Why did kelly leave the office

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Season 5 Bloopers | The Office US | Comedy Bites

4 945 152 views | 16 Dec. 2019

Nobody quite does bloopers

Nobody quite does bloopers like Dunder Mifflin...

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#Bloopers #TheOffice

F Zone

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Maren Rønningen

6:10 everyone

Sam Haden

4:40 - Darryl's face is like "I'm done with these kids".

Aiman Gul

6:09 cutest giggle EVER


This just proves that if Michael Scott was an actual boss he would make everyone laugh

Noel Samuel

0:51 everyone breaks except Oscar

Eric Hutchison

Rainn spitting on Steve @ 3:25 "oh, dude I'm so sorry!" Lmao

Johnny Pope

Love John's squeal

Medusa Stone

Seeing Jim and Dwight get along is just weird. lol! And I Love when Steve laughs. He's adorable.

Trevors Tech Corner

”we all came in this rooms no gave you a golden shower”

That’s what she said!

Livin Like Ary swopshire

This blooper reel makes me feel like I’m watching The Office with the characters since they’re reacting as well?❤️


This has to be the best bloopers out of all of them ???

John Rim


Anamaria Covington

The depressed singer summatively count because quotation inspiringly hop notwithstanding a many top. near, absent half-sister

Maxwell Chavez

Bro, hearing Dwight say dude was wack

mia zammit

spending a day w this cast would cure my depression id laugh more in that day than in my entire life

Briana Redsicker

Yea these are funny but dont let that distract you from the fact that ryan started the fire ?


Emily Blunt might've fallen in love with John watching him being super cute as Jim in The Office ?


dwight saying dude


i can't tell if i like Dwight more in or out of character


2:20 it's 2021 and i still hate phyllis


1:20 you can see Leslie in the background laughing too

Connor Joyce

Just finished this season best show

gg rubio

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Phung Duy Khiem

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୨୧ Subliminal Confections ୨୧

When John krasinski hugs Jenna Fischer ?❤️

sim_ tastic vids

That golden shower part was fucking hilarious

dylan white

Pam low key was bout to spread em

Olivia Albu

Dwight: oR yOu CaN sAy GoOdByE tO tHiS! Me: ???

Stratton Kersten



6:10 Johns high pitched laugh is TOOO CUTE???

Jaiden Castillo

4:38 the dvd player almost getting thrown out of the truck ? ? ?

Loading Username

Normal people laughing: AHAHAHHAHAH

Jim: tiny high-pitched scream


Anyone else have to rewind each one like a hundred times?

grace g


Zoe Aneni

Omg I feel like Dwight and Jim (actors) were such good friends on set


Debate: Steve Carrell shaves all the hair from his genitals. True or false?


3:46 ...that fuckin boom guy who hits on pam all of the last season or two was out for Jim all along!

Morgan Freeman

Hearing Dwight kurt shrute say “dude” is so weird

Olaf Scholtens

The frame at 5:55 has so much meme potential

Cavidan Karadağ

Latino Wedding planner :)


It's funny how good of a show the outtakes are :D

Priyansh Agrawal

7:12 is ???

Duper Super

Who’s watching bloopers because the took the office off Netflix and don’t have anywhere to watch it


no one:

Literally no one ever to exist:

Rainn: DuDe

KartiK Vashist

1:17. The grin behind the blinds.

Second-Hand Dan

What's funny is that they did keep that in there

Unicornbella M

Why is Mickey Mouse laughing in the background at 6:09


This channel is the looper we deserved


I love how when someone breaks character steve just tries his best to play along with it

Adrien Pinard

The shut school basally sprout because jury additionly pack despite a didactic development. labored, disastrous beauty


I’m now watching all the bloopers so I can cope with the fact that the office left Netflix

Bryant LiPetri

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Jesus Christ is coming soon he loves you all please repent and accept him and don’t take that vaccine btw

avni sharma

MICHAEL IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

Chibi Shrimp

6:11 his little giggle I can’t ?

A.J. Unlimited

Who else winces a little when they clap while laughing

A - Man

These are the only link in the chain that connects this show to our reality. In some other separate universe, The Office is a real documentary and these don’t exist.

Makena Bloebaum

K why are we not talking about when John hugs Jenna. Way too cute. Also I'm obsessed with Johns laugh.


