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Stage Strategy: Production vs Open Gun | Shooting USA

93 137 views | 2 Jun. 2017

Competitive shooters Phil

Competitive shooters Phil Strader and JJ Racaza show us how they each run through a course of fire at the USPSA Nationals. Phil is shooting his stock gun in the Production Division, while JJ is shooting his race gun in the Open Division. And, as it turns out, there's a big difference when it comes to strategy depending on the gun.


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For more information, head to http://www.shootingusa.com

For comments and questions, please e-mail [email protected]


Jim Scoutten, America’s Most Watched Firearms Reporter, has been on the beat for 25 years, reporting the stories of the Shooting Sports and the firearms Industry. The show produces a series of popular segments focusing on historical guns, the personalities in the sport and industry, insider reports from gun tests, and practical tips from shooting sports pros. The show appeals to shooting sports enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels by providing practical tips on safely handling, modifying and repairing their favorite guns.


Shooting USA airs on Outdoor Channel.

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Open strategy

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King's Gambit: Chess Opening Strategy, Moves & Ideas to WIN More Games | Accepted Variation

786 762 views | 3 Aug. 2020

King's Gambit Accepted -

King's Gambit Accepted - Here's a surprise chess opening strategy where white gambits his kingside pawn to open up the game & gain center control. There are various chess opening tricks, strategies, gambits, moves, tactics and ideas that you can use to win more games. In this video, I will show you some common opening variations & tactical ideas for both white & black pieces in the King's Gambit Accepted line. I will also share with you some important concepts & strategies to follow in your games. It's a really aggressive opening & a good one to try on the chessboard, especially in Blitz or Bullet games. Bobby Fischer, Morphy & Andersen played this opening quite successfully in the romantic era of chess. You will also learn how to counter this opening as black when someone tries this opening against you - Fischer's Defense. These are some amazing variations to fool your opponent & checkmate him in the first few moves. These openings will help you in winning chess games against your friends & other players who are not prepared for this opening. I also have an interesting Chess Puzzle for you at the end of this video. Let's see if you can solve that. I will cover King's Gambit Declined variation in another video.

Video Timestamps:

0:00 King's Gambit: Introduction & Setup

1:44 Who should play the King's Gambit?

2:24 Chess Talk Members Tournaments

3:11 King's Gambit Accepted - Main line

4:35 Main Strategy & Ideas for White

5:44 Best Defense for Black - Fischer's Defense

8:44 Main Strategy & Ideas for Black

9:16 Chess Puzzle

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#ChessTalk #JeetendraAdvani

Tej Rajput

QueenH8, King*H8, KnightF7, KingG8, KnightH6-MATE

Michael Green

Why is it that I feel that it's a scam ? ??????????????????

Nivas Kumar

Qh8+ Kxh8 Nxf7+ Kg8 Nh6+ check mate

2kd wala pro

In 6:59 best move is pawn g3 attacking the knight and bishop h4 attacking the queen it's a foak ??


White Knight to G4
Black bishop takes the queen
White knight to F6
Black king moves anywhere
White knight retreats to H5
check mate

Parvez qureshi

why u hiding always

The Slayer

the fact that you have to open up one of the pawns that defend the king after castle is why i much prefer queens gambit

neil leoncio

Whoes here because of queens gambit series?

Farzad akbari nezhad

night to g4

Funny Stuff

This is an actual opening? Ive been doing this without knowing its potential. (im using this opening for trolls)


This opening is garbage.

Agastya Sharma


klose king

Hindi bolo uncle

Joshi Family

Hello Mr. Advani,

I am a very big fan of you and I would like if you would explain the English Opening which starts with c4.
Thank you very much.
Kanad Joshi

P.S. Lichess-Username: KANADJ316


I play the English against more skilled opponents. It brings the odds back to 50/50 for me. I suppose this opening does similar things.

Louis Muller

Answer : sacrifice white bishop by taking pawn in front oof the King. Queen then mates.


Qh8+ a very stunning and unbelievable queen sacrifice Kxh8 is forced then comes Nxf7+ Kg8 is the only legal square for the king yo move and then Nh6+ is a beautiful Checkmate

VeNoM Gaming

Queen to h8 knight to g4 king to g8 knight to h6

balaji d



Queen g7 check, king takes queen then knight e to g4 discover check, king g8 then knight h6 check & mate

p creeper Zhou

Cool get fooled mate



Hockey Jo

Knight to f3 then queen to g7 for checkmate



Ir. Lince Elisabeth Pardosi

Good trick and strategy ?


