Wb tokens modern

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Magic Modern WB Token VS UWR Midrange - Fumetteria Gamecraft

638 views | 7 Jul. 2014

Ciao Ragazzi, ecco le

Ciao Ragazzi, ecco le riprese di un simpatico scontro tra WB Token e UWR Midrange. Buona Visione

Wb tokens modern

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WB tokens vs Death Cloud modern MTG!!

1 158 views | 31 Jan. 2014

My modern Death Cloud deck

My modern Death Cloud deck against a BW tokens build. Tough matchup where you are extremely dependent on Pulse, Death cloud and Damnation.


Wb tokens modern

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White-Black Tokens | Mining Modern

31 807 views | 18 Mar. 2019

Get this deck:

Get this deck: http://bit.ly/White_Black_Tokens

00:04 Jund, 18:33 Bogles, 41:31 Infect, 58:38 Full Deck Tech

W/B Tokens typically stumbles in the late-game, but Michael Siembor recently used Hidden Stockpile to give the deck more resilience in grindy matchups. With an aggressive plan and an all-star sideboard, Tokens is a force to be reckoned with.

Learn more about this deck at TCGplayer: http://bit.ly/CH-YT-WhiteBlackTokens

Follow Corbin Hosler on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chosler88

Bruce Praska

Just Curious have you considered adding dreadhorde invasion in the main over bitterblossom since war came out


First game, guessed ever play the jund player made


you know, yo u woulda wont a turn earlier against bogles IF YOU FLASHBACKED THE OTHER LINGERING SOULS SITTING IN YOUR GRAVEYARD lol


Dance with the Corbin you brought.

clayton leal

Why didnt you play sorin and ult it in the runed halo bogles game? There were 5+ turns where they couldnt have attacked through you chump blockers and once you ult sorin they literally can't play their deck.

Mark Fidell

Lovely video. Cheers

Welf Mattern

Finally, FINALLY!!! ^^
For several years now, since it's been spoiled and released, I 've been playing 4x Hidden Stockpile in my modern BW Tokens deck instead of Bitterblossom, since it's just so good!. It makes tokens when I want, doesn't cost me life, smoothes out my draws in the mid to late game and is just sooo much value. Plus, it's better in multiples than Bitterblossom, because it's less risky against potential Ensnaring Bridge or other roadblock decks.
Everyone yelled or laughed at the idea of playing Stockpile over Bitterblossom, but I'm still convinced it's potentially the overall better card in the shell, since it also takes the pressure off Sorin - you can actually play other options or board out Sorin and other lifegain stoff without fear of dying to your own Blossom trigger. The deck gains so much and loses so little. Procession and Lingering Souls give the deck enough evasion, and the Servos survive even Ugin activations an All is Dust.
I'm so happy you picked this iteration of the deck, Corbin!
After several years worth of playing and testing, I can say Stockpile is a good card in this shell, even though overall BW Tokens has been in a chronically bad spot in the meta for several years now.

Luis Hernández

"mistakes were made" hhahahaha

Tomkarl Jefferson Hernandez

Against the Bogles deck
Hidden Stockpile is another out
Just sack the token its blocking before damage


"thing in the ice and conflagrate are in the best decks in the format? TIME TO PLAY BLACK WHITE TOKENS!!!1!"

Andreas Klein

Man, Serra woulda been soo good there !

Drew Cochran


Jere the Jeremiah

I liked Myth Realized in many matchups.


can you please switch to mtg arena


Dope content as usual!
Hope to see some Arena gameplay too :D


Oh god, when you did the bogle life math and didn't account for first strike for the life gain trigger to resolve before your damage. I knew you were in for a world of hurt. Until you did it anyway :D

Four Tables MTG

I personally would have played Game 2 against Bogles differently, in that I think playing the Sorin ASAP and trying to get the emblem online to start removing their creatures through the Leyline.

David Jones

In the game against Bogles, you were looking to draw into Hidden Stockpile. It allows you to swing past the thing. I did enjoy this showcase of a tokens deck, thank you!

Space Spiff20

I never knew SkyDoesMinecraft played magic!

raf flores

Not playing and ultimating sorin was so frustrating the game would have been over in 3 turns after the stalemate


Game two he was probably just holding up a land in hand to bluff, but while you were busy worrying about path, I was thinking about how bad it'd be if he played settle the wreckage. Also, Corbin you make really good videos. It's nice to see your thought process.

Lance Haderlie

You forgetting you had a second lingering souls in the Grave in game 2 against bogles made me sad XD

Stress Elemental

Will this deck immediately get shut out with containment priest reprint (?)

David N

Great video with one of my favorite decks!

Charles Yin

Nice gameplay, and touching commentary at the end :)


Great video!

Cameron Macdonald

Great games, great content Corbin!