The fact that I can't watch this on Netflix anymore makes me resort to this.

Trevors Tech Corner

Mose being normal is more scary than him being mose

Morally Awkward

You can tell the guy that plays Oscar has no sense of humor.

b s

The different drain byerly double because army canonically stretch but a parallel tabletop. incandescent, woebegone company

Nuriko DB

5:10 well...


When steve carrel said "the train is going through scranton" he used exactly the same make-believe tone he uses in the savannah episode


Unreal how nice everyone is. Amazing


Oscar is the type of dude who watches something hilarious but instead of laughing says "that was quite funny"

Crystal Morrow

its so weird to hear dwight say dude llol

Sergio Masmut

La mejor serie de la historia

Sarah Addagada

So are we gonna talk about 8:40 or-

Pavit Bhalla

Jim died when he put his hair up and started caring about promotions

Hector Solis-Ortiz

3:54 i appreciate how worried Steve is for Phyllis!

Kamlesh Sharma

8:39 wow that was so adorable❤️

Merlin kim

2:39 the noise that jenna made....its just so freaking adorable!!!!! XD

Amiran Shah

john krasinki has the cutest laugh and smile.

Daniel Hansen

The Vikram bit is my favorite blooper

Mateo Mendez

I can’t believe Dwight Schrute is scared of earthquakes?




6:51 is that Nancy Carrell or just someone else?

Wonderful Timeline

It must been a joy to be part of this cast


Things I learnt from this video.
Michaels actor is very serious with his job.
Jim has a cute squeaky giggle, eg 6:08
Dwight he the most gorgeous smile and laugh. I'm in love with it.
Kevin has a real voice
Jim and Dwight are the perfect laughing match


0:56 broke me


I find it so odd to see Paul laughing with Steve

Claire Dé Lune

I love how Steve is just trying to make people smile :)

Delaney Fortner

no one:

Dwight: looks at Jim

Both Dwight at Jim: laughs uncontrollably

LazyTime YT

dwight saying dude is more concerning than Kevin's voice

W4-11 v2.0

My top 3 favorite characters
1. Toby

Wael Najjar

The uppity cone ultrastructually permit because growth disappointingly squash aboard a jealous feedback. hideous high, knotty needle

flore Lantsoght

I love it when John just squeals


Brian falling at 4:00 was the best one

Joe Epaves

I always wondered how they film a lot of scenes and thought some of the scenes would only be possible if the film crew was squished behind camera in a corner and dammit it turned out to be true.

Chloe F

oscar has no emotion

j R

Seeing this makes me hate that dumbass show less.


theyre not showing all of the bloopers


Oscar jus seems so bored and looks like he doesn’t wanna be there


who dislikes these???

Marceline The Vampire Queen

6:10 is what's keeping me alive rn

Storm Z

Now i know why Bob Vence Venced Refigiration willing to pay $1000 to hug Phillys

Emily Danielson

Hearing Dwight say dude is the most surreal thing

Himanshu Kumar

I'm starting to think this wasn't a real documentary

Why did kelly leave the office

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The Final Ever Scene - The Office US

5 298 252 views | 28 Jan. 2019

We're not crying. You're

We're not crying. You're crying. Okay maybe we're crying too, but you're also crying so lets just all cry together?

One year after the airing of the documentary, past and present employees of Dunder Mifflin gather for Dwight and Angela's wedding. Dwight initially chooses Jim to be his best man, but Michael Scott (Steve Carell) shows up and takes his place. Finally, everyone comes together for a final round of interviews, during which Erin reunites with her biological parents and everyone is brought to tears.

Streaming now on Peacock: https://www.peacocktv.com/stream-tv/the-office?cid=2101priolibraryofceownyt653&utm_campaign=2101priolibraryofce&utm_source=yt&utm_medium=own_yt_brandawareness_descriptionlink&utm_content=theofficeprelau&utm_term=peacock

Watch The Office US on Google Play: http://bit.ly/2xYQkLD & iTunes http://apple.co/2eW0rcK

Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2y5VK8N

This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails.

Think we should feature your favourite episode? Let us know in the comments!

FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc

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Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office

I love how Toby is just quietly spinning in his chair for the entire scene...