707618th view lol


Qh8+k*h8 N*f7+,kg8 Nh7+

Muh Yamani

تضرب أنت وهالفيديو يللي الترجمة مغطية الرقعة

Кирилл Севастьянов

This is the first time I have seen in which he hasn't said Then he's gone or the sweetie is gone
Qh8 Kh8
Nf7 Kg8
It is a beautiful checkmate from my side !
Note - All moves are forced from black

Aniket Gawde

Kd7(knight) is the best move as the bishop is forced to take the queen then we take the bishop with knight and check and then discover attack and take the black queen


now i have 2 gambits to use

David Sturgeon

Love your videos brother!


I lost miserably with this

Wilbert Diaz

Queen to F4

poly mations

About the chess puzzle (im new to chess)
I guess:
White's move: knight to g4
Then black's move
White's move: h6

So,the king cant go to g7 cause of the queen
Cant move to h8 cause of the queen
So checkmate

(I tried ;-;)

Sneha Jogdand

Kastle nahi Kiya to

radha babu

How many steps require for draw the match

Awatans idea's

Your word line cover the side of white at chessboard be prepare that

Vishal Kumar

• Qh8+ , Kxh8
• Nf7+ , Kg8
• Nh6#


This is the best opening to have a fast lose in ten moves in the last game tonight before you go to sleep))

pavan batti

Knight to f7 white Queen gon then knight to h6 check then black king go to h8 and then bishop f6 check mate

Arpan Mukherjee

Samay Raina will be proud of you ???
Only Samay fans know the reason ??

Markand Joshi

Writing on bord is distarbing


1. Queen to h8, check. King takes Queen..
2.Knight to f7, check(Double check with black bishop, so castle can't take knight) . King moves back to G8.
3.Knight to h6. Checkmate.

Anupam Roy

Puzzle :- Queen f4 ?

correct me with a better move if possible



Ehsanullah Amini


Paul Barry

159 a month damnnnnn

Mahesh Shetty

Ans F7 Knight then queen H8 king

Usha Sharma

Why will the black pawn even want to take the white f4 pawn in the starting of the video if at the very first move it can do a check mate with its queen what if the black played that

Chess Talk

If you want to Play Chess Talk Online Tournaments, you can become a Member here:

Mis match

Knight d7 check. Queens take our knight
Then #Qh8 checkmate


I got one problem if I use this

My opponent is watching this too

Shubham Arora

pl see this ans.... W-Nf7 , B-Rf7 , W-Qh8 ....and its checkmate

Mikheil Chekhashvili


Kagaya Sama

I know I'm super late but,the answer to the puzzle is:
1.Qh8+ K×h8
2.N×f7+ Kg8

Rawaas VadaPav

My database shows My opponent never except any gambit played by me, any advice?

krishanu bhattacharya

Qh8+ king is forced to capture Kxh8 Nxf7 double check Kg8 Nh6#

Learn Chemistry

1. Nxg6 hxg6
2. Qh8#

1. Nxg6 fxg6
2. Qg7#

1. Nxg6 any move
2. Qh8#

Nxg6 is the main move and after that black loses in all variationsw

M. Farhan Praynantama

knight g4>bishop take queen or check mate >knight take bishop check> knight g4 check >knight h6 check mate

Praveen Kumar

Give check by queen followed by double check from knight and bishop .finally mate by knights check

samson Mkwezalalamba

Knight g4

Paul Corporations

4:03 after exd5 couldn't the knight on f6 take d5, then bcxd5, then qxd5??? I've looked at it a few times now, and I play the king's gambit at 1400 rated, most players would take the aforementioned trade and then be up material.

Bgrows Mars

Man I have set my goal at 800

Jeff Moche

Can anyone give me a guess at the rating for Apple's chess engine, when set at 8 seconds and at 16 seconds?


623606th view lol

Nice Comment

QH8+ KxH8, KXF7 KG8,KH6+#

Logan Abbiss

Queen to g7




Does anyone know which application does he use?

Reynon Tomboc


Srikant Chonnad

Qh8 Kxh8 Ng4+ Kg8 Nh6#

Chess videos

Sir Kings Gambit Decline


Night to 7

Amit Madheshiya

Knight to f7

Nadeem Iqbal

1. Ng4 2. Nh6 checkmate!

Sneha Neeru

1.Qh8+ Kh8 2.Nf7+ Kg8 3. Nh6#

Kavishvaran Pannerselvam

3:15 What will happen if he doesn't keep g5?

