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r/Trashy - NASTY People Are Spreading The Germs (Best Reddit Posts)

88 592 views | 24 Mar. 2020

r/Trashy is back due to

r/Trashy is back due to popular demand! Today we have trashy and disgusting people spreading germs in all sorts of ways: eating a shared cake and licking their fingers, throwing virus parties, and even spitting on medical staff! These are the trashiest and most disgusting people out there!

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Purposely spitting on someone is so dang disrespectful

Edgar Nello

I dont understand why they blurr out the names. These people should have to live with what they did. Disgustang

Daniel Gutierrez

Anyone notice the Anti-Vaxxers are quiet

They prolly dead

Erika Smith

I guarantee nobody at that party got sick! I wear a foil hat, and I'm not a vulnerable and gullible. We living!??✌️

ImSo Traumatized

Well the wings got the shoe fungus the evolved foot fungus

Qween T for tea

My apartment actually did the same thing, only online payments, no maintenance unless fire, or water busting. That's their words. I am also an employee that got furloughed at a big retail company and have no idea how I'm going to pay for my rent.... Trying to get unemployment but phones are hanging up every time I call ?

K Renee

Florida woman should be put down

Glitter Pancakes

My dog has more sense than some of these people ? the stupidity hurts

unknown hooman

2:12 looks like my maths teacher ?

Miyaki Naoka

For the insane Karen that wants to hold a COVID party, there's a possibility of COVID reccuring, especially in immunocompromised people.
People who are recovering from the disease can also relapse really badly.


Just because someone is chinese.... look who was making extra money on selling extra toilet paper? 4:33

Deirdre Ward

U guys need to look into the 5G ..it's serious


to all the idiots who think that the coronavirus pandemic is just a joke, f**k you. This is why the whole world is on f**king lockdown.

Banana Bread

My mom got into a argument with my younger sister about quarantine. She wants to visit her friends. But besides watching out for others. She has asthma and our dad has lung and heart conditions, so they are higher risk.

Sadie Coleman

the chinese delivery food texts literally broke my heart, they are being so kind and sweet and this person deserves to starve

Stellar Starrs

"louolville"?? Do people actually day Louisville like that??


Kinder egg is very easy to put back together. They have a perfect seam down the side.
Then you melt it back together

ally harvey

Where I live, you can get a 1500 CAD$ if you don't follow quarantine and social distancing rules. You can't even invite direct family at your place. You will get a 1500$ the first time and after that it can climb up to 6000$ and if you are known for having covid-19 and you break quarantine and you get cought you can get up to 175 000$ in fines.

Follow rules and wash your hands. Take care


I recognise that picture from the drunk New Years post! It's my home City Manchester! :D


That sign about giving "athetits" the corona virus was photo shopped from saying that they would give it to Trump supporters
Whoever photo shopped it wanted to flip the story to seem like right wing christian extremists made it, when really a radical leftist made it.

Recovering Beautifully

People suck. The only "person" i trust is my dog. That is all.

Noble Xenon

r/Trashy is back... and in times like these, they're spreading the virus faster than wildfire!
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I love your voice

Raven Fox



13:29 Yo, is that keem?

Rudyolf Schiermeister

If you wanna have a party then you need to have an online party. You don't have to share food. And you never run out of party games to play.


this guy sounds like sonic wtf

Christina F

Regarding the landlord, I'm not sure if it's legal for them to expect you to pay your fun rent if they won't help fix anything


It's horrible that she would do that to her kids, some people even as adults can't handle the sight of organs. I personally want to poke or cut it open to see how it looks inside but not everyone wants to even see it. What a bad mom

cosmic spooky

https://www.cherokeechildcaskets.com/ for everyone like that bimbo at the end


The 5G corona virus link is related to the increased radiation from 5G towers and the freq. they broadcast. Its destroys cells releasing toxins stored in the cells into your body. Of course you haven't heard of it, not much news hits mamma's basement and Minecraft servers, virgin...

Ellis Karaca

The weird pixelation on the sign at 8:01 is caused by image compression.

rabid rabbitshuggers

I want to punch the Kinder Surprise woman in the mouth.

Gah Due

Bucking vegans.


The chicken pox is NOT THE CORNAVIRUS. Do not expose people to it intentionally unless you want to get charged for attempted murder


The lady with the cake nasty

Rico g

9:10. I hope that's a lie.


The coronavirus party post is so bad because even people in 15-25 (the peak of immune system) age range are still catching it

Random Tea

My mother is actually a antivaxer and believes corona is a hoax and says that towers are the reason and the government made it for population control. And stuff.



Space Dandy

Average person: “It was the evil China man!”
Average conspiracy theorist: “It’s the NWO and the globalists with 5G!”
Me a man of culture: “Nah no way. It came from space.”

Mattie Miller

4:04 at this point just have a polyamorous relationship



Oh, you don't have smokes?? Then mom tf up and deal with it you stupid cow. You get no pity from me.

Piss Burrito

These people are why everyone hates America

Rusty Shackleford

I got the same letter from my landlord recently. My fault for renting from the company with the worst reputation in town, but I couldn't really afford to rent from anyplace else.

Jerry's Chronicles

the police need to charge the parents with child endangerment for holding a party like that


I invited my mother to go eat at a Chinese restaurant, and i shit you not she screamed at me, telling me that they will give me the COVID-19.

No Chill Will

For all morons who go out and either intentionally or as a prank attempt to spread this virus, you should be shot and thrown in a ditch. If you're infected you're spreading the disease if you're not you're spreading panic, we need neither in this pandemic. Putting a few dumbass bodies in the ground will get that point across and should count as a public service.

Generation Noise

wow just your view on the virus lets me know how ignorant you are , not everybody is a brain washed twat like you and are willing to throw their life and company away because all of a sudden your government has your best interest at heart . Its mind boggling how gullible and ignorant people are . If the government says it it must be true right...yea because they never lie lmfao ...get a life dude...everybody needs to rebel against this tyranny and go and do actual research and not take the word of the oh so trusted media .


I have a friend I always talk to but when the quarantine started he would always whine about being bored at his house and that he wants to go outside. He also told me that he's going to the beach(didn't happen because they were too lazy). He constantly goes outside and even showed me pics of the roads near our school. I've always told him not to go outside because it's unsafe, he would agree but then he still goes outside. Then after a week he told me that he's unwell. I told him to drink meds and stay at home and if there's more to it go to the hospital. He was fine. But then he went outside again and got caught.

I stopped talking to him.

Throw Bats

People don’t realize that if their child DOES get the virus, and they are hospitalized, they will not be able to see them. They will not be able to be in the hospital room with them. And if that child dies, they will die ALONE.


I saw a post about the "link" between Corona and 5G networking. Apparently, because the maps of cases of corona and the map of 5G networking match up near perfectly, that means 5G is Corona. Oddly enough, they also look like the population density map.

Matt Kern

If have a party if u don't have the virus join in

Ziggy Blu Waters

I can’t handle your voice !!??

Brian Herlihy



My mum volunteers for our local community kitchen, and we pretty much rely on donations from the public - as well as companies such as Greggs, Aldi, ASDA, etc who give us food at the end of their work day. Well, there were random people going to them claiming to be with us and taking the food for themselves. We only found out when someone (who is actually with us) went to collect a donation, and the worker asked "haven't you already collected?". They were luckily caught on CCTV, however I'm not too sure what happened to them after that.