Lay Potvin

Can we talking about how creed is the absolute wackest but also said the deepest thing in the end

Cate Richard

I was so sad when it ended

Paradox Yt

Am I the only one who liked the Big Bang theory more than the office and friends?


In The Office, the last thing Kevin says is that he's gay. In Community, the last thing Chang says is that he's gay, and Chang was briefly known as Kevin.

Syahid Jaafar

What song creed sang?

vinay sindhe

Creed literally made that place his home ?

gaurav bhasme

Meredith is so chilled
I like her

Dinesh Patel

This is very hard to watch.. feels like some part of me also left the office.. greatest show ever


Una gran historia que me hizo llorar muchas veces.
The Best Office.


It doesn't feel real that the ended. You want more of it.


Almost perfect ending wish Michael would’ve been there though


nothing like creed with a beerd

Martina Mustafaj

and here i stand, crying once again like a baby. the office holds a huge part in my heart, i hope it could never end ?

Your Local Donkey Kong

Watching this a year and a half after finishing the show and I still cry like a baby

Anthony Cruz

Darryls quote will def be my senior quote


i literally cried for 30 mins straight


My favourite part 5:23

Matthew Cranfield

Erins bit always makes me cry, I don’t even know why

riff slinger

I just love that creed played himself


So bitter sweet

marie trafford

i myself have rewatched the office 5 times now, and every single time i still cry at the end.


“Nostalgia is truly one of the great human weaknesses. Second only to the neck.”
-Dwight K. Shrute


I was really bummed that Holly Flax was not in the final episode ?

Alex 666

Thanks, i was feeling okay and now am sad

Ben john

I always thought that Michael was the main character, but arguably, Pam and Jim were. They’re the most relatable and from day one, we were all rooting for them to be together and build a life


I have just finished and ı feel very sad when ı realize it's the end of an era

fangorh rimlir

I just finished the show 5 minutes ago. And I will never be the same

gaurav bhasme

I'm not crying
You are crying

marie trafford

I wish there was a way to know your in the good old days, before youve actually left them.

-Andrew Bernard

MSquare Dance Videos

I finished "The Office" series and came here. I wish if it would never end. Loved it.
The Best one I have ever seen. :))))

don’t even say these things

I cry everytime I watch this


guys, i think i’m gay :(

The Mandalorian

I'm crying

Santiago Pérez

What a TV show.


Office is the best TV show in history.
I can't stop crying.

Michael Doyle

I just finished it for the first time and I’m so upset it’s over cause it was just so so good

Vladimir Rad za vas

Парни давайте вторую жизнь офису.....типа 15 лет спустя......будет нереально круто)))))


When I rewatched the office I held back my tears from the second last episode to the very last part and I cried for 20 minutes long because of how beautifully executed it is and it's so sad to see it go.

Jackson Orrick

No, you’re crying

Ethan Diffey

Goodbye office

longshlong _236

I’m really gonna miss this show?

Erik Hamilton

It's good they ended this show before It got any worse. I have every season up to where michael leaves and have way he's them hundreds of times. After that it just went down hill from there. He was the one who really made the show the best!


Dislikers are fan of laugh tracks


Wow Creed ended up being very wise in the end

Manas Bapat

Just finished the show end to end for the first time even though I've been watching clips for years. Feels pretty sad but also good.

JC Watson

Creed’s talking head gives me chills every time! ?

Ali Salih

I hated the office at first but man what a great show

Ashlyn L

when they were talking about office olympics..

creed: i still have my medal from that.
angela: do you even have a mattress?
creed: no, but i still have my medal from that.

such an underrated line

Anthony Lait

Absolutely the best US show ever!
Blinds the UK version.
Please bring it back, Michael Scott Michael Scott Michael Scott!!


The only show I would pay 15 dollars for a peacock membership to watch ?

Ryan Stewart

It started and ended with Michael, just how it should.

Sam Grig

Capitalists be like "Thank you for this shitty job."


Greatest sitcom of all time, not even close. I'd put Seinfeld second. Seinfeld is hilarious and it never fails to make me laugh. The office will make me go from laughing to crying in the course of one episode. That's what sets it apart. It combines laugh out loud moments with crushing sadness and great character development to create a real artistic achievement. This is a kind of show that we may never see the likes of again

William Healy

My favourite Creed moment is when he plays hookey from work and gets on a bus and its the work bus lol

Ricardo Esteves

I feel shivers watching this. The feeling of seeing something I so deeply loved coming to an end always opens such an empty hole in my heart...