Christian Velasco

Possibly you've been told before, but please try to put subtitles not in the board. I like to see the entire board when the explanation.


Super but this much rupees ❤️

max genger

hi i am under 1000 any advice i have been playing for 7 months

Anantha Kommaraju

I want to join

Sonima Ganga

Qg7+... The king is forced to capture the Queen... Ng4+ (Discovered check)... The king has no options but to go back to g8 and Nh6 is a beautiful corner mate...

xiao xiao

the real kings gambit is with a king sarqoufice

jay bhatt

Queen se pehle check aya to kya karne ka? Usme to direct pawn hi jayega na center ka..

sanjib sinha

Qh8+ Kxh8 Nf4+ Kg7 Nh6#

Vijay Jadhav

I like to join as member. But how to make payment ?

Dhimant Ahlawat

1. Ng4 (the bishop will take our queen)
2.Nh6 mate
Pls tell if im correct

Wasim Akram

There is no join joint option

Jackson Dowdle

1. Ng4, Bxf6 2. Nxf6+, Kg7 or Kh8 3. Ne8+ or Nd5+, Kg8 or Qe5 4. Bxe5 or Nxe5 is winning i think

David Sturgeon

Think I figured the puzzle..and "no" I didn't read any comments.knight g4. Bishop captures queen. Bishop captures bishop on f6. Final move is knight h6 mate.

Collin Clark Burce

It works really well ???

Edo Alva

You didn't talk about variation on third move if black choose to move his right Knight to C6. Does it cancels this strategy entirely?

saifudeen ansari

Please keep subtitle in right hand site down of your picture thanks


White Bishop be like am i joke to you? He is mad dont watch his channel


Puzzle: Ng4 Bxf6 Nh6+ Kh8 Bxf6#

danilo Manzano

Coach since king was open for check. What happen instead of taking the pawn g3 is to put Queen at once at h3?

k Raju

Sir, should we pay fee to join "Chess talk"?

Jovan Eric


Antonio Aglugub

Merry Christmas Chess Talk in Bobby Fisher Genious.

Open strategy

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Opening Range Trading Strategy

28 696 views | 24 May. 2020

Opening Range Trading

Opening Range Trading Strategy.

In this video, I am going to discuss the opening range trading strategy in Hindi. As part of this video, you will understand the following.

how to study market sentiment bar by bar

how determine the market market bias based on opening range

how to predict the day type

intraday comparative analysis

how to take trade based on opening range

Text version of this video in English


Intraday trading course















Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/12688...

Telegram Channel: https://t.me/tradingwithsmartmoney

Friend, if you do have any questions or suggestions regarding this video, then please comment on us. In the next video, first I will clear your doubts and questions, then only proceed for the next video. I am going to read all the comments and will try to reply to you all.

If you like this video, then please subscribe to our channel for more videos, and don't forget to press the Bell Icons.

baskar shanmugam

Great sir all videosss

shashidhar m

You are a real gem. Keep posting sir.

Prabhash Das

Really I watched lot of videos
But sir your explanation is unique
I liked it

Deepak Kumar

Sir aapke analysis very powerfull hoti hai isase beginner ka hosla badhta hai aap genius Ho sir thank you

Amol Kangude

Very helpful video

gyanendra mohan

Bahut badiya sir

Prabhash Das

I learnt a good thing

Harsh Sharma

Really very nice

Baljeet Singh

Please make video on swing trading using volume analysis

Bhushan Borase

Sir you are really giving the way for beginners, those who lost money, many people takes money for teaching but not give such indepth knowledge, thanks sir

Ishwar keshwani

Sir i respect you to much n your videos are opening my eyes to how to trade . But i have one doubt for ex if preivous day close is 100 and its pdl is 99 and pdh is 101 . And in daily chart its resistance is 105 n support is 97 n in 15 min chart its resistance 103 and support is 98. N if suppose the opr is 99 to 101 so in such how to find entry n if i take entry before break of 15 min resistance i will get stuck . N in case i wait the price to close above 105 . The price have run to much above so my risk reward ratio couldn't match .a query is to clear doubt like a student ask his teacher to make the concept more clear . Request to reply the answer??

