to either overclock stuff or turn down settings or resolution :)


No worries man, thanks for the comment :)


@sbsheep Thanks man, glad you liked it!

Adriano Cristian

Ty for all your help!


Could be cool :) I'd love to see them use them in some way instead of taking them out :D

Shane B.

What about partys? I can never get those to look right :(


Nice setup, the option to do this is indeed convenient but i gotta say that the UI is just like in DC Universe Online, i wanna eventually get this game so i dont think i will have a problem being that i played allot of dc but still, good to know all the same!^^!


Thanks! :D


Hey, I cant really say tbh. It should run well, but i dunno what settings. Why not download the game and try, its free to play now :D

Fun with Scissors

Also I have a question: Were would you put your team mate's player frame? because for a tank and even more so for a healer, they are kind of a big deal. I was thinking of swapping them with the chat box and move the chat box up but that might be a but unnatural since i'm used to the chat being there from other games. will probably have to test it but if you have any suggestions, that would be great.


No worries man, glad I could help! MMO's are the best! Enjoy!

Scotty Gilmor

So i was just wondering, if you would mind sharing what system specs are for your computer? tryin to be able to run the game on better graphics with out have to turn off the beuatiful lighting scheme..


i had them as default, ater watching ur video, imma try change them, thanks for the tips!


You going to play cbt 3 eu? what class name


wow man i watched all of  you tutorial and i think you did a good job you need a sub :)

Kathy Coleman

Thanks so much for the totally awesome video! As a player who is legally blind, and who will be playing TERA for the first time in CBT3 this weekend, this puts many of my fears to rest. There is nothing more frustrating then having the interface of a game working against me. It's great to know I will be able to set everything up just the way I want it. :)


Yeh man there should be, I explain how to change single UI elements in the video, if the drop down isnt there for target frames then probs not :(


First rule of game is the UI need to be easy and not complex so you won't need to look everywhere on screen. Tera default UI is horrible but the very good point is most of UI are moveable. so yes Tera win my first rule of gaming, the UI.


Another great informative video that does Tera great justice by clear cut information, thanks.

Fun with Scissors

You have totally opened my eyes. Normally I never change the UI much because it just confuses me if I start with the UI one way and change it later (mostly in spell placement keymapping though) but I just watched another gameplay video and the UI is totally distracting. Changing the UI will be the first thing I do when I finally get into beta next weekend. keep up the great videos.

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TERA: A guide to get underwear/innerwear and upgrade it! | PART 81

895 views | 26 May. 2019


Have you scratched your head since forever and asked yourself "How in hell do you use these cube tokens or veteran cubes?"

Well look no further as there is a guide to make it simple for all, and explain how everything works.


Yeros Syle

You can farm Goldfinger token in the PoP - Pit of Petrax in Highwatch too.
Maybe in some dungeons.

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TERA Online: How to get Cyasma Tokens for Steadfast Gear

22 953 views | 24 Nov. 2013


UPDATE: With TERA's 'Wounded World' patch, this tutorial now creates the second version of Cyasma Tokens using the exact same instructions.

If you're gearing a fresh lvl 60 and doing daily quests, why not add this to your routine? If you can't join raids for any reason, then getting Cyasma Tokens rewards you with the same great gear through minimal effort.

Patch 24.05.00 halved the amount of Cyasma Tokens needed for Steadfast gear. Horray!

Current amount of Cyasma Tokens needed for Steadfast gear:

- Weapon: 12 Tokens

- Chest: 10 Tokens

- Gloves: 4 Tokens

- Boots: 4 Tokens

You need an Argon Essence and an Efflorescing Agent to make 1 Cyasma Token. The Argon Essence is a random loot drop from killing mobs in Argonea, while the Efflorescing Agent is bought from the Valsekyr Hunt Merchant in Kanstria for 100 reputation credits. Use the Agent to make a Token. The Agent has a 22 hour cooldown, so you can only make 1 per day. Also, you can only hold 1 Argon Essence in your Inventory at any time.

The end of this video shows me getting the Steadfast Twin Swords for 24 tokens. Yes, it took 24 days to get and it proved to be quicker than running Wonderholme everyday because of the unlucky random loot.

Previous amount of Cyasma Tokens needed for Steadfast gear (before 24.05.00 patch):

- Weapon: 24 Tokens

- Chest: 20 Tokens

- Gloves: 8 Tokens

- Boots: 8 Tokens

Chee Her

does that mean it took u 24 days to get that one steadfast weapon? if so then i would prefer doing dungeons and get Molton tokens..ive been lvl 60 for 4 days now and only have 1 Steadfast gear left to get from the Molton way.

Patrick Nelson


Alexander Salazar

Thank you!

Camila Zancanella

Thaaank you :3


Thanks :*

Gary Rodriguez

Thank you

Rodrigo Bentancor

Thanks you a lot!

maryana alami

where i can get reputation credits....

Brandon Nightingale

is this the same as level 60 dungeon gear?