Rundown games

Why did creed have a beard like a monk and got arrested

LivelyBee _

Idk why but I am crying my eyes out watching this

kalle h

This is how you make a hell of a good comedy


Girls: You don’t understand sadness
Men watching this video


After I finished watching this show I feel so empty....

Harits Abdullah

The only unrealistic thing in this episode was Creed using the men bathroom

مشاري الغامدي

Ladies and gentlemen i just finished the office

Can somebody please tell me how to stop crying?

Eric Zoolander

0:53 false, Jim is in love in the Pilot episode


When the cast left, Stanley took classes in Aerospace technology and excelled in all categories. He saved enough money by getting a job in the tech department for NASA, living off of nothing but free pretzels. His daughter left for college and Stanley saved enough money to buy a lighthouse on an island in Santa Fe. After working hard for 10 years, he transformed his lighthouse into a functional space shuttle with oxygen tanks that could last him several decades. He said his goodbyes to his family and went to space, never to be seen or heard of again.

His dream came true

Sprite Cranberry

I just finished this show for the first time , first show to ever make me cry and it did it twice and just gained the role of my new favorite show

Veronica Avila Honores

oh my feelings


I usually watch anime, and prefer anime. But someone recommended me this show. And I never regretted it. Like this is one of the best slice of life anime I ever watched. (Sorry if I am annoying someone but man, I can only relate to anime)

Almarie Steyn

Jip I'm crying

Breanna Lovelock

If my future son asks where he got his name from, there’ll be 2 stories, mine will be from this show, my bfs would be his favourite boxing movie?

Ghost X Rexx

This episode made me cry all night

Michael Pagnotti

“I still have my medal from that”
“Do you even have a mattress?”
“No but I still have my medal from that”

Ah Creed. The one character that never changed. Always was a mystery.


I think it was a truly emotional moment for the actor and actresses.

Collusion Jazz

“We love the olden days so much. I wish there was a way you could look up and know you are living them” - Andy Bernard

James Du

I can’t believe Jim was in frickin 13 hours

Ur Mom

Bc of creed,i wouldn’t have known that faking your own death is illegal

Bruce Kilby

Angela and Dwights wedding is the best.



TheMan TheLegend

Picture this, David Wallace bust through michaels front door in Colorado and says "maichael only one man cam save dunder Mifflin" Michael replies "okay but I need my dream team" boom series returns.

Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

The last few episodes went way OTT with all the mushyness, the show died when Steve Carell left.

Nerdy Cousin

I never thought I'd be so attached to a show with fake characters

Matteo Cunningham

immortality isn't impossible now

Dab Cat

Let’s do this

Proceeds to get arrested

Get Me to 100k sub Then Ill give it away

Michael should of been there. Doesn’t matter what happened between them and the show. He should of been there for the last 2 episodes after the show aired and with the panels.

Ur Mom

“Everytime i go to work all i always want to do is leave,but why does it feel so hard to leave now”

-Daryl A.K.A Doug Judy

Rapa Pu

the film crew of this documentary was on a different level. Forget about just filming them at work, they were filmed at their homes, at parties, and marriages, on their vacations, at hospitals... Am I missing anything

Sakib Mahmud

The way this show gave each of these so many characters their unique style, depth and development over the seasons is utterly mesmerising. Best sitcom and one of the best shows ever made, period.


God, I love the office

Phillip Robertson

Title: "The Final Ever Scene - The Office US"

The Final Ever Scene: A mixture of scenes from past episodes.

Functioning Alcoholic

2:53 let’s do this

King Crab

Not gonna lie this show was amazing. I think we all felt like we formed a bond with the characters and felt some relatability in some parts and when you just have to see it all go it’s like your losing your family. While this show was funny and crazy they did show us that the people you surround yourself with are your family and I think that that was the most important lesson on the office. Love, family, relationships. ❤️

Zayd Mulla

wish michael was in this scene

Marko Delich

Michael got married and had kids
Jim and Pam moved to Austin as a happy family
Dwight married the love of his life and became a father
Ryan and Kelly ran off into sunset, in style
Erin found her real parents after years of unknown
Andy achieved his dreams and became famous
Stanley finally retired and found happiness
Creed... well he got arrested


I was overcome with so much sadness after watching the final episode. It felt like I was saying goodbye to a family of people that I grew to love and know but never met.