Ishwar keshwani

Sir how to do homework to do intraday mtlb ek din phele hum stock kaise select karke rakhege aur kaise hum useme strategy baniye ..plz request hai ki how to anyalsis on chart plz pure point clear kare

Surendrababu Challa

You are champ. Top knowledge ? sharing. Take a bow ??

Trendy Life Style

Firstly i really feel a good information video...thanks sir???

mayur dhatrak

Once again pure gold ?

varsang rathavi

Very interesting anyalisis

Bhanu Shukla

these videos are awsome , from basic to advance, you have covered all the topics and the best thing is your simple presentation without makin any exaggration great job.

harsh chandel

God bless u sir...

Ashish Pargaonkar

This is all professional traders material. Thanking for.superbly explaining how to read price and volume and footprints of smart money. Already made some good trades for 5R plus..I was able to stick to winning position and ride it till sellers activation with volume increase was seen. How can we be in touch...pls.share ur what'sapp or email

Vaibhav Govande

I dont had words for your greatness .....God Bless You

Yogesh Dolas

100% pure practical knowledge.....

sunanda Jadhav

Thankyou so much sir....your teaching is of great help for us.
Eagerly waiting for your next video ?

Sachin Kumar Rathor

Dear, You are really brilliant in stock market.Good analysis.

Dubbaka Vishnu

I m learning a lot ,keep making informative videos which can really,allow your subcribers earn a decent amount from the market daily ,


really your grate and simple

rohit vip

Please also make video on Call/put, option & future.

Manjesh G N

Your videos are simple, short, crisp and to the point. No nonsense. Good. keep it up.

Shravan Kumar

Bhai aapne ye sab seekha kahase ?

prasanta sensua

You are really doing good job..guys download his videos before youtube delete this

Pari Myndhan

Plse make videos on English

Khushwant singh

Commendable job. Best strategy video on opening range ever watched. Won't get such high quality stuff in paid videos/courses

Sona Bhavani

Took a trade in Apollo hospitals today around 10:25 after a first pull back based on what you have taught here. Means waited to understand if the initial move was genuine uptrend or trap. The pull back volume was low and hence after the pull back once green candle started forming again with good volume took the entry. Hope i am following your strategy correctly.

Swaraaj K

As usual Superb

Gopal Ghosh

Nicely explained

Ravi Raushan

Bahut khoob... Itna kuch sikhne ko mil raha hai aapse.... Bahut dhanyawad...

Sudama Yadav

Very honest person

Vijay Kumar

Sir u r superb but or b boht things h jo face to face ek mentor se ask ker ke observe ki jati h kya aap sikha sakte ho please open an institute

Nandakumar Pachpute


kamal arasan

Where I can find latest news and annual report about stocks

bharat kumar

once again master piece content from ur side ?????guruji thank u once again?????

Patel Mohan

When we can decide opening range high or low in live market. Means after 15 minutes or when to decide OR or IR

vyas gp

I have seen a lot of rubbish videos with contents like make 10k 20k in 5 mins. But this one right here is true gem. Appreciate you sharing your hard earned knowledge for the sake of all retail traders out there. Appreciate it whole heartedly. Keep going sir. God bless your good mind.

Chhatrapal Sahu

Sir gap up candle agar red ho or uske baad uska brackout ho jaye toh kya usme buy trade le saktey hi ?


Nice one as always

Koushik Sahu

Thank you sir. Kindly share your watch list & plz explain why you select this stock. We need your support & your voice is motivated us strongly.

Santosh Acharya

you are just amazing, so far watching 4 video, dont feel like logging out and forward x10 every work / screen is important, God bless you .... dont know how I missed such a wonderful you tube channel ...


8:48 jo bada admi jo bhi haiii ?????

Arvind Sharma

Extremely great sir ...
My question is sir kya ye sab nifty aur banknifty me bhi Same work karta hai. Nifty banknifty ka bhi video apse chahiye ?

Sona Bhavani

booked profit in upl and loss in dabur today using this strategy. I am guessing i took entry around 9:30 in Dabur. Should have waited some more time? Let me know if my entry itself was wrong or if the entry was good enough?

T.N. Raju


devjit saha

Wen can v expect your video of entry exit strategy based on dis opening range...

Tapan kumar Harichandan

great explanation across youtuber.

ankush aade

Nice video sir

Chinnaranga Reddy

How many 5mts candles form OR

V R Shenoy

Your concepts are good but presentation is to fast and you need to use the charts or display and match your audio with video.

devjit saha

Beautiful...also plz include how to pick stocks in live market...it will be very nice if u can make stock selection video in live market...