Curtis Depatie

From about 30:00 on in the bogle match you had a lingering souls sitting in your graveyard for about 10 or so turns. Is there a reason you didn't flash it back for the extra 2 tokens? I couldn't figure out a reason why the tokens wouldn't have been useful. You had the mana available I think many times over many turns. Would you mind explaining what it is that I am not seeing?. It is probably something obvious knowing me.


I recommend two copies of Promise of Bunrei in the main instead of the secure the waste. Sideboard the secure the waste for control matchups.

Peter Steiner

Crack the two Arid Mesas to thin out the deck from lands would have been better in match3game2 against infect, right?

I'm just curious to learn.

Great content, thanks for it! :)

Gonzalo Orellana

Stupid Bogles. Nice 4 for 1 waiting for the Daybreak Coronet Cast :)

Steven Willett

Wouldn’t be a Corbin video without horrible misplays. That’s bogles match was such a joke.


This deck gets better with new horizons, right?

Jadex The PurpIeNinja

Against bogles you could have played sorin and used his ultimate. Your opponent would have gained lots of life as you chump blocked (or traded) but has no answers to the emblem so you would have guaranteed the win eventually rather than giving him 4 or so extra turns to draw an answer to halo

Benjamin Nass

im not expecting perfect play but at least notice the reach on the bogle or lingering souls on the graveyard or the ultimate on sorin or about the bolt he had in hand. There were just so many....

Cody Plant

Don’t worry dude. The Bogles match could of been done differently, but you did alright.

Nathan Bennett

Is it just me or are there 4 fatal pushes in the game and only 1 in your decklist?

Sir Eklz

Sorin emblem would have won the bogles game.

Albert Lunn

Good ramblings at the end. It's good to feel validated but also a nice reminder that life goes on with or without internet points

Nate Strasburg

I love your analytical approach to the game


That 2nd match vs Bogles...... A.) You had way more than enough dmg to kill him no matter what even with first strike and B.) Oh my GOD, I wanted sooo badly for your opponent to bust out settle the wreckage on you! Nothin' personal, I just think that would have made that one of the most enjoyable matches ever (well, it was already pretty fun to watch). But, yea... I bet that was the furthest thing from his mind, haha. I know I didn't even think of it until the declare attackers step on the final turn. :)

Renato Botão

This list kind of hurts my eyes as an avid tokens player in the past.

Markos Smith

Anyone else cringe a little when he attacked into the bogle?

James Fowler

This series is effen awesome. ty sensai hosler.

Mika Salo

I used to play similar list in MTGO with 3x Vault of the Archangers. It worked ok:ish until I splashed red for 4x Goblin Rabblemaster, 3x Legion Warboss and 1x Khor Keep. Auto-generating 2/2 vigilance Goblin tokens with deathtouch and lifelink can really close the game fast. I also run some Boros Charms to protect permanents and to burn last few damages in. Double Strike on Goblin Rabblemaster can also be very effective. You also get access to Young Pyromancer, Anger of the Gods, Korlaghans Command and Blood Moons with red that can be extremely effective with Sorin / Bitterblossom out.


340p Making a retro modern deck feel retro?

Gabriel Talbot

wow the addition of hidden stockpile and auriok champion truly makes a differance :)


Both cards previewed for Modern Horizons are great for this deck: Cabal Therapist and the Serra Planeswalker. Also, I would run Anguished Unmaking (or hopefully Vindicate) and Fulminator Mage in the Sideboard Against annoying enchantments and Tron lands.

Ethan Rasmussen

Around 15:00 you knew he had the bolt. We saw it from the start and the bolt in the grave was off of BBE.


Man, Corbin, really cool to see you streaming. Haven’t seen you around town in a cool minute.
I really don’t think this is the ideal build of the deck and Travis may or may not agree but it’d be sweet to talk about. Also a few sloppy misplays but since you’re new to the archetype that’s almost inevitable. Congratulations on the sweep though, man.

perfect fitz

Always classy and nice to hear some real life stuff gems at the end of these. Keep it coming bud.


Yooo Sorin’s ulti!! :(( at the beginning of each opponent’s unkeep, that player sacrifices a creature :(

Tate Burgess

Flash. Back. Your. Lingering. Souls

layne aldrich

i say it like boggle because when things live in a bog it is not pronounce bOHg...

Nathan Marshall

Having absolutely no idea what this is, searching Bitcoin mining, I came across this and have no Idea what is going on here. I think I will stick to good ol chess.

Lloyd Lineske

Love your play and commentary. You are my favorite content producer.

Matthew Thomson

The only negative comment I have about your videos is that you only play 3 games with a deck! I'd love to see you take these decks through a league. Apart from that, great content as always.

Olympia Rose

Any room in the list for Bob and/or Lord of Innistrad?

Jon W

Corbin explaining the narrow rules interaction of spirit link is what makes this game great, love the little stuff

Romano Stone

In the boggles match I'd have played Sorin for the Emblem. Would it be good?


I went up to 4 stockpile, that blus BB makes the deck really hard to outvalue