Poimen Agnila

''There's a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn't that kind of the point?''

This line perfectly sums up what makes The Office a great series. They turned something as boring as everyday life working in a paper company into a truly heartfelt and deeply personal story. Most times, it doesn't seem like an NBC TV series at all. Most times, it feels like you're really watching a documentary about an office that sells paper. But it's not just about an office that sells paper. Because no matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home.

Hayden Richard

When they added it to Netflix I binged all 9 seasons in 2 weeks ?

Scoobert Doo

?when they remove office from Netflix

Will Stuart

It's funny because I have always said that Seinfeld is the Greatest sitcom of all time, and is easily my fav or one of my fav, but I gotta admit .... The Office is a "slow burn" type show and maybe, MAYBE... in it's totality, the Office might edge out Seinfeld??
I've never been one to "rate" one show against another, especially when they appeared in different eras, as well ...it's very difficult to compare The Office to a Seinfeld or Friends. It's just so much more complex then a standard sitcom.
Now is Seinfeld and/or Friends at the Top of that "standard sitcom "... Absolutely.
So where does a show like The Office stand ??
I think ... All by itself.
The "Docuseries" style was so cool and different from anything before it ... that it's not really fair to compare it with other Greats.
I guess in the end, it'll all come down to personal choice and opinions.
For me, The Office is right up there with ANY show.
Amazing writing, amazing cast and ongoing stories that always made you excited to tune in to see what transpires next.
To me .....Steve Carrell was the backbone of the Office but his supporting cast was also amazing. Jim, Pam , Dwight, Andy, Erin, Stanley Ryan and Kelly... Jan, Holly, Creed, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, Darryl and Toby ( not sure why I needed to list most of them.?? Lol ) ... but they were ALL awesome characters.!!
Wow ....Sorry for the lengthy ramblings, this might be the Longest comment I've ever written on yt.?? Cheers... ?

Kendall Jump

I've literally watched this like 4 billion times but I still cry every time

Kim Night290

Did this scene break my soul?
Yes, yes it did

Why did kelly leave the office

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B.J. Novak On His Relationship With Mindy Kaling | The Queen Latifah Show

461 240 views | 21 Oct. 2014

B.J. Novak gets

B.J. Novak gets tongue-tied when discussing his unique relationship with actress, Mindy Kaling.

SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/QLsubscribe

About Queen Latifah:

Queen Latifah is a musician, award-winning actress, record label president, author, entrepreneur and Cover Girl. Join Queen Latifah every weekday for an hour of fun on The Queen Latifah Show, where she will bring you celebrity interviews, inspiring stories, musical performances and her fun take on pop culture.

Connect with Queen Latifah Online:

Visit Queen Latifah's WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/QLwebsite

Like Queen Latifah on FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/QLfacebook

Follow Queen Latifah on TWITTER: http://bit.ly/QLtwtter

B.J. Novak On His Relationship With Mindy Kaling | The Queen Latifah Show



I forgot she had a show... I think everyone did too

Joana Jeff

Sometimes two ppl love each othrs .. fate wont allow them to be together or get marry .. so they carry on their life but knew ... always there for each others tat LOVE

Zoe Fang

They have a Freddie Mercury-Mary relationship?!?! Are they like common law spouses but not married :P
BJ and Mindy FOREVER <33


He likes to have his cake and eat it too. She doesn't want this


Read her book, she talks about how they're platonic soul mates ?


I can't believe a man exists that can get it up for that THING

Glitter girl

Please get married!!!

Simon Böhmer

The queen is standing before him, and he does not see them; one must be king to recognize a queen. How poor are some people.

Maina woo bin

So now that she's pregnant is he the dad?

Nathália Campos

get married, is all i'm saying

Millie Close

i love them so much i just want them to be together... this would mean more to me than anything

Nuri Sakina Suharto

If they are the love of each other's lifes why don't they get together. He's not into her, she's too good for him but wish anything could do better but not :(
For me B J is robin and mindy is ted. Poor mindy. Just let it go girl


Seems like she's in the friend zone.