Ramaprasad Chintapalli

Some people take first 30 minutes as initial range and others differently. Please clarify on this

bharat kumar

please open telegram discussion group sir??

Kande Thippeswwamy

Very good explanation sir ,
The best you tube channel
Thank you??????

paras shah

Sir kitne minutes tak hum check kare initial move


Thank you it's very useful ❤️

Harsh Sharma

People like pivot call taking lot of money for like information,


i dont know hindi but i understand.

Shivam Gupta

Apka contact number share kijiye please

new day

Very helpful video sir

Varun Saini - 1019

Awesome brother

subhash varma

Excellent explaination sir, loved it

Prabhash Das


cool monkey

on ur recording day.. indusind 15% bhag gya ??

Varun Saini - 1019

Piad Courses valon ne dislike kiya hy kyunki unka dhanda band ho jayega na

sunanda Jadhav

As usual great video sir....very very helpful for beginners like us.....studying a lot from you sir.....very much blessings for your channel...thank you so much sir.

Jitendra Panda

R u from odisha ?


It's really unparallel videos from you. I want to infinite likes to your video but it's taking only one like. God bless you.

I have one question, what is the initial time we should wait before entering the trade to avoid the traps? If you can give that information

Barik Barik

very nice and excellent sir may be possible you make one video about 6 type breakout . because your explaination is very good every body is understand.sir may be u give your website address

Umesh C

I'm watching your video...each video enhances knowledge on stock market with taders psychology , price and volume action.

Faizaankhan Pathan

No bullshit strategy only pure stock market sentiments and knowledge , hats off man ?✌✌

Mahesh Adolath

This Guy is real champ....i have done paid courses but nothing like this...i ensured to see the advt. in between the video in full so that some way he gets compensated for knowledge sharing. Sad to see the number of views....pls share it with all the friends who r interested in learning stock market

Sandesh Ganvir

sir thanks

Amirali Merchant

Excellent content. They do not explain so nicely even in paid courses. Keep it up !!!

Partha Sarkar

you have good knoweldge and eager to share them between us. Just mazing ! Actually you are giving us practiclal knoweldge of technical analysis most valuable. God bless you!.

Promod kumar Sahu

I think you are from odisha... M I right?


yah Aise samjhata hai Jaise isko Khud Hi Kuchh Nahin samajh mein a raha ho

chetan bhatia

Like opening range there are any strategy for afternoon session and last session? If yes please make video on that

abhijit dhuri

Thanks sir ? ?

abhisekh singh

Sir yr videos are awesome ,so knowledgefull
In your playlist please add one more topics
How to choose stocks for intrady
Is it randomly choose of nifty 50 stocks

jay sahu



Uski baten pata nahin mujhe Kyon Nahin samajh mein Aati Itna slow samjhata hai yah aadami Aur Itna boring samjhata hai Kuchh samajh mein hi nahin aata

Chhatrapal Sahu

सर बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद ???
सर प्राइस opening range के ऊपर या नीचे जाने पर हमे कितने टाइम entry लेना है ?

Sumitra Sagar

Sir kitne minute ka chart me example de rahe h..???

Basant singh

Excellent explanation ???

Sachin Gaikwad

Highly underrated channel. very informative as usual. Ratail traders are blessed because of this channel.

Manoj Kumar Jolapuram

Last one week I have been doing virtual trading with volume spread analysis and opening range breakout. Amazing results are comi

Ann Shinde

u have put lots of strategies but i feel it is better to master one strategy ...which according to u have high success probailtiy...if we folow rules

Ann Shinde

i must confess excellent content ....

Anup Tiwari

Sir i have seen lots of videos in youTube on share market .. They show only profits.. But not the logic behind the trade... Your channel is totally different.. God bless you❤?.. We want to see you? share your picture once..

Sona Bhavani

for gap up days like today i observed have to really wait for some time correction and then take trade especially applying your vwap strategy. is that correct?

Shriram Kale

Nice you are doing very good knowledge sharing ? god bless you.

Srihari Kodali

Excellent sir???

Aderibigbe Abiola

Will be nice if this can be done in english too..

Ishwar keshwani

Waiting your video on breakout and pullback strategy specialy for intraday.plz request to upload its fast as possible as you can