Just as a quick note, the community kitchen is closed because of COVID-19 so we're not putting anyone at risk. This happened some time last year.

Jessica Conner

I went to a Chinese place just because of the virus

Clarina Mascarenhas

They now can’t do their job because they believe they’re infected. They can’t get tested because the government aren’t testing people. They have to isolate for 2 weeks unable to help anyone, or do their job. And that’s what, funny?

Danielle Stryker

I'm confused, the 8:45 post, is the landlord supposed to be the asshole? I mean, he did nothing wrong. Telling people they have to pay their rent still is pretty normal. Why should he also have to lose money? He can still run his business and their is nothing wrong with it. He probably isn't in a place where he can just lose his entire income for months. He has to have services available that are part of their contract, but he doesn't have to be the one that does it. He could arrange a plumber. He doesn't want to go into a bunch of apartments interesting with lots of people. We also don't know anything about him. Is he old? Is anyone he lives with old? Or have a compromised immune system? Maybe they are at great risk and you know, just don't want to die. And I would like to see this letter. Willing to bet it's not as harsh as OP makes it sound. Overall, I see nothing wrong with a landlord saying, you still have to pay the rent you agreed to when you moved in, and I'm not personally coming to all the apartments spreading germs and risking lives.

v124 entkl

7:55 I think the pixelation is only there because of compression.


The one about the Corona virus strips was confirmed to be a mistake. The man in the picture was hired to bring the USED tests to the lab but accidentally grabbed the unused ones. The security guards freaked out and started screaming "theft" at a drop of the hat. The test facility called the clinic and confirmed that the unused tests were dropped off there EDIT: *spelling

Mourning Daughter

13:38 Looks like Mutahar (SomeOrdinaryGamers). I believe he'd do something like that, as he's trashy as fuck.

noname hereyougo

Lol this a trumpist mindset

Just some mothman with internet access

And this is why the U.S. is suffering...

Katie Keeney

The mountain dew one, that also happened in California...

Emily McCloud

Hahahaha I'm from louisville and I didn't hear about the mountain dew thing. That's hilarious. I'm curious of it was near me

Invert :3

16:18 yeah the mother for a bit longer if it happens

Maui Randall

If that mother with the smoking problem is living check to check then it's not really a debate using child support to support bad habits, more about whether someone who needs child support should be allowed to smoke. again that's assuming that she's working on some kind of budget and she spend the money she's budgeted for cigarettes from her normal income on her kid in advance knowing that this check will come and her cigarettes can wait for it.
if she stops getting the child support checks then not like she's just going to smoke less, it's very likely the kids would suffer just as much as if she didn't smoke and the checks stopped coming, even if they came in the form of food stamps then she'd probably just not wait for cigarettes and instead wait for the food check because she can't buy cigarettes with it anyway. again assuming the main priority is the kid then the addiction, so it's really a question of if someone on a limited income should smoke cigarettes. which is pretty relevant considering the tobacco industrys predatory marketing specifically to lower-income people.
there's also the chance that she spent all her normal income on herself and wants to dip into the kids money, either way, kind of a trashy thing to write on Facebook.


The concept of having no medical insurance deeply frightens me, where I live you have to be registered in public healthcare and it‘s deducted from your paycheck like tax...

Erika Smith

Shout out to the idiots living in fear??????✌️

TF2 Engineer

CORONAVIRUS! see YouTube, you can't demonize a comment!

Absurd Words

The covid party sadly doesn't surprise me. A few nights ago I heard really loud music and smelled smoke so I went out in my back yard and saw a bonfire in my neighbor's yard. There's a bunch of trees and a fence so I don't know how many people they had over this time but the last time the fire got that big there were quite a few people there to witness it.

Bailey Joy

Tuscan is trashy no matter what. I was tired of driving there before I even realized I had to go to tuscan

Drago Lord

It just Awe me how much humans evolved and becoming the most intelligent beings in this planet and can be the most dumbest creature that ever existed


Why is the concept of Corona virus such a hard concept for so many?

I am just Maya

With the last one he did there’s another thing I don’t think he mentioned is that coronavirus is it like chickenpox where you get it and you can’t never get it again you can get coronavirus and get over it and get it again and over and over and over again so it’s not anything like chickenpox

Tom Shatt

Those thieves should be torture to death.

Julian Hernandez

lmao when Mexico closed the border first to keep Americans out lmao

Ale Titan

15:18 but no one has died of chickenpox

Ya Boi Link

I've stopped being concerned/upset about dumbasses insistent upon partying and mingling at this time. Let the Natural Selection flow.


Assault with a bodily fluid should be punishable by cruel and unusual means.

Mighty Moon

The one about the coronavirus party for kids makes me think it’s kind of crazy that the majority of the daycares in my city are open. They said some parents work at an essential business and still need someone to watch their kids, which is true, but maybe just let the parents figure it out? I know that is very difficult but some kids are getting the coronavirus and besides that, a group of kids all together that have each been around their parents can spread the parents germs to the workers and other kids. Kids are also really disgusting and unsanitary so that seems like even more of a chance for them to pass stuff around.


Explains why america has over 200000 cases of covid 19 lol


My God.... that guy at 6:20 fell in the street, but saved his beer like a boss!

Edgar Nello

If you get butthurt cuz the bars got closed its called alcoholism.


Yo know what this covid-19 might not be so bad

Chessie Shull

You know those chicken pox parties lead to elders that now have shingles that are recurring so

George Henry jr

With everything going on lately, I can barely handle the anger your vids put me in lol..

ThatOne TomBoy

4:37 cough cough Of course it's Australia cough cough
(Btw I'm from Australia if you're gonna get pissed at me for this)

420 Troll

The best part about the Tuscan guy is he couldnt even use the test kits it has to be done in a lab what a tard

Clarina Mascarenhas

30 dollars?! Jesus!

Charles Pwnage

A vegan using meat like a toy for gheir own personal game not even gonna eat it disrespecting the animal and then they call us meat eaters evil oh the hypocrocy


wow and i thought i was depressed before watching this

Danielle Stryker

I'm honestly just happy that the crazy idiot who thinks corona comes from cell phones isn't from the US. It's kind of a first. You hear crazy and stupid, and you think American. It's a low bar, but I'm proud the US wasn't behind this one instance of crazy dumb people.

Missy Buchanan

The kinder surprise thing can be done, one of the women at my work got proposed to that way. Can’t see that vegan mum going through all that effort though, tbh.

Otis Driftwoodd

If only a guy could punch these fools without jail time ???

Eleanor Addy

The food bank guy is the WORST! Anyone else had to use a food bank? First time i was so humiliated i cried at the church. And there's arseholes doing this??!