All I want to know is if he’s the father of her child.


wait WHAT 


He loves her, she loves him..what's the problem? Gahh these two kill me.

Brittany Doctor

B.J: I can’t explain our relationship


absolutely no one:

Maury: in the case of mindy kaling’s baby... YOU ARE THE FATHER

Whoopsadoodle Sadbaggins

So Queen Latifah is all, “my personal life is my personal life, I won’t speak on it, please don’t ask me about it I will neither confirm or deny the rumors about me and my sexuality BUT ALSO BJ!!! Please PLEASE TELL ME ALL THE INTIMATE DETAILS ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL LIFE!, HAHA WINK WINK!!!!”


He’s so the baby daddy

Danielle Estrada

I want them to date

Hazel chavez

Has he finally mastered commitment? ????

Kung fu Benny

Good old bj "Same haircut for 15 years" Novak

let there be lamp

“Ryan used me as an object”


Mindy said that he's the godfather of one of her children.

Rinie Indira

Mannn I run tf away from this kind of relationship like wtf

The Goat

queen Latina is not funny. She needs to stop


What's hard to describe is how badly this interview went.
I guess today anybody can have their own show.

Antonio Puente

My kingdom for a man like B.J. Novak. He's perfect!

Rads ical

No one has their Mindy Kaling except you. Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see

Suraya Ranjber

Queen B knows how awkward these questions, she’s an actress

Al Davis

What the hell? If you like the chic just say it!!!

N Rajapakse


Ranjitha Nayak

It's simple really, he used her as n object.

Real Staf

Leave sam harris alone


These two have been on again and off again for years.. and I have a good feeling that he's the reason why.. Which makes me wonder if he's the father or if she moved on a dated someone else.. Hmm ? It would make logical sense that he is the dad considering their type of relationship but they seemed to have been off for a while now.. Not sure ?

eleanor shellstrop



Harry & Sally I swear...One day you two will see.

Megan Ripley

It drives me mad that someone who is obsessed with romantic comedies doesn't realise she's actually living in one. Sort it it you two!

roch reech

His pissed by the way, the jokes come out when hes describing somethint seriousc but cant blame Queen, cuz the audience dig it



again, that could change.


WHAT? That is the biggest piece of crap I have ever heard in my entire life. Just go and ask her to marry you, you idiot.

Heaux Meaux Living

Queen's Mindy Kaling is Jeanette Jenkins.

hewa park

They are..umm... just too cool for us.


He's kidding himself if he things everyone has a relationship like that. That aint it??? People probably just say that to him because they see he's getting really worked up and want him to feel better


he's just not that into her. and that makes him an idiot.

Heart Break Kid

Mindy Novak make it happen!


I have many questions, number one: how dare you?

The Sunny Side of Coffee

Interesting findings...

Amina Harris

Can they just get back together? 

Sha Mon

Mindy Kaling impersonates Michael Jackson:

Wayne Beauford

knew she was allergic to black men smh

Leticia Soto

So their relationship on The Office is actually pretty accurate

Mubashira Ahmed

"Everybody has a Mindy Kaling." ❤


This could’ve easily been Ryan Howard getting famous for Dunder Infinty and being interviewed for it, describing his relationship with Kelly


Come the f on man, she's the one. Get married!!

Beyoncé Pad Thai

He is not that into her to make a commitment. He sees her as a friend but also keeps her on the hook by making her feel they’re soulmates so she cannot find another love like she has with him. He is smart but I feel bad for her cause the moment another woman comes in the picture romantically he will leave her and he will say we were just friends. He has to be her kid’s father cause it seems she wants some part of him to always be in her life.

Arkanjo Teixeira

They're so cute ☺️

Andrea S

Their relationship is literally the personification of life imitating art.


Just say friends with benefits... ?


Gosh what are you waiting??!! Your middle age? F u man f u!! Im srry I like you. But f u

Nicolas Pradine

So basically their relationship on 'The Office' (as Ryan and Kelly) is biased on their real life relationship this whole time?!?! The things you find on youtube while high. bravo


I don't think it's actually romantic. If they could be together, they would. Sometimes it's better to make the relationship less ''complicated'' before someone ends up getting hurt.

Mia Nelson

Y’all need to stop. He explained it. They are like best friends but a lot closer than that. they aren’t romantically involved so stop. Let them live their lives