The century boom to bust

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The Century Americas Time Boom to Bust Part 2

134 views | 27 Jan. 2020

The century boom to bust

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The Century, America's Time: Boom To Bust (2 of 3)

139 040 views | 27 Sep. 2010

An energetic postwar

An energetic postwar mentality emerges and old traditions are challenged during the Roaring '20s.

Women take bold steps towards equality, threatening to upset the "domestic balance" of the country.

Brian Morgan

i don't know why modern day christians think that they have to believe the creation story in the book of genesis in order to be christians. all you have to do is see it as a story to convey cultural belief structures of the early hebrews. thats what all the other cultures are doing with there creation stories. you can still believe that jesus is the son of god and mary was a virgin and jesus rose from the dead and also believe in the theory of evolution.


11:10 why does that look like Bill Nye?


Thanks Dr. Soo Lu. I've been taught this stuff 3 times in high school. Why not make it 4?

Dorothyellen w

Scopes was just a substitute teacher who probably didn't even teach biology class.  He just agreed to act the role of one.  But the question is why did they tell people to "read your Bible" because that book is the fastest way to turn someone atheist.

Fiona Hodkinson

Anyone else watching this for home work From mr. dermody?


@pucksterz12 Interviews were mostly shot in 1997. Program premiered in April of 1999 on the history channel. Many of the people interviewed during the early years such as on this one had already passed away by the time the series made its debut. Others have passed more recently, such as Clara Hancox, a columnist for a NY paper (the woman who went on the first ride thru the Holland tunnel) passed away in 2006

Frodo Baggins

what's electricity?


I guess..... But I can have my opinion too. My opinion is that his opinion is gross.


what song starts at 0:49 ?


@samuel29498 then what are you doing watching it? I find it fascinating. History is great, but 20th Century American history? Wonderful.

constance montfort

Darwin's theory of evolution is just that...a theory. There is no factual evidence to prove that it is true.


dzeidzic gang dzeidzic gang


Almost 100 years later and some parts of America are still as backwards as ever. Stupidity it seems doesn't expire... Go and read your fairytale or whatever you want, but do it in the privacy of your own homes and don't interfere with schools and their curriculum. Not everyone wants stay blissfully stupid.

René Moncayo

Oops, credit

Brian Morgan

the women's suffrage movement had a lot to do with the prohibition of alcohol back them. banning alcohol was #1 on their priority list as voters. it had been on their agenda for decades.


12:46 A Black guy once infiltrated the Klu. This just proves how stupid their ideology is.

Gorran Gorran

does anyone know what the song is at 05:22?

Quinn Zryd

he may have had to watch it for his history class. that's why I had to watch it. I agree, it is kinda interesting but he can have his opinion...


14:27 I feel bad for this guy. He lost his friends and barely escaped the Klu.

Nathan Zed


Brian Morgan

did bob jones just praise the kkk as good? was he a member of the klan? i know that bob jones university had racist policies and ideas at there school and would later apologize for it. they said that they put traditional cultural values ahead of god's cultural values.


@CenturyAmericasTime I know. Eudora Welty passed in July of 2001. Never even got to see 9/11. Of course, Peter Jennings also passed...

René Moncayo

Darwin is right...inside. witty

Dol Girlbv

that womans voice is so annoying

The century boom to bust

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Bitcoin: Boom Or Bust (2018)

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A documentary by CNBC

A documentary by CNBC released in 2018.

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what's up what's up

Stone head people still don't know what bitcoin is and dem living rough life until they kneel down for bitcoin and say we were blind making video for tiktok

Cynthia Kalonda

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They did woz dirty with that pic. 12:35

The Audacious Investor

Bitcoin is very trackable more trackable than cash. Whatever you want to accuse Bitcoin of as a currency than cash is 100x worse. So let's be real here the problem is not the currency but the people using it.

Cash is anonymous Bitcoin is pseudonymous. If you are a criminal it is best you continue sticking with cash.

Also Bitcoin blockchain can't be hacked. An exchange can but they are custodians and do not take the proper precautions to protect people's coins.

Don't use this documentary to learn about Bitcoin do proper research.

Mark Kramm

I trust Jordan Belfort about as far as I can comfortably spit a rat!


Sad coverage of crypto making it look somewhat childish, terroristic, criminal and insane while giving a big voice to anti-crypto spokespeople including the real "Wolf of Wallstreet" criminal who can see BTC-Bitcoin is a scam now (mostly true). He assumes all cryptos are also scams since that's apparently how he would do it.
Host fooled by BTC-troll-army social engineering into thinking things like Roger Ver pumped Bitcoin to dump it while using his massive holdings to create a spin-off coin (BCH) for his next pump-n-dump scheme.
Some of the good parts of crypto's potential to make the 3rd-world a better place (in Africa) were highlighted. This may be a way to get some of "Trump's Base" (racist/haters) to hate it even more.