Maui Randall

Stealing bulk food that was supposed to be distributed to the public for free, should be treated the same as theft.
Change my mind
even if he was taking them to give to at-risk people locked in their house, no, ask for permission then do your own thing, or take an amount for you and maybe one other person if you get there early and it's still full, or it's really late and it looks like it's going to rot, guy took everything knowing people were coming to get their fair share, there is no chance he's got the giving spirit.
I hope he rots like all of the stolen apples in his shed.
you know I say all this but whenever my neighbors left a bunch of coconuts on their lawn we usually took all of those, not like a truckload (though we did get a truckload from some other guy who had multiple truck loads he was trying to get rid of), but they were just trying to get rid of them, not distribute them, and you need specialty tools to open them not exactly the same as an apple. they're extra from his tree-trimming business, and I don't know anyone else on my street who even owns a machete, I don't know maybe I'm a hypocrite, those neighbors did love giving us their extra food though, gave us a most of a cake once and we gave him some nice coconut trees before we moved.
Let me know AITA


Lol, I remember the thing with the vegan/ duck liver thing. People were so mad about it hating on vegans... it was from an obvious troll account though.


14:34 i believe that’s the kroger i get my groceries from. Yikes.

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787 501 views | 30 Jan. 2020

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not me!

i was the student. parents got divorced in sixth grade because dad was physically and emotionally abusive and had a personality disorder. mom had a mental breakdown and couldn't work. i got my younger siblings to and from school and tried to shelter them from what was happening (dad tried to kill mom, mom wasn't really all there for a while, we were in debt). this went on for two years, and right when my mom started pulling her shit together and went back to work, dad committed suicide and it wound up being very public because he worked for the government and it was investigated as a missing persons case for days until they found his body and it became apparent what happened. so i went into high school as the girl whose dad killed himself over the summer. teacher who clearly understood what happened took me aside on the first day and told me that if i ever needed somewhere to go, i could go to her. never forgot her, and the kindness she paid me, just by giving me somewhere to hide for a little bit.

Natalie Eckert

4:31 is so messed up if they wanted a check they should have worked but r*ping a special needs kid is just horrible

Spicy Lemon

I was the student.

Some info b4 i share my story.
I was given to my mom by the court system early on in life and she was a major drug addict, spent most of my childhood being raped and abused.

During senior year I was ready to end it all, I knew how, when and where I was going to commit suicide. I had taken a razor blade from the art class(my sixth period class) and had it in my hoodie sleeve and when i got home after seventh period i would go to take a shower and slit my throat.

My seventh period teacher asked me to stay behind after class and for the first time, I had felt i could open up to someone and he sat and listened. To this day he and I keep in touch because I would not be alive were it not for him

vintagechicby jools

Having children is a privilege not a right, just because you can doesn't mean you should :-(


the one about a 2nd grader for having small shoes was a heart breaking story

Jip *name used to be djstickman123

I cried after watching this


Can I ask a favour? The story about the girl being beaten by her abusive boyfriend shattered me and I want to write a short story based on the events. If anyone could please tell me what the case was called or a website about it please do, I don’t want her to be forgotten. She deserved better than that :(


What it is: sad face
What robot says: colon, open bracket


Hungry kids is a massive problem in low social economic schools. Mrs is a teacher and the school puts on free breakfast and lunch everyday for the kids that don't get food at home. Nothing fancy just some toast and fruit for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. It's rediculous to me how much teachers are now parents! They don't just have to teacher but parent the children as well. The things schools have to provide is crazy and has nothing to do with their core business, teaching. Even after feeding, cleaning, teaching etc these kids the parents still come in entitled and aggressive towards the teachers. The kids are taken from the family and become wards of the state but mum being a meth junkie is popping out another kid 9 months later even though she already has 5 kids in the system that have been removed. Drives me crazy! They just keep shooting them out like gumball machines and the state keeps taking them.

w0w 1ts r3z1 r3z1!!

Not a teacher- student here! Im that energetic, therapist friend and not popular but known enough yknow? Everyone that knew me came to me with their problems and still do but recently it got to be too much. My family was always in a state of fighting and my "friends" only vented to me, never checking up on me. I was and still am too scared to ask for help and to talk to someone. After like 5 or 6 months i couldnt take it. Everything i bottled up was about to blow up, and they did. I snapped. My friends left and my family was pissed and my grades dropped. (Im a straight a's honor student) teacher were upset with me and i couldnt talk to any of them because our family has a history with cps and dcf, but one teacher, my biology teacher, talked to me not like just another kid but as another human being. Im 15 and that is the first time ive felt parental love. Thank you

Norah Mott

I feel like often the problems aren't even abuse.. just pressured and stressful situations.


Wow. My schizophrenic father was in prison for murdering a baby in a pcp frenzy and my teen single mom was a whore. We were poor... like dumpster diving poor . On multiple occasions she dated crackhead boyfriends who robbed and abused us. Still its amazing how thats not that bad compared to some of these people. Unfortunately I haven't adjusted very well and have pretty bad schizophrenia myself at 37. I have managed to get by with glass art though.

Sophia E

Some of these hittin different when you have a 6000$+ hospital bill that your parents are trying to pay off from when you attempted ?

gonna cry?

Some parents just don't deserve kids.

Po̷key lo̷vesco̷ffee

The “Colon, open bracket.”, thing was the only thing I could smile at while watching this video.


The mom holding down her daughter for her boyfriend made me lose my sh!t. What kind of mother does that. Society/people are terrible. I feel horrible for that poor girl.

James Torrance

Just a couple minutes ago I was watching my friends stream and he was playing call of duty and said hello and I thought he was talking to the chat to see if I was still in but then he went AFK for 10 seconds started playing for a little bit and then went AFK and then ended the stream and now I'm watching this stuff making me think of the worst


I have been struggling with my mental health since I am 12 years old (I'm currently 15, so it's been 3 years.. damn..). My parents got divorced at that time, so my dad moved away and my mom was diagnosed with depression and couldn't take care of me or my brother. Basically I had to act like an adult when I was only 12 years old. I had to cook my own food, because my mom didn't even bother to ask me if I ate, I had to do all of my homework without any help and I had to comfort my mom basically every day, because she just used to sit in the kitchen and cry. With time it got only worse and I started to push my friends away, started to self harm and was planning to commit suicide. Things didn't change, I'm still feeling miserable and I tried to reach out to different people (my sister, my teacher, my mom) but they don't take it serious. I don't know, if things will ever be fine again, though I really hope so.. If you read to this point; thank you for reading, I hope you are doing well! :)

Amethyst Gacha

I have an eating disorder (not as bad as these I know), I told my teacher after finally plucking up enough courage to tell someone, my teacher told me I was lying be used I’m not skinny (EDNOS/OFSED - Atypical Anorexia Nervosa, so I don’t need to be skinny, I am undiagnosed though so I might not)

John Renner

13:24. 40%...... FOURTYPRECENT!!!!!!

Andi Leigh

As an ex-teacher from Detroit, I can confirm most of these stories, I had homeless kids who I gave clothes to, and their parents got pissed because I could provide more than they could... It was really depressing at times.

Amy Widdowson

I am not a teacher but I can read people very well and people tell me stuff so this is my class so
The bully: Her mums ex boyfriend abused her at a young age and she doesn't know any better
The "Happy" kid aka me: Lots of health issues and got raped when I was 10 after being kidnapped
The one you forget about: mum and dad broke up and she at a young age had to choose who to stay with and keeps getting not nice letters from her mum
This is all the bad ones but lots of other people are depressed


Now i feel bad about my problems being nothing special.

Emily131004 Perez

this is why when i see a homeless man in the street i give money , i donate to different charities , i sit with “quiet” kids if they seem lonely , i pay for everyone’s food without even hesitation, yes i know this doesn’t “change their lives” but i feel like any act of kindness is appreciated in bad times .


Sometimes I want an entire mankind to burn in hell

Moonlight on the Light Side

I’m coming here for emotional support




4:33 OK WTF

Depressed Artistic Bookworm

You mean how I became friends with my first bully in kindy?
No friends in year 1 and bestie took my bows and threw my recess in the bin?
Same in year 2
Got choked in the middle of the eating place and new bestie slammed onto a wall? In year 3
Ignorant teacher that ignored me crying and getting bullied by a kid right in front of me? In year 4
Got punched in the eye and slapped twice when looking after kindergarten kids? In year 5
Said girl in year 4 continues to bully me and act victim? Starts crying when I say a single word to her bestie and says’ oH I nEvEr wAntEd yoU tO gEt iN trOuBlE

Yeah. Primary sucked.


I’m the student
So when I was starting to move onto 3rd grade, my dad tried to murder my mom in the morning. I didn’t know what was happening. I have an older brother and all we ate for breakfast was a chocolate bar. We got into the car, for some reason, and soon after I found my brother covered in blood. My dad , who was drunk, also spray painted inside the car, idk why. But then I got back inside the house because I was so scared. Soon after, the neighbours called the police and one of my neighbours took me inside to their house. My brother had to get stitches. My neighbours had a few children and we all played a game. I barely spoke at all because I was traumatised. I went back to school and found out that my dad got arrested. I even got sent to speak with the principal about it. But it seemed like they and another friend only really cared. So yeah that’s my story but hope you’re having a good day/night :>

**-Snap -**


Military Pineapples

Man, I have watched too many of these. I can't believe that this stuff happens, and that kids are treated this way.

pmevsfçfhjn lfoejnj şjlfzjn ıbzbui

Those are awful

Beverley Allison

The mysterious cushion customarily shock because sister-in-law regrettably disappear up a closed tin. hard, soggy cathedral


Okay, I know what it’s like to not have shoes that fit your feet. My Sister and I had to share everything. Her feet were smaller than mine. When I was listening to this, I kept thinking, “How does this happen in AMERICA? How can we have children who don’t have proper shoes, and food. I can remember putting cardboard in the bottom of my shoes so that they would last longer. They were the shoes I wore the previous year, so they were worn out. Same with clothes. Bought loose, and with a long hem. I actually wore a skirt from ninth grade, until twelfth grade. Lots of my clothes I wore year after year. We moved 18 times, and I attended 9 different schools. I wanted to go to college so badly. My parents just told me that they couldn’t afford it, so that was that. Sorry this is so long, school was shall we say very difficult due to the instability at home and the moving.

i have 3 videos of THAT SONG

Ok im not a teacher but in my school we have a month called "buddy day" it was a month we're you chose a paper and whoever's name was written is your buddy i had a guy in my class named matt he always seemed to be disrespectful and talked back to teachers and ofc i would just be calming him down my wavving my hands and bowing down to apologize to the teachers and in lunch time we sat together and he just said how i always got into the fights and if i ever got in a fight of punches in the wrong time he would be worried i would get punched so i was teading him saying that he cares about me and he just stood up and grabbed me by my collar and said "Shhhhhhh your so loud and OFC i care about you YOUR MY BUDDYYYY" and i just laughed and said "true true" the next day i saw him and was about to yell hi but i heard him scream "ATLEAST I DON'T CHEAT ON A MAN WITH DIFFERENT MAN" and a woman (well his mom basically) yelling "SHUT UP I RAISED YOU AND YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL" and then the mom saw me and just acted sweet and smiled saying "Such a pretty lady um....may i ask who are you?" She had the sweetest faked voice but the boy was res as the youtube sign (imma try and be original) and i just said my name and i was her son's buddy and her smile faded and she SQUEALED like not faked squeal but like a loud SQUEAL she sounded really and the scary aura around them was gone bc i then noticed the boy's face and then my brain was downloading to understand and then i was like the color blood and said "NO NO NO NO NO ma'am you got it all wrong im just his buddy" and the she said that she remembered my name bc matt always talked about if anything happened to me he would get mad and he always talked about me we then noticed the bell was about to ring and without any hesitation i threw the door and grabbed Matt's arm and went sprinting to the door as we got to our classes it was super awkward bc in lunch we barely talked. So yeah.......anyways Turns out that his mom was a alcoholic and she brought man with her and did....the nasty while the dad was at work he is now good and we live in the same neighborhood bc Turns out that his dad had a secret gf too and was my neighbor so ofc i was happy bc we are now in 8th grade and still go to the same schools and plan to go

I have never been shy around boys my whole friend group is filled with 5 boys and 3 girls

Michael Smith

How are you feeling today?
Me: colon open bracket.

Luna Nunez

I had a teacher I used to consider a mother since my mom worked very often. I was in a deep state of depression because it was likely that my grandpa who I never talked much to could die. She told me to "Stop crying and get to work." although I was permitted to write a letter to him by the principal. She got away with it and told me to "Suck it up.". let's just say I don't think of her the same anymore. Btw forgot to mention she yelled this at me and I'm pretty sure she knows I hate yelling.

Cärämël Wølfētté

I lost my 10 year old sister when I was 14, I missed school for a couple weeks because I couldn't take it, our parents were drug addicts so I also had no one else. When I got back to school and hadn't done any work, my teacher was a complete bitch and said. "Just because Emmerson is dead doesn't mean you can miss school!" And I know she knew Emmi's name. I made a petition to get her fired and it succeeded. It won't bring Emmi back, but at least I did a good thing. RIP Emmi. I'm sorry I failed you

Ava Jo

Ok, how can I be depressed when I have everything these kids wanted? Like anyone else feel guilty for being depressed/anxious even though they have the "perfect" life?

Obito Uchiha

Watching this stuff makes what little bullying I went through look like a normal day omg I feel horrible people have to go through this shit, it makes me sick sometimes of what people do to others

Wat3r M3lon

The 1st one made me kinda mad because the kid is there living with his grandma, no mom or dad while the teacher is mad because he peomoted a kid into 3rd grade who couldn't read

Red Mantis

Why are people like this


its always the mother's boyfriend. Some people need to put their partners before their kids

Treble Games

The kid on the ADHD medicine was most likely overdosed and not given the proper amount for him this happened to kids when they have an improper dosage


ok here is a little summary of my life except i’m a 13 y/o kid so it doesn’t really matter or qualify-

when i was in first grade i used to always wonder how my teachers would react if i was gone, how the school would react, or how anybody i knew would react. eventually, those ideas turned into me thinking people would be happy that i was gone, therefore leading into suicidal thoughts that not one teacher of mine has picked up on and i literally even remember asking my friend in fifth grade what the least painful method to kill your self is

zaerhin skolakmagee

After coming out of the psych ward, I shared with my English teacher a poem based off of my trauma, and suicide attempt.

Ever since then she always checks up on me and asks if things are going okay at home, if she notices I'm falling behind she gives me extensions to finish my assignments, always smiles at me, and says I'm happy to have you in class, etc.

SHe already knew I was struggling after our "I am from" poem unit (Completely different from the other poem I wrote), as per I had written things like I am from yelling, I am from tears, etc.

I don't know what I would do without her

Izzy Pokorny

Not me crying ?


I’m a student but there was this one girl who was an ABSOLUTE cat lover. She had like 3 cats and she told me they were all murdered by her dad. She was really upset and told me that the her cats were the only ones who understood her.

Lord Bloodraven

There's a special place in Hell for the parents who deprived that child of food to the point her teacher had to intervene.

Lucid Dreaming

I have a friend who was sexually abused by their step dad for years and told no one because their step dad had threatened to kill their mom and/or them. My friend believed him and never told anyone till we turned 18 and they finally opened up to me one night over the phone. I finally understood why they acted out so often at school and was difficult for our teachers to control. In our 8th grade class our teacher had an aid who let my friend sit to me at the table against the wall during class because I was the only person who could get them to do their work and pay attention. I was the only good part of their day and those days where they were allowed to sit with me was their happiest. I plan to tell that teacher's aid that soon and the story has a happy ending. My friend moved out of that house to live with their biological dad for awhile. After a couple years their brother took them in after their 18th birthday. My friend is doing better now and is trying to make up for the last year of high school by either retaking it next year or getting GED.


My friend is a teacher at a nursing school (no clue what the actual English term is, he teaches people that will work in nursing homes and geriatric healthcare facilities and such). During the first wave of Covid, some of the nursing homes where students were interning were hit very hard. Entire floors or wings of the facilities basically being wiped out. Having to deal with that was awful for them, and trying to guide them through it and remaining positive for them was often heart breaking for my friend. You'd hope they wouldn't have to deal with this much so early in their careers (or ever). Mad respect to all health care workers, especially in these trying times.

Anita Chan

And here I was, thinking I had it bad having to stay at my grandmas just a few days after my grandpa died-
I’d rather go home but to put it like my grandma told me multiple times: she won’t survive if she stays alone

Noelle Caraway

this is why planned parent hood is a thing, people thing they "kill babies" but actually its because kids so young get raped and get pregnant forced to carry a child and give birth, girls bleeding out because they try aborting their own children because they cant handle having a kid, and because young girls are shamed for having sex or using birth control methods.

also CPS need to be eradicated, it doesn't fucking matter where the fuck you are from because CPS is awful everywhere, I'm a victim of CPS not doing their fucking job, and same with my boyfriend. i told them to their face they have to drag me by my toes to go to my dads house because i will fight back if they try to force me. my boyfriends dad did heavy drugs like heroin and abused his mom and him and his 6 siblings, they kept putting them in foster care (which is traumatizing being sent to another abusing home or abusive family member 98% of the time) and being sent back and forced to see their parents especially the father. this is why CPS sucks and doesn't do their goddamn job, the government also don't help. my dad abused me and confessed and they said "that's not enough evidence". my boyfriend showed the court his scars and they said "that's not enough evidence" and they didn't throw his dad in prison, instead let him free with only a restraining order.

Crypto Kappa

I went to my English class like. 3 days in the span of 2 weeks. I think my teachers new I was depressed , so even though I was supposed to be removed from classes , I never was.
My English teacher in grade 12 , would yell “Davis!! How’s it going, I’m glad you’re here, where have you been?” after I hadn’t attended his class for a week.
When I muttered “I don’t know” he would say “mysterious, I like it”
We would talk about Mumford and sons and other bands. and the majority of the class would hate on them, he would always defend them. In both of our honour.
Greatest teacher I ever had . Most of the girls in the class wanted to sleep with him, because he genuinely cared . About everyone, was a handsome dude and a genuinely good guy. He took the -2 and -3 classes of English. Not advanced placement , even though he was the smartest teacher in the school.

I got a 50 in the class and a 90 on the final. So I passed

Thank you Mr Llewellyn

Maliha Siddiqui

I don't mean to be rude or anything but why do these "teachers" think it's alright to share this type of intimate and sensitive information. I had a teacher like that and it made me feel so angry, exploited, and just plain disgusted. If your reading this remember this isn't their story to tell and a lot of these could and should have been prevented by said "teachers" and the other people telling the story.

Ava Flores

You know, sometimes I wonder why people think you're weak for crying, but then if you start screaming and get angry instead of crying they will tell you to control your temper, but if you just bottle up all your feelings and put on that fake smile of yours and act like everything is fine everyone will be happy, but in the inside you aren't happy, You're just slowly dying inside, till you snap

Awkward Trash

Wish I can be like the teachers and help people but in my country/environment, people rather shame on or question you if you help someone who's in need of help or is poor or homeless because there's also a lot of people who acts poor to get money. People here also have a habit of telling people to "mind your own business" if you try to help hem or if you wanna help someone. So I'm always scared to volunteer or help with anything.

Rainbow Unicorn

My dad is a teacher, and he has really bad stories as well:
He had several students w anorexia and depression . One of his students even killed himself, bc he thought her gf didn’t love him. His gf got depression after that and needed a looong therapy.

Anna Furmaniak

and sometimes they hit me. They just insult me.

They hit my brother infront of me too, and when au was eight my dad hit my mom. And last year he broke a glass thing on the floor and he made me help him clean it up...

They told me that if CPS takes me away I’ll never seen my brother again.

I dropped a glass jar on the stove once. It wasn’t very broken, just the handle part. Suddenly, because of that, CENTSINLY I MUST HAVE BROKEN THE MICROWAVE EVEN THOUGH I TOLD THEM MY BROTHER WAS DOWNSTAIRS FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES. And just because I went on a suicide hotline and talked about my problems, COPS FUCKING CAME. DON’T YOU THINK YOU SHOULD CONSIDER THERAPY?!

Once, I was crying when I came to school. My dad had told me to shut up and I was trying to be silent. At school, in second grade, my hero was a janitor. Few years later, The same janitor saw me crying and asked if I was okay. I insisted Is as fine, but she insisted on taking me to the nurse, or at least let me go with her on the teacher’s elevator. I went with her and she hugged me. I was really confused on what she was doing . I didn’t hug her back.

My mom is telling me to tell my dad to get a job. I was too scared to do so because he would hit him.

I’ve started hitting my brother when he is not stopping after being told to by me, just like my dad.

It’s sorta hard for me to feel guilt and it’s hard for me to make and keep new friends.

They call me fat and insult me for being a couple pounds overweight, when they tell me I can eat or just starve and get ready for bed, whenever I start going upstairs for bed, they scream at me to stay and eat. I’m so scared of overeating because I can’t tell whenever I’m hungry or full, just that I feel empty. The doctor told me I just was muscly but my mom laughed and when he left said I was fat.

Mom was crying and went upstairs and cried in her room. I was downstairs with my dad and brother, I was in shock and too scared to try and comfort her. She asked wHy dIdNt yOu cOmFoRt mE? 

If soembdoy compliments me, my mind is automatically telling me that they’re wrong, they matter more than me, they’re so much better at it. During a (grade higher) poetry competition, I complimented everybody. All the people clapped after I did my poem. I was so confused when I got complimented by 10+ people at once. It made me so confused.

I’m almost 12.

My teacher only noticed that I made a suicide comment because I said I almost died twice. It was a bad choice of words, I had fallen over a cable and a toy gun, and I almost cracked key head open.

Bill Olsen

Feel bad for the boys but even worse, angry, sad, scared for the girls who so easily the victims of damned, brutal, cowardly men in their families who all should have a front-row seat in hell.

Did Somebody Say Gacha?

For some reason, the animal ones hurt me the most.


4:27 jesus christ... reading something like this makes me realise how sick this world is.


I'm not a teacher, but one day as I was leaving my house for the night shift, there was a hostage situation about 50 yards from my house. The mom got the older kids out, but couldn't get the baby and the police were there trying to save the baby. When I got home from work, they had those construction lights up and as I was unlocking my door, heard one shot. The police saw an opportunity and took it. All the kids and the mom were safe. Turns out the older kids went to my kid's school. All the kids are remarkably well adjusted and have one less person in their world to worry about hurting them.

A Girl That You’d Never Be Into

I’m not a teacher just the girl who sits in the back of the class and is observant of everyone. We read a classmate’s suicide notes because he had written one for each of us. I still have it. It says something along the lines of, “we were never friends but we were never enemies. I came to you for help once and you helped me. I would’ve failed if you haven’t done that. I’m sorry you’ll never help me again but I’m under too much pressure. I’m sorry.
~(kid’s name)”
I read it once when we received them and tried reading it again but I can’t without bursting into tears. He was really sweet and he never lived to see past 14

Alyana Mirasol

colon, open bracket

Syl Vett

I hate myself. Not because I did stuff similar on a minor scale (compared to some of these). I hate myself because I feel I don't deserve my gf because of my past, because I fight with her mom even though I'm trying to help her daughter in the ways I know how, because I tore my family apart for another girl that I thought loved me and she's aware of this, because she loves me, even after all the evils I've done in the past and present and possible futures. I just hate myself.

EliNoir :3

I’m the student, and this isn’t huge, but I have adhd and my parents don’t understand that noise is really distracting. My teacher noticed my homework varied in quality and asked why, and I told her it was really loud in my house so it was hard to concentrate. She gave me some (although cheap) earbuds and recommended some music for me and it helped a lot. I ended up with an A in that class after getting a D the quarter before

Edit: I was very lucky to have amazing teachers throughout school

Some Bob

12:00 does no one see an issue with #1


Theses stories are heartbreaking. That makes me want more to make shelters and schools and other things to help people

Llama potato Salad

I can speak for one of my teachers about me (5th grade). She found my suicide note. I had been bullied harshly at school and verbally abused at volleyball. I told her about everything when she showed me the note.

Emma Webster

When I was a freshman in high school we got this new student in about November at first she was really happy and a good person we started hanging out then after we came back from holiday break she wasn't there a few weeks go by and it's now just before February she comes back, you can tell she was upset and she looked so incredibly hurt so later when we were walking home I told her if she ever wanted to talk that I'd always be here for her she just nodded then walked off fast forward to the next year in eighth grade it was the first day of school and I saw her I said hi and we hung out all day then the next day she came to me she asked if we could go to the park down the street after school I said yes and I was walking to the park and I saw her, I sat down on the bench next to her and she said "The reason why I was gone for so long last year and basically stopped talking to you was bc I tried killing myself.." I just kept my head down and listened then she continued and said "I tried killing myself again many times over the summer.. i should've talked to someone but I was scared that ppl would think differently of me.." that's when I looked up at her and said "I knew you were hurting I could see it in ur eyes, I can still see it in ur eyes and I want you to know that I'm here and I'm going to help you but only if you want help." She looked at me crying and said "I would really like that" we hugged each other exchanged numbers and she got better, we are now freshmen in college and we still talk. But that was by far one of the most heart breaking things ever.


During the whole vid (especially at 4:16) all I’m thinking is don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry...crap I’m crying


I commend them for keeping their cool I would've just shot them in the head for what they did to the kids,lover,grandparents,etc.


Not a teacher, so this kid have a mental health issue (he never said what it is) it's our own little secret one day one of our classmate(bully) touch his crayon and throw them,he scream,cried,panicked and I was picking his things up while some of my other friends pull the bully out and i calm him down i was it's ok it's fine and then i realized he have trauma (we also told it to my teacher)
He was abuse when he's little kid and when his father is drunk he would throw his art stuff


My mom is a middle school teacher. 15 years ago, she had a student who was always sleeping during class. She learnt later it was because the girl was a prostitue and spent her nights hooking up. As her parents were immigrants who didn't have a job, they forced her to sell her body so they could get money… my mom was also told it was because in their country, "offering" your daughter's body or some shit like this is a tradition.

This is so sad and horrendous. I wonder how this poor girl is doing today.


I'm not a teacher but I'm a quite kid, one day my Ak47 broke and the teachers found out, instead of comforting me like they should of, they just screamed and called the cops, not even the cops comforted me, this is where I had enough and used a uzi for a day

Kokichi Ouma

I remember my teacher found out I tried to k!ll myself and instead of keeping it to herself, she told the rest of the teachers and staff? everyone looked at me weird for the rest of the year

Rainbow- Oreos

The teachers pitching in for prom for that girl made me cry so bad. Ive been there and so have many of my friends. Those teachers are awesome!

Silent Lani

They're some people who shouldn't be parents, but the way America idolize sex and addiction, we end up when kids like these. And all we do is glance and walk away.


CPs really aint shit sometimes, man


My boy travis went sicko mode

M0hawk Mama

Why is the "mother's boyfriend" always the villain like da fuq?

Amy Widdowson

15:17 I have seizers and ADHD and it can make you a bit zombie like sometimes as it just makes you exhausted but we aren't that zombie like

nate lewing

As a person who lives in a sheltered world with a stable life and a loving family, this really helps shed light on reality

Awko Taco

I sub teach prek-5 and some of the saddest things I've come across have been:

A 6 year old's whole family abandoned her mom dad siblings everyone but her grandmother and she has no idea where they are and whenever she sees me she hugs me and asks me and calls me mama and asks me to be her mom.

This other girl's mom hated her because she was a girl and sometimes wouldn't feed her at home or show any affection and she cut all her hair off. And we tried getting cps involved but nothing worked and they ended up moving to Montana or something and I always wonder how she's doing and if she's okay.

Another little girl witnessed her 2 year old brother accidentally fall out a window and die.

This other girl's dad tried to murder her mom and ended up cutting the mom's arm off.

This other kid is in and out of shelters and he and his mom used to get beaten by his dad. He got in trouble because he kicked his teacher and he was all alone at a table so I started talking to him about art and stuff cause he likes to draw and made him laugh and this other teacher told me it was the first time he smiled in a while because he's always so angry.

Another kid came into to school middle of the day with no supplies no backpack or anything so I gave him his workbooks and paper for the day and he came back the next day with the same stuff so I bought him school supplies and when I gave it to him he looked like he was about to cry and it almost made me cry.

Anyway it was all really sad to me.


I'm head of SPED. Hold my cold coffee.

Karina Salgado

I love how the read aloud pronounces some words.

I Am A Shape

There was one kid in my school who's father killed his mother, the kid, and then himself with a knife

Holden Cross

Some people deserve to be shot dead. Abusive parents/partners. The mental process of going ahead with something like that is fucking vile and despicable! It makes me angry that people aren’t sentenced to death in the UK for this sort of shit! Torture, rape, abuse, etc. I understand my country hasn’t put enough funding into the police to ensure these suspects aren’t innocents who have been falsely accused. But FUCK! Does it break my heart to know smart folk get the shit end of the stick sometimes!

Cloudy Animates

A special needs teacher in my school was literally yelling at a kid with alot of brain damage who had come from Sudan.In the middle of war.He was screaming very loudly in the middle of a lesson but that is still no way to handle that.

that one annoying girl

ik mine isnt that bad but ive had to tell my teacher multiple times to not call on me because my parents were arguing.

- Gishiki Yang -

ew some of these parents make me sick ?



Aris Romero

I wish every politician or person with any type of power to cut budgets for schools, teachers, and special programs read all of these stories. Teachers and schools would be able to do so much more if they had the appropriate support. Also, people really need to stop having children when they can't even take care of themselves.


When I was in grade school, I had genuine depression. However, most kids said they had it, since it was a trend to have a mental illness apparently. Anyway, no one took it seriously and thought I wasn't serious since they weren't.

martin rusev

What the actual fuck, people? If you can't be parent, don't be! Those teachers are true heroes for trying to help all those kids.

MN Studios

These stories are crazy...I mean who puts a puppy in a drier that’s just...

Tasnim Neffati

I can't even pick the saddest one, but the guy who was executed by his brother's enemies, the girl who was raped since she was a baby, the girl who was killed by her abusive bf, the parents who would hold their kid while others rape him in exchange for drugs and the one who was put in a cage with his twin are just so traumatizing.


4:23 that is so fukcing disgusting. how could a mom do that?!

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Instagram Model Asks Reddit To Roast Her: Gets MORE Than She Bargained For (Article Review)

46 930 views | 6 Feb. 2021

#IG #Instagram #Roast

#IG #Instagram #Roast

Andréas Möller

She just wanted to promote her Instagram.

Paul Arlukiewicz

Shes that pretty i wish i was with that girl

Dragon ologist

Truth hurts lmao that was a good roast

tigersandown 888

Instagram models are the new drug addicts except their drug is attention & just like regular drug addicts they are never satisfied...

Nick Mattio

“After You’re Done With Her Harry Broom Her Fast!”-Norman Osborne, Spiderman

John Paul

those aren’t roast those are facts, she needed those i’m sure her friends just give her praises.

Diego del Sol

Never give them what they ask for just give them what they want. What do they want? You should just know...

Kavion R

Happens all the time. People hear the harsh truth and get offended lol. Only difference is she asked for it.

Mansour Killuminati 101

Her grandmother got roasted too in Germany ????

Jean-Baptiste Dupont

She should thank him - that was an entire psychotherapy diagnosis in a few lines, for free.

Mark S

The White Knight simps - pathetic.

She got free publicity - mission accomplished. She should give her implant MD some free publicity.

Harry Funmaker

She thought she was above a roast and would only get compliments.

Abdel Hassan

She wanted to get roasted.

Mr_ 0n10n

She placed her hands in the hearth and was surprised she got burnt.

Genaro Flores

Centerfolds today will have folds in their center to look forward to

vaticancatholic[dot]com go check it out

This woman is so consumed with herself. She said “roast me” but what she really meant was “worship me.” What an empty person. At this time, she doesn’t have anything of considerable value to offer. Her only “value” is her looks, which deep down she may have realized is actually of no value at all.


She called down thunder and got triggered because it comes with lightning! And all the beta males tried to white knight for her. This girl wouldn't give them the time of day.

i hate pretty girls

The roast was beautiful

Trump-a-Tron 6000

Naah. It should be short, the "psychoanalysis" could be funnier.
I would have gone with "dolly-makers have gone too far - this is Uncanny Valley now"

nunya dambiz

So they're angry, bitter, hate women, whatever deflection she and her simps can think of. It's still the truth, she's a pretty face that lacks confidence and needs 1 more man than yesterday to feel good about herself before she gets replaced

M Richards

First she says, "Roast me", then a whole bunch of people misplaced their sense of humour. Why did she do it?


I think the roaster was too kind to her.


Roast me is the new reality check ??‍♂️


She got analyzed in a way she wasn't expecting. Strange how physiological those comments were.

Judas Priest

Instagram model? Is that a real thing now ? damn how sad people are these days.


All the beta male white knights in the comment misusing the term "projection" because they are actually projecting themselves. They wish they had the testosterone to point out what paross pointed out.


It was what was said in all three, my choice the Donatella Versace personality comment liked that one fits pictures.

Robert S

Here in America women love to get roasted.
Especially the "spit" variety.

Be Your Best_You



I googled her. Lots of material to reference on her asking for attention. Admittedly I gave her the attention.

The LostOne

She was just hoping someone would talk about her Yee Yee Ass haircut


in 10 years her name will be "wideheiffer"

Paul Arlukiewicz

Why would guys only want to be assholes to women i miss the days when real guys like and still try to find one like i do i hope i get a chance some day i get mad cause i should be with a girl instead of just hoping one talks to me back i wish i could find one that wants a guy and not only his money i cant figure it out i know that ya need money to live but i dont know what else to do they want me to say

Victor The Defiler

Instagram model* xD


Tbh these are not roasts, they're good reality checks and analyzations, but roasts are supposed to be light hearted intended to be funny.

André Gaveau

This has been going on lately where someone asks for a roast but then get offended when they get properly roasted. Snowflakes...


I love when he says "the laaaaddddiess"


Welcome to the ''world of men''...if you ask to get roasted, especially in the ''internet age''...….people are gonna unleash the damn kraken on you.

Matthew Forte

I remember seeing this one on mgtow reddit before reddit hijacked it. Good roast.


Nothing hurts like truth XD

Mr. Bobby Wright



I’ve never understood why the “c” word offends women so much (white women in particular) lol. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Old Drifter

Simps gonna simp. They think defending her is gonna net them enough good boy points to cash in with one of the girls they cater to. Hopefully they grow up and learn the truth before they self-end to loneliness.

George Tsitsiani

'Honestly M'am, you cannot be that bored!'

Jk Grunge

Look at all those simps smh.. they're part of the problem that give these wamen the reason to feel entitled enough to think they can get away with murder just because they look cute.

Stateamind Service

This story is from 2017. So four years old.

Ant Wavy

0 accountability again lol they will never learn ??


hey if you want some good ass content on beta bucks/alpha fucks and other red pill stuff, look up brooke and jubal second date update on youtube. Funny as shit and very educational

Ronald Donner

"Call a spade a spade."-Better yet,call a Ho(e) a Ho(e)!

Patrick Hulme

This happened years ago by the way

Zara Thu

i think the "doubt" part did it

The Great Red Dragon 87

“Roast me lol”
“So you have chosen death.”


Roasting or setting fire to her? Either way, she asked for it (she did not say roast me in a funny way, all said and done, and boy does the truth smart soemtimes)

Vitalis De Spiritos

She went in with the intention of playing victim


There is only one reply there, split into paragraphs. It's all one epic dissection of the image of a self-promoting model without a job or a contract. I'm fairly disappointed that our host here failed to work that out and asked for our thoughts on which of the three comments hit a nerve. Bamboozled by the numbers 2, 3, and 4, and some spaces. The only part of the roast which I thought over the top was the end where it was suggested that she would die young. I don't see why that was a fair bet, but I suppose if you're going for the fullest roast of the most flavoursome bean then it's there, if you want to target it. Still, if you're going to ask the Devil for a dance.....right?

A11 Pr0duct

She deleted her reddit account......that says everything LOL

George Tsitsiani

She should call in on Kevin Samuel's show - she will get it.

daniela lupi

Models are useless. Paid wayyy too fucking much just for WALKING. And usualy they wobble like newborns on the heels and fall down? literally doing nothing.

Jacob Winkelman

I had a phase where I was reading/watching infidelity stories on youtube. One woman posted on reddit about how she has been cheated on twice, and she doesn't know why. She has a good job a house and lists a whole host of traits that are desirable in men. She ends with something to the effect of "am I unlovable". My heart breaks a little bit because that is a feeling I identify with. I know what's going to happen but I post anyway. I tell her " you know you have said all these traits you have, but you have not once said what you do for any of these guys. Love isn't like this surface level thing where you have these nice traits and then all the sudden someone likes you. You might secretly be great at loving people, this isn't an accusation, but nothing you have said indicates you are great at loving people." I'm sure I droned on. I was swiftly banned from reddit. Reddit is a shit-hole.

Ron Armendariz

All the “sToP pRoJeCtInG” dudes in the chat are the ultimate beta simps.

tigersandown 888

These so called Instagram models are attention junkies & just like crack heads can never satisfy that itch.Their thirst for attention is like a crack heads thirst for a fix at 2am scratching around in the boot of their car looking for drug residue....

You're being played lemming

yeah, maybe when you get oversaturated from thirsty boys, this is the way to find men who are not melted by female beauty. She's fishing for the guys that will make her tingle.

Charlie McIntyre

Not a bad singer.


she should have showed some backbone, but yeah, as usual, she is totally lacking in that departement, instead of "great guys! i love it! give me more!" wich btw is the proper response to a roast because you wanted it ;)


Instagram "model". Ok

TMP Kevo

She legit thought it was going to be full of jokes being how good she looks and she ain't realize that people have real observations of her. Her white knights who still won't get the time of day will make her for the validation she didn't get.

J Hayabusa

The “sweet little lies “ reference was on the nose.


She got good advice from that which she might not have got ever before.....lol

George Tsitsiani

I would have said, wait another 10 years, stock up on cat food, then check in with us. Father time is laughing.


You should totally review the new amazon alexa michael b jordan super bowl commercial. LITERAL embodiment of why red pill is even a thing lol

Mareks Ozolins

Thanks men, good point.


Instagram Model gives then takes away consent lol


White knights on r/roastme are the thirstiest, most pathetic simps ever.

Erich Guglielmelli

Commenter: I thought the idea was to roast the person in the picture, not gush about your own personal problems
Casual Bachelor: They did roast them. It was a little bit of psychology

Commenter: You have to hate yourself to go this deep into someone without knowing them just for Internet "approval"
Casual Bachelor: Do you know the guy who roasted her? No

Uhh seems kind of sus

Peter Toth

Who hurt you? :D

kevin patrick

its funny reading all the responses from the simpanzes coming to her defense . so many stupid desperate simps

Eric Lang

It may have been the fact that she was actually roasted. I wouldn't be surprised at the possibility of her thinking that she is without critical judgment especially judgment that goes beyond mere criticism of her potentially not giving the average man the time of day based on her good looks. She more than likely damaged her little personal image of herself asking for such a thrashing because judging from the picture of her holding 'the-roast-me' invitation, she looked as if she was thinking, "Do you guys really think you can say anything factually negative about a hot attractive young woman like me?' ...and much to her very naive surprise and dismay, they did just that by unloading a shit-load of pinpointing comments that hurt her to some significant degree. Even the beta simp reassuring comments couldn't put Ms. Humpty back together again.

Jacob Winkelman

This isn't "new girl" and this isn't a honey roast. Roasts can hurt, especially if you're not well adjusted. To be fair, roasts are generally a bit funnier. The roaster would have gotten clapter from me but not a belly laugh. All he did was dress her down with the occasional joke. However, he is not a professional comedian.

Terry Prothero

Actually, she isn't entirely wrong. A roast in comedy is when a person is teased in a light-hearted way. Giving the person a little crap in a friendly manner. It's not intended to be bitter or hateful. Would someone make a crack about her implants or something of that nature? Absolutely. But it's not supposed to be mean-spirited. Were the commenters correct about her? Probably. But it isn't the forum for that. This isn't about her not being able to take criticism, it's about reading the room as they say and acting appropriately under the circumstances. And the commenters do come off as hateful or bitter because they failed to do that. Now, would those types of comments be appropriate here? Yes. Because this is a forum for that kind of criticism. People here might legitimately question her motives for doing a roast in the first place. Maybe she was desperate for positive attention as some of the commenters have suggested.

ardin salim

i thought roast is suppose to be funny and good spirited. none of the comments are funny and feeel very mean spirited.

Johnny S

Twitch Thots should try this

lodydody everybody

The thing is, don't give a f*** about what people think. Problem solved.

Citizen Steve

She was looking for attention and used her Instagram name to get the fans to come to her. Chances are she’s got an only fans so the beta plebs can pay for her shallow personality and ugly head.


There are several very funny & creative comments in this section and by the owner of this channel, ty IG gal and simps for bringing out a slice of the best in real men’s minds, I gotta steal some of that ?


You should do a video on the Amazon Alexa commercial from the super bowl.

Bill Sloan

I’m an old guy, and the roasts that I grew up with, was the Dean Martin Roasts on tv.
Those were funny, and not meant to be mean.
But like I said, I’m old.


People are so dumb. When roasting someone from nothing but a picture it can go one of two ways; either they are ugly so you point that out or they are attractive so you guess at other aspects of their life. It's no secret that lots of attractive people live an easy life and are pretty shallow so you point out their presumably crappy personality. These are the only two paths from a picture so anyone that doesn't like the response is simply a complete dumbass.


Instagram Model: RoastMe

Reddit Community: ? Say less

Christian Swensen

Y'know, the thots would fade away fairly quick if the white knights got knocked down a couple pegs. In a certain light, I don't even blame women for taking the tactics they've taken. There are enough white knights that it's a smart play.
But, if the white knights every go away... whatcha got then?

Well, the genuine whores will be fine. They were honest to begin with. The rest? Not so much.

RIchard Cunningham

It was all 3 comments that hit the nerve dead on. Thats why they were the only 3 pulled up

scorp NZ

That Donatella Versace comment was priceless. Also her first name would be a good name for a breakfast spread ; sure sounds like a spread. The irony is good looking females are quite insecure


Yeah, split roast that’s what she was asking for!,

Anderson Ultra

The truth hurts

nothing to see

Simps to the rescue... To stop crime wherever is not happening ?

jeff funke

Lmmfao! some of those comments were priceless.

Mr. Invisible

There is nothing that women hate more than TRUTH BOMBS. She thought they would try to make fun of how she looks and that since she looks good she would win especially with the betas begging to get her attention. Supposedly a ig model.

Aux 1

Not sure who was more pathetic, the woman being roasted or the simps coming to her rescue.

dan roden

the m'lords stepping in to defend the ladys honor.


That roast was so epic I am saving it, might make it my FB status as it might apply to 90% of the women out there.


what do you expect she got what she ask for.